Import Video into PE4 from existing DVD

I have a DVD of my son's wedding done be a professional videographer. He has a main menu and a scene menu. One choise on the main menu is "wedding summary" This plays a video that is highlights of the main video with the ambient audio replaced with music, and a lot of transitions. I want to "capture" this section into PE4 and then create a very short extract that I can put up on you tube to send to some family and friends. I contatinated all of the VOB files on the DVD using the command prompt and the copy/b x + y technique that I got from muvipix and brought them in to PE4, but I don't get the video that was on that main menu selection. How can I do this? I wish I could just play the DVD and then hit an "export" button.

Video Re-do is one, and DVD-Decrypter (now since banned, but possibly available with some major searching?) is another.
Do follow Paul's suggestion first, though. It might, or might not, be possible to break everything out into neat, editable pieces.
Also remember that the Assets were Transcoded to MPEG-2 to burn the DVD. You will be working with that compressed format, and if going to another DVD, re-compressing it again. Quality WILL take a hit, but sometimes, one only has certain Assets, with which to work.
If you do get your Project broken apart, I'd suggest doing a conversion to DV-AVI outside of PE. It will speed things up and eliminate some potential problems. I use Digital Media Converter (shareware from Deskshare) for this, but there are several freeware programs mentioned in the FAQ and used extensively by forum members.

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  • How can I import video into iMovie from a DVD?

    How can I import video into iMovie from a DVD?
    Doug Davis

    You can do this with a free app called MPEG Streamclip and a $20 quicktime component from Apple.
    See detailed instructions here.

  • Trouble importing video into iMovie from External HD

    I have video from my Panasonic Full HD camera.  I have already transferred the video off the camera and onto an external hard drive.  When I try to import the video into iMovie those files are grayed out.  Does anyone have any idea how to make this work?
    It is all my video of my son's first year since birth!

    It is very important that when you transferred the video off the camera, you kept all files and folders from the camera. If you did, you can open iMovie and use FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA ARCHIVE and navigate to the folder that contains the contents that you removed from the camera.
    In the future, open iMovie and use FILE/IMPORT FROM CAMERA. This will bring up an import screen. There you can click a button that says Create Camera Archive. This will automatically get you all the files you need off the camera, and it gives you a good backup.
    You can also import directly into iMovie from this screen.
    If you did not preserve the contents of the camera - for example, you just copied the .mts files, but did not copy the rest of the files and folders, you will need a third party app to convert the .mts files so that iMovie can read them. Two apps that people use for this are ClipWrap and Voltaic HD. They are pricey, but if you did not copy the full camera contents, this may be your best bet.

  • Import video and audio from a dvd into FCP

    Is there an easier way to import video and audio into Final Cut Pro - I am playing it on a DVD player and making a digital tape of it. Then logging and capturing it into FCP.

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    Yes, there are a few ways that are faster. Have a look at this thread
    You could use software, such as "streamclip", or import by plugging your camera into your capture device and hooking your capture device into your computer and capturing by non-controllable device settings.
    Good Luck

  • HT1349 how do you import video to Aperture from a dvd with a unix executable file

    how do you import video to Aperture or imovie from a dvd with a unix executable file?

    Allan's suggestion of using the iDisk will work but will fill up the iDisk unless you do housecleaning occasionally. Another, non Apple way would be to upload them to an account on It sort of like MyTube but for photos and videos and is more personal in nature. It's free (monthly uploads are limited to 250MB/mo) and others can easily pop into your public channel (individual sections of a person's account are called channels) and download whatever size you want. You can select the size of your uploads from full sized to 1600, 1024 or 640 pixels max. What I like about the site is that you can email photos to your account. Makes it rather easy. You can also add slideshows and a ticker tape type of display from Twango to web pages (they create the code to use for the channel you select) like this. It's not an Apple thing but I've found it's quick. May or may not be what you're looking for.
    Do you Twango?
    G5 Dual Core 2GHz, 2G RAM, 250G HD; G4 Dual 1Ghz, 1.5G RAM, 80G HD,   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   22 LCD Display, 200G & 160G FW HDs, Canon S400, i850 & LIDE 50, Epson R200

  • Has anyone tried to import video into iMovie from a DSLR camera?  I can't get it to work

    My problem is simple.... as should be the answer!
    I recently tried to import video from a dslr into iMovie but all I get is rubbish.  What am I doing wrong?

