Import Format for Separte Debit and Credit Columns (comma delimited file)

I have a file that is comma delimited with a sparate debit column and a separate credit column:
,110010,another test,,100
My import format is this:
Comma delimited
Field Number Number of Fields Expression
Entity 1 5 SGB_ABC
Account 2 5
Amount 5 5 Script=DRCRSplit_Comma_Del.uss
I've tried writing the following script to pull the amount from the debit column into the credit column but it just skips the lines with no amount in field 5.
'Declare Variables
Dim Field4
Dim Field5
'Retrieve Data
Field4 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 4, 4, ",")
Field5 = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
'If Field4 has a value then fld 5 is to equal fld 4.
If IsNumeric(Field5) Then
Field5 = Field5
Field5 = Field4
End If
'Return Result into FDM
SQFLD5 = Field5
End Function
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

I got it to work using this script:
Function DRCR_Comma_Del(strField, strRecord)
'Hyperion FDM DataPump Import Script:
'Created By:     testuser
'Date Created:     7/22/2009 9:31:15 AM
'Purpose: If Amount is in the DR column move it to the CR amount column.
Dim DR
Dim CR
DR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 4, ",")
CR = DW.Utilities.fParseString(strRecord, 5, 5, ",")
If IsNumeric(DR) Then
strField = DR
strField = "-" & CR
End If
DRCR_Comma_Del = strField
End Function

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    Please relink all executables on test and retest the issue
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    It depends on the sinage convention of your target system. For instance in HFM everything can be posted as none signed integers with the account type set in the HFM metadata determining how they aggregate. If the numbers do need to be signed you could either do this in the import script or by checking the reverse sign checkbox in the account mappings for the necessary accounts

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    But thankyou anyway :)

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    The Hierarchy ( Hier ) section contains the Hierarchy Name, Top Node and Hierarchy description
    Follow the Import steps and provide a Name for the version.
    AC_BalanceSheet AC_Account
    AC_Asset AC_Account
    AC_Cash AC_Account
    Account AC_Account AccountHier
    Note: Please delete all the special characters (TAB) created at the end of  [relation] and [hier] sections while you copy the content from an Excel sheet to a Notepad.


    Hi Friends,
       I need query for CUSTOMERS FULL DEBIT AND CREDIT WITH CLOSING BALANCE for selection criteria from date and to date.
       I know the Trial Balance Report will sort out this issue... but i need routeday wise report
    1. Business Partner Master Data - i created one UDF field called U_Routeday (MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY)
    2. The query should be like selection criteria 
                                  - Routeday [%0]
                                  - Posting Date [%1]                           
                                  - Posting Date [%2]
    give any helpful query ASAP... Thanks in advance

    Try this query:
    @fromdate as datetime
    @Todate as datetime
    @Code as nvarchar(25)
    @fromdate = ( select min(Ta.[RefDate]) from OJDT ta where
    Ta.[RefDate] >= [%0])
    @Todate = ( select max(Tb.[RefDate]) from OJDT tb where Tb.[RefDate]
    <= [%1])
    @code = (select max(Tc.[ShortName]) from JDT1 tC where Tc.[ShortName]
    = [%2])
    [Name] as AcctName, [Jan]= sum([1]), [Feb]= sum([2]), [Mar]=
    sum([3]), [Apr]= sum([4]),  [May]= sum([5]), [June]= sum([6]),
    [July]= sum([7]), [Aug]= sum([8]), [Sept]= sum([9]), [Oct]=
    sum([10]), [Nov]= sum([11]), [Dec]= sum([12]), total = sum
    (isnull([1],0)+ isnull([2],0) + isnull([3],0) + isnull([4],0) +
    isnull([5],0) + isnull([6],0) + isnull([7],0) + isnull([8],0) +
    isnull([9],0)+ isnull([10],0) + isnull([11],0) + isnull([12],0))
    T0.[ShortName] as Name, sum(T0.[Debit]-T0.[Credit]) as T,
    month(T2.[RefDate]) as month FROM JDT1 T0  INNER JOIN OACT T1 ON
    T0.Account = T1.AcctCode INNER JOIN OJDT T2 ON T0.TransId =
    T2.TransId WHERE T2.[RefDate] between @fromdate and @todate and
    T0.[ShortName]  = @code  GROUP BY T0.[ShortName],T2.[RefDate] ) S
    For  Month IN ([1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12])) P
    by [Name],[1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12]
    Let me know your result.
    Thanks & Regards,

