Import home movies- format

I am taking an 8mm film to "Editran" to transfer onto a hard drive. They will have to format my HD for a PC and then transfer the movie. I am hoping to be able to get this file into iMovie HD to edit. Anyone try this before? Can a PC formatted HD be read by a mac? What is the best format for the video to be used by iMovie HD 6?

Should be quite straight forward. Your external Hard Drive will be formatted either as FAT or more likely NTFS. Either way, your Mac will be able to read it.
Get it home, plug it in and any PC formatted hard drive will appear on your desktop. Not sure what format the newly scanned cine film will be in - Probably an AVI or .mov file, but no matter what, iMovie HD should be able to open it. If for any reason it can't, there will be a free App available that will, but as iMovie opens pretty much all standard movie files, I can't see that being an issue.
I have just completed a similar exercise myself and found iMovieHD a very useful App for simply reordering clips around to get them in the right order - I originally had no idea what was on the cine reels before transfer. You could then do some simple crops and add some sound if required - Pefect, enjoy

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  • Software to convert home movie format to DV format

    I want to import home movies on DVD (which I transferred from VHS and Hi8 to DVD) into Imovie. I was told by applecare that I need software to convert the format. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Hello Susan,
    in order to be recognized by iMovie you have to convert your footage into DV format.
    check out Matti Haveri's website: How can I edit MPEG or convert DVD or MPEG to DV
    Helpful Tools:
    MPEG Streamclip (freeware): can convert/demux mpeg2 and VOB files into DV. It can also be used to edit/trim and multiplex/de-multiplex mpeg files
    Apple MPEG2 PlayBack ($20):
    DVDxDV: ($25) can convert DVD-disks, VIDEO_TS folders and .VOB files to DV-encoded .mov files.
    FFmpegX ($15): can also convert .VOB or .mpg to .dv.
    DropDV ($40): can convert MPEG1 and MPEG2 streams to .dv.
    DIVA (freeware): is a fast and powerful converter/encoder
    hope this helps

  • Importing home movies into itunes

    i know that you can import home movies from imovie into itunes and then import it onto your ipod, but im not sure on how you do that.

    Go to the "FIle" menu, select "Export", and select the iPod icon. Only works in iMovie 6.0 (iLife '06).

  • Importing home movies from m4v format?

    I am trying to import home video that is in the m4v format into Imovie 08' with no luck. Any suggestions? They were in MPG format and i used handbrake to change them into MP4, but it changed them into m4v instead....?
    Thanks in advance

    Any suggestions? They were in MPG format and i used handbrake to change them into MP4, but it changed them into m4v instead....?
    If you are using the TV preset, turn off the chapter track. (If using an older version with the same preset, also make sure the AC3 passthrough option is deselected.) I assume you are use an TV preset since you say the file container is M4V. However, even if you use the iPod preset (MP4 file container), be sure to turn off the chapter track. iMovie '08 does not like extraneous tracks like chapter, "Tween", AC3, etc.

  • Can't import home movie from DVD to iMovie HD

    I have recently had over an hour of old home movies without sound (Super 8mm, not video tape) professionally transferred to a DVD. The DVD was delivered in both VIDEO_TS (VOB) and in MPEG 2 formats.
    I am unable to import either of these formats into either iMovie HD or Final Cut Express. Each attempt results in an Error Message that file type is not supported or that QuickTime cannot parse it, Error -2048.
    I have also tried DVDxDV which generates a .mov file, but get the same error message.
    How can I get these analog-to-digital converted DVD files to import into iMovie/Final Cut Express so that I can edit and rearrange clip sequence?
    The video transfer firm has no answer to this problem either. (It works fine on their iMac G5 equipment running Final Cut Pro).

    I have also tried DVDxDV which generates a .mov file, but get the same error message.
    I'm surprised at that. Did you check out the DVDxDVD FAQ at
    You might want to also look at ffmpegX at
    The ffmpegX installation and operating instructions could be a little clearer, but it works.
    BTW, when having film transfers made like that, find a place that will transfer to a miniDV tape. You will get maximum quality this way as DV compression is much lower than the MPG-2 compression on the DVDs you were given making DV a much better starting point.
    The video transfer firm has no answer to this problem either.
    It doesn't sound like a very "professional" place. A professional service would have suggested output to miniDV tape so you could easily edit the clips.

  • Import home movie clips from DVD

    Hi all -
    I've been trying to wrap my non-computer brain around the process of importing a previously burned home movie clip from DVD back into iMovie so I can add to it. (I messed up the first burn, but because of limited space, I deleted the original clip.)
    I'd be happy to get it back to tape on my camcorder if that is the only way to do it, but I fear losing quality.
    I've downloaded Mac the Ripper and Streamclip, but I don't want to pay extra money for any software (I'm a poor, starving student mom).
    Can anyone help out?

