In General Ledger report i want "cheque Number" Column

Hi All,
I am seeing General Ledger report in-built in sap B one 2005 for one single bank G/L A/C. i want one column in this report "Cheque Numbers" which is posting in Outgoing Payment, any body help on this.

please go to form setting and make visible "Ref. 3"
u will get the number
please let me know if it does not work
Avtar singh Saini .

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  • Error at Outgoing payment  and general ledger report

    Hi Experts,
    I am getting a error while opening Outgoing Payment and General ledger Report, Errors are : "Path Can not be Null, Parameter Name: Path" and "Error code: 100000004, Error: Unknown session" ,respectively.
    These errors are only at a particular client machine.
    Kindly suggest solution.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Jambulingam/Suraj,
    I checked the by giving admin rights, also with different user login, but these errors come as and when they want, i have put in this system in observation and wil update this thread accordingly.
    There is no citrix server.
    Thanks for your reply.

  • General Ledger Report

    Hi Friends,
    When I am trying to run General Ledger reports , no data are being fetched by the report.
    Please help :
    I want to generate a Ledger Account report for all the Natural Accounts, showing the opening, closing and detailed account transactions.
    Soumya Prakash

    I am not a functional person, but have you checked Oracle General Ledger (User/Implementation/Reference) manuals?

  • Business One C# DI API's for General Ledger Report?

    I am working on the General Ledger Report and unable to find the DI API's for C# for the following cases. If somebody can point me the API's, that would be really helpful. I have handle to the logged in company.
    Get all ChartOfAccounts
    Get AccountSegmentations
    Get BusinessPartners
    Get JournalEntries_lines
    I am new to SAP. The documentation is bit unclear. I am using the following code to load the objects. Now it is unclear how to loop through the journalvouchers to load all the lines one by one.
    SAPbobsCOM.AccountSegmentations segmentations =  oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oAccountSegmentations);
                SAPbobsCOM.AccountSegmentationCategories categories = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oAccountSegmentationCategories);
                SAPbobsCOM.BusinessPartners partners = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oBusinessPartners);
                SAPbobsCOM.JournalVouchers vouchers = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oJournalVouchers);
                SAPbobsCOM.JournalEntries jEntries = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oJournalEntries);
                SAPbobsCOM.JournalEntries_Lines jLines;

    Are you trying to run the report via code?  If so, you can only do that using the UI objects as there is not DIAPI for reporting.
    You first need to activate the menu item for the report:
    Once you've done that, you can get the active form which will be your criteria window, use the UIAPI to set your criteria and run the report by getting the OK button object and calling the Click method.

  • General Ledger report with Op Bal , Trans Line Items and Closing Balance

    Hi Experts,
    My clients needs a General Ledger report which should show Opening balance and all transactions line items with closing figure in a single report for a fiscal year in the given date range wise. Can I get a report in standard sap. Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Arabinda Parida

    Hi Parida,
    There is no such report in SAP. Basically all standard report gives line items not with opening and closing balances. Anyway check mentioned transaction which may help to you.
    S_ALR_87012309....It is cash journal report. Anyway you can enter GL account get opening and closing balances with all relavent transactions.

  • Display the Customer/Vendor Name in the General Ledger Report

    **I have Questions about General Ledger Report in SAP Business One. How can Display the Customer/Vendor Name in the General Ledger Report.**
    *Just would like to ask if its possible to display the Customer/Vendor Name in the General Ledger Report? The format simply have the Customer/Vendor Code on the said report. Is there a work around on this?*

    If ur selection creteria by g/l account,u can display customer/vendor name by including
    offset account from form settings.

  • The Customer/Vendor Name in the General ledger Report Form.

    I have Questions about General Ledger Report in SAP Business One. Display the Customer/Vendor Name in the General Ledger Report.
    Just would like to ask if its possible to display the Customer/Vendor Name in the General Ledger Report? The format simply have the Customer/Vendor Code on the said report. Is there a work around on this?
    Please help me.

