Inbound delivery

Dear experts,
Once the ME21K created and Inbound delivery is created with respect to Purchase order.
---Is there any provision that there should not be any changes like increasing the quantity in purchase order once inbound delivery is created.
in messages i changed the entry from w to e,even though error meassage is not coming instead of warning
--is there any provision that once inbound delivery is made,system should not accept MIGO against Purchase order,
--Is there any provision that once inbound delivery is made, system shall not accept the invoice with purchase order,invoicing shall be done based on inbound delivery only.
Can any body reply to this,
advance thanks for the reply,

Query 1->  you can have number of inbound deliveries for a Purchase order.Vendor can confirm partial deliveries.Based on these confimations , inbound delivery will be created.You can't stop the PO changes once inbound delivery is created.Can you explain what business processes needs this type of requirement?
Query 2 -> Once the confirmation control key is defined, system will not allow you to do GR wrt to Purchase order.
Query3-> If your doing IR based on PO, (GR based IR not checked) , system always allow you to do IR based on PO.You can't process IR based on inbound delivery.You can do IR based on PO or GR.This is standard SAP functionality.Even if you do IR based on inbound delivery, you ar not sure that vendor supply the goods.
Last point: Inbound delivery mainly used to give input for MRP that Stock will be available by perticular date so that while running MRP, system consider inbound delivery quantity is available and plans balance quantity.

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  • Creation of inbound delivery without reference to a PO

    Dear gurus,
    Let's say that a normal inbound flow is something like this:
    PO > Create inbound delivery with reference to PO > inbound shipment > Transfer Order > Confirm Transfer Order > Post Goods Receipt > Putaway
    My client does not want to create the PO because the PO serves no purpose to them. They want the process to start from inbound delivery.
    1. Can a standalone inbound delivery be created WITHOUT reference to a PO ? If yes, please tell me the configuration and transaction code involved in order to create this standalone inbound delivery.
    2. Based on standard configuration, can an inbound delivery be created automatically with reference to a material document (for eg MIGO Mvt Type 501). Once again, for this scenario, no PO should be involved. If yes, please tell me the configuration and transaction code involved in order to trigger the creation of this inbound delivery (I'm not looking for the answer of an inbound delivery creation BAPI to being triggered directly after the creation of the Material Document).
    3. Based on standard configuration, can an inbound delivery be created manually with reference to a material document (for eg MIGO Mvt Type 501). Once again, for this scenario, no PO should be involved. If yes, please tell me the configuration and transaction code involved in order to create this inbound delivery.

    Hi Peter,
    Actually, my intention is not really to create an inbound delivery based on a goods receipt. Since my client is not keen on the idea of creating a PO, I'm actually trying to provide alternatives and workarounds. From what I have gathered, I already know this much
    -> An inbound delivery must be created with reference to PO unless Handling Unit Management is activated. If Handling Unit Management is activated, the creation of a Material Document will trigger the creation of an inbound delivery (I havent tested this out yet). Therefore, a PO will not be necessary in this case.
    I was kind of expecting answers along this line, unless of course, something better pops up. Maybe someone out there may know something more.
    As for Handling Units, I'm not familiar with it. Hopefully somebody can give me a good configuration guideline on what to do in order to activate it so that I can simulate the scenario of a Material Document triggering the creation of an inbound delivery (I'm not looking for the kind of answers which simply cuts and pastes the SAP HELP URL, 4.6C Handling Unit PDF, Best Practice Document and etc). Hopefully somebody out there can really give me a good guideline on how to do this.

  • Creation of Inbound delivery mandatory for ASN process in classic scenario?

    Dear Experts,
    We are going for classic scenario for our green field SRM implementation process. Our client is not using  ASN process in their existing MM process. However, they are now looking for an oppurtunity to enable Suppliers to trigger ASN using SUS. In such case, is creation of inbound delivery from Buyer side a mandatory process?
    Is the below the process correct?
    PO -> ASN (Supplier using SUS) -> Inbound delivery (Optional) -> Goods Receipt (Mandatory) -> Invoicing.
    Here, I understand that Goods receipt can be verified against the PO or via Inbound delivery to PO. ASN will inform the store keeper in advance about impending goods receipt and smoothen the confirmation process.
    Could you please comment on the above process? Could you please suggest the best practices followed here?
    Thanks and regards,
    Ranjan Sutradhar

    Hey Ranjan!,
    You are on track.
    The process flow you have shown is true. ASN is available as a standard as part of the MM-SUS process. It makes the buyer aware of any delays in delivery or to make arrangements on shipping docks to receive goods on a said date etc.

