Import format for trial balance sheet

Hi All,
The source file for our FDQM app is in the below format(CSV file) consisting of 7 fields:
ENTITY          ACCOUNT          DESCRIPTION     Opening Balance          DEBIT          CREDIT          Closing Balance
Can you please provide inputs on how the import format should be?

The information you need to start with is in the FDQM admin guide, or alternatively consider an FDQM training course.
Without knowing the dimensions you plan to use, how the file contents map to each dimension, and to a lesser degree the target application, then we would need a crystal ball to try to provide any assistance on the import format.

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  • The client is looking for trial balance and GL balance reports in Spanish

    hi sap techis
    I am facing a typical issue.the client is looking for trial balance report and GL balance report in Spanish language.the problem is if i change the language key from English to Spanish the entire language will be changed to Spanish is there any way by which without changing the language key in chart of accounts, we can obtain the reports in Spanish language.please help in taking out reports in Spanish from F.01 in Spanish
    Edited by: akausar on Apr 16, 2010 12:42 AM

    You have to translate all your financial statement version nodes from English to Spanish to be able to see Spanish texts in F.01.  To translate, execute T Code SE63 and choose Translation -> ABAP Objects -> Other Long Texts from the menu.  Then expand 'FI FI Balance Sheet/P&L Statement' and double-click on 'FIBS FI Balance Sheet/P&L Statement '.  Then change the source language to EN and target language to ES (they are greyed out but you will still be able to pick them from the drop-down menu).  Now put the cursor on Object Name field and press F4.  You will see the financial statements you have created in OB58.  It is a cumbersome task, but you have to drilldown to each node of your FSV and double-click on it and in the following screen you will see the English text on top.  In the bottom part of the screen you have to enter the Spanish text.
    Once you are done with translation, execute program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER and then push your translations into a transport request.

  • Standard Trial Balance Sheet Template

    What is the Standard Trial Balance Sheet Template available in SAP B1.
    Also pls let me know from where i can fetch this template from wihtin the system ?

    Thanks for your esteem reply !!
    can we customize this standard template as per client's requirements OR we will have to ask client to use the default standard trail balance template ?
    I have heard that standard trial balance template cant be customized.
    pls give me better idea.

  • How to create Import format for building  version Hirerarchy and Node

    i Want to know  how to create  Import format for building version  Hirerarchy and Nodes.Can anyone  show me with example  or format  for version  Hierarchy  with few nodes for the hierarchy
    i Want to Build   this   1. Version1 (Version)
                                     2.Account (Hirerarchy)
                                     3. Balancesheet (Limb)
                                     4. Assets (Limb)
                                     5. Cash (Leaf)

    Please follow the DRM User Guide,
    Below is my preferred approach, by selecting only relation and Hierarchy sections,
    The relation section contains the Node Name and Parent Name ( you can include any other properties, but as a best practice keep the Parent Node as the last column).
    The Hierarchy ( Hier ) section contains the Hierarchy Name, Top Node and Hierarchy description
    Follow the Import steps and provide a Name for the version.
    AC_BalanceSheet AC_Account
    AC_Asset AC_Account
    AC_Cash AC_Account
    Account AC_Account AccountHier
    Note: Please delete all the special characters (TAB) created at the end of  [relation] and [hier] sections while you copy the content from an Excel sheet to a Notepad.

  • Can we create a cost element for a Balance Sheet account?

    Hi folks,
    Is it possible to create a cost element for a balance sheet account? If yes, what are the scenerios we would need it and how is it done?
    thanks in advance