    Your burned DVD uses MPEG-2 file format. You'll need more software:
    MPEG Streamclip (free).
    Apple's MPEG-2 PLayback Component ($20).
    Use Streamclip to open the DVD contents and export to DV Stream (huge file). Use the .dv file in iMovie.

  • Importing Home Movies already on Disc

    I have alot of home movies I have previously burned to disc using a DVR. Is there a way to import those movies to my iMac to use on projects?

    sure you can, but you will loose pic quality, because a DVD has a delivery format, not meant for further processing..
    my collections of tools, methods and links:
    * DVDxDV (free trial, 25$)
    * Apple mpeg2 plugin (20$) + Streamclip (free)
    * Cinematize >60$
    * Mpeg2Works >25$ + Apple plug-in
    * Toast6/7 allows converting to dv/import dvd, hit apple-k
    * connect your Camera to a DVD-player and copy to tape/use as converter

  • Importing home movies

    I desire to copy home movies (of grandkids - very important!!) from finalized dvd to iMovie for manipulation. The movies were initially taken with a Hitachi videocamera that utilizes dvd mini discs as recording media. Software that came with camera supports only Windows (boo-hiss) based oper. sys. So far my 2 emails to Hitachi re driver for Apple have gone unanswered (lowlife scumsuckers). Have been able to copy movies to full size dvd using dvd/vcr recorder, but would like to use iMovie & iDVD to create more professional dvd end product.
    When I place full sized finalized dvd into computer - I see 6 files, one of which (apparent from size) is the raw video - have no idea of function of other files. When I try dropping the disc icon from the desktop into the import pane of iMovie - nothing happens. Same is true when just dropping the raw video file.
    How do I copy the home movies currently on this disc into iMovie? Do I need additional software? If so, what? and what does this other software do that my computer cannot?
    I am a recent convert to Apple and am still becoming familiar with the Mac so please keep any responses as simple and thorough as possible.
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Mucho thanks QuickTimeKirk for your response. You must get plum tuckered out with 8 grandkids. Mine are 3&1/2 and 1&1/2 and are bundles of energy. Had to look up Seadrift, TX and appears to be a beautiful location! Congrats on your grandkids and place to live.
    I am a bit taken aback with your reply. I was expecting that any additional software I would require would be to iMovie. As a neophyte just getting acquainted with this Apple computer and software, my plate is pretty full just learning to use iMovie and iDVD (to name a couple). Now you inform me that I also have to not only start poking around QuickTime, but in addition, add 2 more software enhancements to it before I can even begin to work in iMovie. Whew! Don't know that I am up to that challenge yet.
    I discovered the $20 MPEG2 Playback component you mentioned, but was not able to locate the free "streamclip" software. I stumbled across some software for streaming, but am unsure this is the product to which you are referring. Can you be more specific?
    For the immed. future I will be setting this project aside until I can become a tad more knowledgeable and proficient with this machine and included software.
    Again, thanks for your input and the promptness of your reply!
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

  • Importing home movies on dvd to imovie--no audio

    A few years back I took all my home movies and put them on dvd's(thru some windows app), now once I imported them to imovie with these dvd's they don't have audio. It wouldn't let me import right to imovie, I had to go through disk utilities (new image capture) and the video is fine...just no audio. The audio is there when I play them on idvd. What did I do wrong or what's the best way to import these dvd's to imovie?

    Welcome to the  Discussion Forums.
    You can use something like mpegstreamclip (free) to convert the VOB files on the DVD to DV which will then import into im08 for you. You will also need the quicktime mpeg2 playback component plug-in (not free)

  • Importing home movies from my IMac's internal DVD player

    I've been reading some of the posts which I think are related to my question and it looks like this is going to be complicated. I have some home movies on a DVD. The files on the DVD are grouped into two folders labeled "Audio-TS" and "Video-TS." In the audio folder there are no files and in the video folder there are a number of files with names such as "VTS010.IFO" or "VTS010.BUP" or VTS011.V0B" etc. I've downloaded free software called "mpegstramclip" and I've purchased from Apple a program called "MPEG2." Am I on the right track in my efforts to import these home movies into IMovie HD so I can edit them?

    Thank you Karstein and please excuse the double post. My first post was on the IMovie HD6 page and I meant to post it on the IMovie HD page. I'm going to try to tackle this project using the tools you have given me so wish me luck.

  • How can I import home movies that were transferred to DVD into IM ?

