Import with Elements 8 from Epson Perfection 4990 scanner

Elements 8 does not recognize Epson Perfection 4990 scanner.  Running on a MacBook Pro 10.9.5.  Any suggestions?

First go to Epson's website and check to see if there is a TWAIN driver for the scanner.

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  • I upgraded to Mavericks and can't find a driver to work with my EPSON Perfection 4990 scanner.  The Epson site says to update thru my mac but it there is nothing there.  Any suggestions?

    I upgraded to Mavericks and can't get my Epson Perfection 4990 scanner to work.  I had gotten it to work with a driver I downloaded from EPSON with Mountain Lion

    Epson is vorking on updating drivers and utilities for this scanner.
    From the epson site :
    An OS X 10.9 compatible Scanner Driver and EPSON Scan Utility for this model is not yet available but is coming soon. Please check back for availability."
    So, until then you can only use the basic scanning provided by Image Capture.
    Alternatively take a look on vuescan.

  • Photoshop Elements 11 does not recognize Epson Perfection 4990 Photo Scanner from "File"/"Import"

    I just upgraded from Photoshop Elements 6 to Elements 11 on a brand new iMac running OS X 10.8.2, but Elements 11 will not recognize my Epson Perfection 4990 PHOTO Scanner as an option to import from when I click on "File" then "Import." Is there a Plug-In that may be missing for this to operate as it used to in Elements 6 running on an older G5 Non-Intel processor?  I don't have the new Elements 11 Disk to copy anything from, since I downloaded the program directly from Adobe.

    See this Tech doc:

  • Elements 13 does not recognise Epson Perfection 4990 photo scanner

    I just installed Elements 13 (also have 11 and 12 installed).  I have installed 13 as a 64 bit (windows 8), but cannot get it to recognize my Epson perfection 4990 photo scanner (or Perfect Effects 4, for that matter).  Any ideas?  I copied the PlugIN files from 12 to 13, but so far no dice.

    See this Tech doc:

  • Using PSE13 with Epson Perfection V600 Scanner

    I own an Epson Perfection V600 scanner and have always preferred the TWAIN driver (see TWAIN not installed | Photoshop Elements 9 and later) over WIA. Since installing PSE13 64 Bit I no longer have Adobe's TWAIN driver.
    I recommend using Epson's latest scan utility (last update 7/29/13), running it independently of PSE13, and importing into PSE13 later. The quality is much better than WIA.

    Seems the problem was a conflict with another program I have. The Epson software installed after I resolved the problem. I do wish the Epson support people knew more about their software since they were no help at all.

  • Apple says my epson perfection 1240u scanner no longer supported with 10.7. Is there an alternative way to get it to work?

    Apple says my epson perfection 1240u scanner is no longer supported with 10.7.
    Is there an alternative way to get it to work?

    Download updates from the manufacturers pages: e=yes&infoType=Downloads&platform=OSF_M_…

  • HT1338 Problems with Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner following latest update

    I am having problems with my Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner since the latest update from Apple.

    Not sure this will help, but sometimes resetting the printing system helps. All your printers will be deleted and need to be addeda again:

  • How to add Epson Perfection V500 scanner to Photoshop CC import device list

    How do I add an Epson Perfection V500 scanner to the "File-Import" list in Photoshop CC (64-bit)? I am using Windows 8.1 (64-bit).
    Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

    Vuescan has a 32/64 bit Twain driver and support for Photoshop CC. It supports 2500 scanners and the only one I know that supports 64 bit twain and it supports the Epson V500.
    It is a paid solution,but you can try it out and see if you like it.
    You can test drive it here
    The problem with any Twain software is that it puts a hold on Photoshop until the scan is done.
    Perhaps the best way is to let the Epson software scan and save to tiff while you are working.

  • Epson Perfection 2450 scanner not working with Mavericks

    My Epson Perfection 2450 scanner stopped working when I upgraded to Mavericks, it is not recognizing the scanner. Tried restarting, using a different USB cable, a different USB port, etc...with no luck. The issue is that my computer no longer seems to recognize that I plugged it in. Tried it with Image Capture, Photoshop, Preview and even the old Epson software.
    I tried downloading the Epson Scan Patch for Mavericks released on Oct 31, 2013. That did not help either.
    I'm on a MacBook Pro running Mavericks version 10.9.3.
    Love this scanner and don't want to have to buy another. Any help to get my Mac to recognize it would be greatly appreciated.

    My wife's iMac with 10.6.6 stopped working with her Epson 2480 Photo scanner. Get the error message "SCANNER reported an error. An error has occurred during scanning" I am trying to use it from the Image Capture App or from the print/fax option in Settings which opens Image Capture. I ran the uninstall program and then reinstalled the ICA 13969 .dmg but get the same error. Not sure what else I can do.

