Info Record Not Appearing for all materials in classic scenario.

            I am working on Classic Scenario and all the follow-on documents are getting created properly. But the problem is With SOS. Currently i am able to view the info record for only one of my material, I am also referring backend contracts through vendor list. The contracts are visible in SOS.
           Can somebody pls put a light as to why for other materials the info records is not displayed in SOS, is there a report which has to be run to get the info record into SRM from ECC. If not then how does the system bring these contracts and info record from ECC to SRM.
          I am working on SRM 5.0 and ECC 5.0.

Please read this as well.
<u>You have created sources of supply. These could be:
-> Contract items in Enterprise Buyer
-> Vendor-specific prices
For this, you have created Product Linkages in the SRM System with vendor-specific prices via the SAP Menu Master Data -> Products -> Process Products.
-> Entries in the vendor list of Enterprise Buyer
In Customizing you have assigned product categories to which the system is to automatically group requirements and you have scheduled report BP_SC_TRANSFER_GROUPED to run periodically.
For more information, see the Supplier Relationship Management Implementation Guide (IMG): SRM Server -> Sourcing ->  Define Interactive Sourcing for Product Categories.</u>
Sourcing is completely integrated with the global availability check in SAP APO and executes a vendor search. You can activate third-party order processing in the check instructions by choosing how you want the system to start sourcing and which sourcing method you want to use for it. There are two different options here:
&#9675;     If you want the products to be delivered exclusively by external vendors, the system performs sourcing directly at the external vendors without evaluating internal locations. For this, SAP APO requires corresponding purchasing records, delivery plans and contracts that are transferred from SAP ECC.
&#9675;     If you only want to have products delivered by external vendors occasionally, that is to say, if you are unable to deliver the product from your own warehouse stock, choose an ATP profile in which both internal and external vendors are evaluated. In this case, the external vendor is treated like an internal location in SAP APO, and is integrated into location determination in the rule-based availability check.
You can also choose the vendor manually. If you have already specified a vendor as the source of supply in SAP CRM, SAP SCM does not carry out any further sourcing. In this case, SAP SCM merely checks the validity of this vendor and confirms the requirement in its full amount if the vendor is valid.
For more information, see SAP Library for SAP SCM at SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) -> Global Available-to-Promise (Global ATP) -> Advanced Availability Check Methods -> Third-Party Order Processing in the Global ATP -> Sourcing in Third-Party Order Processing.
<u>Refer these links for more details -></u>
<u>Assignment of Existing Sources of Supply</u>
<u>Processing Contracts</u>
<u>See also</u><b>SAP Note 519794 EBP: Replication of Materials exclusively for Purchasing
SAP Note 505030 (Restrictions for the integration of external requirements).</b>
- Atul

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    I have three materials in sales order. now, for each material , I am maintaining some condition record in VK11. the problem i face is, if in case I don't maintain condition recrod for condtion ZCD1 for the first material A in sales order, the condtion records that I have maintain for the same condtion ZCD1 for the following materials are also not getting pulled. that's true for all conditiond in my pricing procedure. only those conditions for which system could find records for the first material, it pulls it for all other materials that follow material A in sales order. otherwise, system gives the messgae " condition record has been found but not set "
    what could be the reason? this is certainly not the standard behavior.

    I have checked this with creating new records for all material for all condtions. but, it is possible that a particular price condtion may not be maintained for the first material and which can very well be maintained for the folllowing materials. in that case, they are not pulled. the records are there for sure for other materials as 1) i could see them in VK13 and 2) the condition analysis tells me that condtion record is found but not set. no clue what it has got anything to do with first soon as i maintain that condtion for first material (even zero value in Vk11), they start appearing for other materials as they are maintained.

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    FBL3N picks up data from BSEG Table.
    If u c,in FBL3N,the customer field will also me found empty as in BSEG table ..the first line item of the accounting document will be updated with KUNNR ...while the rest are not.
    This is because in an accounting doc, since the 1st line is a debit entry it always belong to the customer code. Hence for any acc. doc, the KUNNR will be available for 1st line item. Whereas the subsequent line items are credit items and will get recorded against a G/L account and not against a customer code.
    The same is applicable for LIFNR as well.If u modify u r standard table then u will get it i guess.
    This is designed as per std SAP. Also FYI, since BSEG is a cluster table and any changes to an acc. doc gets recorded in this table, its not advisable to change this std SAP table. It will lead to data in consistency in your system and lead to accounting errors during reporting.

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    I had this issue using the facebook app with my Nokia N8.
    When I browse to a profile and then choose Pictures, a loading screen should show up and display the albums.
    For some users, when I choose their profile a tiny black line just appears and pictures cannot be seen.
    I have tried this multiple times over the past few weeks, and the same users will always be effected.  I think it is because the users have too many pictures and cause the script to fail, but this is just a hunch.
    Anyone else have this issue?

