Importing excel files - problem with single quote

When importing excel files using 1.5, I can't get data with single quotes (') imported.
When I run the insert statement given in SQLPlus I get "ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated", which is different than the error that SQL Developer gives me (see below).
Also, I have a numeric value shown without a thousands comma-separator in the XLS file that I'm trying to load into a varchar2 field. But, the insert statements have added a thousands comma-separator which I don't want.
REM Error starting at line 1 in command:
REM VALUES (2427407, 'Ed-u-care Children's Center', '73,000');
REM Error at Command Line:2 Column:37
REM Error report:
REM SQL Error: ORA-00917: missing comma
REM 00917. 00000 - "missing comma"
REM *Cause:   
REM *Action:
One last thing, TOAD gives a way to automap columns chosen from XLS to the columns in the database. It sure would be nice to have this functionality in SQL Developer.

Did you consider both to be bugs (i.e., single quote issue and thousands comma separator issue)?

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    Hi All,
    Using a file I mapped the source and target structures.. The source file has one multiple occurance node . so I used look up option in source table and mapped with target fields...saved the map..
    When I used the following XML file .. I used the same map created befoe... I see the Remote System fields are not failed to map to target structure.. How can I get rid of this issue....
           <Z_MDM_SYSTEM_NAME>Panaroma AW Customer ID</Z_MDM_SYSTEM_NAME>
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    HI Ravi,
    May be I took the wrong example..
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    Please advise.. Thanks Rajeev.

  • Upload Excel File : Problem with Filter

    Hi Experts,
    by using "TMP_GUI_FILE_OPEN_DIALOG" with these parameters:
         window_title      = 'Please select an Excel File'
         default_extension = '*.xls'
         file_filter       = '*.xls'
         multiselection    = ' '
         init_directory    = 'C:\temp'
    it doesn't show any file the first time we call the Function, we have to close the window and then restart the Function Then it show all Fileformat, I just want to see .XLSX files.
    Any idea?

    I found the solution:
      CONCATENATE 'Alle-Dateien(.)|.|'
             INTO filter.
    Datei abfragen
      CALL METHOD cl_gui_frontend_services=>file_open_dialog
          window_title      = 'Datei auswählen'
          file_filter       = filter
          initial_directory = 'C:'
          file_table        = i_file[]
          rc                = rcode
          OTHERS            = 1.

  • Problem with single quote around ANYINTERACT

    as SELECT s.survey_id,s.shape,s.original_depth
    FROM bathyuser.sounding s,m_covr r
    WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, 'ANYINTERACT', R.geom, 0.5) = 'TRUE'
    s.SURVEY_ID in
    (SELECT unique s.survey_id FROM header s, m_covr r
    WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, 'ANYINTERACT', r.geom, 0.5) = 'TRUE'
    This above SQL works fine in SQL prompt. But when I put it together in PL/SQL it gives me this error :
    WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, 'ANYINTERACT', R.geom, 0.5) = 'TRUE'
    ERROR at line 17:
    ORA-06550: line 17, column 39:
    PLS-00103: Encountered the symbol "ANYINTERACT" when expecting one of the
    * & = - + ; < / > at in is mod remainder not rem
    <an exponent (**)> <> or != or ~= >= <= <> and or like LIKE2_
    LIKE4_ LIKEC_ between || multiset member SUBMULTISET_
    Could someone help me fix this error. I know I have to try it with "EXECUTE IMMEDIATE" command, but I'm having problem with "||" (concatinate).
    Thanks so much

