In Purchase Order Line item Maintaining Serial Numbers for Material Codes

Dear Gurus,
We have a business process in legacy system for Purchase Order like in PO line item, Material code with description, Quantity, unit of Measurement, Serial Number Start and Serial Number End is maintained, for example for Material code when we enter the data AXMLN00001 in Serial Number Start column, if the Qty 500 is maintained, by default system will calculate AXMLN00500 in Serial Number End column. 
We understand that in standard SAP we donu2019t have this option of maintaining Serial Number Start and End in Purchase order Line item. Please let us know how this can be mapped and is it advisable to create two Z fields in EKPO table or else can we make any development.
Suppose if this is not possible in SAP for PO then in Banks if we want to place a order for Cheque books how we can maintain Start and End Serial Numbers to print in cheque books.
Also client is not agreeing to maintain manually Serial numbers in item text.

When the PO Item was created say for example Material had Valuation category "Y" and latter you wanted to change the category to "Y". Now system would have check for all open PO's etc...based on this you must have set Deletion Indicator to this Line Item to allow valuation category change in material master. Now when this Item got created in the table level (EKPO), system updates the valuation category "Y". Currently this valuation category is not active so it would not allow you to perform removal of deletion indicator as program cannot automatically nor you have an option to manually update the valuation category to this Item.

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  • Reg purchase order line item numbering

    Hi All ,
      Is  there any customization setting or possibility of cahanging the Purchase order line item number when the PO is created from the Purchase requisation , normally if the PO is created directly I am able to change the line item number as desired but if is created from a PR this is not allowed , please let me know any possibility of changing this .
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Mallikharjun,
    You can modify the Line Item numbering at IMG>MM>Purchasing>Purchase Requisition>Define Document Types.
    Here you can change the column ItmInt. which determines the line item number intervals.
    Hope it helps.

  • Free of Charge indicator in Purchase Order / Line item

    Dear All,
    Is there a table where i could locate if a particular purchase order / line item has the FOC tick maintained. I went through quite a few tables and am unable to locate the same.
    Or is there any other logic from which i could derive if a particular Purchase Order / Line item is FOC or not.
    Shall await a reply
    shabeen buhary

    The 'Free Items' indicator in the overview is only used to facilitate the switching off of the Inv.Receipt flag and the GR-based IV flag.
    Note that the 'Free Items' indicator is not stored on the PO item table EKPO.
    The Inv.Receipt flag (and the GR-based IV flag) are the fields that really controls if an item is 'free' or not.
    So, the field is initiated based on the values in those fields rather than from input from the user.
    When an invoice is expected it's not a free-item. This indicator invoice receipt is chosen from the main-item and also from the
    customization maintained for item category 0 in table T163.
    Syed Hussain.

  • Deleting Purchase Order Line items

    Is it possible when you delete a purchase order line item using ME22n to have the corresponding purchase requisition line item marked as closed or deleted? 
    Currently when we delete the PO line item we get the message that the "Requisition quantity XXXX open again" .  We have purchase requisitions converting to purchase orders via ME59N on a schedule batch job,  so the req gets converted to a PO again if it is not deleted quick enough.

    Hi Gary,
    In MRP related PR to PO or without MRP also, whenever you convert a PR to PO and then delete an item from PO, the corresponding PR gets opened automatically - and its standard. This is logical also, because sometimes the person creating PR is different from the person creating PO. And If a PO item has been created synchronous to PR item, then its deletion must also be sysnchronous.
    I hope this answers your querry.

  • Price changes in Purchase order Line Items its displaying as"WF-BATCH"

    Hi Experts,
    I need some Information about Price changes in Purchase order Line Items,In PO Documents Price changes through this wf-batch has  changed the value of this row to xxx.xx USD, which does not correspond the invoice.
    If  i selected the Item changes in the Purchase Order its displaying as"WF-BATCH".
    So please try to clarify where this batch originates from.

    Hi Jurgen,
    Thanks for your reply.
    But how i can check this in Purchase orders,on what basis this price changes information is recorded in PO Line Item level.
    can you pls guide me some steps to check the price changes through WF-BATCH.

  • Purchase order Line item Excise Details

    Dear All..
                    In purchase order line item Excise Details Basic price and Excise 14% and 2%cess and 1%Se.Cess And cst 4% Are Stored in Which table.. or any standard report available for this.. Please Resolve this.
    Usefull Threads will Be Rewarded..
    Thanks & Regards

    for excise check table J_1IEXCHDR for header
    J_1IEXCDTL  for item excise
    The Table name used to find the Tax Values are
    KOMV: Pricing Communications-Condition Record
    KONV: Conditions (Transaction Data)
    From the above tables you can refer the fields below.
    Fetch the corresponding records based on the field
    hope it help

  • User Exit for Purchase Order Line Items.

    I have been trying to search for a User Exit for Purchase Order Line Items and have been unable to do find anything.  I need to overwrite the Net Price and Pricing Condition on a certain type of material based upon the Pricing Condition for that Line Item which is on the Sales Document.  Any direction you can point me into would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  I was able to create my first BADI using the PROCESS_ITEM method.  The following link was also very helpful: Re: BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST Method:PROCESS_ITEM

  • One inspection lot for multiple materials of purchase order line items

    Hi All,
    My client requirement is one inspection lot for multiple materials of purchase order line items.
    Please share your thoughts.
    Thanks in advance for early reply.