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    Because line-in has been removed.
    It does allow for an Apple headset with mic., but I don't know if it would work with third-party ones.
    You'll need to use a Griffin iMic or similar to use line-in via a USB port.
    The same goes for the 15" retina, the newest MBA and the new iMac (whenever it finally arrives).

  • Discount for all materials

    I would like to create a purchasing info record in SD VK11 (condition record) but for all materials.
    I mean when the customer buy 1000 peaces (not depending from material) by us he receives 2% discount.
    How ca I loose this problem? with VK11 or with another T.CODE.

    Go to V/06, select the condition type for discount and execute.  There tick the box "Condt.update" under the tab "Master Data". 
    Next go to VK11, input the discount type and execute.  There click on magnifying lens on top and maintain the maximum value you require in the field "Upper Limit".
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Issue regarding 0MATERIAL_ATTR  - Attribute not Updated for Some Materials

    Hi All,
    As per requirement, I had enhanced 0MATERIAL_ATTR DS with one customer field MRP Controller.
    After enhancing 0MATERIAL_ATTR, I had made necessary changes in related objects like 0MATERIAL Info Object & related transformation for this new attribute.
    After making changes, when I had done Repair full request for 0MATERIAL_ATTR, newly added attribute had not updated for all material, other attributes were updated correctly but MRP controller had not updated for some records.
    I am confused with why attribute(MRP controller) updated in some Materials & for some materials its not updated.
    I had checked in PSA, data for this added attribute is come in PSA but not updated in data target (0material).
    I had also activated master data by running Attribute change run but still problem persist.
    Please help.
    Divyesh Khambhati

    Hi Venkatesh,
    I had write code in CMOD for MRP controller.
    As data is coming fine till PSA but its not updated in Data Target (0MATERIAL) .
    if I take one example..
    For exp Material XYZ has two entries in PSA table, one is updated during delta load & recent one which come though Repair Full request.
    Now newly adder attribute MRP controller available in recent request of Repair Full but that is blank in case of prior delta update.
    I am confused because MRP controller attribute is updated for some Material but for some material its remain blank.
    please help.
    Divyesh Khambhati

  • Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000

    Hi all,
    While doing MIGO, Goods issue to cost center from consignment stock (201 k )
    i'm getting this error.
    "Purchase Info Record not found in Purchasing Organization 1000"
    i'm practising with standard company 1000.
    i have checked the all assignments.
    i.e., purch. org ->company code and
          purch. org-> plant.
          company code -> plant.
    Please guide me.

    Go and maintain Pur. Org 1000 against ur plant in :
    SPRO-Enterprise Structure-Assignments--MM-Assign Std Pur. Org for plant
    and please confirm that you have maintained the inforecord in Pur Org 1000 only and that too of Consignment type.
    Hope this helps

  • Purchasing info record 5300000013    flagged for deletion

    While changing the Purchasing info record , we get the following message:
    Purchasing info record 5300000013    flagged for deletion as a warning
    We want to convert this message as error. For that we changed the System message category, purchasing as "E" in Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Environment Data-> Define Attributes of System Messages, but after that also the System gives a warning message in T Code ME12.
    Where do I need to change to get the error message? As per understanding, the system should always warning message so that we can change the deletion flag, if required in future.
    Please guide.

    Try to understand the importance of the message. PIR document is not must to make or create any PO...
    but in case if req. or for copying few parameters from old/latest PIR, we use it...
    Its always better to have the PIR for the PO, which may be made before or after the generation it stores the PO price history, conditions etc...which may get updated and pulled whenever required...
    So, due to such reasons system has made this message as warning message...because you can use it just for record maintainance, but it will be of no use if thinking practically...
    Normally we make these settings at SPRO >> IMG>>MM Purchasing>>Environment data>> Define attributes of system messages...

  • Error :Purchasing info record not found in purchasing organisation

    after invoice verification with T.Code MIRO,
    Goods issue for consumption: with T.Code MB1A
    it display error message: purchaseing info record not found in purchasing organisation, pls tell me steps to correct it.
    thanks in advance

    Dear Azis,
             Double Click on the serial no of the Component you will get the  inforecord fieldin the Purchasing tab. But this is only for Stock Materials.
    Please recheck again your components.
    Edited by: K M AHAMED SHAREEQ HUSSAIN on Oct 13, 2009 2:42 PM

  • Info record not updated from PO , PO updated from Info record

    Dear Gurus,
    I want to restrict Base price in PO will be copied from Valid info record. User does not permitted to change the Base price once info record not maintained.
    Kindly tell me the configuration steps to adopt the process ?
    I don't want to update infor record from PO also.
    I know while making PO i can untick infor record not update, but that is user specific.
    Thanks in advance
    With regards

    Dear Sidi,
    Thanks . Problem solved.
    When info record is maintained the price condition will get from there. for this change in condition type P001 , set "D" in  manual entries column.
    When info record is not maintained, then the system will try to get the price from last PO, if not present, it  will throw an error u201CNet price must be greater than 0u201D and sets price condition PBXX (manual entry) to manually enter the price you want.
    What you can do:
    Is make the condition type P000 as automatic only (option D as below) and also same for condition type PBXX.