    This is how you go about debugging execute immediate statements. I am assuming that you fixed the first problem as marias suggested and cam up with something like this. Note, I changed the table in your surso to dual since I do not have your tables, but the effect is the same. I changed the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE to DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line so you can actually see what you are trying to execute. I also added some carriage returns to make the formatting a littel easier to see. This is what I got:
      2     statement varchar2(1000);
      3  CURSOR C_DSNM5 IS
      4     SELECT dummy dsnm FROM dual;
      5  BEGIN
      6     FOR CNT IN C_DSNM5 LOOP
      7        STATEMENT := 'CREATE TABLE JUNK'||
      8                     ' AS SELECT s.survey_id,s.shape,s.original_depth'||CHR(10)||
      9                     ' FROM bathyuser.sounding s,m_covr r '||CHR(10)||
    10                     'WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, '||
    11                     '''ANYINTERACT'''||
    12                     ', R.geom, 0.5) = '||'''TRUE'''||CHR(10)||
    13                     ' AND R.DSNM = CNT.DSNM '||CHR(10)||
    14                     ' AND s.SURVEY_ID IN '||
    15                     ' (SELECT UNIQUE s.survey_id FROM HEADER s, m_covr r'||CHR(10)||
    16                     ' WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, '||
    17                     '''ANYINTERACT'''||
    18                     ', r.geom, 0.5) = '||
    19                     '''TRUE'''||CHR(10)||
    20                     ' AND R.DSNM = '||CNT.DSNM||' )';
    21        DBMS_OUTPUT.Put_Line (statement);
    22     END LOOP;
    23  END;
    24  /
    CREATE TABLE JUNK AS SELECT s.survey_id,s.shape,s.original_depth
    FROM bathyuser.sounding s,m_covr r
    WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, 'ANYINTERACT', R.geom, 0.5) = 'TRUE'
    AND s.SURVEY_ID IN  (SELECT UNIQUE s.survey_id FROM HEADER s, m_covr r
    WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, 'ANYINTERACT', r.geom, 0.5) = 'TRUE'
    AND R.DSNM = X )
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.You have at least two issues with this CREATE TABLE statement. The last line needs to have the X (which came from dual) quoted since it is a string. You also still have a reference to CNT.DSNM, unless you fixed both occurences.
    Another major problem is that if your cursor will return more than one row, and by the structure of this I assume that it might, the on the second record you are going to get:
    ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object.
    Although I see no reason why you need dynamic sql here, you really need to use bind variables whereever possible (everywhere you use a variable except ofr names of database objects. So, your procedure should look more like:
       statement varchar2(1000);
          SELECT distinct DSNM from M_COVR where dsnm like 'US5%';
                       ' AS SELECT s.survey_id,s.shape,s.original_depth'||
                       ' FROM bathyuser.sounding s,m_covr r '||
                       'WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, '||
                       ', R.geom, 0.5) = '||'''TRUE'''||
                       ' AND R.DSNM = :b1 '||
                       ' AND s.SURVEY_ID IN '||
                       ' (SELECT UNIQUE s.survey_id FROM HEADER s, m_covr r'||
                       ' WHERE SDO_GEOM.RELATE (s.shape, '||
                       ', r.geom, 0.5) = '||
                       ' AND R.DSNM = :b2 )';
          EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement USING cnt.dsnm, cnt.dsnm
       END LOOP;
    END;But it is still very wrong.
    Perhaps if you can explain in words what you are trying to accomplish someone can provide a much better response.

  • Problem with single quote when exporting insert statement

    I'm using Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu 10.04. I got some records which has single quote in it.
    For example,
    Let says Table '*TABLE_A*' has varchar2 column called '*COL_A*'.
    And there is only one record in the table and the value is:
    his friend's dog name is dog.
    When I export that table data to insert statement, i got this:
    Insert into TABLE_A (COL_A) VALUES ('his friend's dog name is dog.');
    As you can see friend's is wrong, it should be friend''s instead. (note the double single quotes).
    Anyone knows how to fix this please?

    Yes - that's a bug. But probably not what you're expecting.
    Mind you really can't use "normal" SQL on LOBs, because they're just too big to fit in the statements.
    You should export and import them through e.g. the DBMS_LOB package.
    I do remember some request on the SQL Developer Exchange to automate this, so go vote there to add weight for future implementation.
    So the bug is that the column's fields should all yield NULL inside the INSERTs.

  • Bridge Collection file / folder name single quote bug fix?