    In the Standard Reports, you cannot add a new column.
    As mentioned by me earlier, please check 'Offset Account Name' column in the Form Settings if the same is of help in your case.
    You can check Note No. [1045356|] regarding the issue. The same has been fixed in 2005 A PL23.
    Kind Regards,
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • General Ledger Report Criteria Selection

    Hi, just a general question in regards to running the general ledger report.  I would have thought the expanded button would be user specific, as it is not it means that each user has to check and change the selection for each report incase someone else has changed it.  Some reports are GL specific (which takes time to go through and tick those required) and change dates and then the expanded options, thus leading to my question (whew). 
    Is there anyway a user can 'save' a selection criteria so they can easily run this each day for eg without all the pre selection hassle and making sure the selection is consistent with the previously run report.  Especially if the user is away and someone else has to run it.
    I noticed there is a selection criteria on the tax report however it does not allow you to save it.
    thanks judi

    Unfortunately, there is no means for a user to save a selection criteria on the Reports.

  • Standard Crystal Layout for General Ledger Report, Development Limitations

    Hi Guys,
    I have experienced some development limitations in the standard crystal general ledger layout for "General Ledger report" in SAP.
    So if we are running standard "General Ledger" report we have a lot of columns but we unable to get these columns in the standard crystal layout because PLD_Items (XML source file) doesn't contain all of them. For example, I need to add a "Project" into existing standard crystal layout and I can't do that.
    Do you have guys, any ideas how to change PLD_Items source or it's impossible?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Sergey Magsumov

    Please refer this thread
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Cannot generate General Ledger report

    Hi Experts,
    I have a user with various authorizations, but should be authorized to run the General Ledger report. However, the system ask for authorization of General Ledger even if it is already authorized in the Authorization Module. We used document ownership and the user is also authorized in all reports. But still the authorization check appears.
    Is there any other pre-requisite authorizations to be able to run the General Ledger? We are using 8.8 PL12.
    Many thanks,

    Give Authorization to
    1. Chart of Account and Balance
    2. Business Partner and Balance
    If not working
    Remove the data ownership and check whether it is running..
    If running then the problem in Data Ownership only..