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    With T. code OMWB  account assignment simulation we can see all the accounts which are involve for debit and credit enties   but I want to know is there any T. code or method  with which we can know  which transaction key will be debit and which will be credited  like  for movement type  101 the transaction keys are GBB, BSX  WRX  etc.  i want o know whethere GBB a

      Thanks for your reply,  but with this we can see the for GBB which is the credit account and which account is use for debit entry,  like this for all transaction event key like WRX, BSX etc. we can see the G/L account use for Debit and credit,  but i want to know for particular selction of Plant, material , movement type,  my GBB account will have entry in debit account or credit account  How we can know this.

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    Dear Forum memebers,
    For  credit and debit memo  one of the customised client repot is showing  cost value which is not expected for credit and debit memo in the invoice register.
    This is due to use of L2N and G2N which are cost relevant item categories.
    Why should debit and credit memo item category should be cost relevant.??
    Best Regards,

    Well if your company do not want to adjust the cost of goods sold when any credit / debit is raised, then yes you can go ahead.
    Edited by: Sai on Nov 18, 2009 7:47 PM

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    Hello Sir,
    After defining new pricing procedure of debit and credit memo for retro billing.copy control using pricing type b in VTFF but it take billing pricing in credit and debit memo.not in new pricing .Is am missing something please suggest proper solution .

    Thanks for precious time given please go through this
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    tax calculate like this but it come
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  • Report FS Item debit and credit separated

    Dear Gurus,
    In FI Financial Statement Variant is usual to separate debit and credit balance in diferent nodes for some accounts. This is done because debit is taken as asset and credit as liability.
    I'm triying to do this in FS Item Hierarchy, but unable. Consolidation database stores total account balance (debit + credit), and query shows the same information. I tried with the sign in the FS item definition, but it changes in both nodes.
    Any clues on how to do this?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Best regards,

    Hello Manuel,
    Thanks for your detailed information. Now it's more understandable what you meant.
    OK. Here we go.
    There are 2 characteristics in SEM-BCS which may change the sign of the incoming during data load amounts : MovementType and FS item itself. Debit sign represent plus and credit sign u2013 minus. The signs may act together: if the data load method usage of both signs is set up, then the resulting amount is determined as following:
    Resulting amount = Incoming amount * SignOfItem * SignOfMoveType.
    Certainly, itu2019s possible to use a sign only one of the characteristics or not to use at all.
    Again, it is related only to the uploaded information. And the sign of the turnover should be determined by the supplying system, since itu2019s clear that on the asset account might be credit activities, and for example, on a liability account u2013 debit activity.
    The system expects the internal presentation of amounts in the database as conforming the accounting logic (with small numbers of exceptions):
    Assets in B/S and Expenses in I/S as positive and
    Equity and liabilities in B/S and Revenues in I/S u2013 negative.
    The external presentation of  reports depend completely on:
    1.     hierarchies built on FS items (if used in queries)
    2.     structure of queries.
    Theoretically, I may construct a BEx query where all positive amounts will be in one column and all negatives u2013 in another one.
    > As a workaround, I think that the following will do (if possible): 0BCS_C50 infocube has only total balance for each account. The solution would be to show total balance in assets if credit balance or show total balance in liabilities if debit balance.
    Then, if to remember about internal presentation of the amounts in the B/S, it's easier to apply the following logic:
    Negative amounts on the assets accounts is to be reclassified to liabilities and
    Positive amounts on the liabilities accounts  is to be reclassified to assets.
    Reclasses in SEM-BCS may do such a job.