    Just starting using Bridge CS5 on WIndows 7.  Fresh install of OS and CS5.  Latest patches applied (
    After laboriously selecting 60+ files and creating a colelction, the collection showed zero items.
    I recreated the collection multiple times but same result.  This was supremely frustrating and a huge time waster for me (and I'm sure for others).
    Completely repeatable.
    Tracked this down to one of my folders having a single quote in its name.  This problem was documented back in 2010:
    I edited the collection file in notepad and replaced the single quote with %27.  Worked fine.
    But manually editting the collection file everytime I make a change to the collection or renaming my folder hierachry are not viable workarounds.
    Does anybody know if a fix was ever released for this?  What is Adobe's response to this? 
    It apparently is a regression (i.e. it was fixed in a pevious verision and now is back).
    This is a programming 101 bug (i.e. escaping special characters in file names). 
    This type of programing error is a real showstopper and really inexcuable, especially for how long it has been out there.

    Thanks for posting this problem on the photoshop feedback page.
    It's clear many of us have tripped on this issue and that it is time Adobe fixed this problem.
    To hedge our collective bets, I also filed a "bug report" using this web page:
    It interesting to note that I did not find a bug report form for Bridge - the site just offers a redirect to the general feedback form on Photoshop.  But there was a bug report form for Premier Pro (a program they obviously care more about).  So I filed this issue as an official bug against Premier Pro thinking it may get greater visiability.  What follows is what I submitted.  If I hear back from the development team I'll let this thread know.
    File names / folders with single quotes (e.g., Jeff's Photos) are not properly escaped in the collection xml file created by Bridge which is used to manage assets in Photoshop, Premier Pro, etc. The single quote, which is a valid filename symbol in Windows, should be converted to %27 in the xml file but is left "as is" which prematurely terminates filename / folder strings.  The net effect varies based on the operation being performed, but it is typically a silent error (i.e. the user is given no warning anything is wrong) and can result in catastrophic loss of critical assets.
    It is simple to repro: just create a folder with a single quote in the name, populate it with content files, and create a collection.  The next time you use it, the collection shows up as 0 entries.
    The bug (which appears to be a regression) results in many users losing critical asset files and wasting huge amounts of time debugging this issue which was reported almost a year ago.  The forums have many threads on this problem - see my recent entry for an example:
    The bug is a trap that directly erodes customer confidence and satisfaction with Adobe's whole product line.  Bridge is billed as hub that is supposed to tie all products together - but it cannot be trusted.  Critical assets and time are lost.  This is trivial bug to fix and many customers are outraged that Adobe has done nothing to fix it or warn users about it - especially since this is in your professional line of products that cost over a thousand dollars.  Please escalate this fix immediately. 
    As a courtesy, please let me know this bug report was escalated and an ETA when a fix may become available.
    Thank you

  • Dynamic SQL and Data with Single Quotes in it.

    Hi There,
    I have a problem in that I am using dynamic SQL and it happens that one of the columns does contain single quotes (') in it as part of the data. This causes the resultant dynamic SQL to get confused as the single quote that is part of the data is taken to mean end of sting, when in fact its part of the data. This leaves out a dangling single quote that was meant to enclose the string. Here is my dynamic SQL and the result of the parsed SQL that I have captured:
    ****Dynamic SQL*****
    l_sql:='select NOTE_TEMPLATE_ID '||
    'where TRIM(LEGACY_NOTE_CODE)='''||trim(fp_note_code)||''' '||
    'and TRIM(DISPLAY_VALUE)='''||trim(fp_note_text)||''' ';
    execute immediate l_sql INTO l_note_template_id;
    Because the column DISPLAY_VALUE contains data with single quotes, the resultant SQL is:
    ******PARSED SQL************
    And the problem lies with the single quote between teh characters t and d in the data field for DISPLAY_ITEM. How can I handle this?
    Many thanks,

    I have been reliably informed that if one doesn't enclose char/varchar2 data items in quotes, the right indices may not be usedI am into oracle for past 4 years and for the first time i am hearing this.
    Your reliable source is just wrong. Bind variables are variables that store your value and which are used in SQL. They are the proper way to use values in your SQL. By default all variables in PL/SQL is bind variable.
    When you can do some thing in just straight SQL just do it. Dynamic SQL does not make any sense to me here.

  • Are you Know function which import excel file

    Please let me know how I can import excel file my alv grid with all colours and all fields headers. etc..

    you can do this with OLE
    take a look at this

  • IN operator with single quotes

    Hi All,
    I am having problem dealing with Single Quotes with IN operator. Below procedure will explain my problem:
    create or replace procedure sp_countemp
    p_empnames       in   varchar2
    v_cnt            integer:=0;
    select count(*) into v_cnt from emp where ename in (p_empnames);
    END;I will be getting p_empnames as 'ALLEN','SMITH'
    But I am not getting any records here.

