Inbound Idocs are not Processing

Inbound IDOCS queue is not processing if any one IDOC is showing amber(error) . Please let me know the resolution to avoid this issue or let me know the BASIS setting to avoid it.

Can you please explain your issue is with "Trigger by Background program" or "Trigger immediately"?
For Trigger immediately, if there is no free dialog work process available than IDocs are posted with status 64.
For Trigger by Background program, Background job RBDAPP01 will process IDocs depending on variant you define to select & process IDocs(i.e., IDoc Status = 64).
It is always recommended to use "Trigger by Background program" for high volume interface which has large number of IDocs.
Help on RBDAPP01

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  • Idocs are not processed in the right order.

    I face a problem that when there are a large number of IDocs (Inbound) posted the Idocs are not processed in the right order.
    Msg type: MBGMCR
    any idea how this can happen?
    what is the solution?

    No answer

  • Inbound IDocs will only process immediately

    Hello.  I have been having an issue with our inbound INVOIC02 IDocs coming from our EDI server.  We are processing a high number of invoices and I wanted to change the processing from immediate to collective.  The immediate processing is causing a strain on our EDI server.  I would like the IDocs to come into the SAP system, but stay in a status 64 until a background job runs to process them.  I changed the partner profile for the vendor from Trigger immediately to Trigger by background program.  For some reason, the IDocs are still processing immediately. 
    Here are some of my settings:
    EDI side Function Module:  IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS
    SAP side Function Module: IDOC_INPUT_INVOIC_MRM
    Partner profile setup:
    Partner no: (vendor #)
    Partn. type: LI (vendor)
    Message type: INVOIC
    Process code:  INVL
    Processing by function module: Trigger by background program.
    Please let me know if you have any recommendations as to how I can get these IDocs to process from a background program instead of immediately.  Am I missing another setting for this?

    Hi Klaus,
    form the mentioned options, I would give enqueue / dequeue a second try.
    I would use customer (/sender) as key field for your locking object.
    If you try to set the lock right in the beginning of your FM, whole customer should be locked for processing. Second test is of course, if already a sales order exists.
    Maybe here the problem occurs: when you have some parts in update task, select for sales order is not successful for some (micro-)seconds.
    Solution for this part: use synchronic booking / commit work and wait. Maybe make a test with a select for VBAK in the end of your FM to test existence -> if not successfull, you know you identified your problem.
    If this is your problem, you should make a new enqueue after commit (because it will be deleted by commit) and wait until DB gives you new VBAK entry.
    I would start with a test, why all this different locking options don't work (instead of looking for a different locking option): make a select after your sales order creation. If this is not successfull, then here is your starting point.

  • IDOC is not processing in R/3 with status 64(Urgent)--Production issue.

    Dear Folks,
    Here we are implementing MIRROR sytem for data extraction in to BIW.
    I had gone through the steps in PDF file(How to minimize down thime for Delta Initialization) which has given by SAP.
    These are following steps I had performed in BW production
    1. Using RSADMIN transcation- Assigned one user as a Debugging user.
    2. With the Debugging user Created one infopackage on Purhcasing ITM datasource--
        In data selection tab, I given date as from 2002 to 2003
        In Update tab, I selected update mode as Initialize Delta process-               without data transfer and Uncheck Update Data in master   system immediately
       In schedule tab I selected option Start Data load immediately then Start extraction.
    3.Data was requested and It was intialized properly with green status 1 from 1 Records.
    4. In details tab Request, Extraction, transfer(IDOC and TRFC), Processing everything in Green color.
    5.As per document I have checked in R/3 for IDOC with status 64 using transaction BD87/WE05
    Problem is that IDOC is not processing in R/3 system. for that IDOC I have checked in BW montior screen using the option <b>IDOC list in Source sytem</b>, here also it is not showing any IDOCs.
    Please let me know why BW sytem is not sending any IDOCs to source sytem.Is there any settings I could have miss in BW aswell as in R/3 system.
    Note: In BW production I successfully loaded master data from R/3. aswell as I triggered infopackage-Initialization with data transfer, it is showing IDOC number properly in R/3 system.
    Points is Assured for all replies.

    - check you RFC destination (normal test + authorization test)
    - Check you partner profiles in WE20 and its ports WE21
    - from the source system tree (RSA13) right click your source system and perform a check
    - the best is to restore your source R/3 source system from BW (right click on it ans select RESTORE); you'll need to be able to log in the source system as an admin as well as opening the source system for customizing in SCC4 so that BW can recreate the correct partner parameters automatically; the best is to do that with your basis group.
    hope this helps,

  • Queues are not processed properly in BPM

    Hi all ,
    In BPM , the inbound queues of the process engine are not processed properly.
    Several message are sent to the process and the message queued in the QRFC queue.
    How to process those messages so that process instance gets created ?
    Kind regards

    Check steps I've detailed on this thread:
    Re: problem in triggering BPM engine
    Hope that helps

