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I've got a bunch of .mov files that I can't import into iMovie. I believe that before I got them there were worked on in Final Cut, and there's some kind of codec in FC that won't let me import them into iMovie (I can't play the videos in QuickTime either). I've searched around and found a few solutions, but nothing has seemed to work yet.

MOV is a container, not a codec, so you really need to know which codec was used in FC.
There are certain codecs in FCP, such as ProRes422, that will work in iMovie if Final Cut Pro is installed on the same machine. Otherwise, iMovie can not edit them.
If you have Final Cut Pro available on a different machine, you can render them in Apple Intermediate Codec, h.264, DV, motion JPEG-A, Apple Animation, etc. and you should be able to import them.

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  • ITunes 11 won't import .mov video files from external hard drive but will from internal.

    Hi Everyone
    I'm having a problem with iTunes 11.0.1. I can't import .mov video files stored on an external hard drive. I can however import .m4v files from the same external drive. Using either the add to library option or dragging files from the finder.
    I can add .mov files from the internal though. Strange I know.
    The reason behind this posting is that I'm using iFlicks to convert my TV and movies from my external drive for Apple TV and add all relevent meta data, keeping the files on the external drive and having iTunes link to them.
    I would like to be able to simply create a general iTune compatiable file using iFlicks which only takes a minute or two per file to convert. I'm currently converting them to .m4v just for the sack of being able to import them into iTunes from an external drive takes 45 minutes per file.
    Has anybody else had this problem? Any ideas on a fix to allow me to import .mov files from an external drive into iTunes without copying it to the iTune library file.
    Many Thanks

    This might be worth a shot - basically seeing if Vista permissions could be the culprit.
    Give yourself FULL control and ownership of the exHD, let's call it M:
    How to Take Ownership and Grant Permissions in Windows Vista
    Take control of the top level folder and ALL subfolders.
    Try creating a new blank ITL file on M: by pressing *and holding* the shift key while itunes starts. See if you can add everything again.

  • Can't import movies to iTunes after setting up iTunes Match

    Hi.  I setup iTunes Match a couple of weeks ago (love it, btw), but for some reason since I set it up I can no longer import .m4v files into the Movies library. There is no error, they just never copy over.
    iTunes 10.6.1(7) 64-bit on MacPro running OS X 10.7.3
    Any ideas? Maybe its a strange coincidence, but I noticed the problem shortly after setting up Match.

    Also, iTunes match gets stuck sometimes so you have to log out of match and log back in before your imported movies show up in your iTunes library.

  • How can I get iPhoto 9.5.1 (902.17) to import .mov files?

    I have a brand new MacBook Pro with 2 TB SDD running Mavericks that I bought 2 weeks ago.
    So far I have imported about 5,000 photo files into iPhoto 9.5.1 (902.17) plus about 25 videos as .mov files.
    But on today's import session, it stopped taking any more MOV's, giving the following error message:
    "The following file could not be imported. The file is in an unrecognized format." and it then it lists the .mov files.
    I tried rebuilding the LIbrary index, and have even tried creating a new Library and importing my smalles (12 Mb) .mov file to this new test library.
    But I keep getting the same error.
    I have the most recent version of all the software (i.e. no new updates are available.)
    What else can I do?

    I figured out a solution: The drive with the .mov files was a USB drive formatted as NTFS. iPhoto would import .JPG files from this OK, but would refuse to import .MOV files, giving the error noted above.
    I found that if I copied the files from the NTFS USB drive to an SD card or to the Macbook Pro's internal SDD, I could get iPhoto to import the .MOV files without any problem.
    Why does iPhoto 11 have a problem importing .MOV files from external USB drive formatted as NTFS, but no problem importing the exact same files from an SD-card formatted as FAT-16, or from a folder on the Macbook Pro's internal HD?

  • How can I compress an Imported Movie even further?

    I have a 20 second movie 230 x 129 size. The file size is 1.2 mb. I then imported it into Flash. After it's all said and done the finall SWF is 1.7 mb. I plan to put this on my homepage, but I want the file to be smaller. I reduced the flash .jpg and output settings to their lowest but the file remaied at 1.7 mb so this tells me the imported movie is causing the large file size here.
    Is there something I can do to make my imported movie smaller so my resulting SWF is under 1 MB.
    I just compressed the QT movie to 520 kb (the old movie size was 1.2 mb) and then imported it into my Flash file, then I published the SWF and the file size was still 1.7 mb. This means the Flash SWF file with an imported movie of 1.2 MB movie is the same File size as a Flash SWF file with an imported movie size of 520 kb. This doesn't make sense to me as the SWF file size should be a lot lower.
    1.2 mb imported movie. SWF file size = 1.7 mb
    520 kb imported movie. SWF file size = 1.7 mb
    What's up with that?

    i went through your instructions and with the trace event, thanks
    its looping now.. but only once and with a very noticeable gap in between
    function onMouseClick(e:Event):void
        //navigate to next page from here
    portal7.autoRewind = true;
    //Assign mouse event listener to player. In this case MouseDown player_name.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MouseDown, onMouseClick);
    //Above eventListener checks to see if playback has finished/completed //So the onComplete function is called if finished
    function onComplete(e:VideoEvent):void
         //The autoRewind will reset to first frame and stop
        //Try one of the following below...Uncomment one at a time and try it...
        //player_name.source = URLFILETOPLAY;  OR
        //;;  // <---This should position it a movie frame 0"");
    ps - there's the ability to add fvars via the flash embed plugin that i use on the site.. (wordpress) not sure if that could be utilised for the hyperlinking?