    Hope this helps..
      TYPE strarray IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(100);
      p_empnames STRARRAY;
      v_tot INTEGER :=0;
      v_cnt INTEGER := 0;
      p_empnames := strarray('Allen','Smith');
      FOR i IN p_empnames.FIRST .. p_empnames.LAST LOOP
          SELECT COUNT(*) INTO v_tot FROM emp WHERE ename = p_empnames(i);
          v_cnt := v_cnt + v_tot;
      END LOOP; 
      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Count '||v_cnt);
    Count 2

  • Is it possible to import excel files automatically?

    I am able to import the excel file manually and the same map I used in port.. format as excel.. its automatic action.. When I place the file it getting picked but giving structural exception... the same file I can manaully process successfully by selecting the same file using type as excel instead of Port...
    When I select type as port, remote system .. when  I want to select port I can see the port which I defined in console but they are disabled.. wondering where I did wrong?? is it possible to import excel files automatcially??

    Yes you understood corectly.. I am unable to import excel file automatically.. I created a new port with the map which I used manually of type excel... Before placing the file in the ready folder of this newly created port.. I tried to manually import using the port type... I see the port is disable to select.....
    If I place the fiile its throwing structural exception..... but the same file I am able to import using type as excel..
    After structural exception..I am able to select this exceptional port in import manager of type port.. manually it is successfull using the same map and same file which got structural error....
    In Console report says:
    Error: MS Access is not supported on this platform.
    Error: MS Excel is not supported on this platform.
    I am working on MDM AND WINDOWS 7 64bit..
    Any inputs.

  • Importing excel file into OBIEE

    I am trying to import excel file into OBIEE and would like to use it as a data source. Fro this, I have already created an excel file (using MS excel 2007) with some sample data and named the data ranges with in the excel sheet as well. and I have placed that file under C:\ drive directly. And then created DSN and made sure that it points to the excel file.
    When I go to Administration tool -> Import from Database -> seelct ODBS 3.5 and selected my DSN and clicked OK. Here I have not provided the user name and password (though I have provided the username/pwd as Administrator it is not taking).
    when I click ok, it is throwing the following error :
    nQSerror:16001 ODBC error state : IM006 code: 0 message: [Microsoft][ODBCDriver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed. [nQSError: 16001]ODBC error state: S1000 code - 5015 message: [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] External table is not in the expected format
    Pls help me in rectifying this error. Many thanks in advance.
    Edited by: 858747 on 25-Aug-2011 05:47
    Edited by: 858747 on 25-Aug-2011 05:48

    Hi, I am facing the same issue.
    I am using OBIEE 11g with MS Excel 2007 file as source. I have created ODBC Driver by selecting Microsoft excel driver.
    NQSAdminTool.log gives error:
    ODBC error state: S1000 code: -5015 message: [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] External table is not in the expected format
    The Admin tool gives error: "Unable to connect database using connection pool", when I try to 'update row count' in Physical Layer.
    Any quick resolution to this?
    Many thanks in advance.
    Edited by: user1603699 on 25-Oct-2011 09:28

  • Adding hyperlinks to imported excel file cells

    Good Afternoon All,
    I am having trouble assigning hyperlinks and defining names to the individual cells of an imported excel file (import into Visio). Ideally, I would like to be able to hyperlink shapes in other Visio pages (of the same
    workbook) to individual cells of the imported excel file and vice versa.  Is there any way of doing this? 
    Please let me know if I can clarify.

