Importing QT files edited on FCP - HDV to FCPX?

I am editing HDV clips on FCP. I then want to create QT clips that I want to import to my laptop which has FCP X.
The FCP X says it cannot read the files... please, when I create the QT sequences in FCP what is the compression I should use, or how do I make the clips compatible?
thank you...
T in sydney

Hi Karsten,
I think the prores422 worked perfectly for some material but for some images I shot at night It seemed the original material was in better quality.
I am working in two computers.
so I imported sequences shot originally in HD1080i and imported them via the 'fcp7 to x' application. It seems to be in best quality possible.
the question is...When creating the sequence in fcpx should I maintain the 25i or put it 25p?
THank you for your feedback and time!

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    When finished editing a sequence, I exported it using FILE > EXPORT > QUICKTIME CONVERSION > and selected Quicktime Movie, Broadband Medium. I was very pleased. However, I want to go back and make a minor edit to the footage, but FCP wont let me import the file that was created back into FCP. (It says "Error: Unknown File".) I no longer have access to the original tapes, so these exported files are all I have to work with. Any suggestions on how I can get it back into FCP and do some editing? Thanks.
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    It will cost a bit of picture quality, but seems to me you should be able to open these in QT Pro and export them in an editable format like DV, uncompressed, etc... edit them then recompress.
    But keep in mind that theory states there will be a digital generation loss doing this. Better to have kept the media or tapes, but then the loss may be OK...
    You should join our users group in Denver! Next meeting is this coming Tuesday.

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    My friend works on Final Cut Pro on Mac. He gave me rushs from vidéos he imported (and the exported) on FCP.
    An example of these files is here : GMz&hl=fr
    There are several file sizes 1280 / 720 and others.
    Codecs are : Codec : MPEG-1/2 Video (xdva)
    Codec : PCM S16 LE (sowt)
    I can read the files with VLC on my computer.
    When I import the files on Premier Pro CS5... it crashes the program.
    I went through the forums... tried to download more codecs via Klite Codec Pack. I also installed Calibrated(Q) XP Options... but i'm not sure i used it right.
    In the end, I am unable to do anything... and I am extremely frustrated, and MAD at Apple and it's never-compatible formats.
    Anyone can help ?

    I downloaded your file and I can also confirm that it freezes both PremierePro CS5 and CS5.5. It just freezes when trying to create peak file.
    I also have Calibrated(Q) XP Options.
    Quicktime Pro tells that it is XDCAM-EX 720p50 1280x720
    With Quicktime Pro you can export it to other format, I tried Avid DNxHD 720p/50 and Premiere opened it nicely.
    But 300 files...

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    I got me some .mxf files on an external drive given to me by someone. They should contain 720p and 1080 video files but instead I was given .mxf files
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    Here we go again...someone didn't follow the proper procedures and now you are stuck. MXF files are most likely P2, but you really should ask. Because Avid captures as MXF files. Is there a CONTENTS folder, and inside 6 folders, then the MXF files? or just looks files? What are they named? If they have the CONTENTS folder and the entire structure in intact, you need to import them with LOG AND TRANSFER, in the FILE menu. Here's the workflow: P2 Workflow with FCP 6
    If there is no structure like that, then you need to either get RAYLIGHT or MXF4QT or Calibrated software to work with these files in FCP. And that would be the ONLY way. See what happens when people don't do things right?

  • ERROR message! importing Motion files back into FCP. please help. i started my project, everything worked seamless from fcp to motion and back...and then bam! error: 1 file recognized, 0 access denied, 1 unknown. ive done everything that i know, ive reinstalled, fcp studio and operating system...ive been over every setting...ive deleted preference files, repaired permissions... now my old motion files that were created before the error message still import just fine...can anyone help? i hate to outsource something i can do myself...
    thank you.

    Have you tried changing the extension on the motion file? You can label it .mov and see if FCP recognizes it then.

  • Importing DNG files edited in Bridge

    Thousands of DNG photo's were edited in Bridge, Now I want to put all those files into Aperture but Aperture doesn't regognise the sidecar settings made in Bridge. So, when I want to use Aperture I have to edit all those files again.
    Do I do something wrong, or is there a way that Aperture will regognize the Bridge settings embedded in the DNG files?

    I'm pretty sure you will need to save the DNGs as flattened images, perhaps as TIFF or straight PSD.
    Our company will not adopt DNG for many reasons but mostly because it's just another non-universal format. We maintain our raw images on a separate Macintosh system so we can always go back to the source files but we upload TIFF or PSD to our coworkers, the Photoshop and CS2 geeks. They do not understand raw at all.
    Support for DNG, despite Adobe's attempts, is spotty throughout the photo industry. It may catch on but it's not the same incentive for camera mfrs as, say, PDF is in the print and document distribution industries. If you dive deeply into DNG Evangelism, you will see complete support for DNG exists only in Adobe products.
    Sorry for the off-topic rant, hope you get better advice as the days pass.

