Info record not updated from PO , PO updated from Info record

Dear Gurus,
I want to restrict Base price in PO will be copied from Valid info record. User does not permitted to change the Base price once info record not maintained.
Kindly tell me the configuration steps to adopt the process ?
I don't want to update infor record from PO also.
I know while making PO i can untick infor record not update, but that is user specific.
Thanks in advance
With regards

Dear Sidi,
Thanks . Problem solved.
When info record is maintained the price condition will get from there. for this change in condition type P001 , set "D" in  manual entries column.
When info record is not maintained, then the system will try to get the price from last PO, if not present, it  will throw an error u201CNet price must be greater than 0u201D and sets price condition PBXX (manual entry) to manually enter the price you want.
What you can do:
Is make the condition type P000 as automatic only (option D as below) and also same for condition type PBXX.

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    Hi Sandeep,
    There are two types of info records,
    one with basic information, no prices etc. but with a PO history (and price history) attached
    the other is the full infor record maintained manually in ME11 and 12.
    The update info record flag on the PO ONLY updates the first type of info record, it does not affect the price etc., this can be added and maintained but only manually via ME11 or ME12.
    So the title of the flag is misleading.
    It works OK if you have the system set up to suggest the last price paid, but if you want to use FULL info records then all it is doing is recording the PO price history against the basic info record.
    Steve B

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    I hope it will resolve your issue.
    Best regards

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    I have that problem too.  There's many other discussion threads as well.  Either Apple doesn't realize they have a problem, or they do and simply don't care.  Either way, not good.
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    Instead of downloading the Windows support software from Boot Camp Assistant, download it from the Apple website. Mid 2009 and older MacBooks Pro only support this Windows support software version > This version allows you to install a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 version.
    Follow Apple's steps to install Windows on your computer > 10.8.pdf

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    If the Reset doesn't work, try a Restore.  Note that it's nowhere near as quick as a Reset.  Connect via cable to the computer that you use for sync.  From iTunes, select the iPad/iPod and then select the Summary tab.  Follow directions for Restore and be sure to say "yes" to the backup.  You will be warned that all data (apps, music, movies, etc.) will be erased but, as the Restore finishes, you will be asked if you wish the contents of the backup to be copied to the iPad/iPod.  Again, say "yes."
    At the end of the basic Restore, you will be asked if you wish to sync the iPad/iPod.  As before, say "yes."  Note that that sync selection will disappear and the Restore will end if you do not respond within a reasonable time.  If that happens, only the apps that are part of the IOS will appear on your device.  Corrective action is simple -  choose manual "Sync" from the bottom right of iTunes.
    If you're unable to do the Restore, go into Recovery Mode per the instructions here.

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    *If anyone who comes across this thread has a newer iPod and has the same experience, could you let me know.

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Take a look at these two articles. The error messages are not the same, but they may help...
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