Importing CRM 4.0 PCUI 602

Hey !
I am importing PCUI and getting this error:
76 / 1125 - Migration of: /
05.07.2006 16:22:04 WARNING: Object was migrated with WARNINGS: PortalNavigation iView was ignored, no iView based on this PAR file should be created
Time for object 16 Milliseconds
This error makes a lot of warnings due the rest of the import like:
522 / 1125 - Migration of: /
05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page was created successfully!
05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView [portal_content/] was not found, Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/ [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/], not adding it to page
05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView : portal_content/ was not created in pcd, cannot be added to page
05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page layout name is
05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
05.07.2006 16:24:08 SUCCESS: Object was created successful. page id :, page title : Overview - Orders from Customers
Time for object 1000 Milliseconds
Can someone help me out with this?
Best Regards
Kristoffer Engh

This issue is that of a portal. While migrating the Business objects it is not completely done. Please try importing the Business package necessary from this site and to work with it.
Hope this helps you,

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    Normally for CRM On Demand Environment you will need to import a Certificate as it is an external Environment hosted by Oracle.
    I am able to do add the certificate on the server using the keytool and create Identity and Trust, but when I try to invoke SOA Process invoking the CRM OD Web Service, the SOA Process fails
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    Download PIM Sync on Demand from your pod's My setup link -> Data Integrations

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    BSP is selected but what needs to be done additionally to create a survey 'web enabled'.
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  • Unable to import CRM Business Packager in the Portal

    I have downloaded the Business Package for CRM, but it was in Zip file.
    I was unable to import it in the Portal since EP6 format has to be in epa not zip?
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    CRM 4.0 Business package is available for EP 5.0 and above. When importing the business package do pay attention that you import a zip file that contains objects that are EP 5.0 version compatible such as files ending with the "PKG" extension. "EPA" extension is acceptable from EP 6.0 on.
    The package content will be available at "migrated content" in your PCD, after the import process is done.

  • Important CRM TABLES

    Can anybody send me the list of mostly used CRM tables for crm transactions preferably for Service module
    Dose it have a model anywhere that list all of these tables and their relationships.
    My email id is [email protected]
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            Naresh T D S R

    Some of them as I got in some posts are
    Some important tables in CRM :
    BUT000 : BP: General data
    Contains Business Partner Number, Partner Category, Partner Type, First Name, Last Name etc.
    BUT020 BP: Addresses
    BUT050 BP relationships/role definitions: General data
    Contains Relationship, Partner Number (PARTNER1), Relationship Category
    BUT051 BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship
    Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data
    BUT0BK Business Partner: Bank Data & Details
    BP Number, Bank Key, Bank Country Key, Bank Account Number
    BNKA Bank Master Data
    BUT100 BP: Roles
    ADR2 Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)
    ADR6 SMTP Numbers (Business Address Services)
    Contains Email – Id of the BP.
    ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)
    BP’s Complete Address Details- City, Country, Post Code, District, Street, Title No Etc
    TSAD3T Table containing the Title text against a Title No.
    COMM_PRODUCT Master Table for Product
    CRMM_BUAG Master table for Business Agreement
    CRMM_BUAG_H Header Data for Business Agreement such as Tax Category, Tax Characteristic, Form key, Business Agreement Class. Data in this table correspond to ISU CRMD_ORDERADM_H Contains the Header Information for a Business Transaction.
    1. It doesn’t store the Business Partner
    responsible for the transaction. To
    get the Partner No, link it with
    2. This table can be used for search
    based on the Object Id(Business
    Transaction No).
    CRMD_CUSTOMER_H Additional Site Details at the Header Level of a Business Transaction
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE Master table Business Transaction Type
    CRMC_PARTNER_FCT Definition of Partner Functions
    SCPRIOT Priorities for Activities with priority text.
    CRMC_PROC_TYPE_T Text for a transaction type
    CRMC_ACT_OBJ_T Objective Number and Text for Activities
    TJ30T All the status code and text
    CRMC_PR_ASSIGN : Transaction Type and its Transaction Type Object.
    IBIB : Installed Base/Ibase
    IBIN : Installed Base Components

  • Importing CRM roles into Portal

    Hi All,
       I am using CRM-5.0 as backend and ER-6.0 with it. Both of them are sharing the same datasource. But if I create a new role in CRM I can't find it from portal. Whereas the users created in CRM are visible in portal. How can I import all the roles available in CRM to portal? My System landscape is working properly.
    Indranil Datta

    Hi Indranil
    SAP/CRM roles are built with transaction PFCG. Portal roles are built using portal tools. They have no direct connection.
    In theory you can upload SAP/CRM roles into the portal to become portal roles, but what do you gain? Every time you change the SAP/CRM role you need to upload it again..
    You are better to make portal roles that are assigned to portal groups that are the same as the PFCG roles. Maintain the portal roles manually, probably with a subset of the all the functions in the CRM role and assign them to the portal group that represents the FCG role.