    Please review the below information regarding cost elements category 90 : Financial Accounting Balance Sheet Accounts                                                                               
    Category 90  is automatically assigned when you create cost elements in CO whose   general ledger accounts in FI are asset reconciliation accounts            
    (special balance sheet accounts), not income statement accounts. You       
    cannot change this category in CO master data maintenance.                                                                               
    FI does not require CO account assignments to cost elements of             
    category 90. However, if you enter an account assignment, it is only       
    recorded statistically for real objects.                                                                               
    Category 90 allows you to check order or project budgets for fixed         
    asset procurement. To do so, enter the investment order or WBS element     
    in the corresponding field in the asset master. The Asset Management       
    component ensures that the order or element automatically appears in       
    the document when you access the asset procurement.                        
    The R/3 System debits the order/WBS element statistically in the           
    Controlling component, which you can then monitor with availability        
    You can treat cost elements of category 90 as activity-independent as      
    part of cost center planning. 
    Also see note 75980  for further information.  From the note:
      The use of cost element category 90 is only provided in the standard        
      system in the following two cases:                                                                               
    1.  As of Release 3.0G, asset acquisitions and down payments which are      
          assigned directly to a fixed asset or asset under construction can      
          be assigned to an account on internal orders or WBS elements            
          statistically. In this manner, for example, an availability check       
          can be triggered on the order or the WBS element for asset posting.                                                                               
    2.  As of Release 4.0, cost elements of category 90 can also be created     
          for material stock accounts to display material make-to-order stocks    
          on sales orders or customer projects.                                   
    Javier Reviriego

  • Preferred import format for iphoto4

    I've got some old photos that were original scanned directly into PhotoDeluxe. Want them in iPhoto now for obvious reasons. iPhoto Import produces a text message for each photo that amounts to "Can't import".
    I can pass them through Photoshop and export them as almost any known format. But which one? I've tried TIFF, which I know to be lossless, and it apparently works well --the "before" and "after" photos look identical on the screen. But are others just as good?
    What's the preferred import format for iPhoto4 to maintain photo quality? (Is the answer the same for later versions? I assume so.)

    Had to do it myself with some old scans from PhotoDeluxe - run them through PhotoShop and save in another format. That text message means the PD file is propietary PD format - requires PD to use.
    Your export choice from Photoshop depends on what you plan to use the photo for. iPhoto is by nature a JPEG creature, but will accept and protect files in other formats.
    I open PD files in PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements and Save As a full .psd file for safekeeping and as a .jpg I import into iPhoto. I don't have use for anything bigger or better than a .jpg in iPhoto. I don't edit or print with iPhoto.

  • Multiple FDM Import Formats for One Location

    I want to import trial balance data directly from the Oracle Financials database. I'm creating an import integration script to pull the ledgers directly via a SQL statement. My issue is that I also want to be able to write scripts to modify each individual field on the import, similar to a delimited import script where I can have a script for each dimension. Do you know if it's possible to combine import integration and delimited scripts in a single location? I'm guessing it may be a combination of the Import Format and Integration Options settings on the location, but I'm not sure which one should go where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is not possible. Any adjustments to the data would need to be done within the integration script.

  • Import format for two amount columns in different currencies

    I am working on FDM and will be getting the trial balance containing amounts in two currencies (both local and USD). I need to load data in both the currencies. The extract has two columns for the amount rather than having two different rows for different currencies. Any ideas how to define this format and how to load data. We are not using the translation logic and hence the amounts in both currencies are required.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks a lot for the input. Any idea, how should I go about doing this else if you have any documentation, let me know. Also, what are the cons of doing it this way over requesting the customer to get the file with amounts in different rows than in different columns

  • PCA Trial Balance Sheet Report

    In GL module the transaction F.08 gives you a trial balance with debit & credit values by GL, is there a report which does the same in PCA?  there is a similar report in KE80 8a-PCA005G but this is only working for P&L accounts I need the report to work for balance sheet accounts.
    We are not using the new GL.
    thanks for your help

    Description of problem
    - The <b>P&L statement node</b> amount is supposed to roll up to the <b>Profit/Loss current Year</b> node in the balance sheet
    - If amount is a profit, amount goes to <b>calculated profit node</b>
    - If amount is a loss, amount goes to <b>calculated loss node</b>
    - When I run a balance sheet report the <b>Profit/Loss current Year node</b> does not show at all. I assume because no data for leaves.
    - When the customer runs a FS report in ECC, they see the <b>Profit/Loss current Year node</b>
    - Also, the chart of accounts used is WACA, but the leaf for<b>calculated profit </b> is <b>0COA0BRESULT 2A</b> and the leaf for <b>calculated loss</b> is <b>0COA0BRESULT 1A</b>.
    - Where does this config take place in ECC for the FS hierarchy? I went into ECC and looked at FS item versions and don't see an item under calculated profit or loss.
    -  The customer expects these leaves to appear in query result.  I am trying to determine if some config is required in ECC for FS item or do I need to perform calculation in query
    - Not FI savvy