    I totally agree with Amol.
    I don't think I would touch that development nor would I ever tell a client it could reliably be done through development.
    Knowing what I know about the table structures, I don't think you could create any development for this that could use a significant amount of the existing tables and functionality.  I think you'd have to create all your own Z tables and basically rebuild the functionality.  Tying it back in with SAP data will be difficult.
    You're even looking at all custom screens for your results recording and UD as well.  And if you have follow-on functions like batch classification requirements, batch determination, COA publication, results copy functions, use of DMR and sampling procedures, physical samples, quality notifications, etc. etc.. you could be looking a whole lot of development.

  • Which table stores the condition values of a purchase order line item?

    Please let me know the table that stores the condition values of purchase order line items(when we click on conditions tab after selecting an item then we can see the condition types and there is a corresponding condition value for that condition type.
    My requirement is to get the actual price for a purchase order line item(it can be seen in the last line and it is calculated after considering all the condition types) and display this value in a custom report.

    Hi Ravindra
    You can find the conditions data for PO in TAble KONV.
    KONV-KSCH is the condition type
    KONV-KWERT is  the cond value
    KONV-KNUMH is the condition doc no. which is there in EKKO field KNUMH.
    So u have to make a link between KONV-KNUMH and EKKO-KNUMH.

  • Posting multiple invoices against single purchase order line item

    We receive invoices on completion of certain milestones and Goods receipt is done when the final lot of material is delivered.  For example the purchase order may be to deliver 1 quantity of Machine.  Material is supplied in bits like Gear Box, Engine and body.  Invoice is received when Gear Box, Engine is supplied. Final invoicing is received on completion of delivery (taking into account what has already been delivered)
    Goods Receipt in SAP needs to be posted only once when complete machinery is delivered (the tracking for different parts delivered is done outside SAP).  However, the multiple invoice needs to be posted in SAP referring to same PO item (Please note PO quantity for complete assembled material is only 1).
    This needs to be treated as material and not service in SAP.  Can you please suggest how to book multiple invoices for same purchase order line item?

    Hi Charan
    Thanks for your reply.  However, both the options are not feasible.  Invoices can be received in different periods, sometimes over different months or years, hence needs to be booked immediately.
    Also, i cannot create material master for each component as the quantity for the final material is only 1.
    Any other alternatives?

  • Undelete Purchase order line item

    Good day,
    Is it possible to undelete a deleted purchase order line item? If yes, how can I establish this?
    Thanks & regards,
    Christel Smolders

    u will see block / unblock symbol also dust bin symbol in Po line. U can delete line item here and when u want to undelete by pressing unblock u can achive same
    select the line item and then press unblock / undelete symbol ( Open lock symbol) line item will undelete

  • Purchase order line item block

    Need to understand in what circumstance Purchase order line item gets blocked automatically. I have a situation in which net price is 0.01 and line item has got blocked automatically. This is through conversion objects(using BAPI_PO_CREATE). When manually created this works fine. Where can i see this standard behavior in customization. Any additional inputs will be helpfull.

    A BAPI is just a program that cannot do anything if it does not get filled with data.
    How does it get the data? What is made with the data in a framework program before the BAPI is called? This is were you or you ABAPer has to start analyzing. Of course the BAPI is not changed, but the data has to be read from a source and need to be transferred to a internal table which is then transferred to the BAPI. This all happens in a program that is developed by a programmer. Or do you call the BAPI via SE37 ?
    SAP does not set an item block by itself, SAP gives you an error message and stops you from saving, or gives a warning message and you confirm that you read it and can continue.

  • Creating inbound delivery for the purchase order line items

    Hi Experts,
    Please let me know how can I create inbound delivery for the purchase order line items?  Say, I have a purchase order with 5 line items in it.  I wanted to create an inbound delivery for only 2 line items at this point of time.  Which SAP Standard transaction I have to use and what all  data I need to populate?  I would appreciate any help on this and will reward the right answer.  Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.
    with regards,
    Muthu Ganapathy.

    While creating the inbound delivery (VL31N), intially all the items will be shown, see the advance shipping notfication - from the vendor for which he has send confirmation & rest items you can delete simply & save. & next time when the vendor sends rest advance shipping notifcation (confirmation), you can receive them.
    Hope this answers your query.

  • Adopt BOM item in purchase order line item

    Hello Friends,
    I have a requirement in which i need to show a material bom components in the purchase order line item(its not an subcontracting PO).
    Please help me in this, any user exit or enhancement, badi available to do this?

    Please see the below link

  • Restrict purchase order line item selection in MEMASSPO

    How to restrict in authorizations of role which purchase order line item can be selected by user in the memasspo.
    I have a scenario where Business wants that no user should be allowed to select all the Purchase Order line items rather should be displayed sub set of the entire purchase Order line items while attempting to do mass change in the PO created.
    Thanks & Regards,

    The mass transaction is meant to change many POs and their items at one time.
    The user can not change anything with mass which he cannot do in ME22N.
    if he can do it in ME22N, why should he not be able to do it in MEMASSPO?
    Based on what criteria should a item be restricted from a change in your special case, how do you define your subset?

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