Importing Photos and Music from Multiple users on the same Mac

I am the same person with multiple users on one iMac. I need to have the same pics and music files on all of the user names on the one computer.
I have the family pack MobileMe plan.
Where are the files located for the photos and music in iTunes?
I would like to import them from one user to another user on the same computer.
Thank you

Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
If you Import the files from one User to another then you will use double the disk space on your HD as you will have multiple copies of everything. Why not simply share the files between accounts?
For iPhoto 09 (version 8.0.2) and later:
What you mean by 'share'.
If you want the other user to be able to see the pics, but not add to, change or alter your library, then enable Sharing in your iPhoto (Preferences -> Sharing), leave iPhoto running and use Fast User Switching to open the other account. In that account, enable 'Look For Shared Libraries'. Your Library will appear in the other source pane.
Any user can drag a pic from the Shared Library to their own in the iPhoto Window.
Remember iPhoto must be running in both accounts for this to work.
If you want the other user to have the same access to the library as you: to be able to add, edit, organise, keyword etc.
Quit iPhoto in both accounts. Move the Library to the Users / Shared Folder
(You can also use an external HD set to ignore permissions, a Disk Image or even partition your Hard Disk.)
In each account in turn: Double click on the Library to open it. (You may be asked to repair the Library Permissions.) From that point on, this will be the default library location. Both accounts will have full access to the library, in fact, both accounts will 'own' it.
However, there is a catch with this system and it is a significant one. iPhoto is not a multi-user app., it does not have the code to negotiate two users simultaneously writing to the database, and trying will cause db corruption. So only one user at a time, and back up, back up back up.

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    I'm new to Mac. I have an iPhone and a Mac Mini.  My original iTunes was on a Windows computer that crashed.  So, all of my iTunes Music and Movies are gone.  How do I get the movies and music from my iPhone to the new Mac Mini?

    If you still have the crashed Win computer, you may be able to recover your music and movies from the hard drive. If you have a friend with a hard drive USB connection kit and a PC, they should be able to help.  Otherwise, check locally for computer services that might do that for you (I think Best Buy Geek Squad may be able to help). If the drive itself is in good shape, it shouldn't be too expensive. 

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    I've read through all the photo sharing posts, and have not found an answer to this question:
    There are multiple users on the same Mac, running Tiger and iPhoto 5. I want to be able to export certain photos to the Shared folder so that others on the Mac can import them into their iPhoto as separate copies on their own.
    The Photo Sharing methods described in many other messages here would not be ideal, because the users with the original photos don't want to have to be logged in or have iPhoto open while others are on the computer. Also, they don't want their entire library to be looked through, just certain photos that they choose to export. The "Shared" folder seems like the answer to this, but so far it's been a huge letdown.
    I've tried exporting the photos out to the Shared folder, but there are access errors when the other users try to import them into their iPhoto. Even if I modify the "Everyone" access rights to read & write on the files in the shared folder, it makes no difference. Is this the wrong approach? Would doing this through the Public folder make any difference?
    Is there some simple way I'm missing here? It's difficult for me to imagine that something this basic is SO hard to do on the Mac.

    Hi Scott,
    The method I use is to put the images in a folder in my ~/Public/Drop Box folder. All members can access the images in there.

  • How do I move organized photos from dropbox to iPhoto and share with another user on the same mac?

    I have about 3,500 photos sitting in dropbox and just purchased my first mac yesterday.  My husband and I each have our own Ipad and our own user id's on the mac.  I moved two of the folders to Iphoto and it shows up on my screen in the right folders.  However, on my Ipad, it shows all of them under one Photostream and not organized.  They don't show up on my husband's "side of the computer" at all. 
    So my questions are:
    1.  How does one mirror their file organization on the Ipad?
    2.  How does one share all of the folders with another user on the same Ipad so they can view folders, and add pictures to the folders if they like?

    1.  How does one mirror their file organization on the Ipad?
    If you use the Photo Stream, the organisation in iPhoto will be lost - there is just one endless stream.  YOu could sync your photos using iTunes. Then you will see the synced albums in the on the iPad.
    See this link:   iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    How does one share all of the folders with another user on the same Ipad so they can view folders, and add pictures to the folders if they like?
    On the same iPad?  Do you mean on the same mac?
    If you want to share an iPhoto library between two users on the same mac, the iPhoto library should be on a separate disk partition or even better, on a separate external disk. Then you can set the flag "Ignore ownership on this volume" to avoid permission problems. Both of you will be able to browse the iPhoto library and can edit the photos within.
    See this support document:  iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users
    If both of you want to keep separate iPhoto libraries but share the photos, you could share selected albums as Shared PhotoStreams and invite each other to browse them. This would require iOS 7. Do you have iOS 7 on your iPad?  Each Shared Photo Stream will be shown as a separate album on your iPad .
         iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Shared Photo Streams

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    I've downloaded IWork. it's available under my user name but not the other users on the same computer. how do i make it available to them as well?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Did the iWork '09 folder get installed in HD > Applications or in HD > Users > (your account) > Applications? For the iWork applications to be available to all users they must be installed in the main Applications folder. I think if you were not logged in as an administrator for the installation they would only be installed in your Applications folder. You will need to reinstall while logged in as an administrator to have the applications installed where they will be available for all users.