  • Outbound Idocs are not generated for some material number MATNR

    Hi all,
    We are using a custom program to process the IDOCS to some other thirdparty systems.
    but the problem is the IDOCS are not generated and also we can't find the IDocs in TRFC also.
    But it is working for the other matnr.
    I have already debug the custom program, and it is taking all the inputs correctly.
    plz guide me guys

    Hi Praveen,
    This is the code I am using
    GS-COUNT = GS-COUNT + 1.
        GS-TEXT  = 'IDOC for Material & & (& of &) is just being created'(001).
        REPLACE '&' WITH GS-COUNT            INTO GS-TEXT.
        REPLACE '&' WITH GS-LINES            INTO GS-TEXT.
                  TEXT = GS-TEXT
    validation code for the MATNR & WEKRS
                  MATNR        = <MATNR_WERKS>-MATNR
                  WERKS        = <MATNR_WERKS>-WERKS
                  MESSAGE_TYPE = P_MESTYP
        GS-COMMIT  = GS-COMMIT + 1.
        IF GS-COMMIT >= 100.
          GS-COMMIT = 0.
          COMMIT WORK.

  • IDocs are not transfering to XI

    When we create Shopping cart, in the back PO will create and it woould convert to IDoc and send to XI. But PO's are creating, IDocs are not reaching to XI, please let me know what would be the issue.

    Try this URL , i hope it will help u ,

  • Rules in Outlook are not processed in the order listed

    I have created a new rule today to filter out all email that is not directly sent to me to a folder called "process later" hanging off "Inbox"
    Problem is, even thou it is the last rule created, and appears to be at the bottom of the list, this seems to be the first rule that is executed.
    In order to fix, I need to go into "process later" folder and run all rules on it.
    Is there a way to fix this, w/o trying to re-create all the rules (I have like 40-50).

    I have same issue where rules are not processed in the order they are written.  All rules are "Client Only".  I sort email based on the information contained in the subject line.  Some should get filed into sub folders, some in the
    parent.  So,  I have a folder called QA and a sub-folder called QA-Project 1.
    #1 rule -- processes subject line looking for QA-Project 1 and puts it in QA-Project 1 folder
    #2 rule -- processes subject line looking only QA and puts it in QA folder
    Problem is when I run both these rules,  the email with subject "QA-Project 1" ends up in the QA folder and not the QA-Project 1 Folder.  So the rules are not processing sequentially.  Please help. 

  • My outbound messages are not processing in XI

    Hi All,
    When i try to test my scenario i.e sending message from SRM to MDM , all my messages are struck in the Queue in XI. Even i deleted queues in SMQ2 , my messages are not processing and in sceduled for outbound processing stage. Even i restard also its on pending status. Please help me How to process my messages which is pending in XI.
    Thanks in advance

    go to sxmb_moni->monitor processed messages
    select ur message.. scroll towards right..
    click on ur message queue ID.
    check if there is any errored out message in that queue.
    if yes .. delete that message,
    and release the queue by unlocking that.

  • Expense reports are not processing for future date?

    hi folks,
    in our co.expense reports are not processing for future date, even though the end date is one month from now the expense reports are not getting paid.
    can anybody assist me to come out of this issue.
    thanks in advance,

               Could you please share how to go  Debug mode in Dymanic program, I have scenarion in SAP HR , when Employee is hire , during the hiring action Infotype 32 is updating based on following conditions
    ********INSERT IT0032 FOR CANDIDATE ID *************
    P0001-PERSG<>'5' - True
    RP50D-FIELDS <> ''
    P0032-ZZ_COMPID='05' _ True
                  Infotype record is being created but there is no data in "RP50D-FIELD1 , so i tried to debug the  subroutine GET_PNALT(ZHR_CREATEP0032) as mention in Dynamic action, its not going in debugger mode.
    Do you have any Idea about how to debug the  program.  used in dynamic action

  • Inbound IDOC error while processing Invoice

    Hi All,
    I received the following error while processing an Invoice on an inbound IDOC:
    <b>Field BSEG-MEINS - does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0300</b>
    Message no. 00349
    The specified field does not exist on the screen
    Check your batch input data
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Inno

    Please check which G/L Accounts were involved and verify that the Field BSEG-MEINS was set to 'optional' in Transaction OB14. The correct Field Status Variant
    for the Company Code can be viewed with Transaction OBY6 and the Field
    Status Group for G/L Account can be found with Transaction FS00 under
    the Create/bank/inter Tab. This should eliminate the Error 00 349.