    The only simple answer  without more information is RTM for camera and iPad. You are in the iOS forum so you must be trying to input to an ipad. Tell us what camera, what video format and exact destination.

  • Hi, Importing video into iMovie from Windows XP

    HI, Can anyone give me advice or point me to an instruction manual on how to import videos from Windows XP into iMovie. I just bought a new iMac and would like to include some of my old videos. thanks!

    Can anyone give me advice or point me to an instruction manual on how to import videos from Windows XP into iMovie.
    I would probably use MPEG Streamclip (free) for this. There are versions for both Mac and PC platforms and if the PC version works the same as the Mac version, it will allow you to convert your files to DV, AIC, Motion-JPEG, MPEG-4, or H.264 video with Linear PCM, MPEG-4 (AAC), or other audio compression formats know to be accepted by iMovie '08.

  • Can't import videos into imovie from movie files

    I am having difficulty importing .mov files into iMovie.  When I go to file>import>videos, I can find my .mov files I want to move to iMovie.  It says it is converting.  The files show up in my iMovie folders in Finder but no thumbnails are showing up in iMovie.  Any suggestions?

    The audio codec looks fine. The video codec is h.264 which is usually good for iMovie, but there can be variants that iMovie cannot handle. Another interesting thing about the h.264 is that it is anamorphic, which means it stores as 1440x1080, but simulates 1920x1080 by using rectangular pixels.
    If I were trying to make this work, I would try converting it using a free tool called MPEG Streamclip, available here. I use the Beta version.
    Drag your clip into MPEG Streamclip. Then click FILE/EXPORT TO QUICKTIME. For Compression, choose Apple Intermediate Codec. Leave the audio codec unchanged.
    For Frame size, choose 1920x1080.
    Check Interlaced Scaling, and for Field Dominance use Upper Field First, but if it looks bad, you can try checking "Deinterlace Video".
    Click Make Movie. Give it a name and store it where you can find it.
    Now try importing into iMovie using FILE/IMPORT MOVIE.

  • Importing video into imovie from websites

    Is it possible to do this?
    If so how

    That depends. Streaming video can not be saved as a file on the hard drive and can't be imported.
    Windows media format:
    "Ordinary" QuickTime movies: Just import right in.

  • Importing Video into iMovie using Mac the Ripper

    How do I import video into iMovie using Mac the Ripper? I ripped the video content onto my computer but it was not converted into a file that I can import.

    I think it's trend for all users since we can get more funny from digital life. Also it's necessary sometimes for us to save our video or dvd files with other methods, i have no idea but use something like converters.To my experience, mactheripper is not what you want,maybe you can try this dvd ripper for mac.Maybe ripper is illegal, but i just get my oringinal files, and i want to do more with it, that's just it!

  • Imported video into iMovie but has no audio

    Imported video into IMovie has the video but no audio. I did recently upgrade to OS lion and earlier video imports from snow leopard is fine

    I too have this problem, I cannot get any audio in my imported movies, this was not a problem two weeks ago, can anyone help me?

  • Which is the better way to import videos into FCPX?

    Hello to all. I have recently purchased an iPhone 5 and while importing videos, I could import them directly via the camera import of FCPX which was open at that time.
    Later, when I tried to import a few stillshots, I found that I could not do it directly with FCPX importing into an event: reason being FCPX would not read the still photos. I learnt from the internet that one could import photos/videos from iPhone either through iPhoto or image capture. I tested out both of them and learnt that I could get my phoyos into FCPX via either of them.
    My question is this: is it better for me to import videos into FCPX directly or to first save them on an external HD via image capture? Will there be any effect in the quality of the video in these two different methods of import?
    Thanks in advance.

