Inbound IDOC User Exit ZXVEDU04

Hi all,
We have to develop an user exit for changing the Plant, Shipping Point, Storage location, Shipp to party and Pricing date .
Now the requirement is changed , only Pricing date has to be changed . Please give me some answer .
We have identified the exit ZXVEDU04 .
But which internal table we are supposed to change this to change the data .
If possible send me a sample code
Thanks in Advance .
Vivek K ..
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Internal table dxdbdata will the Screen flow.
you can read the the table   
read table dxbdcdata with key fnam = 'VBAP-WERKS'.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
*--- filed dxbdcdata-fval will have the plant,here you can assign a new plant.
      dxbdcdata-fval = new plant
      modify dxbdcdata index sy-tabix.
    read table dxbdcdata with key fnam = 'VBAP-VSTEL'.
    if sy-subrc = 0.
*--- filed dxbdcdata-fval will have the shipping point ,here you can assign a new shipping point.
      dxbdcdata-fval = new shipping point
      modify dxbdcdata index sy-tabix.

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    Hi all,
    We have to develop an user exit for changing the Plant, Shipping Point and Storage location
    We have identified the exit ZXVEDU04 . Is there some other exit for this ??
    But which internal table we are supposed to change this to change the data .
    If possible send me a sample code
    Thanks in Advance .
    Vivek K ..

    Hi all,
    I have done this for a single line item IDoc .
    How do i go for IDocs with more than one line item ???
    I have hardcoded VBAP-WERKS(1) etc for Plant, Strg Loc and shp pt .
    How to identify how many line items are there in the IDocs ??
    Thanks in Advance .
    Vivek K ..

  • Inbound IDOC user exits

    Re: IDOC User Exits
    Posted: Aug 1, 2006 10:43 AM        Reply      E-mail this post 
    I have a basic doubt. We can modify or add new segments and change existing values to segments only for outbound idoc.
    I have a requirement where a particular field in a segment would be empty for an inbound idoc. Is it possible to change inbound idoc values after the idoc is created and before it gets posted.
    Please let me know,

    Updating IDoc data in segments.
    STEP 1 - Open document to edit
                document_number               = t_docnum
                idoc_control                  = itab_edidc
                idoc_data                     = itab_edidd
                document_foreign_lock         = 1
                document_not_exist            = 2
                document_not_open             = 3
                status_is_unable_for_changing = 4
                OTHERS                        = 5.
    STEP 2 - Loop at itab_edidd and change data
    LOOP AT itab_edidd WHERE segnam = 'E1EDKA1'.
      e1edka1 = itab_edidd-sdata.
      IF e1edka1-parvw = 'LF'.
        e1edka1-partn = t_eikto.
        itab_edidd-sdata = e1edka1.
        MODIFY itab_edidd.
    STEP 3 - Change data segments
                    idoc_changed_data_range = itab_edidd
                    idoc_not_open           = 1
                    data_record_not_exist   = 2
                    OTHERS                  = 3.

  • Inbound IDoc user exit

    I am attempting to write my first user exit for an Inbound IDoc. Outbound seems easy by comparison. I am going to add a date to VBAK-MAHDT from and extended ORDERS03 segment. My extended segment is pretty much like E1EDK03.
      I'm working with enhancement VEDA0001. For include ZXVEDU03 of component EXIT_SAPLVEDA_001 I have this so far:
      w_z1edk03 LIKE z1edk03,
      w_vbak LIKE vbak.
    CASE segment-segnam.
      WHEN 'Z1EDK03'.
        IF segment-sdata(3) = 'Z01'.
          w_z1edk03 = segment-sdata.
          MOVE dxvbak TO w_vbak.
          w_vbak-mahdt = w_z1edk03-datum.
          MOVE w_vbak TO dxvbak.
      Am I on the right track? Isn't there something else that I need for include ZXVEDU04 of EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002?

    I went ahead and added:
    IF contrl-mestyp = 'ORDERS' AND
      contrl-idoctp = 'Z_EK_ORDERS03'.
    for that check Mahendra.
      I am trying to figure out how to update dxbdcdata correctly to add my data to the screen in EXIT_SAPLVEDA_002 include ZXVEDU04. With the debugger I see updates in dxbdcdata for screens '4002' and '4003' but not for '4001' where I believe my data should be added. Do I just append the records for '4001' myself and does it matter what order it is in?

