Import Special Price for Groups OSPG Table.

Dear all
I need to import Special Price for Groups (table OSPG) but there is no template in DTW.
How can I do.
Tanks and Regards
Graziano Di Risio

Dear Graziano Di Risio,
As you know, DTW is based on DI API.  Since this table is not exposed to DI API, you will have no option to DTW it.  That is all.  You have to do it manually.

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  • Special Prices for BP Period Discounts

    Hi all
    Is it possible to mass import Special Prices for BP Period Discounts for all Customers and Items?
    Kedalene Chong

    How many records you want import?
    If more than thousand records, you need to split the records into 1000 records to import correctly.
    Check SAP notes:
    - DTW_How to import/update Special Prices via DTW
    Thanks & Regards,

  • [Special Prices for Business Partners] and [Hierarchies and Expansions]

    Dear Sirs,
    I am running into three problems.
    1.) I loaded 313 items Special Prices by DTW however I can not locate where it went?
         I searched via the path [Inventory>Price Lists>Special Prices>Special Prices for Business Partners]but find nothing in there.
    2.) I can not find DTW templates for Hierarchies and Expansions data load.
         Also I searched via the path [Inventory>Price Lists>Special Prices>Hierarchies and Expansions] to see if the Special Prices I loaded with DTW maybe there but find nothing there.
    3.) I can not find any information related to Hierarchies and Expansions in the [diapi] help file.
    Could it be these two functionalities require "manual" input?
    If so, how on earth the 313 Special Prices DTW data load went through "successfully" and find no trace of it?
    I am pulling my hair off to find some advice.
    Would appreciate it greatly if someone could enlighten me on these two functionalities.
    Kuni - Tokyo
    Edited by: furuya kunitomo on May 15, 2009 2:28 PM

    Hi Kuni,
    To quickly answer your questions:
    1.) I loaded 313 items Special Prices by DTW however I can not locate where it went?
    The path is correct. If you can't find anything probably something went wrong in the DTW import.
    Check that the "Test Run" checkbox was not checked and all required keys are entered in the templates.
    2.) I can not find DTW templates for Hierarchies and Expansions data load.
    The relevant templates are:
    the default location when installing DTW is:
    C:\Program Files\SAP\Data Transfer Workbench\Templates\Templates\oSpecialPrices
    When entering Hierarchies and Expansions (renamed to Period and Volume Discount in Version 2007) you must enter *x for CardCode where x is the price list number.
    3.) I can not find any information related to Hierarchies and Expansions in the diapi help file.
    The information in the DI API file is under the SpecialPrices Object.
    See below some general information regarding special prices:
    SpecialPrices is a business object part of the Inventory and Production module under
    Select Inventory > Price Lists > Special Prices > Special Prices for Business Partners.
    Select Inventory > Price Lists > Period and Volume Discount (Hierarchies and Expansions in previous versions)
    Interesting points:
    Source table: OSPP
    DTW Template: SpecialPrices.csv
    Mandatory fields in SAP Business One: CardCode and ItemCode.
    PriceListNum is a foreign key to the PriceLists object - source table OPLN, field name ListNum.
    CardCode is the Business Partner CardCode to enter Special Prices for Business Partners.
    Child object of the SpecialPrices Object: SpecialPricesDataAreas (source table: SPP1)
    DTW Template: SpecialPricesDataAreas.csv
    LineNum (Field name LINENUM) - Always enter the appropriate LineNumber you want to update (starts from 0).
    Child object of the SpecialPricesDataAreas Object: SpecialPricesQuantityArea (source table: SPP2)
    DTW Template: SpecialPricesQuantityAreas.csv
    LineNum (Field Name SPP2LNum). Always enter the appropriate LineNumber you want to update (starts from 0).
    Hope that information helps a little. If you have any fruther questions enter the following information:
    1. SAP Business One Version including Patch level
    2. Do you get any error message after the import? What is the message returned?
    Kind Regards,
    Friederike Mundt
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Special Prices for "SALE" period.

    Dear SD pricing experts,
    We seek a suggestion for a pretty common scenario wherein  when we have a SALE period -- by definition it could mean special prices for SOME of the regular items -- maybe old arrivals / improper condition of the item hence devalued but still perfectly usable, for a specific period. However for the same period, some items (quantities) of the same, which are in brand new condition, would be available for sale at the regular price.
    How can one handle this in the SAP SD pricing or related. This should be such that only the right material goes at the right price and not the GOOD material at the SALE price.
    Please note there is no separate identification' of the "devalued" items. e.g. cloth items, or cosmetic items which have lost their packaging and likewise.
    Look forward to a valuable solution to this.

