IN OBIEE How to change Writeback input text field into textarea?

I've got writeback working, OBIEE, but I want a 255 character in that writeback text field with word wrapping. because we Can't see to get input
type text to wrap, is it possible to change input type="text" to input type="textarea" for a writeback column?
I tried to included Html with javascript code in Writeback column properties under CSS custom's also not working
HTML code:
function expandTextArea(textarealabel,e)
if((textarealabel.textLength %45==0)&(textarealabel.textLength>1))
<FORM NAME="Workbook2" ACTION=" " METHOD="">
<TEXTAREA ID ="Text1" COLS="20" ROWS="2" style="overflow:visible" ONKEYDOWN="expandTextArea this,event);">
If you have any idea share with me ASAP.
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Hi thanks for your quick response,
1) i have cheked you link there is no word Wrapping output, I want to view my writeback filed morethan one line ,is there any way to set instead Horizondal and vertical bar in that writeback filed. like Auto extending TestArea (it have Scrolling bar).
2) Onemore thing also required,once i gave maximum length of WriteBack field 255 characters. but is not controlling it's allowing morethan 255 characters.kindly tell me how to control the lenth of the writeback field .
Note: I am using SQL server DB,in DB and BI Answres writeback column properties i given 255 characters only but it's allowing morethan 255 characters.
once again thanks to you.kindly help me on this ASAP.
Thanks and Regards,

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  • How to change writeback input text field into textarea writeback field?

    I've got writeback working, OBIEE, but I want a 100 character in that writeback text field with word wrapping. because we Can't see to get input type text to wrap, is it possible to change input type="text" to input type="textarea" for a writeback column?
    I tried to included Html with javascript code in Writeback column properties under CSS custom option that is also not working.
    Thanks in Advance.

    It's bug in obiee-writeback,it's resolved
    by using external java-jsp application then it will resolved.

  • How to hide a input text field in a login form.

    First of all let me state i'm kind of new to AS3.
    I'm making a login form, and i've managed to make it work,
    but when the form actually moves frames, both the user_field, and
    password_field, remains visible...
    What am I missing to make those fields disappear?.
    Here is my code.
    Elliot J. Balanza

    If I understood your task correctly - why not to use
    object.visible = false of remove them from container?

  • ADF Mobile: How to change the font size of an Input Text field in .amx view

    Is there a way to change the font size of the input data (not the label) in a text field? Changing the font size in the Style Font/Text settings doesn't seem to do anything for the label or the value in the input text field. Is this a bug or is there a way to get this to work?

    Hi Anna,
    depending on the UI element there are a range of ways. (and I'm sure people will post plenty of answers to tell you how).
    However, if generically the fonts in you portal/wd applications are too small, you should consider changing your theme so as to have larger texts. Otherwise you will either need to customise all your applications, or you will get quite a lot of inconsistency of presentation between your various WDA applications.
    Do a search on "themes for Web Dynpro ABAP" and you'll find loads of resources.
    Hope this helps,

  • How to change a value of input text box into uppercase?

    Hi all,
    In my use case I should have a text box in the jsf page and I should store the value that is entered in the text box in a database.
    The requirement is the value which user enters in the text box should get changed to Uppercase
    before getting saved in the database. Kindly help me in achieving this.

    hi user,
    before asking any question.
    right place to search anything is google (the ocean).
    so the way. chris showed.
    if i understood correctly means,
    if you want change any input text into uppercase means :
    use some skinning : -
    contentStyle = "text-transform:uppercase;"
    are you looking for
    while given inputtext saved into db.
    Use something like this in as vo for each and ever attribute,
    public void Desc(String value) {
    setAttributeInternal(DESC, value.toUpperCase());

  • How to allow input text field to accept more than one "specific" answer.

    I am working for something and trying to create a type-box-based quiz for one of my classes, where an input text field can change it's border color if 2 or more words from an accepted word list is inputed.
    For example, Say a list has possible answers: R,G, B, Y for the question "Name 2 colors".
    I want to create an input text box where the border of the box will change color if any 2 letters (in the above list) are entered into it.
    I've tried setting up a variable NumberSuccesses and setting it so that the number increases by 1 for each letter entered e.g.
    if (Ex.text == "R");
    NumSuc = NumSuc +1; // the var NumSuc has already been defined earlier in the code
    If (Ex.text ''G")
    NumSuc = NumSuc + 1
    if (NumSuc == 2)
    Ex.borderColor = 0x0000FF
    but that didn't work.. and I tried doing it with another function which I use for multiple input boxes like if there were boxes A, B, C. I could set up a general function where if the correct answers were entered into A, B, an C respectively, only then will say, a checkmark show up using a
    EnableCheckmark (); type function. Not sure how to do it if it's the same text input box though. Also just tried adding it into the same function re.
    If (Ex.text == "R" + "G")
    Ex.borderColor = 0x0000FF
    .. Does anyone know what else I can do?