  • ALE IDoc : Vendor Master : Cremas: Inbound IDocs are bypassing the Customiz

    Create Vendor master inbound IDocs - CREMAS - are overridding the customizing settings.
    For example for a particular vendor group  a number range is set in customizing.
    When we try to create a vendor through XK01 which does not fall in a particular number range as set in customising for a particular vendor group, we get a error message and creation is terminated.
    But if the same vendor is created via standard idoc CREMAS, vendor is created without any errors bypassing the customizing settings.
    So can anybody help me in this. Is there any customising setting that we need to do explicitly for Vendor IDocs. Or any other setting in standard IDoc.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. If your vendor changes should be updated from one system to other system through ALE, we need to active the change pointers.
    2. Change points can be activate through Tcode SALE
    3. After activating change points and your distribution model is ready, you can execute the program RBDMIDOC to genarate the IDOCs.
    4. Normally this program will be executed in the background
    5. And as you said, you have to do some validations before sending IDOCs. For this you can Filters and rules in the DM.
    OR you can write the code in user-exists of outbound posting program.
    Rewards if this info is useful.

  • Why IDocs are not arrived from Source System

    Hi all,
    Now a days we are facing regular problem to load master data?
    We are getting Error Message - "No Idocs arrived from the Source system".
    I need to know, Why this error will be occurred?
    Is there any reason for this Docs are not arrived from the Source System?
    Please help me to analyze this error, why its happened regularly?  what could be possible reasons for this error?
    Its very urgent, please help me as early as possible.
    Thanks in Advance. I will asign the points for relevent answers.
    Sudharsan Reddy.

    Hi ,
    1.You can check the RFC destination using the transaction SM59 in the system.   Then do Test connection and this should not cross more than 1000ms. The connection should establish within 1000ms.
    If it crosses more than 1000ms the tRFC entries will not be cleared fast.There will not be any job to push Transaction recorded entries it will go through SMD(Shared Master Data) Tool.
    So if it crossed more than 1000ms, then you can ask your Basis team to check the network connectivity b/w R/3 and BW system.
    If there is no serialization for these IDocs then you can use button F6 to process these entries in tRFC manually.
    2.Go to SM58 and check the LUW .If any error ..then selecting the failed Idoc, click edit in the  menu and execute LUW.
    3.If there are many Idocs with status red then check the system performance also. If performance os the system  is bad then, we can put the mail to basis guys they will check and restart the BW system. (or) it may be due to problem in the coding,since data transfer is taking long time.
    4. Some times it may be due to much parallel process at the info package level and make the Max parallel process into one process in RSCUSTV6, save and run the infopackage. This may be due to space problem.
    ( Or )sbiw>general settings>maintain control parameters for data transfer. Both in BW and R/3 we configure in the same way.
    There we need to give
    1.source Sys name
    2.Maximum KB in one data package.
    3.Maximum lines in one data package.
    4. Frequency (specifies after how many no. of data records, status record should be sent)
    5. Max processes ---Reduce the number process, save and try.
    6.Target Sys name.

  • Vendor IDOCs are not uploading in LFA1 table

    Hi All,
    We have a SAP system where Vendor IDOCS are coming from MDM through SAP PI middleware. The problem we are facing is we are not able to see all Vendors in LFA1 table.
    In WE05 IDOCS are posting successfully but when we check for respective vendors in LFA1 table only few vendors are available there.
    Can anybody guide us to solve this issue? Also pls let us know the process of uploading master data into table as we are very new in ABAP.

    be open minded. SAP gives several import methods to load vendors.  one of them is per IDOC.
    But the vendor master IDOC does not automatically create the adress master.
    And even more important, if you migrate data from one SAP system to another, the IDOC method is more straight forward than the batch input, because you can send the IDOCs from legacy system to new system, you will then have a 1:1 relation of the structure in LSMW and you can create vendor masters by knowing the new vendor number from an internal number range already in LSMW, long before you actually post the vendor. With batch input you can either post with numbers from external number range, or you just dont know the new number already in LSMW.
    And you dont need to download the data to Excel. And further, the LFA1 adress data has less information than the ADRC adress data.

  • User eixt for modifying inbound idoc (delins) not working

    hi all,
    Inbound IDoc DELINS.DELFOR02 is sent from customer to vendor to create forecast delivery schedule lines (VA32). E1EDP16-WMENG has the delivery quantity and it is mapped to VBEP-WMENG.
    I need modify E1EDP16-WMENG accordingly (based on some business rules) and this change should also be reflected to VBEP_WMENG.
    I tried to modify the idoc_data in user exits: EXIT_SAPLVED4_002, userexit_zuordnen_idocs. During debug, I can see the idoc is modified, but the final forecast delivery is not updated (VA33).
    Anyone can help?

    Hi Sandip,
    Inside userexit_zuordnen_idocs, i updated the table idoc_data_1 (I changed the delivery quantities of the schedule lines), but it dosen't work. In Va33, the delivery quantities are not changed.
    Any other input?

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    Hello Guru I have a issue when I perform next process: 1. I create a PO with a item with account assignment Q with a WBS element 2. I create an outline agreement with account assignment Q with the same WBS element 2. I modify the PO by ME22N or Bapi

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