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Hi I read the discussions on this topic and tried converting a song to a QT format in imovie and sending it to my desktop to import into FCE. No luck. Would someone please share the process of converting an itunes song and importing to FCE? I have QT Pro and imovie.

Hi - did you have any luck. I am a new FCE user and am having the same problem. Interesting that IMovie HD does not have the same restrictions and you can easily drag protected and unprotected content from your ITunes library. Like you, I just want to make a video of my kids using music I've purchased. I thought FCE would be easier with additional functionality. So far, it seems like a big mistake!

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  • When i try to import from itunes into FCP 7 i get error, file error; 39 files recognized,0 access denied 243 unknown

    When i try to import from itunes into FCP 7 i get error, file error; 39 files recognized,0 access denied 243 unknown

    Be careful,  FCP is an open system which is great, but it allows you to work with formats that are not completely compatible with fcp and can cause serious problems down the road.  You can check the formats of all audio files brought into fcp by selecting them in the browser and hitting command-9,  Use compressor to convert all audio files to 48k 16 bit aiffs before importing to fcp.  There's a preset for this format in the apple presets.  You mention video files.  The same thing holds.  In particular, avoid bringing in h264 quicktime movies.  Convert to an fcp friendly format like prores using compressor.

  • How to import from ITunes in normal AAC file? (not protected)

    How do I import from Itunes in a normal AAC file? (ideally in 320kbps) but most important, not a protected file!
    Alternatively, how do I convert from protected aac to normal aac?
    Tks for you help.

    How do I import from Itunes in a normal AAC file?
    Go to iTunes Preferences, and choose- Advanced/Importing and under "Import Using" choose AAC, under "Setting" choose 320kbps. Copy protection is only added to songs downloaded from the iTunes Store, and not songs you import from cd's.
    how do I convert from protected aac to normal aac?
    The only legitimate way is to burn the songs to a cd, and then re- import them using the settings discussed above.

  • How to import FROM iTunes

    I downloaded a movie and want to import it out of iTunes to my videos folder on my laptop to watch because I don't want to have Internet on just to watch a movie. That's ridiculous. The only Internet I have is my iPhones hotspot which doesn't work downstairs (signal is crap in the house). So is there ANY way I can get this move out of iTunes so I watch it without Internet access?
    I can't believe I'm here asking this because nothing should be this stupidly complicated...

    How do I import from Itunes in a normal AAC file?
    Go to iTunes Preferences, and choose- Advanced/Importing and under "Import Using" choose AAC, under "Setting" choose 320kbps. Copy protection is only added to songs downloaded from the iTunes Store, and not songs you import from cd's.
    how do I convert from protected aac to normal aac?
    The only legitimate way is to burn the songs to a cd, and then re- import them using the settings discussed above.

  • Garageband Crashes when importing from iTunes

    Garageband 08 - up to date
    ITunes - 8.1.1 (10 - up to date - library is held on an Airport Disk
    White MacBook 80GB
    New problem just started occurring in Garageband. When you try to import a track from iTunes (via the media library screen in garageband, ie drag and drop), Garageband just quits back to the desktop. (Asks if you want to reopen, try again etc, but no effect).
    All other functions of Garageband appear to work fine - including exporting TO ITunes, and also importing photos through media library or garageband samples.
    Have tried repairing file permissions in disk utilities, and deleting the GB preferences file (as advised in Apple Shop) but no effect.
    This worked fine until a few days ago, and had been done hundreds of times with no problems.
    Any ideas?

    Just to say that I'm having the same problem. The iTunes version (8.1.1) came in more recently than the last update on GB. I'm trying to think if there have been any general OS X updates recently, but I'm not sure.
    The workaround is fine, but if anyone hears about a patch so that it works normally, I'd be happy to know.

  • I'm trying to cut out the introductory part of a song that I imported from ITunes and not start the song from the beginning

    Has anyone ever imported a song from Itunes and deleted the first part of the song so that it starts at a certain location?

    Sure. Drag the song into your Project from the Music Browser and drop it on the clip where you want it to start. It should appear as a ribbon underneath your video clips. You can then drag the left edge if the clip to the right, until it starts where you want it to.
    This video Tutorial may help.
    Another way. Once you drag in the music clip, click the gear icon on the clip to open the clip trimmer. You can change where the clip starts there.
    See iMovie Help here for all the details.