  • CRM 5.0, PCUI and Webclient texts

    This is my first post so I apologise if I break any conventions.  Can anybody recommend a decent book or books for the above?  We are currently in implementation on CRM 5.0 as part of local government (to be used as an interaction centre), and all the books I've seen to read up on things seem to be for CRM 4.0 still.  Am I better off waiting until the new versions of the books come out, or are version 4.0 and 5.0 similar enough for me to get a book based on CRM 4.0?
    Andrew G.

    Hi Ravela,
    I tried it. But not resolved yet. I have IE7.0 installed and CRM 5.0 is of SP 09. I am not sure if this is compatible. Any inputs would be appreciated. I checked in the PAM but it says for IE7.0 EP7.0 should be of SP10 (min). But am trying it from Backend am not able to resolve it.

  • Configuring CRM factsheet in PCUI

    Hi all
    i am working with CRM 5.0 and EP 7.0.i am using BSP application for creating iViews.In application crmd_bus2000126 there is a factsheet button.This button doesn't work.
    Do i need to make any changes in settings for this to work?
    How is factsheet related to business partner cockpit?
    What configuration need to be done at functional level?
    thanks & regards

    Fact sheet is a BSP application and can give a 360 degree view.To create the fact sheet ,views can be used.
    A view is dependent on the selected business object. You can create views as forms or lists. Multiple iViews associated with a business object are combined in portal pages and are displayed as a fact sheet..
    To create the i-views ,use the Business Package functionality,in this some views are already defined.
    While Business Partner Cockpit enables you to view and information while transaction Processing or Business Partner maintainence.It contain a list of of favourite  business partner and quick link to their transactions.

  • CRM 4.0 PCUI BSP Activities Calendar is not visible!!

    Hi Experts,
    We are working for an CRM implementation based on mySAP CRM 4.0 SP10 and
    we have a question about the PC-UI BSP Activities Application.
    The problem regards the possibiliy to use the calendar in the BSP.
    In SAP gui, calling the transaction CRMD_BUS2000126, we can see three
    different tabs (Worklist, Search and Calendar).
    The BSP application is also know as CRMD_BUS2000126 (we are running the
    application through the transaction CRMC_BSP_ANALYZE).
    In the BSP we have all functionalities (create,search, ecc..), but
    there is not any reference to the CALENDAR.
    Moreover, we see that there is another application CRMD_BUS2000126_CAL
    but when we try to execute this application, the application seems look
    empty (We see only the Name of the application "Activities With Calendar")
    Finally my question is the following:
    Does mySAP CRM 4.0 provide the Calendar functionalities for the Activities
    in BSP mode (visualization)??
    Thanks in advance
    Eugenio Cassiano

    I am working to implement the CRMD_BUS2000126_CAL in my customer. I have a problem with ACT_CAL event-group.
    My question is, do you have some documentation (expert documentation) how to implement the FILL_EVENTGROUP methode on customer site.
    Thank you for your help and you can send to me this documentation to my personel email: [email protected]
    best regards
    Abdo ABI ATMI

  • Hotkeys or shortcut assignment in CRM PCUI application

    Forum post in Portal Content Development: CRM 5.0 PCUI - Assign HotKeys to PCUI application
    /message/2412531#2412531 [original link is broken]
    Has anyone done Assigning hotkeys or shortcuts (CTLN for New Account, CTLS for Save likewise )to CRM PCUI applicatoin. ex: CRMM_ACCOUNT ?

    Hi Ravikanth,
       In PCUI 5.0 Cookbook, there isnt this concept of hotkey.

  • Calling wrong BSP url in CRM PCUI

    Im using CRM 4.0 PCUI 60.2 and issue with an event on the Quotation BSP. In this application you have the opportunity to print/preview an quotation. If i press this button, a new window opens with following URL:
    The problem is that this url is incorrect and i get an BSP error. The correct URL should be http://myhost:8003/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ml_preview/
    How can i change this url? should i do it in the config of the PCUI ? In that case HOW? or is it possible to  make an alias in the transaction SICF?
    Best Regards
    Kristoffer Engh

    we've already done a rework of the marketing attributes screen by using the technique I've described in my Weblog <a href="/people/gregor.wolf3/blog/2005/05/27/use-crm-pcui-html-viewer-to-call-a-custom-url">Use CRM PCUI HTML viewer to call a custom URL</a>. But it has one drawback: You can't use the Save button of the PC-UI applicaiton. You have to provide your own. But the usability enhanchement is rearly great.