  • ASN creation based on ECC inbound delivery

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario in which we are creating an inbound delivery in ECC and corresponding ASN should be created in supplier system.
    In order to achieve this functionality of ECC to supplier system is there any way to map this functionality through any custom development ?
    Kindly suggest
    Gaurav Gupta

    What I understand from the requirement is - The Supplier dispatches the material to Purchasing company & informs about the same via ASN. This ASN triggers inbound delivery in ECC. When the material reaches the Purchasing Company, GRN is posted with reference to the Inbound Delivery.
    Is this correct?
    If so, you can achieve this through RFC function, which can be called from vendor ERP system or through Vendor Portal by directly calling the RFC or by using Web Service.

  • Error in creation of inbound delivery

    When I tried to create inbound delivery against schedule agreement
    1) Following warning message is coming when I enter the quantity for each and every line item
       u201CAcknowledgment for PO item contains data varianceu201D
    2)Following error message is coming when I saved the delivery
    u201CTermination during purchase order updateu201D
    So I am unable to create the inbound delivery
    Note: this error is coming for a particular vendor only

    Hi ,
    Goto SM13 .
    Find the terminations based on user and creation date.
    Get the same analysed by ur ABAP team.
    Also check the confirmations in PO at Item level.
    Ramesh Ch

  • Inbound Delivery: Inbound WHSCON IDoc with Batch Split - HowTo...?

    We have another tricky problem to solve on our ERP 6.0 system.
    My colleagues of Lindt UK create manually inbound deliveries (VL33N) which are replicated to the warehouse (DESADV IDoc -> TRADACOMS.ORDHDR).
    When the goods arrive at the warehouse they send back a good receipts message (TRADACOMS.DLCHDR -> WHSCON IDoc).
    In some cases we have a batch split because the goods have been put into different storage locations. Example:
    - item 10: 200 Cases of product 4711, batch 10-2011,  in storage location '0001' (free available for Sale)
    - item 10:     5 Cases of product 4711, batch 10-2011, in storage location '0004' (damaged)
    I am aware that in the inbound WHSCON item 10 is a main position and the two actual batch split positions are sub-items (900001 & 900002 with HIPOS = '10'). I tried to used E1EDL19-QUALF = 'BAS' (= batch split) with the sub-items but failed so far to update the inbound delivery that I can see the batch split.
    I have managed to get one sub-item but not 2 of them. Somehow the system aggregates the quantities for both sub-items into the single item that shows up in the inbound delivery.
    When we send the inbound delivery to the warehouse the item looks like this:
    - item 10: 200 Cases (no batch yet, Putaway quantity = 0, because these data are coming from the warehouse).
    QUESTION: Has anybody else been faced with a similar (if not identical) problem and how did you solve it?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your valuable input.

    Hello Finbarr
    I assume that you do NOT send any (suggested) batches to your warehouse. Otherwise you would have the same problem like we have that the WHSCON cannot overwrite a (suggested) batch.
    However, if you just send the quantity per item then the batch split is much simpler than you suggested:
    "First E1EDL24 segment:
    POSNR     50
    MATNR     000000000000602006
    MATWA     000000000000602006
    CHARG     L1519   " <<< first batch
    LFIMG     37.000
    VRKME     CT
    "Second E1EDL24 segment:
    POSNR     50
    MATNR     000000000000602006
    MATWA     000000000000602006
    CHARG     L1880   " <<< second batch
    LFIMG     37.000
    VRKME     CT
    Well, and as qualifier we use: E1EDL19-QUALF = 'XYZ'  " a dummy
    The SAP system is smart enough the realize that these two E1EDL24 segment belong to the same item yet have different batches and, therefore, yield a batch split in the delivery. The system generated the 9xxxxx numbers for this sub-item lines automatically.
    Although I believe that it is not possible to change a batch in the delivery using an inbound WHSCON I would appreciate to have a final proof of this assumption. I could imagine that if you first delete the item containing the suggested batch and then add a new item with the actual batch from the warehouse it might works. However, this would require to implement a user-exit which I do not prefer.
    PS: It seems I gave an answer to the wrong question (should be EDI (DESADV): Can batches be overwritten by an inbound WHSCON (pick conf)? )

  • Reg: How to capture the Excise Invoice with respect to Inbound delivery

    Hi All,
    Please give the process follow for capturing the excise invoice with respect to inbound delivery.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Siva,
    Please check this link
    CIN with Example..?
    Bijoy Kumar

  • SAP System inconsistency for Inbound delivery / MIGO and a "sap note"