  • I can't import from Itunes into FCP HD

    got the capture done with bears hand NOW i can't get audio tune from Itunes to import it says can't recognize file or something like that.
    I have a powerbook G4 10.4.9 FCP HD 4.5
    is this another case of the 10.4.9 and 4.5 being incompatable (the reason i can't capture from DVCPro)
    If my motorcycles ran like this tuff I'd never get out of the garage! thanks for your help in advance. bRAD

    It is songs purchased from iTunes that you cannot convert...and that we cannot explain how to convert. Even though YOU might use it for legal purposes, such as temp music or demo reels, we still cannot explain how to bypass DRM on Apple's own site. Doing so would violate their rules.
    BUT...if you have a CD of the music, getting songs is much easier:
    #5 Imported music from CD or iTunes
    Shane's Stock Answer #5:
    To get music into FCP, it needs to be an AIFF file at 48khz, 16 bit stereo. So if you want a song from a CD, you go into the iTunes Preferences and set this up under the IMPORTING tab:
    File > preferences > importing > import using - AIFF encoder > Setting - Custom
    Sample Rate - 48.000 kHz
    Sample size - 16 bit
    Channels - Stereo
    If you have an mp3 that you want to use, then you can convert it thru iTunes as well.
    If the piece of music you want to use is something you purchased thru iTunes, I'm afraid I can't help you there. There are copywrite issues that prevent files from being converted into the format that FCP can recognize.

  • Popping sounds in FCP when importing from itunes

    I'm trying to use a piece of music dwonloaded from itunes. listening ot the piece on itunes there are no "pops" or crackle sounds. Once imported to FCP and incerted inot my track it has annoying pops, suttle but they are there. How can I fix this?

    Music purchased through iTunes won't work in FCP. Because of rights issues.  You need to get the rights to use the music in certain projects.  While your project might not be for broadcast, or displaying on the web, Apple assumes it is. 
    You cannot just use any old music you want in projects you put up on the web and on TV. You need to get the rights to it.  YouTube will even pull your video down if it finds popular music and detects rights issues. If this is a family video not aimed at the web, well...that's different.  But still Apple prevents working imports due to the fact that FCP is PROFESSIONAL software, and most uses for it is for broadcast and web.

  • Best way to import from iTunes & audio lock to video?

    I just started with PrE 10 and am coming from years with iMovie HD6 (never liked the later versions). Can audio tracks be dragged from iTunes (by having 2 minimal sized windows of each application open) into the Project area? Or do you need to try and find each song by going through the whole Get Media  File/Folder link process? I've tried dragging a few songs from iTunes, and it didn't seem to work (it was very easy in iMovie). I was able to add photos to the Project area from iPhoto by dragging them over from the iPhoto window.
    Also, is there a way to lock (or link) the beginning of an added audio/soundtrack clip to a video clip, so that it does not inadvertently get moved, or so that if you move the video clip, or delete an earlier video clip, the locked audio goes with that video clip?
    [Moved to the Premiere Elements main forum]

    With Audio, you need to Import the file (Get Media), as Premiere needs to Conform the Audio, creating both a CFA (Conformed Audio) file, and a PEK (Waveform Display) file, and link to those.
    Now, with iTunes, there can be some problems, though things have gotten a bit better recently. If you DO have an issue, you can create a Playlist in iTunes, and copy over all the files that you need for your Project, then burn a CD of that Playlist. The Audio-CD will be in the CDA container in as a WAV file, which should Import just fine, into PrE.
    Actually, it might be easier, even if the iTunes music does Import, to create a Playlist in iTunes, where you can drag and drop right from the iTunes GUI, and then Import from that Playlist.
    Good luck,
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  • HT201302 How to import photos that are imported from itunes back to iphoto?

    I had imported photos from Itunes( Iphoto ) to my iphone and i deleted all the photos in Iphoto. Now I wanted to control some of the photos but I can't! If I sync photos again, all the photos will be gone. So I wanted to import the photos in my Iphone back to Iphoto. Anyone knows how?

    The iTunes transfer process for photos from your computer is a one way transfer process only. Photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on the iPhone - the original resolution is changed/lowered, which is why transferring these photos in the opposite direction is not supported.
    There are some 3rd party paid utilities that provide for transferring these photos in the opposite direction but the original resolution of these photos deleted from your computer will be lost and the 3rd party utilities are not supported by Apple.