  • PCA for Full Balance Sheet Accounting

    Dear SAP Guru,
    We're currently in 4.7. We've implemented PCA for Profit and Loss Accounting. There's business requirement to produce Full Balance Sheet Accounting in PCA, i.e. the one similar to Business Area. Can the standard PCA module (in 4.7) support Full Balance Sheet Accounting? If can, what are the settings and steps that need to be configured in the system? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    you can get the full balance sheet from PCA.
    The steps are:
    1. You must make sure that you have completed financial statement version (OB58).
    2. Copy this account groups to PCA. (Please check the paths to copy the FSV to your PCA.
    3. See the available reports in KE80. One of the report must suit your requirement.
    4. If they are not suitable to your requirement, create your own balance sheet format (using form and report) - Report painter.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Transport Request in SE63 for FI Balance Sheet

    Hello All,
    I am in 4.6c and did some translations in
    I have a object creted but how do I include it in the transport request and send it to the QA system.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

    When you perform translations via SE63 a transport is created automatically.
    Search for transports that contain following in the description :TRANSLATION individual 
    You can release these transports and import your translations in QA and later in PRD.
    PS : The transports can be under the user ID of someone else because translation transports are grouped together.

  • Opening balance for Trial balance report

    Hello  Experts,
    I have requirment to develop a Trial Balance report with the colum like Opening Balance, Transaction Debit,Transactoin Credit and closing balance.
    I am trying to get opening balance from the Table FAGLFLEXT.
    how can I get the opening balance. In FAGLFLEXT in the fild HSLVT ( Carry forward Bal. in local currency) has more than one line item for one fiscal yer, one G/L and one profit center. Should I club all the values of HSLVT value.

    Hi Srikant, Yogesh...
    Thank you for your reply. But  I have some other requirment for that I have to go for devlopment for this report.

  • Datasource for trial balance

    I am on BW 7.4 and wated to know if I should use datasource 0FI_GL_10 or 0FI_GL_14 or 0FI_GL_4 to build a report on trial balance.
    Please let me know.

    Hi Sam ,
    0FI_GL_10  use this data soruce and instal business content .
    We have standard report for GL Trail report on virtual infocube .

  • Bapi for trial balance

    Hi Friends,
                    Iam searching for a BAPI for getting Trial Balance for a particular vendor account. Are there any pre defined bapis available for this or we need to develop manually?  Please provide your suggestions.
    Murali Krishna T.

    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETBALANCEDITEMS   Vendor Account Clearing Transactions in a given Period
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETCURRENTBALANCE  Vendor Account Closing Balance in Current Fiscal Year
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETKEYDATEBALANCE  Vendor Account Balance at Key Date
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETOPENITEMS       Vendor Account Open Items at a Key Date
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETPERIODBALANCES  Posting Period Balances per Vendor Account in Current Fiscal Year
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETSTATEMENT       Vendor Account Statement for a given Period
    did u try any of the above ??

  • Financial Report Template for Trial Balance

    Dear All,
          I was prepared the financial report Template, for trail Balance as per Schedule VI (6) after completation of template i exucute the trail balance by the using of above template.
    For the execution of the above report i used the selection cretario i taken as "Annual Report" and i run the report - it has execuatated successfully.
    After that i changed my selection cretaria as a "Quartlly" and i run the Report,
    but in that report is showing some values , these values not showing in Annual Report.
        Please Guide to me.
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            Marc Riar

    Hi Atul,
    SBO uses two different templates for the Trial Balance Report based on the Period Selection. 
    <b>Annual Report
    Template: CBL1 - Trial Balance
    Quaterly, Monthly, etc.
    Template:  CBL4 - Periodic Trail Balance</b>
    So you have probably customised CBL1 (per Schedule VI (6)) which works for Annual.
    <i><b>You have to also customise CBL4 - Periodic Trail Balance the same way so that it can work for the others.</b></i>

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