    The solution of Nishu with Evaluation Logic:
    //These Are the Possible Answers
    var solutions:Array = new Array("A","B","C","D");
    function testInput(_inputText:String):Boolean
        //the delimiter could also be a comma, here it is a space
        var inputStringArray:Array = _inputText.split(" ");
        var counter:Number = 0;
        for (var i:int=0; i<inputStringArray.length; i++)
            for (var j:int=0; j<solutions.length; j++)
                if (inputStringArray[i]== solutions[j])
        if (counter >=2)
            return true;
            return false;
    //Textfield with name input_txt on stage
    input_txt.addEventListener(TextEvent.TEXT_INPUT, answerTxtInp);
    // The function that will be called by the event listener
    function answerTxtInp(txtEvent:TextEvent):void
         // depending on the possible answers of characters, change the border  color
             input_txt.borderColor = 0xFF0000;
             input_txt.borderColor = 0x000000;

  • How to change the default text title of Detached table/treetable

    Is anybody know How to change the default text title of Detached table/treetable.
    I have already read the post on ""
    as per this post It will change the title throughout the application.
    I wanted to change only for one particular table.
    Edited by: Charu on Sep 13, 2012 4:14 AM

    please don't double post and instead continue with your original threat. In the previous post you got the correct answer to use skinning. You did not like the solution as it doesn't allow per-instance titles. I agree with this and a logical consequence is to file an enhancement request instead of re-posting the question. I'll file the ER, so no need to follow up for you anymore

  • How to change the input language ?

    I am writing an Add-on that needs to change the input language when the user
    clicks on the Item Code field ("5") in the "Item Master Data" form.
    I can perform the change when I am out side of the SAP application (for example if I create a Windows Form), however I cannot control the input language of the SAP itself through code.
    I even tried using Application.Sendkeys, however I was unable to send a combination of ALT+SHIFT, or at least it did not have any affect
    Here is the code on how to change the input language on a Windows Form:
    For Each Lng As system.Windows.Forms.InputLanguage In system.Windows.Forms.InputLanguage.InstalledInputLanguages
       sValue = Lng.Culture.DisplayName.ToUpper()
       If sValue.StartsWith("ENGLISH") Then
                        system.Windows.Forms.InputLanguage.CurrentInputLanguage = Lng
                        Exit For
        End If
    Any ideas ?

    I am not sure I understand the problem. Anyway in B1 you change the language by
    changing it from the Administration module. This raises a Application event that
    is sent to all the add-ons. The event is aet_LanguageChanged and you should
    then change the language handled by your add-on when you receive it.

  • How to insert a date picker input text field in a JSF Jsp page

    I have to develop an application using generic facets, unfortunately I am not supposed to use ADF Faces components given by Oracle.
    Now my requirement is, on JSP page an input text field which holds a DATE value is required, it should also have a Date Picker Calendar adjacent to it.
    Could you pls shed some light on this issue and help me out.