    It is understood that you want to give special prices for certain items. The special prices can be given through discount condition  K007.
    1.     Create a condition table that includes u2018Order reasonu2019 as one of the fields. Say, the condition table includes Sales organization, Distribution channel, Division and Order reason. Say, the condition table is 650.
    2.     Create an access sequence Z001 u2013 Discount for SALE period; this access sequence has the condition table 650.
    3.     Enter this access sequence in condition type K007.
    4.     Create order reason as 101-Sale period dis A, 102-Sale period dis B, 103-Sale period dis C [Menu path: Spro >> SD >>Sales >> Sales docu header >> Define order reason]
    5.     Maintain condition record for K007 in VK11. Maintain different discounts for different order reason.
    6.     Create a sales order. If the material is eligible for discount, select the order reason [eg; 101]. The respective discount will be reflected.
    7.     The condition record is controlled by the u2018from- tou2019 validity period.
    8.     If you need to reflect the discounted price in the price PR00 itself, assign this access sequence in the condition type PR00 and maintain different prices for different order reason. You will get PR00 value directly.
    Hope this information will be useful to you.
    K Bharathi

  • Deleting single row from Special Price for Business Partners

    Hi Experts,
    How would I go about about deleting a single row from Special Prices for Business Partners across all BPs when for most of my BPs this is the only special price they have.  I have tried using Copy Discounts function but once you are down to 0 rows the record has effectively gone from the table so there is nothing to copy. 
    Hopefully I won't have to go thorugh 5000 records and delete each one idividually.

    Hi Jon,
    You may try a tool called B1TCH:

  • Importing special prices

    Can somebody give me an example file to import special prices with quantitys area for all BP ????
    Tried something but it didn't update the quantity price only the special price of a BP.

    Hi Mark,
    Could you post some of your sample data to see?

  • Special price for BPs

    Hi experts,
    I have created a special price for a BP based on trade price as price list and it is not on automatic mode, when I do sales order for this BP the unit price is same as trade price and the discount and price after discount comes from the special price as defined.
    Now when I change the trade price for this item and do sales order then the unit price is not same as trade price, it is showing the old trade price,
    Here my question is if I define special price and keep it on non auto mode, when there is a trade price change then where from the unit price comes at sales order? is it from special price?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Suman Roy...
    Special Price Use
    Special prices can be used for the following scenarios:
    You want to specify a special price for a customer when a particular item or an item from a particular item group is purchased. In this case, you specify a price that depends on the business partner.
    You want to define special prices for an item that are to apply for particular periods of time. In this case, you specify a date-dependent price.
    Depending on the quantity ordered, you want to assign a special price. If the quantity ordered is very large, you sell or buy an item at a lower price than with a small quantity. In this case, you specify a quantity-based price.
    From time to time, you will also want to update all or particular special prices. You can do this, for example, by changing the discount for selected special prices. You can also select specific special prices and change only these prices. You can refer price list updates to the derived special prices. You may also want to delete particular special prices after a defined period of time. Once you have defined special prices for individual cases (that is, for a particular business partner), you can copy them to other business partners or groups of business partners according to various sets of rules.
    If you want to refer discounts to particular item groups, items with particular properties, or manufacturers regardless of the business partner, you can define discount groups.
    If you do not want special prices to depend on a business partner, you can also define special prices for a price list. These always apply if no special prices have been defined for a business partner. These special prices can also be defined on the basis of a particular date and/or quantity.
    Automatic Price Calculation
    When you enter a business transaction, such as an outgoing invoice or a purchase order, the system calculates the price for an item automatically. The system proceeds as follows here:
    The system first checks whether a special price has been defined for the item for this particular business partner. This special price could also be based on a particular date or quantity.
    If no special price has been defined, the system checks whether a discount group has been defined for the business partner that can be applied to the item.
    If no special price has been defined, the system checks whether a special price has been defined for the item (for the price list entered in the master record of the business partner), which once again can be based on a particular date or quantity.
    If no special price has been defined, the system copies the price for the item from the price list entered in the master record of the business partner.
    If a discount has been granted because of a special price, the discount is indicated in the detailed information of a line in the purchasing or sales document in the Discount % field.

