InfoPack processing (PSA and data targets in parallel) data and lock issues

Good morning,
We are on BW 3.5 and contemplating changing our InfoPackages from option 1 (PSA then data targets) to option 2 (PSA and data targets in parallel) for performance reasons (test have shown a gain of 50% in load time compared to using option 1).
Issues have been raised that using option 2 may lead to data consistency and lock issues especially for SD infosources where we are dealing with multiple daily status changes for same document that need to be read in a specific order.
From what I have read, such issues were possible in BW 2.x e.g. OSS Note 384023 and 364577. However, I am under the impression that the issues may have been resolved in BW 3.x and that it is "safe" to use option 2 (PSA and data targets in parallel).
Would really appreciate if you could please share your experience when using processing option 2 (PSA // DT) especially in a BW 3.xx system.
Thank you in advance,

Hi Amit,
The help text (vers. 3.5) for this method of loading says simply -
"A process is started to write the data from this data packet into the PSA for each data package. If the data is successfully updated in the PSA, a second parallel process is started. In this process, the transfer rules are used for the package data records, data is adopted by the communication structure, and it is finally written to the data targets. Posting of the data occurs in parallel by packet.
This method is used to update data into the PSA and the data targets with a high level of performance. The BW system receives the data from the source system, writes it to the PSA, and starts the update immediately and in parallel into the corresponding data target"
Not sure where you got your description from, but is not explained well and confusing.

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    We have noticed that when we load data into BW using the processing option: PSA and Data targets in Parallel, that the system basically uses all available dialogue processes on the application server that it 
    is running on.  On systems where we only have one application server, this obviously renders the server useless for anything else. In addition we have seen that even when we have additional application servers, the system is still virtually useless and extremely slow.  We would like to be able to use this option for large data loads, as it theoretically can allow these large loads to complete in a shorter amount of time.     
    However, this issues we see cause us to be hesitant to use it, as we cannot afford the system to be affected so negatively while they are running. (we are bascially a 24x7 shop for users).                      
    Is this the behavior that is expected?                                  
    Is there some way that we can limit the number of processes this mode   
    Are we missing something?

    It is a basis setting, but you can limit the amount of processes one user is using in parallel.
    As I'm not basis, I don't know the setting, but we were able to pull it off at my current client.

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    Oracle 10g EE
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    Metadata is never unloaded in parallel, but is sometimes loaded in parallel.
    See Parallel Capabilities of Oracle Data Pump (Doc ID 365459.1)
    Also check the status of expdp, if there is e.g. one big table only one worker will still have data to pump.
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  • Link Between PSA and Data Targets

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please help me is there any table which will have PSA & data target (Cube or ODS) details.
    I know the table which will have data target manage screen details and other table wil give the details like data loaded into till PSA.
    But i want to know any SAP table will have link between PSA & data target.
    I want to know if the request is loaded till PSA or it is loaded into data target.
    Any table will give details like PSA request no, if target is there then some kind of flag like....
    Please let me know if any one know the table which will have PSA as well as Data target details.
    Thaks in Advance

    I clearly mentioned im aware of Manage screen details table, i want link between PSA and Data target table which will return if requst loaded till PSA or PSA & target.
    Im using BI 7.0 .

  • Split ''Upload from PSA" to separate Data Targets

    I have the following situation:
    1 ODS as datasource
    2 ODS and 1 CUBE as data targets.
    I'm updating my data targets with deltas with one infopackage using process chain.
    As the CUBE is also a data source for another CUBE I want to speed up the upload process by separating the load to data targets.
    data from 1st ODS to CUBE 1 as first step then I can process data to CUBE 2 with different process chain;
    2nd step would be upload data again form 1st ODS to two remaining ODSs.
    The point is that I'm using one info package and cannot split loads per data targets. I tried to create two infopackages: one with CUBE 1 as data target and second with my ODSs as data targets. But the second infopackage doesn't return delta any more.
    Is there any solution for such a case?

    Thanks Arun for your input, the problem is that I don't want to create new transfer rules or update rules or any other objects. Only question is, if data from PSA can be loaded to the specified target with use of process chain. I know I can use the specified request to upload data targets separately but it involves manual work and I need to use info package variants.
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  • One data source and assign multiple data target in BI?

    Hi all,
    Is it  possible is to assign one data source to multiple data targets in BI? Not like  in BW 3.X ; one data source can assign only one Info source. I am bit confused about it, let me know about this ?