  • Permission issues with CRM Business packages

    I have imported CRM business packages 5.0 to EP7 Portal.
    created System object SAP_CRM.connection is fine.
    Assigned predefined CRM roles(Content provided by SAP)to new users.but when I click on the CRM iview,
    getting following error.
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/
    Component Name :
    Exception in SAP Application Integrator occured: Cannot retrieve system object for this alias. System Alias: 'SAP_CRM', System ID: 'pcd:portal_content/'. User: 'crm_user', Reason: Access denied (Object(s): portal_content/
    Exception id: 06:14_10/05/07_0071_303671250
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    but when I add Super admin role to the works fine.
    I have addeed end user permission to EVERYONE group and theser CRM users are part of the group.Everyone group is also part of Portal Content folder and System Folder.
    please help.

    Hello John,
    It seems to be a permission issue. Just open the permission editor of the system and assign the everyone group to it. Select the checkbox corresponding to end-user. save it.
    It will solve ur problem.
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  • PCUI: Follow-up activity

    SAP CRM 5.0, PCUI: In SAP GUI the follow-up document functionality works just fine. But in PCUI it is not possible to create a follow-up activity. Whenever I try to create a follow-up activity nothing happens and the screen greys out.  
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Thirumala,
    thanks for your prompt answer. I´m not quite sure, if I understand you right.
    This is what I understand I was supposed to do:
    1) Transaction SU01: First of all, I have to assign one of the SAP standard roles SAP_PCC_SALES_REP or SAP_PCC_SALES_MANAGER to my CRM user.
    2) In SAP EP I have to assign the same roles SAP_PCC_SALES_REP or SAP_PCC_SALES_MANAGER to my Portal user.
    Is there anything else that needs to be done to create follow-up activities in PCUI?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Mandatory field required in PCUI Account Management

    hi gurus,
               i am on CRM project with PCUI as front end interphase. my requirement is to have a mandatory field in Account management. for ex i want have First name and Search term to mandatory fields with Red Star(astrich)  against these two fileds. for this i tried to control in the field groupings and crmc_blueprint_ct also. but its not working and when i tried to save the account its throwing and errors
    "*Enter a value for field Date organization founded", "*
      *"Enter a value for field Name 1 of organization"*
    *"Enter a value for field Name 2 of organization".*        
                                     despite filling all the fields the system is throwing the above errors. so please help me in solving this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Nanda Kishore,
    All you need to do is, in the field group structure for the fields, the field attribute 'Mandatory' check box has to be checked. Then the field group has to be regenerated.
    If you have already done this plz send the URL you are using or the procedure how you are launching the application.

  • Integrating CRM On Demand /JDEE

    Hello Experts,
    We have a requirement of integrating CRM On Demand and JDEE with SOA Suite as an middle ware.
    For initial development phase we have attempt to log in to CRM OD and able to create a Session ID and log out using JAVA code available @
    When we run the same log in java code from the SOA BPEL @
    String sessionString = "FAIL";
    String wsLocation = "";
    String headerName;
    // create an HTTPS connection to the OnDemand webservices
    URL wsURL = new URL(wsLocation + "?command=login");
    HttpURLConnection wsConnection = (HttpURLConnection)wsURL.openConnection();
    // disable caching
    // set some http headers to indicate the username and password we are using to logon
    wsConnection.setRequestProperty("UserName", "myusername");
    wsConnection.setRequestProperty("Password", "myencryptedpassword");
    // see if we got a successful response
    if (wsConnection.getResponseCode() == HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK)
    // get the session id from the cookie setting
    for (int i=0; ; i++)
    headerName = wsConnection.getHeaderFieldKey(i);
    if (headerName != null && headerName.equals("Set-Cookie"))
    // found the Set-Cookie header (code assumes only one cookie is being set)
    sessionString = wsConnection.getHeaderField(i);
    String formattedID = sessionString.substring(sessionString.indexOf("=")+1,sessionString.indexOf(";"));
    //System.out.println("Session ID: " + sessionString);
    catch (Exception e)
    System.out.println("Logon Exception generated :: " + e);
    we are not able to get session ID :(
    Are we missing some thing :( like importing CRM-OD certificate to Weblogic Server?
    Please some one guide me

    So does it work on one server and not the other?
    Also -
    String wsLocation = "";
    wsConnection.setRequestProperty("UserName", "myusername");
    wsConnection.setRequestProperty("Password", "myencryptedpassword");
    You are changing these in your code - correct?

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