  • Debugging inbound idoc user exit

    Hi all,
    I have a client who wishes to do some data validation when creating an inbound idoc.  We've identified the appropriate user exit and set a break-point in it, but how do I get the inbound process to stop here so I can see the data coming through, particularly since the process is initiated from a source external to R/3.
    The file data is coming from a warehouse management system into XI, and then being passed from XI through to the function IDOC_INPUT_DELVRY.

    go thru the below information.
    - IDOC is an Intermediate Document'. It is simply a data container used to exchange information
    between any two processes that can understand the syntax and semantics of the data.
    An IDOC is created as a result of executing an Outbound ALE or EDI process.
    In an inbound ALE or EDI process, an IDOC serves as input to create an application document.
    -When an IDOC is created in the system , an unique number(16 Digits) is assigned to it.
    This number is unique with in the client.
    - IDOCs are independent of the sending and receiving systems.
    - IDOCs are independent of the direction of data exchange.
    - In the IDOCs, data is stored in text format.
    - IDOC will wait until the Remote System is Active.
    *IDOC Definition Components
    - Basic Idoc Type: Basic Idoc type defines the structure and format of the business document
    that is to be exchanged between two systems. Basic Idoc type can refer to an SAP provided
    basic IDOC type or a customer developed basic IDOC type.
    - A basic IDOC type has the following characteristics:
    Name : A basic Idoc type can be assigned upto a thirty character name.
    List of permitted segments: The segments make up the IDOC structure.
    Hierarchy of segments : The hierarchy of segments specifies the physical sequence and
    any parent - child relationship in the segments.
    Mandatory Vs Optional Segments : When used in the IDOC type, each segment has
    an attribute that defines whether the segment is option or mandatory.
    Minimum/Maximum range for each segment: It defines the maximum and minimum
    number of timesa data record corresponding to a segment cn exist in an IDOC.
    - Segments : A segment defines the format and structure of a data record.
    Segments are reusable componets. A segment consists of various fields that represent data
    in data record.
    IDOC Run time components:
    - A unique IDOC number 16 digits is allocated.
    - One control record is attached to the IDOC.
    - Segments translate into data records.
    - Status records are attached.
    - Sytax rules are checked.
    IDOC Record Types:
    1. Control Record : The control record contains all of the control information about an IDOC,
    this information basically includes the IDOC number, sender and receiver information,
    and information such as the message type it represents and the IDOC type.
    - there is only one control record per IDOC.
    - The stucture of the control record is the same for all the IDOCs and is defined by SAP.
    - The structure of the control record is defined by the data dictionary structure EDI_DC40.
    - The control record is stored in the EDIDC table.
    2. Data Record : Data records contain the application data. A data record has two sections
    Administrative Section and a Data section.
    - The Administrative section cotain the segment name, client, IDOC number, segment number,
    hierarchy level information.
    - The Data section of a data record is a stram of 1000 bytes where the actual data resides.
    - The data record is defined by the data dictionary structure EDI_DD40.
    - Data records for IDOCs stored in the EDID4 table.
    3. Status Record : Status records are attaced to an IDOC throughout the process as
    the IDOC achieves different milestones or encounters an error. At every milestone a statu code,
    date and time are assigned.
    - Status codes 01 to 49 are reserved for OUtbound process, 50 and above are reserved for
    inbound processes.
    Message Type: Identifies what type of information transformed between logical systems or partners.
    Message type is not a local object type , it is transportable.
    Port : A Port defines the medium in which data is exchanged between the two systems in
    the ALE process, IDocs are transferred via memory.
    1. TRFC ports are used for ALE communicaion.
    2. File Ports used by EDI
    3. CPI-C ports used to communicate with R/2 systems.
    4. Internet ports used to connect with Internet Applications.
    5. ABAP-PI ports used to process data via the ABAP programming interface.
    6. XML ports used to process files in XML format.
    Partner Profiles:
    A partner profile has three views, which maintain different parameters for the partner.
    1. The General Parameters View : Values are stored in table EDPP1.
    2. The Outbound Parameters view : Values are stored in table EDP13, except for the
    Message control parameter , which are stored in table EDP12.
    3. The Inbound Parameters View: Values are stored in table EDP21.
    Transaction Codes :
    WE31- Segment Creation
    WE30 - IDOC structure
    WE81 - Message type creation
    WE82 - Link between Message type and IDOC type.
    WE21 - Creation of POrt
    WE20 - Partner Profile creation
    WE19 - Test tool for IDOC Processing.
    SALE - ALE (Application Linking and Enabling) settings
    Go through the link for basics related to IDOCs:
    Check these links.
    Please check this PDF documents for ALE and IDoc.
    Check below link. It will give the step by step procedure for IDOC creation.
    Check these out..
    Re: How to create IDOC
    Check below link. It will give the step by step procedure for IDOC creation.
    go trough these links.
    You need to excahnge data between systems you need an interface as medium for data transfer.
    IDoc also treat one of the interface options for data transfer.
    Check this link
    IDOC Debugging:
    1) We generally go for customized IDocs if none of the SAP standard IDoc does not suit our need/business process. Creating is custom IDoc should be a very stringent process. The SAP standard IDocs should be rigorously checked (if any user exits can be of our help or IDoc extension will solve the purpose).
    2) WE19 is the test tool by which we can create IDocs to see whether our functionality is working. It is mostly used to debug inbound function modules.
    For outbound function module debugging you can use the following:
    1) RBDMIDOC - for master IDocs configured via change pointers.
    2) RSNASTED - for transaction IDocs with output/message control.
    3) RSEOUT00 - For IDoc whose status is "to be processed".