  • AED not appearing for utilization

    Hi all
    I am reposting the question having hopes of getting replies..
    A similar question asked in this forum has also been included.
    This particular case is for import trading scenario
    Purchase Order is made in MM and during MIGO excise invoice is captured.Addnl CVD value 4% will be taken as AED.The same can be displayed in transaction J1IG.
    Client has the requirement of displaying AED in J1IJ while capturing the excise invoice created during MIGO itself i.e, during goods inward as the same will be considered for RG23D reporting purposes.
    But AED (Addl CVD 4%) is not being displayed in J1IJ for depo sales.
    Also there is no field called as AED for capturing the same in J1IJ,but there are additional fields TAX1 and TAX2 in J1IJ.
    BED,ECS,SEcess is transferred from J1IG to J1IJ but not AED
    Awaiting all your useful feedbacks to display AED in J1IJ
    similar question posted in the forum on Jul 8..
    AED not appearing for utilization-Urgent  
    Posted: Jul 8, 2008 4:01 PM           
    Click to report abuse...      E-mail this message      E-mail this message             Click to reply to this thread      Reply
    Hi All,
    I am having input credit available for AED whereas the payable amount is not there for AED. So I want to utilise this AED amount against other payable amounts but this AED credit balance is not showing for utilization. When I have checked for other plant where AED payable is available then the AED input credit is also showing for utilization.
    I have checked the CIN settings: In excise registration details for the plant, the Liable to AED option is ticked and under Account determination settings--- RG23 AED account has been assigned to UTLZ ETT.
    Can anybody please suggest that what other settings needs to be done or is there any specific settings for cross utilization which I might have missed out on.
    Thanks & Regards,
    any inputs guys...........

    If i am correct you are referring to ADC (Additional Customs duty) in case of imports. This duty value is similar to AED (In screens it will be in AED column only) but in customization you will be using subtransaction type "IP" to differentiate AED from ADC, you need to maintain G/L accounts for Excise transaction types and subtransaction type IP, so that the duty values are passed on to those G/L accounts.

  • Adobe extension show in the Extension Manager and are enabled but do not appear at all in Photoshop CC 2014.

    Adobe extensions show in the Extension Manager and are enabled but do not appear at all in Photoshop CC 2014.  Third party extensions do show up and can be used.  All extensions are available in and can be used Photoshop CC.  I have reinstalled CC and Extension Manager to the most recent releases and the Adobe extensions are still not available in Photoshop CC 2014.  What should I do now?

    Flash based extensions are not supported by PS CC 2014 anymore. Please refer to,
    And (scroll down to "Why don’t my 3rd Panels show up in the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? What happened to Oil Paint, Mini-Bridge & Kuler?”)
    There is a new Kuler HTML5 panel available on Add Ons:
    Adobe is working on HTML  based version of Adobe Watermark, eMailer, etc.
    If some extensions are must have for you, you have to continue to use PS CC until HTML based counterparts become available.

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    Correction for above: 'Bit depth' not ' Bid depth'

  • How to get available quantity in Inventory levels  for all materials

    I am Abap Developer and i have a Requirement that to Print a report that Displays " Inventory levels (available quantity) for all materials"
    1) What tables can i use to retrive the data to get the Inventory levels (available quantity) for all materials.
    2).What are the fields can used in that tables that use ful for end user.
    Thank you,
    Madhu .
    Edited by: madhubabu rao on Oct 15, 2008 9:10 AM

    I'm not sure what you mean when you are speaking about inventory levels and available quantity.
    I mean that you may have stock of 100 pcs of a certain material but from an open PrdOrd can come a reservation for this component (e.g. 20 pcs) that reduces this the available quantity (to 80 pcs).
    If you want only the stock levels, you don't have to write any ABAP code, since MB52 report is designed for this purpose.
    If you want to know the available stock (considering requirements (PIR, DepReq, SO), and stock-like MRP elements (PldOrd, PurReq, PrdOrd, PO, etc)) you should check report MD04 and examine how it works, which tables it uses (ST01).
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Oct 15, 2008 9:34 AM
    Edited by: Csaba Szommer on Oct 15, 2008 9:34 AM

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