    Hello Friends ,
    After following SAP instruction on how to remove the inconsistency between posting GR through MIGO (Inv. mang.) and the reflection of the goods movement status in the inbound delivery document - done that using sap note 570991
    the problem is that the system start behaving in a weird way throwing unjustified Error messages for any suggested goods receipt using MIGO with reference to inbound
    for example after creating an inbound delivery document and trying to post it via migo , an error will pop up
    - Inbound delivery storage location cannot be changed to here Message no. VLA316
    the thing is i didn't even maintain any storage location entry up to that point and yet i cannot post any stock !!
    also another error  like
    - Inbound delivery batch cannot be changed to *** here
    which doesn't make any sense because there is not batches in the inbound document !!
    i think this behavior is coming from the "Document Flow Update for Stock Postings" inbound  indicator  at the shipping parameter at client level customization
    i need help on  how to overcome this annoying SAP Bug/Problem specially i am in a post go live critical situation

       The messages you mentioned were introduced to avoid inconsistency between inbound delivery and IM, through the note:  1050944 - GR for inbound delivery using inventory mgmt as of ECC 6.00
       If the messages are issued incorrectly, then you may check for SAP notes (I couldnt find anything relevant) or raise an OSS ticket to SAP.

  • Problem with HU during creation of Inbound Delivery using IDoc

    When I am creating Delivery manually and perform Packing, Handling Unit information is stored in VEKP and VEPO tables.
    But when I am processing through IDoc, after passing data to Handling Unit Segments E1EDL37 (Handling unit header), E1EDL39 (Control Segment for Handling Units), E1EDL44 (IDoc: Handling Unit Item - Delivery), It is creating delivery successfully but Handling Unit information is not getting stored in VEKP, VEPO tables.
    Tried most of the notes 912470, 678464, 682506 and all of them say "<i>You use the Idoc DESADV to create inbound delivery with packing data. The delivery is created, Idoc gets status 52 but the Handling Units (HUs) are missing. This is due to a program error. In case the IDoc contains segments to create HUs (E1EDL37), the IDoc processing should end in error status (51) as long as no packing data could be created</i>.".
    Need your advice whether we have to maintain any customizing for this or how to proceed with it.
    Thanks in advance,

    IDocs and BAPIs sometimes behave differently than transactions. You might need to add a user exit specifically for IDoc processing. Otherwise send a message to SAP and have them look at it.

  • Purchase order and Inbound delivery

    Hi gurus,
    Im trying to create an inbound delivery with reference to purchase order. In the configuration i've created a new delivery type similar to EL and said Yes to all the copy controls that system asks. When im creating the inbound delivery with reference to the PO it is picking up the standard EL delivery type instead of the one that i created. What did i miss here? I want the inbound delivery type that i created be the default inbound delivery type for that particular order type.. pls suggest

    Hi Joseph,
    Just check whether the newly created delivery type is assigned to the Confirmation Category LA under the below path:
    SproMaterials ManagementPurchasingConfirmationsDefine Internal Confirmation Categories
    Ramesh Ch

  • PO qty and Value with Inbound Delivery qty

    Dear all
    i have a report requirement, client wants to have a report on the basis of Inbound delivery qty. for eg.
    If Po qty is 100 @ $10.00 each Total Po value = $1000
    if he makes a inbound delivery of 20 qty Report should display outstanding delivery qty as 80 and with reduced value .of $800
    Pl tell me how to get these details.

    Hi Manoj,
    I think you should should copy ME2M and change the output.

  • Exit or Badi to prevent MIGO Goods Receipt on PO with Inbound Delivery

    I am hoping that someone can provide me with some direction on how to prevent the use of MIGO for GR when the PO being received is (or should be) linked to an inbound delivery.
    For purchase orders with a confirmation control key an inbound delivery is to be created and the goods receipt needs to be done from the inbound delivery. This scenario also includes the case of stock transport orders whereby an inbound delivery is created form the outbound delivery. On the other hand for purchase orders without a confirmation control key no inbound delivery is created and the MIGO transaction is to be used to post the goods receipt.
    Since both processes are possible, I would like to prevent people from posting the GR using MIGO if certain conditions pre-exist.
    Can anyone suggest a means to accomplish this goal? Is there an exit or badi in MIGO that you would suggest using?