  • Epson Perfection 1650 Scanner won't work with 10.7.5, help?

    I am trying to use my EPSON PERFECTION 1650 scanner with my MacBook Pro, software version 10.7.5.  The old driver does not work with Lion.  I ran software update, with the scanner connected, and it did not come up with any new Epson software to install.  Can anyone help me locate this driver?  When I googled Epson driver for this operating system, it says I have to run software update on the Apple and it will automatically come up.  But I have had no luck.  Someone help please?  Thanks, Chris

    As listed on Epson's site the drivers are available via Apple Software Update.
    Ensure the scanner is powered on and directly connected to your Mac, then try following the steps below: e=yes&infoType=Downloads&platform=OSF_M_X7
    Now try opening the Image Capture application within the Applications folder and check if your scanner appears.
    If the scanner cannot be located yet try restarting your Ma and check for any difference.
    If the same still persists try resetting the printing system, then try adding the scanner again as listed on Epson's site.
    You may reset the printing system as following:
    Finally, if you still having issue getting the drivers from ASU try installing the package below and try scanning from Image Capture again:

  • Using Epson Perfection 1670 scanner with Macbook

    Can anyone point me to a work around for using my Epson Perfection 1670 scanner with my new Macbook? Drivers for the Mac OS do not appear to be available at the Epson website. Thanks much!

    Thanks again for the help. I contacted Epson support and they directed me to download the same drivers that Apple Support had suggested. For some reason, the new drivers worked, even though I was really just retracing my steps and re-trying a previously attempted solution. The bottom line is, however, that I can scan photos successfully using the MacBook Pro and the Epson Perfection 1670.
    Thanks much!

  • Scan a positive transparency with an Epson Perfection 1200 scanner?

    I cannot get Image Capture to scan a positive transparency.  The overview scan keeps cancelling.
    I'm using an Epson Perfection 1200 scanner.   It works in the flatbed mode, e.g. scanning a photo.
    What can I do to scan a transparency?

    I have same issue - have you solved this yet?

  • HT3669 My Epson Perfection 1200 scanner functions as a flatbed scanner but when I try to scan transparencies the control panels change in  Image Capture but the scanner bar will not complete the overview scan  & cannot travel beyond the first 2/3 centimet

    Epson Perfection 1200 scanner continues to function as a flatbed scanner but when I try to scan transparencies/film negs the control panels change in  Image Capture but the scanner bar will not complete the overview scan  & cannot travel beyond the first 2/3 centimeters. All the communications seem to recognise the scanner and the mode for the intended scan but the necessary overview scan is not completed, nothing comes up on the Image Capture scan window. If I unplug the film adaptor I can get a document scan. When I plug in the adaptor again the Image Capture details change which allows me to select the type of scan required but when the scanner attempts an overview scan it is unable to complete it.
    I have had the scanner from new (12 Years) and have previously scanned slides and film with the adaptor but maybe this was before I upgraded my computer (imac 27").
    Do I have to buy a new scanner?  It seems so close to working correctly. 
    I have downloaded the Epson recommended driver (5.4) and have Epson Perfection 1200 6.6 Universal showing in the Applications List.
    Any thoughts or observations would be much appreciated before I go out and spend money an new hardware.

    I have same issue - have you solved this yet?

  • Can Epson Perfection 2580 scanner be used w/OS 10.8.2?

    I used my Epson Perfection 2580 Scanner with my old Mac, which was an eMac. I've recently upgraded to an iMac running OS 10.8.2.
    The Software Update function downloaded a driver update for the scanner, but when I click on the Scanner icon in Applications, it tells me that this OS no longer supports PowerPC applications.
    Online forums talk about using Rosetta, but Rosetta isn't supported by Mac's new OS, etc., etc.
    Bottom line: Does this mean I am unable to use this scanner with my new iMac? Does this mean I must march out and buy a new scanner?

    Hi diamondhill,
    Did you ever get a driver for your Epson Perfection 2580 Scanner. I've just updated to OS 10.8.4 and can't find a driver for it.
    Deeply frustrated here.
    MacBookPro, running 10.8.4

  • I have an Epson Perfection V100 scanner and can no longer scan after upgrading to Mountain Lion and Creative Suite 5.5. Any suggestions?

    I have an Epson Perfection V100 scanner and can no longer scan after upgrading to Mountain Lion and Creative Suite 5.5. Any suggestions?

    Check the Epson web site for updates to drivers and Epson scan software.

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