  • Importing VOB files into PP CS3

    I have looked at numerous forum notes on this problem with PP and I've about come to the conclusion that the easiest thing might be to just buy a copy of Premiere Elements. I understand Premiere Elements will import VOBs and convert them to AVI. Some of the other solutions require several pieces of software, multiple steps, etc sometimes with limited successs.
    My most recent attempt (just renaming the VOB file to MPG) resulted in good quality video with no audio. Is the primary reason for loss of audio the AC3 Dolby? Will copying the ad2mcac3dec.dll file from the Encore CS3 directory to the PP CS3 root directory really solve that problem? Is that it? That would be nice but somehow I'm a little skeptical. Are there other reasons for losing the audio when you just rename the VOB file to MPG?

    See also:
    FAQ: How do I import VOB files / edit a DVD?
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  • Importing P2 files, help!!

    Used to use FCP 5.1.4 and upgraded to FCP 6. Before on importing files I had the option of importing the files, now on FCP 6 this option disapeared... Any solution? Is that a plugin??
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    Be sure you're running all the latest software thru software update... the new import feature is called "Log and Transfer"... (new name) and it's found in the file menu...

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    I am working on a 50th anniversary project for a client. They want to include several "home movie" clips in the project. They provided the home video footage to me on DVD. I am looking for the best way to import the material on the DVD into FCP.
    I have used Handbrake to capture the video from the DVD and the file is saved in an MP4 format. But when I try to import that file into my FCP bin, FCP tells me that it does not recognize the file format.
    I think that I can connect a DVD player to my system by running the signal from the DVD player into my DV cam, and then into my MAC, so that is a possibility.
    I am just wondering if I am overlooking something that is quicker or easier.
    Again my goal is to import material from a DVD into FCP so I can use clips on my timelines.
    Any hint, tips, advice?
    Thanks in advance!

    Forget Handbrake and read my [MPEG Streamclip tutorial|].

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    First of all, sorry for my english!!1
    I couldn´t import mpg files from my dvdcam to premiere cs4.
    I capture that files from dvdreader with other program to hard disk without problems, but when I want import files from priemier says that isn´t possible to import this file or file is damaged.
    waiting a prompt answer
    thank you

    FAQ: How do I import VOB files / edit a DVD?
    FAQ: How do I import xyz format files?
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  • Can't import AVCHD files since i've updated to  OSX 10.7.

    Can't import AVCHD files since i've updated to FCPX 10.03 and OSX 10.7.  Before it worked ok.
    When I try to import files from the Camera, or the Memory Stick they end up looking like offline files.  On my other mac (iMac intel core duo 27", with OS 10.6) I can still import these files.

    Make sure you don't have Proxy checked in Playback Preferences.

  • Can't use HDV quicktime .mov files (captured in FCP on a mac at work) on PC

    Hiya everyone!
    I've taken some work home from the macs at work, but can't open it on my PC.
    Footage was captured in FCP on a mac at work, HDV quicktime .mov, but won't open in the newest quicktime, windows media player and more importantly in Adobe After Effects CS3 or Premiere Pro CS3 on my PC at home.
    When I try opening the files in quicktime, the screen is white, but the audio plays. They don't open in windows media player at all. When I try to import them into Premiere, I get a message reading, "Error Message, Codec missing or unavailable". But they import into After Effects, except they only play as white...
    I've tried converting them into almost everything, and they often play (as .avi for example in the newest QT, WMP, Adobe Premiere and AE), but they increase A LOT in size and decrease A LOT in quality.
    The HDV files that won't open read as:
    Source: *.mov
    Format: HDV 1080i50, 1920 x 1080, Millions 16-bit Integer (Little Endian), 48.000 kHz
    Movie FPS: 25.00
    Playing FPS: (Available when playing)
    Data Size: 69.53 MB
    Data Rate: 28.10 mbits/sec
    Current time: 00:00:01.64
    Duration: 00:00:20.76
    Normal size: 1920 x 1080
    Current size: 1920 x 1080
    Anything smaller than 1920 x 1080 plays fine.
    I've been all through google, and the adobe and apple sites, and the best I could find is here:
    My problem is almost identical to these 2...
    No one in the whole world seems to have an answer...
    Does anyone here know how I can use the HDV files from the work macs on my PC at home?