  • Debit and Credit notes not to update COPA cost of sales when doing price ad

    Hi Experts,
    Please help me to fix the below issue.
    When we correct price adjustments on customer accounts we use debit and credit notes to do these price corrections. We first process a ZCR order type with reference to the original invoice to reverse the transaction and then we process a debit meme request ZDR with the correct details to invoice the customer correctly.
    These credit and Debit memo request are purley for pricing problems and do not effect cost of sales. Currently these Debit and credit memos are updating the cost of Sales value field (COS on Market Price - VV013) .
    This creates a problem since the credit and debit memo happen in subsequent months e.g. The credit memo is reversed at the old cost of sales value since SAP keeps a reference to the cost of sales at that time but the debit memo creates the cost sales at the new standard cost which is obviously not the same as the original cost of sales. We therefore sit with differences which will not equal FI since FI cost of sales was updated with the goods issue price in the month that the goods issue happened.
    We therefore need to zerorise the following value fields when doing ZDR dedit memo and billing type ZL2 and ZCR credit memo billing type ZG2.
    Gross Weight in KG VV004
    Invoiced Qty KG net VV002
    Invoiced Qty in L VV001
    Invoiced Qty in L15 VV003
    Invoiced Quantity VV005
    COS on Market Price VV013
    VV001 to VV005 are quantity fields and VV013 is Value field.
    Please help me how to fix the issue.

    Sorry, I probably confused things by mentioning Revenue. Your settings are correct, with Revenue defined as a revenue element (11) rather than a cost element (1).
    With respect to WIP (P&L), I would create it as a cost element, since it represents the absorption of cost centre costs and materials into the production of goods, even though the goods are not yet complete. When the goods are completed they will be credited in CO-OM and debited to stock using a similar entry. The impact of these credits (to WIP or to Stock) is to move costs out of CO-OM into the goods produced (CoGS). In CO-OM, the net result of Costs less credits to WIP/Stock, indicates the efficiency of your cost centres or the accuracy of your standards.
    I would also create the manufacturing variance accounts as Cost Elements and settle them back to your production costs centres (or possibly CO-PA if you used it), since they are also a reflection of the efficiency of your cost centres - i.e. if a Cost Centre manager is not achieving the standards, (s)he should be accountable for the variance, and if you are concerned about reconciling CO-OM and the costs in P&L, you won't reconcile if the variances aren't posted back to CO.

  • How to Post a a debit and credit in background? Reclassificaton

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a question regarding how to post a debit and credit in background? In fact I create an internal table and displayed in ALV grid where there are the amounts in local and transaction currency which are atypical. And after I have to post them for a reclassification because those amounts are not correct depending it is a vendor or customer.
    I would like to know if there is a function that I can use. I found a bapi 'AcctngGLPosting' but to be honnest I don't know how to use it. There is no example.
    Ayone could please help me?
    Thanks in advance.

    Check this for a example for BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_POST

  • Program to create Debit and Credit Memos

    Hello everybody!
    I am new to SAP and I need to develop ABAP program to create Debit and Credit Memos...
    1. Debit/Credit memos created with header (Higher level) item and sub item/s
    2. One Debit/Credit memo created per customer
    3. A part of information for memos program will receive through XI (Excel file coming through XI)
    maybe someone can help?
    Helpfull answers will be awarded!
    BR, M.

    You dont need a custom prog to create a debit memo or credit memo.
    You can raise a Credit Memo for a Vendor using the transction code FB65 (without reference to an invoice) or MIRO (if it is with reference to an invoice) and the system would pass the following accounting entry
    Dr. Expenses A/c
    Cr. Vendor A/c
    This particular document would have a payment term and payment due date. While running Automatic Payment Process, depending on the payment method the system will pick up the document and create a cheque / electronic transfer etc for the vendor with the following entry
    Dr. Vendor A/c
    Cr. Bank Clearing A/c
    In the case of Customer you can account the credit memo (without reference to invoice) using FB75 or VA01 (Order Type CR, if it is with reference to an invoice). While you create the billing document for the order type CR the system would raise the following accounting
    Dr. Expenses A/c
    Cr. Customer A/c
    This particular document would have a payment term and payment due date. While running Automatic Payment Process, depending on the payment method the system will pick up the document and create a cheque / electronic transfer etc for the customer with the following entry
    Dr. Customer A/c
    Cr. Bank Clearing A/c

Maybe you are looking for

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