    Okay, I must have misunderstood your message, I was thinking BI 7 and data targets .. like cubes and DSO's.
    In 3.x, assign your datasource to a single infosource.  Then assign that infosource to multiple data targets by creating update rules and assigning your infosource to each/all of them.
    In this way, you shouldn't need multiple infosources per datasource unless you have a special situation that calls for it.

  • How to initialize delta for a new data target

    I have an ODS from which there are several other targets getting updated thru an export datasource. The delta initialization happend some 6 months back. I now have a new ODS into which i need to load the data from the original  ODS. How can i initialise the delta to my new target without changing the delta initialization of the other targets and continue the delta for all of them together?
    can i use the same initialization for my new target??
    If i do a full update and then a initialise w/o data transfer, will the further delta bring the data from the correct point, is there a possiblity of data loss??

    Hi Ajay,
    the steps are as follows.
    1 delete the initialization. open infopackage >> menu scheduler >> Initialization options for source systems >> delete the request thats there.
    2. Now go to the Update tab of the infopack >> select option Initialize Delta process >> check the option initialize without Data transfer
    3. Goto Schedule tab and start the job.
    here the data targets will be all the targets the infopack loads.
    4. Create a new infopack
    5. goto Data targets tab >> select data targets >> put a check on your new ODS/Cube
    6. Goto Update tab >> select the option Full update
    7. goto menu Scheduler >> select Repair full request >> put a check on Indicate request as Repair Request >> hit OK
    8. Goto schedule tab >> start the job.
    9. Continue with the existing Delta infopack that was load the old ODS/Cubes  and make sure your new ODS/Cube is also cheked for the delta.

  • Problem  for updating records in to data targets

    my processchain is working fine ..but upto Persistent Staging Area data is getting updated perfectly but after that daily i need to run
    DTP manually , to avoid this what sholud i do??? i.e.
    selecting particular info source and then Persistent Staging Area and then selecting particular request in PSA and selecting
    update with scheduler.... by rightcliking on that... and then
    after selecting this and then selecting immediate update...then Persistent Staging Area  data is getting updated in to particular data targets...
    i want to the data to be updated immediately once data is succefully reached Persistent Staging Area
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    Are you using BW 3.5 or BI 7.0.
    If you are in BW ,then please in the infopackage make the setting psa and data target in parallel.
    If you are in BI 7.0,then include the step DTP.
    Saveen Kumar

  • Data deleted in data targets

    Hi Gurus,
    By mistake I have deleted the data in production from some data targets
    all the data is still available in PSA (for 9 months).
    This happened in two data targets from two data sources.
    No. of records are not even 1 million.
    Total no. of request for each PAS is 279.
    Is there a way I can load the data in parallel or something.
    which can complete the task faster. Right now I am selecting each request
    and loading one by one.

    If you are in 3.5 goto reconsturction and select all requet you need to load and go for reconstruction which will reconstruct all request one after the another. No manual intervention necessary.
    incase of 7.0 do a init without datatransfer from PSA and give a full update request for 3 months and load all the data which will help you in completing the data load faster.
    Hopet this helps for you.

  • Missing Data Target in Infopackage for Update ODS Data in Data Target Cube

    Hello & Best Wishes for the New Year to all of you,
    I have 3 ODS (1 on Full Update and 2 with Delta Updates). All these 3 ODS update data to a single CUBE. In my development system this works correctly. Data load from PSA to ODS to Cube.
    Now I transported this to my QA and Production System. In QA and Production System, I am able to load data upto all the 3 ODS and ACTIVATE Data in all these 3 ODS.
    When I am trying for "Update ODS Data in Data Target" to load data from ODS to Cube in QA /PD, the system created Infopackage (ODS to CUBE), doesnot get the Data Target details. (Initial Upload / Full Upload). The Data Target Tab is Blank (expected Cube details).
    I have tried to transport again after deleting the update rules.
    Can you suggest what could be the problem ?
    regards - Rajesh Sarin