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    var pUpWidthc = 300; //Change the pUpWidthc to your requirements.
    var scrAvailc = 400;     //Change to your available screen width. You see in
    //this eBooks' middle frame, the frame width is
                                                                //equal to 410 . So whether your using frames or
                                                                //or a full 800 pixel screen, you must calculate
                                                                //your available screen width.
    var PopUpC = document.getElementById("pUpc");
    document.write('<div id="pUpc" style="visibility:hidden;z-index:4;width:'+pUpWidthc+';position:absolute;"></div>');
    function cstmPup(objC,c){
    popUpC = document.getElementById("pUpc");
    popUpC.innerHTML = c.innerHTML = getPos(objC,"Left");
    var scrNeedc = getPos(objC,"Left") + pUpWidthc;
    if (scrNeedc > scrAvailc){
    //The number 10 below is an extra offset x value applied when the
    //definitional popup box positions beyond your screen width. You
    //can change this number to fine tune your "beyond screenwidth" positioning.
    var scrOffsetC = getPos(objC,"Left") + pUpWidthc - (scrAvailc); = getPos(objC,"Left") - (scrOffsetC - 0); = getPos(objC,"Top") + objC.offsetHeight; = 'visible';
    function fill()
         var noOfRows=7,noOfCols=7,i=0,j=0,day=1,x;
    var d1=FirstDayOfWeek(7,2008);
                   var y=x.insertCell(j);
                   if( ( i==1 && j<d1))
                   else if(day<=DaysInMonth(7,2008)){
    function FirstDayOfWeek(m,y)
    var i;
    var dow = 6;
    for (i=1583; i<y; i++)
    dow += (LeapYear(i)) ? 2 : 1;
    for (i=1; i<m; i++)
    dow += DaysInMonth(i,y);
    return dow % 7;
    function DaysInMonth(m,y)
    // m is the month number (1,2,3,...12), y is the year number (four digits)
    switch (m)
    case 1:
    case 3:
    case 5:
    case 7:
    case 8:
    case 10:
    case 12: return 31;
    case 2: if (LeapYear(y))
    return 29;
    return 28;
    default: return 30;
    function LeapYear(y)
    return (y % 4==0) && ((y % 100!=0) || (y % 400==0));
    function getPos(objC,sPos){
    var iPos = 0;
    while (objC != null) {
    iPos += objC["offset" + sPos];
    objC = objC.offsetParent;}
    return iPos;
    function hPopUpc(){
    popUpC = document.getElementById("pUpc"); = 'hidden';
    <button id="c1" onclick="cstmPup(c1,pUpCstm)">Custom PopUp</button>
    <'div' id="pUpCstm" style="display:none;">
    <'div' id="myid" align="left" style=" width:100%; height:100%; background:#cccccb; border:1px solid black; border-top:1px solid white; border-left:1px solid white; padding:10px; font:normal 10pt tahoma; padding-left:18px "> <b>Rich Message Boxes</b>
    <hr size="1" style="border:1px solid black;">
         <div style="width:220px; font-family:tahoma; font-size:80%; line-height:1.5em"><br>
              <table border ="1" id="myTable">
                        <TD> SUN </TD>
                        <TD> MON </TD>
                        <TD> TUE </TD>
                        <TD> WED </TD>
                        <TD> THU </TD>
                        <TD> FRI </TD>
                        <TD> SAT </TD>
    <button tabindex="-1" onclick="hPopUpc()" style="border:1px solid black; border-left:1px solid white; border-top:1px solid white; background:#cccccc ">Close Message</button>
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  • How to change the input and output schema in BPEL process

    Please tell me how to change the input and output schema in BPEL process after the process is made.

    If your intention is just changing the content you are passing to bpel/returning from bpel
    Here is another way
    just update your default created xsd files with new elements, update wsdl elements in message definition and chnage bpel code to reflect new elements in activities

  • How to change the Short text of a GUI Status .

    Hi Guys ,
       Can any one guide me on how to change the short text of an already existing GUI Status .
    I have already tried doing these :Opened the GUI Status in change mode and changed the short texts of the Application tool bar ,
                               Menu Bar ,
                               Function Keys ,
    thinking that this will update in the Short text .. but that didnt happen ...
    Below is what I need ...
    Requirement :
    GUI Status : Status_001 .
    Short Text :  New GUI Status .
    Change the Short Text to " Changed GUI Status ' . 

    Hi Ranjita,
    Do this...
    go to SE80
    Open the program.. open node GUI Status
    Double click on the status you want to change
    click on continue or simply enter
    Here change the short text and continue or enter
    activate it
    Hope this helps..

  • How to refresh the input text value in backing bean

    hi all
    i want to know
    how to refresh the input text value in backing bean?
    i have tried this code ,but it doesnt work
    public void click(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
    sb know?
    Edited by: Joe Zou on 2012-4-6 下午9:11

    The code looks good.
    Here is a sample based on your use-case:
    <af:form id="f1">
            <af:panelFormLayout id="pfl1">
              <f:facet name="footer">
                <af:commandButton text="Ok" id="cb1" partialSubmit="true"
              <af:inputText label="InputText" id="it1"
    import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
    public class InputTextSampleBean {
        private RichInputText myInputText;
        public InputTextSampleBean() {
        public void setMyInputText(RichInputText myInputText) {
            this.myInputText = myInputText;
        public RichInputText getMyInputText() {
            return myInputText;
        public void onClick(ActionEvent actionEvent) {
            AdfFacesContext adfFacesContext = AdfFacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

  • How to disply the input text box when the data in the table is empty

    I m using JDeveloper 11g : How to display the Input text box when the data in the table is empty or by using the dual table.
    Since there is no record in the table, screen is displying only the lable. not displying the Input text box.? Any property is there to enable?.
    One more case i tried by using dual (eg Select '0' as name from dual) created one view object and dragged in the JSF screen as input combo box with list of values.
    In this case also it is not displaying the combo box.Just displaying the Lable name and 0 only.
    Bijesh K