  • Query to see all BP's with a special price for an item

    Hi There,
    I'm currently still learning the product and have been tasked with finding this out, so please bear with me and let me know if there is further information that is required.
    I have a customer running SAP B1 2007 who wishes to produce a report detailing all of the BP's that have a special price for an item. 
    Therefore it would ideally show the item number, all BP's who have a special price and what that price is.
    Is there a standard report that can be run for this?  Or would a query have to be defined?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    AFAIK, no standard report for this. But need not to worry, you just need
    SELECT ItemCode,CardCode,Price FROM OSPP ORDER BY ItemCode,CardCode
    above simple query to cater your need.
    Best Regards,
    Hendry Wijaya

  • Best way to create special prices for a single BP?

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone suggest the best way to do the following?   I have a single BP who will ALWAYS purhcase at 10% above the landed cost (or last purchase price of an item) for any item in SAP B1.   I don't see how I can implement this through Special Prices.   Is there any other way?

    Hi Gordon
    I did consider this method but it occurred to me that whenever we create a new item (or indeed the last purhcase price of an item changes) then the special price will not change.   We also have a item list of over 50,000 items and I have always found that adding special prices for a business partner for all 50k items increases the sizes of the database considerably.
    I am looking for a more dynamic approach that will change as we add new items or last purhcase price changes.  
    Could this be done through the addition of a new price list perhaps which is based on the last purchase price?   I don't fully understand what the factor does but I presume it will create a new price based on another price list only higher or lower?

  • Can I use my Apple rebate and get AT&T's special price for new 3GS?

    We have AT&T family plan and 2 original 8gag iphones bought right after they came out in June 2007. Our 2 year AT&T contract is up this month. We each got a $100 rebate when the iphone price dropped, and we have not used them. I was told they never expire.
    1. Does anyone know if the AT&T upgrade price and the Apple iphone rebate can be combined?
    2. Does anyone know if my current unused roll-over minutes will be carried over to the new contract?

    You're welcome.
    The unlimited data plan for the first generation iPhone is $20/mo and includes a 200 messaging allowance. This was/is a special unlimited data plan rate for the first generation iPhone that AT&T does not offer for any other phone in the smart phone category.
    The unlimited data plan for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is $30/mo and doesn't include a messaging allowance. Unless you currently have a higher messaging allowance that is shared with each iPhone under the Family plan, to have the same messaging allowance with the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS will cost you $15 more per month for each iPhone - $10 more per month for the unlimited data plan, and $5 more per month for a 200 messaging allowance.
    Your rollover minutes balance will not be affected when purchasing an iPhone 3G to replace your existing first generation iPhone.
    If you live near an Apple store, contact the store regarding your $100 rebate for the first generation iPhone - if you can apply the rebate to the AT&T subsidized sales price for the iPhone 3GS.

  • Macbook Special Price for Students

    I'm a student and I'm going to travel to US and I want to buy a MacBook Pro. I would like to know if I can buy the macbook with discount even if I don't leave in US.
    Also by the time classes start there is a special discount for students?

    Yes, as long as you have a student ID for a US university or a university in your native country.

  • Will the special price for cs users still be available if i buy a one month plan

    I'm thinking about "extending" trial of CC InDesign by buying the app for a month at $29.99. I have CS3 and so am eligible for the special deal for a complete CC package for a year at $29.99 per month which I may choose to do at some point after that. My question is, by buying the one month plan, am I making myself ineligible for the special deal for CS owners?

    kimcats wrote:
    so what happens if you don't connect every 30 days with a monthly subscription?
    Same as described above by kglad on day 100 with the annual membership.
    kimcats wrote:
    is that why my programs have DRASTICALLY become so slow to open or do anything!?
    Unlikely to be related. That sounds like a separate issue. Licensing checks don't affect software performance. If you're financially up to date the software works. If not then it does not.
    kimcats wrote:
    and what exactly do i need to do every 30 days online? connect how?
    Nothing special. Just connect to the internet.
    The licensing mechanism built into the software will do what it needs to do automatically and silently In a few seconds while you work.