    Thanks Dinesh,
    I have the ODS to CUBE Update Rules ACTIVE in the QA and PD system. Still the problem exists only in QA and PD. In DV the ODS to CUBE Data Target is available in the Infopackage and loading the data correctly to Cube.
    Listing all the trials I have done :
    1) Originally transported with all the Collected Objects. Inspite of having Active Update Rules, Data Target Cube was missing in QA and PD.
    2) After this problem, I again transported only the Update Rules through the Transport Connection, still the problem didnot get solved in QA and PD.
    3) Again, I sent a transport to delete the Update Rules which deleted the ODS to CUBE update rules in (DV), QA, PD. After that I sent another request to CREATE the ODS To CUBE UPDATE Rules in (DV), QA and PD. Still the Data Target is missing, inspite of having Active Update Rules in QA and PD.
    In DV the ODS to CUBE Data Target is available and loading the data correctly to Cube, even now.
    4) I have also tried "Generate Export Data Source" for the 3 ODS in QA and PD. Still it doesnot help.
    Can you please suggest ?
    regards - Rajesh Sarin

  • Data target 'ZGPPCAOD' removed from list of loadable targets; not loadable

    Hi Friends,
    I deleted some info providers and now I'm receiving messages when I try to start an info package´that had deleted info providers as data targets.
    Data target 'ZGPPCAOD' removed from list of loadable targets; not loadable
    Data taget 'ZGPPCAOD' is not active or incorrect; No loading allowed
    How to get rid of these messages?
    The problem is, that when I try to add those info packages to
    process cnains no default processes like deleting and generating indices are provided.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    this should solve your issue:

  • APD process is active, How to trigger the data from BI to CRM table

    Hi All,
    I want to send data from BI system(using APD method) to CRM table (ADS method).
    I am able to see the table for e.g ABCD in CRM system , i can open using SE11 , but data is 0.
    In BI , i have data in DSO and i have mapped it in APD process to data Target to CRM system and APD is active.
    Now i want to know how to trigger the data from BI to CRM table? (e.g ABCD).
    Please let me know the steps.

    Just create a Process Chain to execute this APD method, if the process Chain is already available, then just insert this Process in to the process Chain and execute the Process Chain by normal process, by hoe we do in general.
    Hope it solves...

  • Update data targets from ODS

    Hi Friends,
    I have question regarding how to update data further from ODS.
    I have ODS1 and ODS2.
    ODS1 is having deltas updated from ODSA.
    ODS2 is a new ODS and now needs to be updated from ODSA.
    I have reviewed the help already.
    I want to initially update the ODS2 with <u>selection conditions</u> from ODSA.
    After that I want to load delta from ODSA to ODS2 by automating the process in process chain.
    Please help me know, What is the optimum solution and what are the steps need to be executed.

    I am just repeating the procedure to cinfirm that I understand it properly.
    1. Go to scheduler, Initialization option make the status of the overall request red.
    2. when it asks for update the QM status to all data targets, select no.
    3.and then delete the init. request from Scheduler.
    By doing this we just deleting the initialization selection and the request in the subsequent data targets are still green and they contain data.
    After that Init. without data transfer will do the work.
    Please confirm,
    I really appreciate your input on this.

  • List of data targets is not visible during data upload

    Hi all,
      I am trying to load user defined transactional data into an info object, i will do all necessary customization steps such as creating application component,assiging data sources,creating info packages and then creating update rules in info cubes, moreover i wrote a routine which calculates sales reveune based on cost and quantity sold.
    My problem is that when i created infopackage , it does not list any data targets, Plz any one can give tips in this regard.
    thanks in advance
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    Hi Fahrudeen,
    Am a little confused here... you say you want to load Transaction data and load it into the InfoObject?? what was that??
    You can load the Transaction data only into your data targets such as InfoCube and DataStore Objects... If you are loading the data into your InfoObjects, then that would mean that you are loading the Master data for which obviously you won't have your data targets listed in your InfoPackage... Only in case of loading the transaction data would you have your Data Targets listed in your InfoPackage...

  • Example Code for Routine at Data Target in Info Package.

    Can any one send the example code for writing the routines at Data Target of Info Package for Deleting the Request from Info Cube after Update.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi All,
    I want to know some examples for guidance in writing the Abap Routine at Data Target of Info Package for Deleting the Request from Info Cube after Update.
    In the Data Targets of Info Package for Info Cubes we can delete the previous request based on the Conditions, exceptions and also based on the Abap Routine. I just want to know how do we write the Routine.
    This option is adjacent to the Maintain to Data Target in Data Targets of Info Package and will available for Info cube only.
    Thanks in Advance,

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