  • Doubt in Idoc user exit..............

    Hi All,
               i have written the user exit for Sales Order subscreen tab called <b>additional data2</b> , this tab is provided by sap for developer can write their own user exit coding.
               my doubt is whenever PO comes as an <b>Inbound IDOC i need to pass the value from</b> <b>segment to my user exit fields</b>.
               <b>where can i find the inbound idoc user exit for SO .</b>
                Thanks in advance,

    Look at enhancement VEDA0001. It has got quite a few user exits you can use. You will also need to enhance the IDOC for the additional fields you have added on your screen.

  • Idoc User Exit

    Hi Friends,
    How do you find the IDOC User exits?
    How to create IDOC Custom segment?
    Please Let Me know.Any help is Appreciated.

    <i>How do you find the IDOC User exits?</i>
    <b>-->>There is nothing separately you can figure out only IDoc user-exits..Goto particular Transaction code -->system --> status..Click in the program & find out the Exits which is relevent to IDoc..Even u can put a break-point in all exits & find when its called...</b>
    <i>How to create IDOC Custom segment?</i>
    <b>--> Goto Tcode WE31 to create segments..</b>
    Check these links for more details on IDoc's:
    <b>ALE/ IDOC</b>
    Hope this helps
    <i>* Reward each helpful answer</i>
    Raja T


    Dear Experts,
    Pls let me know for these topics shall i put the question in this community or should i put in any other form. Pl suggest me .

    Plz SEARCH in SCN before posting ,you will get lot of posts .
    Don't use all caps in the subject line

  • Any of the Benefits idoc user exit

    Hi All,
    I am looking for the any benefit idoc user exit. We neeed to extend BENEFIT3 idoc, i was able to extend the idoc but dont see any user exit where i can def. my def segment.
    Not sure how it is working in other case.
    Does anybody has any idea as of how to proceed on this.
    Appreciate your help  in advance.
    Thank you,

    This thread is vague and does not specify what the ultimate solution was.  We were trying to accomplish the same thing - an enhancement to BENEFIT3 IDoc, but were unable to find a suitable user exit.  So we put in an OSS note and received the following response:
    "...currently there is no user exit/Badi in SAP Benefits Administration
    to enhance IDoc BENEFIT3. Such functionality is indeed missing in the
    system, which means that you will need to submit a development
    request to enhance the system in this respect in a future release."
    We are going to try to resolve our problem with a custom infotype.