  • Can you import movie videos from SD camera card

    Can you import movie videos (MP4) into an Ipad from an SD camera card on a Lightning cable ... or can you only do this from a laptop via Itunes? In other words, is Itunes the only way to get non-Itune videos to the Ipad? Hope I havent made this sound confusing.

    To import the videos must follow a very strict naming convention.
    All file names must have 8 characters for a name and be located in a folder named DCIM
    for example
    You can't watch the videos off the cart, they must be imported into the iPad. They'll go into the camera roll, when you tap on them it'll open the video app and you can watch from there.

  • How can I import movies NOT into my home folder?

    Recently got a brand new iMac with SSD and classic hard drive.
    The OS and the User folder resides on the SSD but the SSD is limited in size.
    Of course, when importing movies from camera archives or directly from a camera I don't want them to go to the Movies folder in my home folder but instead to another folder on the 2nd 2 TB hard drive.
    However, I couldn't find any setting in iMovie's preferences for this.
    There must be a way! Storing footage on that SSD doesn't make sense at all.
    So, how do I do that with the latest iMovie? (Version 9.1.x)

    On the import screen, you can select your other drive. This selection will become the default until you change it on the import screen.
    For Events that are already on the SSD, you can move them from within iMovie.
    Click View/Events By Disk.
    Now you should see both drives in the Event Library.
    Hold down the command key while dragging the small icon for your event to the icon for the disk other disk drive in the Event Library List. (if you do not hold down the command key, it will Copy, not Move)

  • IMovie 8.0.6 will no longer import .mov or .dv files

    Trying to troubleshoot my wife's iMovie (2008 MacBook, OS 10.5.8) issues:
    -no longer imports .mov or .dv files (worked up until a week ago or so)
    -in testing, my MacBook Pro (OS 10.6.3) imports said files without issues
    -we've deleted file from MB, no change
    Import process looks on MB like it is going to work, but import 'barometer' shows only briefly before disappearing, with no import resulting. Troubleshooting is made more frustrating given that this worked previously on this machine. Perhaps a system update or something similar is the cause?
    Any help welcome...

    forgot to mention above that MB in question will import short .m4v files without drama. Files we are attempting to import as .dv or .mov files are about 20Gb.

  • Can anyone help me figure out how to use my new LaCie external hard drive to import movies from my camcorder into imovie '09? I ran into so many problems last night!! Was up way past my bedtime!

    Can anyone help me figure out how to use my new LaCie external hard drive to import movies from my camcorder into imovie '09? I ran into so many problems last night!! Was up way past my bedtime!

    I'll stay in this chat ... I answered in the other one ... I have a Sony digital Handycam ... from years ago.  I just got the LaCie and I think I formatted it for only to be used on my Mac ... how should I go about reformatting it to be HFS Extended like you said?

  • My current os x is 10.9.5, using final cut express vers. 4.0.1.  I have imported .mov clips created with a older mac os x (lion) and converted them to import into fce. after doing this as well as putting clips on the fce timeline when playing back t.h

    My current os x is 10.9.5, using final cut express vers. 4.0.1.  I have imported .mov clips created on a older mac os x (lion) and when I wanted to import them into fce, a quicktime conversion window opened up and converted them (I haven't experienced this in the past). I then imported the converted quicktime clips into my fce project.  After doing this I took selected clips and put those edited clips on the fce timeline.  When playing the video back in the fce timeline,I noticed
    1) the video wasn't playing back smoothly like the original content
    2) when looking at the timecode reading of the timeline, the timecode was sputtering as well as the video and audio.  I exported to quicktime just to see if that was consistent, it was.
    When I play the converted quicktime content independently of fce,  it plays normally (no sputtering of timecode, video and audio.  Need help to resolve the sputtering playback of converted video content in the fce timeline.  I've never experienced this before.  Any suggestions?

    When you say you converted the clips before importing them into FCE, did you convert to AIC or DV and do the converted clips match your FCE Sequence settings exactly?  If not, go back and convert the original files again, using the intended Sequence settings as a guide.

  • How to Import .MOV files in Adobe After Effects, I am Using Canon 700d for FilmShooting

    I have Just brought a canon 700d and started Shooting HD Movies but now i want to add some effects in my video E.G. Twixtor effect for slow motion but I am facing a problem that i cannot import .MOV file in Adobe AE CS4. Please help me. Also If you can tell me any free converter for .MOV to AF file format.
    I am using Windows 8 OS.

