Increase disk size for virtual server

A virtual server system drive is currently at 90%full. How to safely allocate more disk space to the system drive of that virtual server without causing issues to the installed Operating systems on that drive.
I read through the Virtual Iron documentation and nothing mention about increasing disk space for virtual server.
Thanks in advance for response.

I was hoping to increase the virtual storage of the drive attached to virtual servers and not the actually physical storage.
I was looking around in it and found was able to increase the disk space by by editing the virtual storage disk.
I tested creating a new disk (5GB), increase the disk space(10GB) and login to virtual server and extend the new disk with the unallocated disk space.
It does seem to work and appear as 15GB.
I just concern if windows operating is installed on that disk, will it cause any issue if I extend it with the unallocated disk space?
Or it's safe to do so?
Many thanks.

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    Am running a file server on windows server 2003. And i have 3 partitions as C, D and E. Where as D & E having 1 TB each. My company user documents are mapped to D as well as E. Now my D drive is running out of space and i have around 800 Gigs
    free space in E drive. I would like to move some of the free space from E drive to D. Am bit afraid to use diskpart command to extend the volume also not sure whether diskpart will help me.
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    Thanks in Advance

    "Extend Volume" only allows you to extend a drive into contiguous unallocated space (on the right). In this case you can only merge unallocated space to D drive. If you want to merge noncontiguous unallocated space to C drive, there are two solutions. Please
    refer to the article below:
    How to Merge Unallocated Space to C Drive without Losing Data?
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    I am currently load testing a NIO Server/Client's to see what would be the maximum number of connections that could reached, using the following PC: P4, 3GHz, 1GB RAM, Windows XP, SP2, 110 GB Hard Drive.
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    Which would be the best possible option from the following:
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    - Win XP: 90 GB
    - Win Server 2000: 10 GB
    - Linux: 5 GB
    - Shared/Data: 5 GB
    2. Install a separate Hard drive with the different hard drives
    3. Use a disk caddie, to swap in/out test hard drives.
    4. Any thing else?
    - Would the Operating System's hard drive size affect the Server/Client's performance, e.g. affecting the number of connections, number of File Handles, the virtual memory, etc.?
    Many Thanks,

    You can use a partition on the same HDD or use a second HDD, disk caddie well if its a direct IDE or SCSI. If its usb no it will be too slow, may be if you have a fire-wire but I still don't recommend it.
    Be careful if you don't have any experience installing Linux you may do multiple partitions on you disk without knowing, because Linux ext partitions are not visible to windows.
    Recommended disk size for fedora is 10 GB. This is the amount of data that will be created on you HDD when you do a full installation.

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    I don't know of any way to do that by user.
    I used to partition my HD and that sets a hard limit by partition, but by user? I don't think it can be done.


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    You can get the hostname by clicking on the account properties in outlook, but the port you connect to must be opened by your system admin.

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    Yes.  The extent size of SQL Server data files, and the max log block size have not changed with the new versions, so the guidance should remain the same.
    Microsoft SQL Server Storage Engine PM

  • How to increase Memory and Java Heap Size for Content Server

    My content server is processing requests very slowly. Over performance is not good. I have 2 GB of RAM any idea what files I can modify to increase the Java Heap Size for the Content Server. If I increase the RAM to 4 or 6 GB where do I need to make changes for the Java Heap Size and what are the recommended values. I just have Content Server Running on the linux box. Or how do I assign more memory to the user that owns the content server install.

    You might find these interesting:
    Do you have access to metalink? This has about everything you could want:,p14_docid,p14_show_header,p14_show_help,p14_black_frame,p14_font:NOT,788210.1,1,1,1,helvetica
    Or search for "788210.1" in metalink knowledgebase if that link doesn't work and look for the FAQ on configuring Java for Content Servers

  • Increase Disk Size on LMS 4.2 Virtual Appliance

    I am low on available disk space to perform backups on my LMS 4.2 installation. Is there a way to force the appliance to recognize the increased disk space allocated by ESX VMware?
    Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

    Please check this answer for similar question if it helps:
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  • Maximum disk size for azure site recovery

    Hi everyone,
    I am looking into Azure Site Recovery, and I can't seem to find the maximum disk size I would be able to replicate into Azure.  I have read some articles saying that 1TB is the maximum size, and some people have said that it is 64TB!! I have a File
    Server that I would like to protect which is 4TB in size, and if the limit is 1TB I think it is very limiting...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks.
    Robert Milner | MCITP: Virtualization Administrator | Website: | Twitter: @robm82

    Hello Robert,
    The current size limits for a VM replicating to Azure are :
    For an OS VHD (the vhd that has the OS Installation) : 127 GB
    For a Data VHD  (<1 TB)
    Is the size of your file server running on a single 4 TB volume?
    Anoop KV
    Hi Anoop,
    Our File Server is currently running on a single 4TB volume.  Do I have any options with regards to replicating this VM to Azure using Site Recovery?
    Many thanks.
    Robert Milner | MCITP: Virtualization Administrator | Website: | Twitter: @robm82

  • How to Increase Instance size for ALBPM-Err:'Max instance size exceeded.