  • Special prices for a combination of items

    Hi all
    Scenario : -
    we have two items
    Item A
    Item B
    IIf customer purchases these two items in qty 125 ( qty x for A + qty y for B = 125 ) then offer 10% discount.
    if customer purchases any of the above item in full qty i.e. 125 then offer 10 % discount.
    I do not find any way to do this.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    HI Malhar ,
    According to me , in SAP the Price List mechanism is with at the single item level and the Party level.
    As well as a party and a Item  Level.
    But with the combination of items with some condition it is not in the standard system.
    You have to do some work around with FMS and Notification to meet your needs.
    Ashish Ranjan

  • Special Prices for Customer with Base Price amount

    Hi all
    Please help to correct my Query below.  It shouldn't shows so many duplicated results with different Base Prices.  You can simply run this in any Demo Database.
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode],T1.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam], T0.[CardCode], T2.[CardName], T5.[GroupName],T3.[SlpName],T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum], T0.[AutoUpdt], T0.[EXPAND], T6.Price FROM OSPP T0  INNER JOIN OITM T1 ON T0.ItemCode = T1.ItemCode INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T0.CardCode = T2.CardCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T2.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T1.ItmsGrpCod = T4.ItmsGrpCod INNER JOIN OCRG T5 ON T2.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode inner join ITM1 T6 on T0.[ListNum] = T6.PriceList inner join OPLN T7 on T6.PriceList=T7.ListNum

    Thanks Nagarajan for the tip.
    This is my desired Query.
    SELECT T0.[ItemCode], T2.[ItemName], T4.[ItmsGrpNam],
    T0.[CardCode], T1.[CardName], T5.[GroupName], T3.[SlpName], T0.[LINENUM],
    T0.[Price], T0.[Currency], T6.Price, T0.[Discount], T0.[ListNum] as 'Item Price
    List',T1.[ListNum] as 'Customer Price List',  T0.[FromDate], T0.[ToDate]
    FROM SPP1 T0 inner join OCRD T1 on T0.CardCode=T1.CardCode INNER JOIN OITM T2
    ON T0.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T1.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode
    T1.GroupCode = T5.GroupCode left JOIN ITM1 T6 ON T2.ItemCode = T6.ItemCode and
    T6.[PriceList] = T0.[ListNum]

  • Education: special prices for educators

    I am Edward Loring, egyptologist, Research Fellow with life tenure of the Centre for Egyptological Studies (CESRAS) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Institute of Egyptology in Cairo (RIEC). I am qualified by the Suprime Council of Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt. I am a member of the International Assoc. of Egyptologists, the Egypt Exploration Society, the Basel Forum for Egyptology, the Swiss Society for Ancient Oriental Sciences, and life member of the Society for International Development. I am Editor of the educational website I have been a legal resident of Basel, Switzerland, since 1975. I go to Russia, Egypt, and other countries as needed (I was recently called by the University of Yerivan, Armenia, to teach/demonstrate the production of Ancient Egyptian inorganic pigments such as "Egyptian Blue"). I am a specialist in macro photography and digital reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian paintings and hieroglyphic inscriptions. My teacher was Prof. Dr. Harold "Doc" Edgerton, Institute Professor for Electrical Enginering and Computer Sciences at MIT, inventor of high speed photography (bullet going through an apple, drop of milk falling on a plate of milk and forming a crown splash) and side-scan sonar (under-water archaeology). Study of our CESRAS digital photos has allowed me to make some important changes in Egyptian art history (ex.: the so-called "yellow" coffins of the 21st Dynasty (1070-945 BCE) were not yellow. Just prior to the revolution I was granted permission to carry out an extremely difficult project in the National Museum in Cairo. Then came the revolution and we do not know what will happen next. My funds are very limited, but I need elements of the Creative Cloud in order to improve the quality of my scientific research and publish it on the website named above. I only publish original photos, many of artifacts in Russian museums and museums of former Soviet republics. A great number of these artifacts haver never been and never will be shown. My academic status in the Russian Academy of Sciences allows me access to many unknown artifacts. I believe that our CESRAS photos deserve the best possible digital processing software and that is what you make. All photos which I publish may be freely downloaded for non commercial purposes. I believe that knowledge should be shared and that is the duty of every educator. My legitimation can be seen at 

    Hi Iran,
    Please see step below
    this may what you need
    anyway, this is Chinese section, you may try to post in English section in the future.

Maybe you are looking for

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