  • Typical General Ledger Report

    Hai people,
    I  need a query to display all the transactions for customer ( like  General ledger).
        Step 1 -  Item Master is created - ITEM 1
        Step 2 - Payment Schedule  will be created in ITEM MASTER DATA through ADD-ON(18 FIELDS )
        Step 3 - Sale Order will be created for Customer 1
        Step 4 - Partial Payments will be made by customer against the Sale Order created in step3(Lets say the Unit price
                      will be  splitted in 8 stages(Payment Schedule) say Inital,Advance,UDS,S1,S2,S3,S4,S5 -created in
                       Item Master- Unit Price in   
                       item Master Data will be splitted among these 8 fields)
                       Payments will be made against each of the above 8 stages  say 8 payments will be made.
      Step 5 - In addition to the above 8 payments there will be some SERVICE A/R Invoices will be made for the
                   customer 1
      Step 6 - If the Total Amount in all the 18 fields that is created in step 2 is paid then the ITEM SALE Order in step 3
                   will be   converted in A/R Invoice.
       Step 7- Report to Know all the tranactionts that has been made to the customer or ITEM CODE that choosen in the SALE   
    Note - Only One item is Created for each Customer and if it saled means then it cannot be used and
               some times customer 1 may book 2 or more items also.
    Now we need a report like a General Ledger report for each item or Customer that displays all the
    Incoming Payments- includes receipt no, date, customer,mode of pay, total value,
    Outgoing Payments- includes receipt no, date, customer,mode of pay, total value,
    A/R Invoices- inv no,date, if item type then item code,value ir service then against which g/l account,total value
    or Manual Journals that has been posted to that
    customer and in the report the Balance due needs to be calculated after each transaction is made.
    (Total Amount= Unit Price+Field 1+ Field 2 ( created in OITM))
    Tried using crystal report and able to display only the incoming payments.
    Pls guys any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Gordon,
    Lets not  consider the udf's  for a moment now.
    I have tried this query  to know all the transactions that has been made for a customer against the item code.
    Now i need some changes in the query that i need to display the balance due and total paid amount  in the query against each row(after each transaction) ,The Balance due needs to be calculated against the Total Sale Order Value.
    SELECT T0.[TransId],T0.BASEREF,T0.MEMO,T2.CARDCODE,T2.CARDNAME,T0.[RefDate], T0.[TransType] AS 'Origin Doc.Type', T1.[BaseRef] AS 'Origin Doc.No', T1.[ShortName], t3.acctname, T1.[LineMemo],T1.Ref3Line,t5.U_SoNo,t7.itemcode,T6.DOCNUM,T6.DOCDATE,T6.DOCTOTAL,T6.NUMATCARD,T6.DOCSTATUS,T6.CARDCODE,T6.CARDNAME,T6.ADDRESS,T9.[CheckNum],T5.TrsfrRef,
    T5.[CashSum], T5.[CreditSum], T5.[CheckSum], T5.[TrsfrSum],
    T9.BankCode, T9.Branch,
    CASE WHEN T5.CashSum > 0 THEN 'Cash'
    WHEN T5.CreditSum > 0 THEN 'CC' WHEN T5.TrsfrSum > 0 THEN 'WIRE' ELSE 'Check' END AS 'Mode',
    T1.[Account], T1.[ContraAct], T1.[CreatedBy], T1.[Debit], T1.[Credit]
    INNER JOIN JDT1 T1 ON T0.TransId = T1.TransId
    LEFT JOIN OCRD T2 on T2.CardName = T1.[ShortName]
    left join  orct t5 on t5.transid=t0.transid
    ordr t6, RDR1 t7, OITM t8
    WHERE t6.cardcode =t1.shortname and t7.docentry = t6.docentry and t8.itemcode=t7.itemcode
    Pls help me in finding some solution for this.

  • Paging Problem in Converted PLD2CR General Ledger Report

    dear expert,
    Now I'm trying to change the design of Converted PLD2CR General Ledger Report. At the time, I found some problem related paging. In my opinion, General Ledger report should be group with BP Code. In converted CR, I didn't see Group Idea. If you can, help me please. I'm waiting your response.
    Best Regards,

    Is it a paging problem or grouping problem? Have your checked PLD report?
    Please close your previous threads.

  • Offset account name for BP is missing in the general ledger report

    Hi all,
    while taking the ledger report of a cash account through General ledger report in the financials ,it is not showing the Business partner name ,it is only displaying the code.
    naresh k

    I am trying to get the "Offset Account Name" to print in the paper report. For the "on-screen" report it is displayed and can be toggled in the form settings, but this has no impact on the printable reports. I have looked all over trying to figure out an easy way to just add the data into the report, but for the built-in Crystal report, all the items come from the "PLD_Items" database. PLD_Items F_120 is the field for the Offset Account Code, but I don't know which one it is, if it's even there, for the description field.
    Short of writing an entirely new report, is there a way to add this field?
    Thank you.

  • Error 131-85 when trying to run general ledger report.

    Hello when I try to run the general ledger report in SAP 8.8 I get the following error:
    Data is not available; modify the selection criter and re-enter [131-85]. I used to be able to run the report no problem, and I can also run it under other users and my test account with the same criteria and am ok. Can anyone help?

    Hi Jessica.....
    This error generally comes when your Selection Parameters are not OK.
    Please check the parameters or select all for from and to date period.....
    Also please check whether to that particular user Accounts are accessible or not for generation this report....

  • Do we have a General Ledger report that combines both cost centers and WBS?

    Do we have a General Ledger report that combines both cost centers and WBS?

    Have you tried FAGLL03

Maybe you are looking for

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