  • Sharing common mail account with multiple users on the same Mac

    My parents recently switch to an iMac from a PC where they were using AOL. They had the PC set up with two users accounts and they did all their mail/internet using AOL.
    With the new iMac, I wanted to set it up in the same way as the PC so I set them up with two user accounts and showed them how they can use Fast User Switching to switch back and forth. This works well for them because my father has mostly business stuff on the computer and my mom has mostly projects and they like to keep them separate.
    Where they are getting into problems is that I have them both set up with Mail under their respective accounts to access their common AOL account. What seems to be happening is that in some cases one user will get a new mail whereas the other user might never see it. I had them configured using IMAP which I thought would be okay since the mail is stored on the server but now I am not so sure.
    I'm thinking that it might help to set Keep copies of messages for offline viewing in the advanced tab to Don't keep copies of any messages, but I wasn't sure. Is a setup like this possible? Or is it just a recipe for trouble?

    What you’re observing is probably an AOL issue, not a Mail issue. AOL automatically purges mail from the server after some time (just a few days if the messages have already been read). There is nothing you can do about it other than moving/copying those messages somewhere else to avoid losing them.
    You may also want to read the following article. It’s somewhat outdated, but still useful to understand how AOL’s IMAP access works:
    Accessing the AOL Mail System using IMAP - An Unofficial Guide

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    I have two different log on accounts for my wife and I on our Mac.  Prior to converting my library to Photos, we were able to open the same iPhoto/Aperture library.  Now since converting to Photos, she cannot open the library.  I do have the library set to store in iCloud, but I have it configured to download originals to this Mac.  We get the following error:
    The library is stored on a external drive.

    Try logging out the main user, then switching/logging in as another user. Then open Photos and point to the library you want to share.
    This worked for me. For whatever reason, you can leave the secondary user logged in, and the main user can still open Photos, but not visa-versa. I don't remember that being the case with iPhoto.

  • Merge iweb sites from multiple user accounts on same computer

    With the previous iweb version, my children created their own iweb sites on their own users, but all under my own .mac account. It worked great.
    But now with the new "upgraded" iweb '08, that isn't allowed anymore.
    So, I created a new user on our computer for all of us to use to maintain our multiple iweb accounts on.
    How can I move multiple iweb sites from multiple users on the same computer into one user?

    Each of the user's work in iWeb will be contained in a single file, Domain.sites2, which can be found in this location on the hard drive for each user account. You will need to copy all of these Domain.sites2 files to an external drive, or, at the very least, burn them to a disk to make them transferable from one user account to another. A flash drive also works great for this.
    Once you have made all of these Domain files accessible from the new user account that you created, you will still have a formidable task ahead of you, i.e., publishing separate sites, from separate Domain.sites2 files, to the same .Mac account/directory. In other words, bringing all of these Domain files together for access by a single user account will not solve the problem. You may very well be able to solve the problem with things the way they are, but it will involve some shuffling of Site's files on the iDisk prior to publishing.
    The method I'm going to give you has worked well for me. So far, here in the forums, I've read posts from (2) other users who were also successful. Conversely, I know of at least (3) other users who have been unsuccessful with this approach. I sure hope it works for you.
    Open System Preferences and go to .Mac. Turn syncing off, if it is on, and leave it off.
    Now, in Finder, navigate to the current Site files on your iDisk, following this path:
    Go/iDisk/My iDisk/Web/Sites/NameOfSiteFolder
    Drag the Site folder that is named for your site, (not the directory Site folder), back one level on the iDisk, into the Web folder. This is where some run into difficulties--you may get an error message that the folder is "in use, and cannot be moved". I have never gotten this message, and am able to move my Site's folders around with no problem on the iDisk.
    If you are successful moving the folder, choose one of your other accounts on your machine, launch iWeb, and Publish all to .Mac. The existing site on the server will not be deleted. Now, go back to the iDisk and move that site folder, (the one you just published), back one level, again, to the root Web directory. Publish your next site, from your next account.
    When you are finished publishing sites, just move the Site folders back to their original location on the iDisk--Web/Sites/SiteFoldersHere. All sites will be accessible from a browser using the url.
    It is important to use the Publish all to .Mac command in iWeb. A simple Publish to .Mac command will not put the correct index.html file in place on the server.
    Post back and inform us of your success.

  • How can I sync the same iTunes 11 library between 2 users on the same Mac?