    CS4 is much older than Windows 8. CS4 is meant to work on XP or Vista. Getting it to run on Windows 7 was a bit of an issue, so I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that you have CS4 running on Windows 8 at all.
    It's also possible that a new camera records in a codec that such an old version of AE doesn't understand.
    Make sure you're running the latest update to your version of AE. You're on version 9, so make sure you've run the Adobe After Effects CS4 9.0.3 Update (I would not suggest updating in the middle of a project though, as any changes might break AE). I would like to reiterate: you're running a version that was released six years ago on an operating system that was released much more recently. So, be careful how you tread. However, if you're not running 9.0.3, you're missing some bug fix updates that might solve your problem.
    I would suggest upgrading to a newer version of AE.
    That being said, as Dave mentions, CS4 and earlier had lots of trouble with MPEG-4 and other codecs that used interframe compression. Can you open the files in your version of Premiere? If so, you can use Premiere or the Adobe Media Encoder to convert to a proper intermediate codec. MOV is just a container format. QuickTime with the PNG codec will work in After Effects CS4 with no problems as will the other codecs Dave mentions.

  • Hi, I have problem with importing MOV files from SJCAM 4000. MOV files are in supported formats for Adobe Premiere Elements 11. But if I'm importing MOV file, only audio part is imported, video part is not imported. How can I solve this problem?

    Hi, I have problem with importing MOV files from SJCAM 4000. MOV files are in supported formats for Adobe Premiere Elements 11. But if I'm importing MOV file, only audio part is imported, video part is not imported. How can I solve this problem?

    From looking at the specifications of your camera (SJCam 4000), we know already what video compression your camera is using. It is H.264.
    A file should be supported by Premiere Elements 11. On what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 11 running?
    Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer? And, are you running QuickTime and Premiere Elements 11 from a
    User Account with administrative privileges? Please go to Premiere Elements 11 Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime to confirm that you find
    presets there for the QuickTime choice there.
    What are the properties of these files - is it 1080p30 (1920 x 1080p30)  or something else? Do you know if this camera is recording with a variable or
    a constant frame rate?
    Please review and consider and then we will decide what next.
    Thank you.

  • Trouble Importing MOV files in adobe premiere pro cs3

    I just bought a Canon 60D camera and I am using adobe premiere pro cs3 for the first time.
    I tried to import MOV file footages made by my Canon 60D, but it says that my files are not supported.
    I don't know what to do!
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you.

    Hi All,
    Let me tell you how I solved the XDV9 codec trouble on my Windows 7 system. The solution is rather stunning because I am using completely free software. First download the Shark007 codec pack for your system here: . Please be aware that the codec pack installer comes with a toolbar install option so make sure you de-select this option during the installation process. After installation check the MOV tab on the "Settings Application" program. Make sure "use LAV's splitter" is selected for MOV Playback.
    Now comes the crazy part... To convert the XDV9 MOV video clips just download Windows Essentials Movie Maker for Windows 7. At this moment more info about this program can be found here: . Again, make sure to set the right settings during installation otherwise you will be installing a lot of possible unwanted crap like Windows Live Mail, Windows Skydrive etc.
    Movie Maker has quite good settings for converting (High Definition or custom settings are supported). Select your clip, or select multiple clips to create an unedited full length clip of all your clips, and then select "create movie". I used the "use recomended settings for this project" settings as it matches the source file resolution and frame rates etc. It is quite some work to convert clips like this but its the only free solution I could find so far.
    Good luck!

  • Is there a way to import movies to iTunes?

    Is there a way to import movies that I already own to iTunes?

    Sorry, but if you're referring to a commercial DVD, those are copy-protected. Breaking the copy protection is illegal in the US, so discussing ways of doing it are not allowed here (since the US courts have been holding in some cases that even discussing in print such cracking may be illegal).

  • When I import movies to imovies from a camcorder, the sound does not import. IPhone movies import completely.

    I'm trying to import movies from a Canon camcorder into iMovie. The picture imports ok but there is no sound.
    I've tried using camera connected as well as card reader. The card is a 16gb SD card.
    iPhone movies import ok with sound as well as video.

    in your iPhoto preferences is look up location set to "automaticaly"?

  • How do I import movies with an AVI format taken with a digital SLR?

    How do I import movies with an AVI format taken with a digital SLR?

    If you cannot import using File Menu > Import Movies... You'll have to convert them on a Mac.
    You will need to use a free app called MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5.
    Basically, you drag the .mts file into MPEG Streamclip. Then use FILE/EXPORT USING QUICKTIME and choose Apple Intermediate Codec as your codec. And it will save out to a .mov file and iMovie will edit this format like there was no tomorrow

Maybe you are looking for

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    Does anyone have any ideas as to what camcorders are compatible with Macs? I want to be able to transfer video from a camcorder to my Mac. I haven't purchased a new camcorder yet and want to be well informed before I make a mistake.

  • A question about videos.

    Hi, I am about to start a project where we will be using a number of videos.  These are going to shot using a studio and I can specify any format that I'd like for the final output.  Can any of you recommend the most trouble free format as well as co

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