    I didn,t get you.Could you please explain. I am not choosing the ADF table. Selecting and dragging ADF form only.
    Bijesh K

  • Changing the cursor position in an input text field and Removing leading numeric zeros

    Flash8 - AS2
    It's good to be back after all these years and thanks for the faithfull folks like kglad, Ned Murphy, Rothrock and all the others who give so much of themselves to make this forum a success!
    My Problem:
    I have an input text field that is named in the properties box as 'numberOfKids'.
    When the program is executed, and a delete or backspace is pressed the input textfield goes blank
    and any calculations that use 'numberOfKids' shows NaN.
    I have trapped the NaN and undefined so that a numeric 0 shows up instead of a blank.
    There are two problems:
    First problem:
      The cursor is to the left of the zero, so the first number inputted by the user is 10x larger than what they want.  0 becomes 10.
    Question:  How do I get the cursor to move to the right of the 0?
    Second Problem: 
      When I manually move the cursor to the right of the 0 and input a number, say 4, it shows up as 04.
    Question 2:  How do I delete the leading numeric zero in the input textfield?
    Thanks for the help.
    Here's the code I am using:
    calculateChildWeight = function () {
    if (isNaN(numberOfKids)) {
      numberOfKids = 0;
    if ((numberOfKids) == undefined) {
      numberOfKids = 0;
    if (numberOfKids>=0 && numberOfKids<=137) {
      numberOfKids = numberOfKids;
    } else {
      numberOfKids = 0;
    if (isNaN(adjustedChildWeight)) {
      adjustedChildWeight = 0;
    if ((adjustedChildWeight)=undefined) {
      adjustedChildWeight = 0;
    adjustedChildWeight = Number(numberOfKids*(-100));
    //numberOfKids.setSelection(numberOfKids.length, numberOfKids.length);
    //if (numberOfKids.length=2 && numberOfKids<10) {
      // remove the first character or leading zero
    //  numberOfKids = numberOfKids;

    Thanks Rothrock for being so  patient.
    I'm lost!
    I go back to a brand new flash file to try and implement the textfields as a stand alone test document.  I have lost the concept I think.
    I created on the stage of a blank .fla file  4 text fields, 2 input and 2 dynamic.  I gave them an instance name in the properties box.  I use this instance name.text to find the value of the field.  I use the parseInt to put that value into a numeric variable for calculation.  The results are put to the appropriate textfield.
    All seems to work except one of my input text fields.   I use the value of this field  to calculate:
    revisedValue = parseInt(numberOfKids.text);
    revisedValue = revisedValue*(-100);
    The problem now is that if the numberic '2' is inputted into numberOfKids, numberOfKids.text shows up as 200 and a trace shows up as '2NaN'.
    Flash is logical and consistant, I must conform to it but I'm in the dark.
    (( Concerning the forum:  If I click on helpful, which your posts have been in directing me, does that blank out the possibility of selecting the correct answer in the future???))

  • How to change format of text in ticker view?

    Hi all,
    How to change format of text in ticker view?

    If you want to format the entire ticker with particular format then put in the Beginning text
    before Table tag
    put the font tag with needed attributes
    <Font> <table....>
    In the end text after table tag
    <table> close the font tag
    Edited by: Vinodh NK on Mar 18, 2010 4:36 AM
    Edited by: Vinodh NK on Mar 18, 2010 4:36 AM

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    hai to all, i need to take exp dump daily so i prefare to use scheduletask manager but i dont knew how to place the exp dump file name and its logs with their current sysdate and time while exp is taking part. for example: exp userid=........... file

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    Hey Everyone, We have a G5 Dual2 w/OSX 10.3.9 running FCP4.5 and LiveType 1.2 I know we have not upgraded yet but we are an affiliate and not an O&O. Here's the problem: We create a cg text in LT and save the .ipr file to one of the hard drives. We t

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    I have imported all my .MOV files into Adobe PE 10. How do I sort them by date order so I can make the film in chronological order? It is strange because all my .Mov files are ordered by date in Adobe Premiere 10 Organizer - but then in Adobe PE 10,

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    Hi, at startup I do not hear the chime but the G4/533MHZ boots up normally. There are no beeps to be heard so I guess the RAM/ROM is ok. Only strange thing is, the fan is making a lot of noise, then goes quiet and then speeds up again fast. Should th