    Can anybody in How to increase maximum instance size for
    1. ALBPM Studio
    2. runtime i.e. process administrator?
    Look forward for help.
    The exception in detail is:
    Error while persisting the transaction data: 'Max instance size exceeded.
    Current size is 33262, whereas the maximum size is 16384. This occurs with instance 'Process1' at activity 'StartExecution[Process1DownloadMessage]' of process '/Process1Download#Default-1.0''
    Max instance size exceeded.
    Current size is 33262, whereas the maximum size is 16384. This occurs with instance 'Process1' at activity 'StartExecution[Process1DownloadMessage]' of process '/Process1Download#Default-1.0'
    fuego.server.exception.MaxInstanceSizeRuntimeException: Max instance size exceeded.
    Current size is 33262, whereas the maximum size is 16384. This occurs with instance 'Process1' at activity 'StartExecution[Process1DownloadMessage]' of process '/Process1Download#Default-1.0'      at fuego.server.ProcInst.getComponentData(      at fuego.server.ProcInst.mustStoreComponent(      at fuego.server.persistence.jdbc.JdbcProcessInstancePersMgr.executeUpdateInstance(      at fuego.server.persistence.jdbc.JdbcProcessInstancePersMgr.updateInstance(      at fuego.server.persistence.Persistence.updateProcessInstance(      at fuego.server.execution.EngineExecutionContext.persistInstances(      at fuego.server.execution.EngineExecutionContext.persist(      at fuego.transaction.TransactionAction.beforeCompletion(      at fuego.connector.ConnectorTransaction.beforeCompletion(      at fuego.connector.ConnectorTransaction.commit(      at fuego.transaction.TransactionAction.commit(      at fuego.transaction.TransactionAction.startBaseTransaction(      at fuego.transaction.TransactionAction.startTransaction(      at fuego.transaction.TransactionAction.start(      at fuego.server.execution.DefaultEngineExecution.executeImmediate(      at fuego.server.execution.DefaultEngineExecution.executeAutomaticWork(      at fuego.server.execution.EngineExecution.executeAutomaticWork(      at fuego.server.execution.ToDoItem.executeAutomaticWork(      at      at fuego.component.ExecutionThread.processMessage(      at fuego.component.ExecutionThread.processBatch(      at fuego.component.ExecutionThread.doProcessBatch(      at fuego.component.ExecutionThread.doProcessBatch(      at fuego.fengine.ToDoQueueThread$PrincipalWrapper.processBatch(      at      at

    First take a look at your instance variables in your processes. Determine if some could be changed to be Separated instance variables. Once an instance variable's category changes from "Normal" to "Separated", it is not included in the instance size calculation.
    If you cannot mark variables as Separated, then in Studio's "Project Navigator" tab, right mouse click the name of your project -> click "Engine Preferences" -> with the "Engine" selected as the Category, click the "Advanced" tab on the upper right change the "Maximum Instance Size" to 64KB (4x the original 15kb value) and change the "Instances Cache" to 1250 (1/4th the original value).
    What version of Enterprise are you on (Standalone or WLS)? There is a similar setting on Enterprise, but it is slightly different between the two types of Enterprise Engines.

  • Adjusting chunk size for virtual harddisks

    My data partition with VHD images is constantly run out of space. So I decided to repartition the drive in the next days. While doing that, I will redo most or all images files to sparsify the data inside the guest. There is one issue:
    To reduce the amount of space needed on the host I want to reduce the "allocation chunk size" for (dynamically expanding/ sparse) virtual harddisks. Its my understanding that if a guest is writing to a filesystem block the host does actually allocate
    more than the "guest block size". For example, if a guest ext3 filesystem has blocksize 4K and it writes to block #123, the host will not just allocate space for this singe 4K block at offset #123. It may allocate a much larger chunk in case the
    guest attempts also to write ti #124. And so on.
    A few months ago I read somewhere that this "allocation chunk size" can be adjusted. Either when the VHD image is created, or globally for all images. It was done with some powershell cmd AFAIK.
    For my purpose I want to reduce it to a minimum, even if it comes with some performance cost.
    How can this property be adjusted?

    Hi Olaf,
    It seems that it is beyond my ability to explain this .
    But I have read this article mentioned the effect between VHD and physical disk :
    If I understand correctly , the physical disk and virtual disk only have two type of "sector" size (512 and 4K , vhd only support 512 )As for the "allocation chunk size" that you mentioned , I think it determined by different file system
    (such as NTFS and ext3 ).
    Maybe the powershell cmd you mentioned is " set-vhd " , it has a parameter " physicalsectorsizetype " only with two value 512 and 4096 .
    For details please refer to the following link:
    Hope this hlepsBest Regards
    Elton Ji
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  • How to increase disk size in solaris

    Hi all
    I have two disk c1t0d0s0 / c1t0d0s7
    I do haven't space in disk /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0
    run df -h
    /dev/dsk/*c1t0d0s0* 8,8G 7,4G 1,3G 86% /
    /devices 0K 0K 0K 0% /devices
    ctfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/contract
    proc 0K 0K 0K 0% /proc
    mnttab 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/mnttab
    swap 3,4G 984K 3,4G 1% /etc/svc/volatile
    objfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/object
    sharefs 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/dfs/sharetab
    8,8G 7,4G 1,3G 86% /lib/
    fd 0K 0K 0K 0% /dev/fd
    swap 3,4G 72K 3,4G 1% /tmp
    swap 3,4G 40K 3,4G 1% /var/run
    /dev/dsk/*c1t0d0s7* 20G 21M 20G 1% /export/home
    I want increasing the space in c1t0d0s0. when I installed Solaris 10 I do not looked attentively the size allocated

    As I understand, you want to increase the size of the root partition (where you installed Solaris) which resides in c1t0d0s0. I think it can be done using Concatenations from Solaris Volume Manager (SVM).
    I have tried it in non root partition like /export/home and it is very easy.
    metainit -f d0 2 1 c1t0d0s7 1 c2t0d0s7 //this will create volume d0 as a concatenation
    growfs -M /export/home /dev/md/rdsk/d0 //this will grow the /export/home partition

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    Q1) What are the best practice steps to create a VM with Hyper-V?
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    Please post your questions in the appropriate forums.
    This forum is for the specific product Virtual Server 2005.
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