    In a similar thread from a few days ago:
    Albert Geven wrote:
    > You can also download from the developer zone our excel (goop)
    >search for philips and you'll find it.
    We've used this with good success for creating multiple worksheets. If you
    like goop, its great. It may be worth a look for you. It's at this link
    "Jeff - PPL" wrote in message
    news:[email protected]..
    > Is it possible to send data to two different worksheets in an excel
    > file? For example, I have raw data and then calculations from that
    > raw data. Right now I have the raw data being sent to the exc
    el file.
    > I would like to be able to send the calculation results to the same
    > file but a new worksheet. Is this possible?
    > Thanks

  • Changing of the standard port 1521 and afterward problems with Single Sign

    System / Host Environment
    Operating System: HP-UX 11i, Existing Oracle RDBMS Vers. 9.2 x, Listener on standard port 1521
    9iAS System Architecture: 9iAS Infrastructure and Middle tier (AS Instance) on the same machine
    Problem Environment:
    -Before and during the installation of 9iAS infrastructure the Listener of the existing Oracle RDBMS was stopped
    -The installation of 9iAS Infrastructure (db: IASDB) Version works well
    -Afterwards the port 1521 of IASDB changed to 1525. For a detail description of IASB port changing please refer to Doc. ID: 211 929.1 AFTER CHANGE 'IASDB' LISTENER PORT
    -The installation of Patch Set 2 (Common Patch 2703110) follows (9iAS is now up to Release
    -The Installation of 9iAS Middle tier (AS Instance) Version 9.0.3 follows
    Problem description:
    -During the installation of 9iAS Middle tier problems with Single Sign On occurs.
    The reason of this problems seems a communication problem between the Single Sign On login sequence and the IASDB. After a reset of the port changing (back to the standard port 1521) the installation of 9iAS Middle tier works well.
    Through this incorrect and problematic behaviour we have some notes and questions:
    -Well at first the description of the port changing in Doc. ID: 211 929.1 seems us incomplete. Some configuration still carry on the standard port 1521 and not the knew value of the port 1525.
    -So we want to know all configuration files and parts where we have to change the port value manually ?
    -What will happened to the Single Sign On function with this manually port changing. Does Single Sign On works later on correct or have we to change much more ?

    Currently, changing the listener port is not supported. It must stay on 1521. I believe this is to be fixed in a latter release (perhaps 9.0.4)

  • How to import excel file in oracle 10g suit

    Respected all,
    i am working d2k6i now i am going to 10g suit and i want to import excel file so anybody help me how to do it? Thanks in advance.

    This forum is dedicated to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, so it is possible to get an answer here, but it is not very likely.
    Try to get help in in more appropriate forum from here

  • How to deal with single quote (') in a field value?

    I can successfully insert value with single quoet using
    Prepared statement with placeholder(?) construct .
    I can also successfuly use value with single quote(') in
    WHERE clause.
    My question is, is there a way to use string with single
    quote if a Statement like:
    String slqString ="INSERT INTO customers (name, address) VALUES ( 'O'Reilly Bob', 'St Mary's Street') ";
    Statement sqlStmt = con.createStatement();
    The last statement will thow an SQLException because due to single quotes
    Any ideas?

    I think the question was regarding the ' in O'Reily. Use ' twice when using the Statement interface, i.e.
    ("O''Reilly Bob", "St Mary''s Street")
    So that's two single quotes, not a double quote, to successfully insert a single quote, if you know what I mean....
    But like you said PreparedStatement does things like this for you.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Provider is not compatible with this version of Oracle client

    I am trying to access Oracle(10.2) DB from a .NET 2.0 Console Application.(.exe) in a Win 2008.Web code is also on the same Win 2008 system The Web application works fine and connects to teh DB , but when I try to run any of the Console applications

  • Not able to map the Bank's Format in R12 Payment interface

    Hi All, I have requirement to generate the flat file for a Bank to do the payments for Supplies in R12. Bank has given list of column (117 columns) details in R12 for New Zealand Bank. and I tred to do one payment through this format and Got the XML

  • Material product types doesn't show in line item detail

    Good morning, We have a problem with product popup of service order in line items. When we make a click in product ID on the service order search, a popup shows and it displays all products. But if we go to Detail Position Id and do the same, the pop

  • I want to get rid of blue link-highlight

    How do I avoid getting the blue highlight around linked images and text?  Thank You

  • Toplink Caching issue

    I have three Entities say C1 , P1 and card. Relation between these entities are like this P1 to Card ( one - one mapping ) C1 to Card ( one - many mapping ) I have three usecases. Usecase 1 uses the mail Entity C1. It will create one record using C1.