  • Importing from iTunes

    Hello, I think have a unique problem... My PC harddrive recently crashed permanently and I've since upgraded to a Macbook Pro. I had all my music stored on my iPod and used Music Rescue to get it off the iPod and on to my new computer... worked great... but when I try and import the music into GarageBand it won't allow me to??? From the sound of it from other users, the files could have been protected somehow during the transfers??? As the music that I have since added to my iTunes library can all be accessed easily by GarageBand. Is there anyway to fix this problem or am I SOL?
    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

    So I tried that and it didn't work, then I tried dragging it directly from iTunes into GB and here it recognized that I could add it to the timeline (little green plus sign), but when I dropped it in it would get about 2 seconds into the importing phase and then stop... So same result and it still won't import. Any more suggestions? Again it is only with songs that I "rescued" from my iPod, not songs I've recently added.
    Thanks again!

  • I need to adjust the tempo of a commercial song imported from iTunes

    I need to reduce the tempo of a commercial song which I imported to GB from iTunes by ~6%. Can I do this in GB, and if so, how?

    If you need a precise value, I suggest using an audio editor (e.g. Audacity, which is free) to achieve this - you can add numerical values there. If you use GB, you can only adjust the tempo in integer steps, and the percentage value depends on the tempo you start with.
    What you could do in GB is the following:
    • set the song's tempo to 100
    • import your audio file
    • turn the orange region into a purple one and check "follow tempo & pitch"
    • set the song's tempo to 94.

  • Interrupted import from itunes stopped download...

    I was importing a season pass of a TV show from itunes. The computer was in the middle of the last three episodes when I had to shut down my computer for the night. I pasused the downloads. When I opened itunes back up, I could not get itunes to continue the download, not even when I had it check for available downloads. Anything I can do? Or do I need to re-buy the episodes to get them?

    Go to purchase history, click the arrow next to the purchase, click "Report a Problem" and report the problem.
    Apple should resolve within a day.
    You can also e-mail itunes support.

  • My movies wont import from itunes

    i have purchased some movies from itunes and when it gets to the end of importing one it just starts all over again on the same one

    Are you downloading the video from the music store, or importing a purchased movie into iTUnes from your PC?

  • Using Garage Band 2.0.2 (50) to edit converted Mp3s imported from iTunes

    Following an exhaustive search of the archives, I must appeal to the greater wisdom of others (risking both your contempt and equally troublesome unresponsiveness) in order to resolve the dilemma experienced while attempting to use GB to make ringtones from an Mp3.
    My apologies for not being able to figure this out on my own, or being able to glean same from the GB, iBook or general archives nor the 'manual.' The answers were not there...
    Though there has been much futzing, I have been unable to record a new track from music imported from (but not purchased through) iTunes. Only accomplished is a recording of that which the built-in mic allows (i.e. undesired extraneous noise). There is no option to change sound input (from Built-in) in System Preferences or GB.
    So, Great Apple Sages, can the iBook record, via GB, from the master track internally?
    If yes, steps to do so?
    If no, useful (specific) suggestions?...
    iBook G4 (1.4 GHz / 1.5 GB)   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iMac (9.2); Performa 631CD (Ancient 7.5); MacPlus (Primordial Ooze OS)

  • Low volume when importing from iTunes

    The volume level is fine when previewing in iMovie06 Media/Audio. After clicking "place at playhead", the imported audio track has very low volume.
    I tried other suggestions in this forum, including raising audio track level to 150%, and saving to CD and re-importing to iTunes as AIFF (which seemed to help a little), but still the volume level of the imported audio in iMovie is still way too low. This is originally a midi file my son created. It is not purchased or protected content. It imported into iTunes fine and sounds fine there. Had the same problem with a "jaws" audio clip downloaded free online. Fine in iTunes, barely audible after importing into iMovie.
    Experimenting, I made a brand new movie and only imported the audio clip, and the volume level was fine. So, it has something to do with the movie I'm working on.
    Help! I already blew a few hours on this issue and now am up against a deadline.

    two ways
    a) Use an audio-editor like Audacity (freeware) and increase Your .aiff files
    b) You noticed that You can get the audio clip in to iMovie and amplify it to 150%
    • Copy this audio-clip. Paste it ontop of the first one = 300% amplified audio
    Do this as many times as You need it (until it gets audio distorsion)
    Yours Bengt W

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