    HEy, I have been looking into this problem... i also wanted to play quicktime files using my pc... The last thing i tried was downloadiing these codecs
    1)apple pro res *for pc
    2)mpeg 2 codec for pc
    I have HDV files captured on a Mac G5 they are 30p 720,
    I think i am close to solving the problem because: before installing the codecs i couldn't see the video and only audio.. but now i open it and i can see the video partially... here are my screen captures....
    anyone interested in getting this solved???,... i would also like some help in importing m2t files from VLC player to HDV split where they can be read and edited. Thank you.
    Ultimately my goal is to be able to edit these HDV files directly and export them back out with good quality.. because my only editing choice right now is Windows movie maker.
    this is an error i got from the HDV split program. Its supposed to read m2t files..

  • How to import MXF files to Final Cut Pro with smooth editing

    Summary: Follow this tutorial to learn how to import and edit MXF files in Final Cut Pro by converting MTS to FCP native format.
    If you have a Panasonic P2, Canon XF or Sony XDCAM series camcorder,
    you may be familiar with Material eXchange Format (MXF). Though MXF is a
    great video format to record high-definition videos, it is not easy to
    use in that they are not natively supported by most NLE systems like
    Final Cut Pro. In order to import MXF to FCP for editing, the easy workaround is to transcode MXF files to FCP compatible video formats.
    Along with some help from a top MXF Converter, it can be done. To
    help those who wanna edit MXF files in FCP without problems, here I
    share with you a simple guide on how to convert MXF files to edit in
    Final Cut Pro 6/7 or FCP X.
    First of all, downloading the App- Brorsoft MXF Converter for Mac
    Overall, the program is a professional yet easy-to-use MXF Converter
    on Mac (Mavericks included) which can not only convert XF100, Canon
    C300, XF105 and XF305, Panasonic P2 recorded MXF files, but also provide
    simple video editing functions for you. The MXF to FCP Converter not
    only can convert MXF to ProRes for FCP, but also can transcode MXF
    videos for editing in Avid MC, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, FCE, etc.
    Just download it and follow the tutorial below to get the work done.
    Transcoding (P2) MXF files to ProRes for Final Cut Pro 6/7/X
    1. Import MXF files to the converter
    Launch the best MXF to FCP Converter, and then click the “add files” button to browse and import MXF videos from your camcorder or hard drive.
    2. Select FCP editable format
    Click the Format bar, and move mouse cursor to choose “Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” as output format.
    a. Settings- click to set video
    resolution(1920×1080/1440×1080/1280×720/720×480), bitrate (from 1Mbps to
    20Mbps), frame rate (24p/30p)
    b. Editor (next to “Add” icon)- click to set deinterlace, trim, crop, add effect, attach subtitles, etc
    3. Start transcoding MXF video to FCP
    Click “Convert” button to start converting MXF files to Apple ProRes
    MOV for FCP 6/7/X under Mac OS. Once the MXF to ProRes 422 conversion
    is done, you can transfer MXF footage into Final Cut Pro (X) for editing
    smoothly on Mac with ease.
    Source:How to import MXF files to Final Cut Pro with smooth editing
    [quote] [/quote]

    You may refer to this step by step guide on how to convert MXF to Final Cut Pro more supported Apple ProRes or DV at
    It also applies to convert MXF to other video or audio format. It even applies to convert other videos like AVCHD, MOD, TOD, AVI, and MPEG etc to FCP format.

  • How can i import my color editing from apple color to fcp x

    Hello mates,
    I edited my project in FCPX 10.0.8 than i export XML file and open it with DaVinci Resolve to export it again for Apple Color. So far so good no problem. I edit my color in that program but when i said send to final cut pro it was opening with the old projects. I mean i can't see my color editing in that project. I can't figure out how can i import that file in fcp x. I tried to export an XML from color, but i couldn't open it with Davinci nor FCPX.
    So i will be very glad if you help me..

    FCPX does not read Color XML exports. You would need to export the finished footage in Color and reimport that into X. Resolve is free and offers a far more integrated workflow with X than Color ever will (as it's long been discontinued).

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    I just bought final cut express to edit quicktime files I receive from work. FCE will not let me import certain files and I get a message saying "Error: File Type Unknown", but what's weird is I CAN import some files that are the EXACT same file type!
    I have noticed that one difference in these files is that the icons in Finder are different. The file I CAN import is usually the default quicktime movie icon, while the ones I CANNOT import usually have a video thumbnail for the icon. Does this mean anything?
    The files are the same. Same codec, same frame rate, same dimensions, everything but the video length & icon view finder are the same.
    Please someone assist me with this or I will have to return FCE and start saving up for FCP I suppose.

    I couldn't do this action, I don't have Quicktime Pro. Should I invest in this? What does it mean if the Audio and Video aren't the same settings? Can I change them with Quicktime pro? Thanks!

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