    I had a service transfer old Super 8 and Reg 8 to DVD for me, and I transferred some old VHS home movies to DVD on a Pioneer DVD recorder. I would like to get these into IMovie to do some basic editing add titles and a soundtrack. (I just made the big jump from PC to Mac 2 weeks ago) I would greatly appreciate any input!

    get for 20$ the Apple mpeg2 plugin
    and for free the tool Streamclip for converting mp1/2/4, divx, avi, vob...
    (with that combo you can NOT override copyprotection mechanisms! ... )
    other tools are:
    * DVDxDV, it has a 30d trial period (testdrive sets a watermark)... and cost 25$
    * Cinematize >60$
    * Mpeg2Works >25$ + Apple plug-in
    or connect Your Camera to a DVD-player and copy to tape or import trough if Your Camera handles that...
    iMovie is a video edit app meant to work with firewire connected miniDV camcorders

  • Trying to import home movie to iMovie

    I am not overly computer literate but here goes, I'm trying to convert a home movie that I copied from VHS to a DVD-RW disk.  When I look at the DVD in my Devices I see the following:
    I've tried Handbrake and a couple of other free softwares to convert the files.   None of these softwares recognize anything.  I've tried just one of the VOB files, but even that doesn't help.  I have no idea what this stuff means or what to do with it.  Not one of the softwares reads any of the above.
    My goal is to edit out a section of the video of my Aunt that died 10 years ago and make a special video for my mom for Christmas.  I'm so frustrated.
    ANY asssistance would be helful.
    Thanks in advance.

    I use
    • DV-PAL or DV-NTSC - or -
    • AIC
    Yours Bengt W

  • Importing DSLR mov format into PPRO-CC

    Hi, I'm new to PPRO CC, so I might do something wrong here. I have a Canon 6D and when I move the movies into PPRO, then I'm not able to create a sequence. I can see and play the movies in the media browser, I can move it to the source monitor, make an in and out point, but I'm not able to do any editing at all. The movi format is:
    Type: MPEG Movie
    File Size: 27,5 MB
    Image Size: 1280 x 720
    Frame Rate: 25,00
    I appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you

    Thank you for your replies. I don't have the shown container I can move the movi into.
    When I try to move the movi into the sequence line I get an icon with a hand and a cicly with  line across it which indicate tht I'm not allow to do this action. You can also see at the image above that when I right click on the movi I should have the option to select "move to sequence" but I don't-
    Thank you for your help.

  • Import home movies recorded to DVD?

    I've successfully encoded the DVD file to an avi, mp4 and mov file format.
    iLife09 - iMovie doesn't recognize these formats from the file -import- movies option. The file names are listed but ghosted out.
    Please help.

    This is a suggestion posted by AppleMan, who seems quite knowledgeable regarding iMovie 9:
    +I have found I get the best results when I use MPEG Streamclip (which is free). You also have to install the Apple QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component which costs about $20. Once you install the QuickTime MPEG2 Playback Component, you don't have to interact with it, but MPEG Streamclip needs it.+
    +Insert your DVD in your drive. If DVD player runs automatically, shut it down. You should see your DVD as an icon on the desktop. Open it is a finder winder. You should see a folder which has VOB files.+
    +Open MPEG Streamclip and drag these VOB files into Streamclip. If it offers to fix timecode breaks, say yes. You can do the VOB files one by one if you want to deal with shorter clips. Or, you can drag all the VOB files at once and create one long clip, or use streamclip to separate them into smaller clips.+
    +In Streamclip, select File/Export using Quicktime and choose Apple Intermediate Codec. You may want to check "Deinterlace" in this step. Try deinterlacing and see if you like it. It depends on your final target media as to whether this will help.+
    +Now you should have MOV files in Apple Intermediate Codec which can be imported into iMovie.+
    +If you want, you can create a folder under iMovie Events and export these clips from MPEG Streamclip directly to that folder. The next time you open iMovie, it will generate thumbnails.+
    Post back if this does not help you.

  • Importing home video into iMovie not working

    When I load my home video dvds they play with DVD Player but I want to import it into iMovie. When opening iMovie I select File/Import/Movie, select the DVD on the desktop and click on import. I then get this message: Nothing to Import... no importable movies were found...
    These home videos were burned on a PC with Roxio over the last several years. Unfortunately our home was broken into, computers stolen and these dvds are my only back up. Now trying to figure out how to save them to my new iMac and do some more work with them. Do I need to purchase Quick Time Pro to import to iMovie?

    Hi there, I have a question that maybe you can point me in the right direction. I was reading this post and you say to convert over to a DV. Is this done in imovie? I too am trying to import home movies into imovie so I can edit them. Any suggestions?

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