    The following user eixts and badis available for migo transaction:
    Enhancement/ Business Add-in            Description                                                                               
    Customer Function Exit in the Case of Updating a Art. Doc.     
    Read from RESB and RKPF for print list in  MB26                
    Customer exit: Create reservation BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE1     
    Filling the storage location field                             
    Customer function exit: Updating a reservation                 
    Customer function for WBS element                              
    Article document item for goods receipt/issue slip             
    Customer function exit: Segment text in article doc. item                                                                               
    Business Add-in                                                                               
    MB21/MB22: Check and Complete Dialog Data                      
    BAdI: Item Data at Time of Quantity Check                      
    Connection: Core Inventory and Retail AddOn                    
    BAdI in MIGO for Changing Item Data                            
    BAdI in MIGO for External Detail Subscreens                    
      BAdIs when Creating an Article Document (SAP Internal)         
    BADI when updating article document: MSEG and MKPF             
    BAdIs when Creating an Article Document                        
    Proposal of quantity from Excise invoice in GR                 
    BAdI for India Version exit in include MM07MFB7                
    posting of gr                                                  
    BAdI: Check Line Before Copying to the Blocking Tables         
    Check Add-On-Specific Data for MM_MATBEL                       
    Check Add-On-Specific Criteria for MM_MATBEL     
    If it is helpful rewards points

  • How to know that the purchase order link to which inbound delivery ?

    Dear Support ,
    I am looking for one way which can check which purchase order ( only for trading goods ) link to which inbound delivery ....
    Now my way is use the purchase order number as a condiction to check in LIPS table , but i think this is a stupid way , right ?
    In fact , i am writing one report which can show all the Open Purchase Order ( Only for trading goods and already created the inbound delivery & shipment costs ) which can do the MIGO without the problems ....
    Has any way to check it ?
    Many thanks .....
    Best Regards

    PO and inbound delivery link.
    In PO item , Conformation Tab : conf ctrl. if its is active U can GR with inbound delivery only (VL31N)
    and not with MIGO.
    VL06I - Inbound Delivery Monitor
    V_UC_7 - Incomplete Inbound Deliveries
    VL06I Inbound Delivery Monitor
    VL06IC Confirmation of putaway inb. deliv.
    VL06ID Inbound Deliveries for Distribution
    VL06IF Selection inbound deliveries
    VL06IG Inbound deliveries for goods receip
    VL06IP Inbound deliveries for putaway.
    Go to --Information systems > General report selection > Logistics execution > shipping

  • Pending       Inbound Delivery     GR      IR   PO

    Dear Friends,
    1. How to came to Know  the Pending GR or Inbound Delivery  ( GR against inbound delivery )
    2. How to came to know the pending (PO,GR,INVOICE,BILLING) documents in a particular period in a particular level.
    With Regards

    Question 1 - But, To make PO and then Inbound Delivery and then GR against Inbound Delivery. What are the setting that are required to acheive this?
    It is based on the confirmation category and you have to use the confirmation category in the PO, so that system will allow you to create inbound delivery
    SPRo path is MM => Purchasing => Confirmations. There click on Confiramation Categories and maintain the confiramtion category as Inbound delivery
    Question 2 - Still we have PO and Inbound Delivery, can we make GR against PO? and leave Inbound Delivery as it is without touching? Is this possible?
    Yes, this is possible, eventhough you have inbound delivery you can do GR, and at the time GR ,you will get message saying
    inbound delivery exist for the same.
    If you convert that message from warning to error, system will not allow GR for PO which is having inbound delivery.
    in otherwords you need to do GR with ref to inbound delivery only.

  • Report for inbound delivery

    Dear all
    I want report for PO which inbound delivery is done but GR is not done? is there is any std .report?
    pls help

    You can use Delivery Monitoring function with t-code VL06I to see your Inbound Delivery status and post GR for relevant open Inbound Delivery collectively.
    See further link for detail explanation.
    Edited by: girang irawan on Dec 30, 2009 11:27 AM

  • Document flow of Inbound Delivery

    Dear Gurus,
    We have upgraded to support pack SAPKH60018 from SAPKH60010.
    Earlier the process for goods receipt was followed as described below
    1. Purchase order
    2. Inbound Delivery
    3. GR in to Blocked stock against Inbound Delivery (mvmt type 103)
    3. Release GR blocked stock (mvmt type 105)
    Now after upgrading the support pack when GR blocked stock is made against the Inbound Delivery system is not updating the Document number in the document flow and PGR button is not disabled though 103 mvmt type document is made through migo.
    System is also not allowing to make the Release GR block stock through MIGO and prompting to use Inbound Delivery Dialog instead.
    Request for immediate assitance in regard to this issue.
    Danish Alam.

    With the support pack in case if material is serialized for such plant you can post goods receipt only in VL32N which would happen only during 105 mvt type and you cannot post goods receipt using MIGO.

Maybe you are looking for

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