    With iTunes 10 I was able to have one main iTunes library under one user and have a second user (on the same Mac) access it by putting an alias of the iTunes Libray.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml files in the second user's iTunes folder.  This ensured that the library remained synced regardless of which user added or made changes to it.  With iTunes 11, I am no longer able to do this.  If I try I get the following error pop up:  'The iTunes application could not be opened.  An unknown error occured (13014)'.  If I delete the aliases in the second user's account the error message goes away but nothing shows up in the main iTunes window.
    I've been able to at least access the iTunes library (which is stored on an external drive) with the second user by changing the iTunes media folder location in advanced preferences to the main iTunes library and then selecting file/add to library and selecting the iTunes media file which (eventually) pulls up all the song/movie/apps etc. information.  However, the 2 libraries do not remain synced (i.e. a change in one does not show up in the other).
    Anyone know of a way to get one library to remain synced between 2 user accounts on the same machine with iTunes 11 or am I going to be forced to delete and recreate the second user's iTunes info frequently to 'catch up' with the original?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm surprised the alias method worked, and it certainly isn't the prescribed method.
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer - - relocating iTunes' media folder to a shared area but leaving separate library files - extra tip at
    Chris CA's instructions on sharing one iTunes music library between multiple user accounts - - Multiple users using a single library file - similar post at:
    Suggestion by Turingtest for multiple users and one library - - use smart playlists and tags to isolate groupings.
    Discussions on using purchases from multiple AppleIDs in one iTunes library -

  • How can I share a folder between two users on the same mac?

    Hi all,
    I would like to share a folder between multiple users on the same macbook without having to transfer the folder to the Public/Shared folder.
    Is there not a way, using the the folders shared permissions, to allow shared folders from one user to be visible and usable by another user on the same mac without having to move the folder to a designated shared location?

    jrwood116 wrote:
    Thanks, but do you have to do that every time you share a folder?
    No, you just need to do it once and that's it. Anything that is in the Shared folder is accessible by all user accounts within the same Mac.
    jrwood116 wrote:
    I've read numerous 'how to share a folder' blogs and they just say it's as simple as clicking 'share' and allowing specific users to access it...none have mentioned this (not saying your advice is wrong at all, just don't get why no-one else has mentioned what appears to be a key step!)
    Can you give me an example of such a blog. I suspect you may have mis-understood what they were saying but if you can provide a link, I'll look at it.

  • Share calendar between users on the SAME mac

    How can I share a single calendar (and address book) between users on the SAME mac? Thanks.

    I've got the same question...

  • How do I share photos and music between different user accounts on the same macbook

    How do I share photos and music between different user accounts on the same Macbook? i.e. I want all to be able to access family photos when logged into their respective accounts. Same goes for the iTunes library. Hope this is possible...

    To give other users read-only access to your iTunes library, use the Sharing features of iTunes. Sharing works over the local network as well as on the same computer. See the built-in help for details.
    To give others selective access to your iPhoto library, you have the option of using iCloud Photo Sharing, if the privacy implications don't bother you. The images will be stored temporarily on Apple servers.
    If you want to give full read/write access to more than one user, see the support articles linked below.
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    iPhoto: Sharing libraries among multiple users
    There is a way to share the library without moving it to a secondary volume. If you really need to do that, ask for instructions.

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    i just got anew hp laptop.  it does not have windows.  I want to be able to link my iphone with my laptop but don't know how.  want to be able to get my photos and music from my phone to my laptop and be able to load music on to my ipod. Is this possible to do

    I think there is still no APP or a way to copy music or videos from Iphone to PC. Pictures can be copied when you access the storage of the iphone from PC. Not sure if you are using other laptop before with itunes where you organize everything about your iphone. If you have, copy the Itunes folder from My Music folder and paste it on the new laptop you have, (you need to install Itunes first on your new laptop before doing this)

  • How do I transfer all photos and music from my old iphone 3gs to new iphone 4s? I have a new laptop because the old one broke and so do not have non camera roll photos or music stored anywhere apart from the iphone 3gs and cannot update io5 on the iphone

    How do I transfer all photos and music from my old iphone 3gs to new iphone 4s? I have a new laptop because the old one broke and so do not have non camera roll photos or music stored anywhere apart from the iphone 3gs and cannot update io5 on the iphone 3gs without erasibng everything. i need help!!!

    Syncing to a new iTunes library or computer will erase your phone. Only if you back up manually before syncing, you can restore your device from that backup again. A manual backup does not include the sync process.
    Do this:
    Disable autosync in iTunes, connect your phone to your new computer and right click on it in the device list and choose backup. iTunes will backup your device without syncing.
    Transfer your purchases the same way, choosing "transfer purchases" this time.
    When you connect your phone for the first time, all media content will be erased. But you can restore your settings and app data from your manual backup afterwards.
    Don't forget to set up at least one contact and event on your new computer to be able to merge calendars and contacts when you sync the iPhone for the first time.
    Music is one way only, from the computer to your device, unless you bought the songs in itunes and transferred your purchases.
    There is 3rd party software out there, but not supported by Apple, see this thread:
    About backups and what's saved:iTunes: About iOS backups
    How to back up and restore:
    How to download apps for free again:
    Saving other data is also described here. How to back up your data and set up as a new device

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    The title implies "importing photos & videos from previous versions" and only deals with "Organizer".  It does not mention if regular "JPG" or other formats need to change.   It does not discuss if images have been moved from one location to another folder or directory.  It does not discuss any issues of previous versions or backward compatability of formats.

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