    You have already pocketed my thanks in advance Tom! The early bird catches the worm! Awake so early? Have a great day.

  • Problems importing video into Lightroom 5.3

    I am using LR 5.3 on a Macbook running Mavericks.  Since upgrading from Lightroom 4 I have had trouble importing videos into Lightroom. 
    The generic video thumbnail appears, but the import hangs and never completes.  When cancelling the import the error message is shown "No photos or video were found to import."
    After reading on various forums I have tried:
    restarting computer (many times)
    uninstalling previous version of LR
    purging video cache
    changing source location
    changing destination and/or import type
    reinstalling LR5.3
    I have also noted that old videos already in the catalogue that played fine in LR4 won't play back in LR5.3.  They play fine in Quicktime.
    Has anyone else solved this problem?

    Hi InVisionMedia
    I found a Simular Poste regarding this topic:
    So going over it might enlighting you on the issue. Also i would suggest to start with the Basic Troubleshoot for Playback issues on Lightroom:
    If you have Lightroom 4 still installed, Also make sure that you can still use the footage in the original L4 catalog.
    See if the files still work fine in the "old" version.
    Hopefully it will help you to fix the issue.

  • Problems importing video into Event....

    I've used iMovie loads but recently I've had issues importing video into an event.
    I choose "import", choose the video (from GoPro) and then it takes 2-3 hours to import maybe half of the clips but not all.  I am importing no more than 7 clips at a time and these clips are 17 minutes each.
    Are the clips too big?
    Please help.

    Hi InVisionMedia
    I found a Simular Poste regarding this topic:
    So going over it might enlighting you on the issue. Also i would suggest to start with the Basic Troubleshoot for Playback issues on Lightroom:
    If you have Lightroom 4 still installed, Also make sure that you can still use the footage in the original L4 catalog.
    See if the files still work fine in the "old" version.
    Hopefully it will help you to fix the issue.

  • Importing video into ipad2 iMovie

    How do I import videos into ipad2?

    And yet just another example of how apple-centric limitations frustrate even the simplest functions.  If I can import a video directly into my iPad from my "non-apple" camcorder, and play it... Then I shouldn't have to use iTunes on another computer to not only covert the file, but to import it as well so that iMovie can "see" it!!!
    This even happens when using garage band ON MY IPAD then trying to use the music I created in I Movie ON MY iPAD!!!  You have to save the music to iTunes then connect to a laptop then import the music back to your iPad.
    This is CRAZY!!!!!!!
    Apple... Get your act together and make all this stupid crap stop... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Samsung Galaxy anyone?  While the video editing app isn't as good as iPad yet, the comparability and functionality blows iPad out of the water... You can actually save to folders!  Watch out apple google is hot on your a$$

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    Hey guys making a site for a friend and I'm not sure on how I go about setting a screen size that can be viewed on varying screen sizes like 1280x800 and up. At the moment on my 1920x1080 display it looks fine but when I open it on her MacBook Pro (1

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    On my EVO LTE my screen goes black during a call. I've read the proximity sensor can be covered by screen protectors. BB installed the Zagg HD on my phone. Android Central says some of the early screen protectors covered the proximity sensor. Anyone

  • HT4060 Can I use my 10 watt charger overseas or to a 220 wattage ? This for iPad 3

    Have iPad 3with 10 watt charger - can I use this overseas (Philippines) with 220 wattage?

  • Mismatch in GR value

    GR is happening @ some wrong value other than the price mentioned in the PO. During First GR, it was correct and during subsequent cancellation and GR the values r wrong. 1. PO Details: Mat A     Qty : 2,  Net Price : 200 USD / piece 2. GR (MIGO) Mat

  • Archivelog Mode / init.ora file

    Hi, Maybe someone can help me out. I am presently trying to set up a dev server that has 3 or 4 databases on it. The first database is installed by the Oracle installation kit. The 2nd one that I am now trying to configure is giving me the following