  • Developing custom IDOC , USER Exit , BADI , BAPI and RFC

    I want basic information on developing custom IDOC , USER exit , BADI ,BAPI and RFC.
    Thanks in advance

    >custom IDOC ,
    >USER exit
    > BADI
    BADI Development Contents
    > BAPI and RFC
    Re: BAPI Development
    Agasthuri Doss

  • ORDRSP idoc user exit exit_sapleinm_007

    i have problem with inbound EDI for po acknowledgment(855) ,message type used ordrsp process code ORDR and basic type is orders05 and function idoc_input_ordrsp
    Vendor is sending only vendor material number (IDTNR) and qualifier 002 is used. During IDOC processing I am using user exit exit_sapleinm_007 to get the SAP material number based on Purchase order number.
    In user exit I am trying to collect the SAP number based on vendor number (IDTNR)and purchase order from EKPO table
    When processing the segment E1EDP19 using the exit_sapleinm_007, I am unable to pass the PO number (EBELN) and therefore I am unable to extract the corresponding SAP number (Customer Number), which resulted in failure of IDOC.
    IDOC error message : Material number differs from the ordered material number.
    Purchase order (EBELN) is present in segment E1EDP02 and this segment is processed before E1EDP19.
    I am not sure how this can be resolved? Is their any other user exit that can be used for ORDRSP idoc in extracting SAP number (customer material number) from vendor material number (IDTNR)

    Hi Ashutosh,
    All the exits for listed are too early in the flow for you to know if the DN was created successfully or not, like Christian has suggested you will have to use the customer exits/BAIDs available within "GN_DELIVERY_CREATE" to achieve your requirement. There seem to be a couple of customer function exits available, and a BADI - SHP_BADI_GN_DELIVERY_CREATE try them.
    Also calling an FM in update task wouldn't help you, unless you have some key information with which you can check if the DN was successfully created.

  • Which option to choose:idoc user exit or copy standard idoc?

    Hi gurus,
    We are using idoc technolody to implement the interface between R3 and 3rd party system.
    Most of idocs are inbound processing, and it seems standard idoc can't meet our all requirements.
    So we are considering the option:i choose doc user exit or create new idoc by copying standard idoc.
    Which way do you like better?What are the advantages and disadvantages of them?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    BTW, our customer will upgrade their R3 4.7 system to ECC6.0 after this project the next year.

    By making changes in the User-Exits, if you can achieve what you are looking for then I would recommend to use user-exits. SAP programs are not bug free and SAP keeps on updating them by releasing hundreds of notes every day. If customer is upgrading to new version in near future then using standard programs are the best option.

  • Inbound IDoc Usetr-Exit

    Hi All,
    I am trying to find an userexit for the Inbound Idoc.
    <b>Basic type : COPAGN01.</b>
    If anyone has used any user exit for the COPAGN01 kindly let me know.
    Best Regards,

    Go to SPRO and find enhancements idoc, it will show u both exit available for idoc.
    Or goto se84-> enhancements find the idoc keyword search. It will give u the desired result.
    Hope this will work for u.

  • IDOC User Exits

    I have two customer function in the basic type WMIVID01.
    I need to populate one value ivnum into the segment E1LINVX at runtime.
    Can anyone let me know how to do the same.  The user exits found are.....
    001 and 003.
    When i checked inside, some ZX.. includes are there.  Which one of them should i use for inserting values.
    Please also note that there is only one segment E1LINVX present in WMIVID01.

    I have a basic doubt.  We can modify or add new segments and change existing values to segments only for outbound idoc.
    I have a requirement where a particular field in a segment would be empty for an inbound idoc.  Is it possible to change inbound idoc values after the idoc is created.
    Please let me know,

  • IDOC user exit to update the document flow of the delivery

    Hi all,
    There is an inbound idoc for delivery through which the delivery is getting posted ...while reprocessing the idoc (BD87) i need to update the dates on document flow of the delivery. The date to be updated is coming from the idoc.
    I have the function module(RV_DOCUMENT_FLOW_UPDATE_U) to update the document flow but i am not sure in which user exit it can be placed. I tried checking for some exits but nowhere i can find the delivery number to which i need to update through the FM.
    I am using the standard idoc with the message type as -DELORD and the basic type as 'ORDERS03'.
    Kindly provide user exit where i can use the date coming from the idoc (IDOCDATA) and where i can find the delivery no also.
    I have closed the other thread there is no more duplication.

    I already checked VEDA0001, but the tables for the delivery is not getting populated as it is processing through BD87(Reprocessing Idoc). Is it advisable to use the export import parameter?. Exporting the idoc data from any of the user exit in VEDA0001 and importing it in some other exit where the vbeln is available.?

Maybe you are looking for

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