Information Broadcasting and Web reporting

Hi gurus
1.I am trying to use Information Broadcasting in my system but when i open the query
and try to select the publish Information boradcasting, its not taking me to the information broadcasting page on IE.
what could be the reason, is my system not configured to use IB, if yes then can somebody give me the steps to config the information broadcasting on my system.
2. How to check whether my system is configured for Web reporting or not and what all the config settings do i need to check and where do i need to check them.
[email protected]
Thanks and regards

Hi Sreedhar,
For IB check this link:
For web reporting check if http service is running, SMICM->go to->services, there should HTTP and SMTP normally, and take a look
hope this helps.

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  • Issue with Information broadcasting and pre-cal server in SAP BI

    Hi Experts,
    I have issue with information Broadcasting and Pre-cal server. I have a worrkbook whcih runs from information broadcasting in pre-cal server. Workbook is desinged on single query and workbook contains visual basic code. workbook has a variable which is controlled by Control query in information broadcasting.
    I have 20 employees every month I need to send workbook via e-mail from information broadcasting.  The problem is sometimes all 20 employees will recieve e-mails and sometimes not. I identified there is something wrong in workbook or in pre-cal server.
    because after workbook calculation in pre-cal server is not pushing to SOST so there is something wrong in workbook or in pre-cal server.
    I closely observed pre-cal server front end log. There are few operations performing on workbook in pre-cal server
    like Open workbook, Calculate workbook, Save woorkbook and close workbook. In success case pre-cal sever is performing all the operations but in failure case pre-cal server is missing Close workbook case.
    Below log In pulled from pre-cal server
    Can you please tell what could be the problem.
    Successful job
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL i nvoked in thread 3 and job 'BIBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG0
    2PCUG9ZPPP'. nvoked in thread 3 and job 'BIBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG0
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> InitConnection in thre ad 3
    3/11/2011 9:29:46 AM (3) -> Trying to open "C:\Pro gram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer.
    xla" gram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer.
    3/11/2011 9:30:18 AM (4) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS invoked.
    3/11/2011 9:30:18 AM (4) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS finished
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> Using Version 7100.4.1 200.35 of BExAnalyzer.xla
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> PID of Excel process: "2504"
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> EndOfInitConnection in  thread 3
    3/11/2011 9:30:35 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL f inished
    3/11/2011 9:30:36 AM (0) -> Calculation Request 91 1A35ED029D4D79DD7A000200000000 received for job 'B
    IBCAST4L4EIS7TOR5BWG02PCUG9ZPPP'. 1A35ED029D4D79DD7A000200000000 received for job 'B
    3/11/2011 9:30:52 AM (6) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS invoked.
    3/11/2011 9:30:52 AM (6) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_STA TUS finished
    3/11/2011 9:31:22 AM (0) -> Opening workbook: C:\W INDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks\SAPBEXPRECMML4NN
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Refresh BExAnalyzer.xl a!MenuRefreshPrecalc returned with 1.
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Calculated workbook C: \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    4NNDVLYAPC2SYIC7F1AAIO_0.xls saved. \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    3/11/2011 9:31:43 AM (0) -> Calculated workbook C: \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    4NNDVLYAPC2SYIC7F1AAIO_0.xls closed. \WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    3/11/2011 9:31:44 AM (0) -> Excel based operations  finished.
    Failure job
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL invoked in thread 1 and job 'BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2N
    TGJR0462ZFX'. invoked in thread 1 and job 'BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2N
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> InitConnection in thr ead 1
    3/10/2011 10:22:58 AM (1) -> Trying to open "C:\Pr ogram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer
    .xla" ogram Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\BW\BExAnalyzer
    3/10/2011 10:23:20 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS invoked.
    3/10/2011 10:23:20 AM (3) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS finished
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> Using Version 7100.4. 1200.35 of BExAnalyzer.xla
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> PID of Excel process:  "2544"
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> EndOfInitConnection i n thread 1
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (1) -> RS_PREC_LAUNCH_EXCEL finished
    3/10/2011 10:23:44 AM (5) -> Calculation Request 9 11A35ED02654D789871000900000000 received for job '
    BIBCAST4L41566ZBZDN2NTGJR0462ZFX'. 11A35ED02654D789871000900000000 received for job '
    3/10/2011 10:24:27 AM (0) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS invoked.
    3/10/2011 10:24:27 AM (0) -> RS_PREC_GET_SERVER_ST ATUS finished
    3/10/2011 10:24:31 AM (5) -> Opening workbook: C:\ WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks\SAPBEXPRECQB2VE
    3/10/2011 10:24:52 AM (5) -> Refresh BExAnalyzer.x la!MenuRefreshPrecalc returned with 1.
    3/10/2011 10:24:52 AM (5) -> Calculated workbook C :\WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    2VEA8O8D8FBHYCR4HVB5UI8_0.xls saved. :\WINDOWS\TEMP\BW\Analyzer\Workbooks
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Ravikanth,
    Thank you very much for the reply
    I went into RSPRECADMIN and clicked on 'Display Current Queue'.  There we have 3 sections
    1) Queue Overview of Open Precalculations
    I can see this section is always blank after running IB also
    2) Queue Overview of Current Precalculations
    In this section I can see an entry after running IB and duration is changing. but some time workbook in this section will never processed but the duration column is changing may be something is happening at this stage.
    If the entry is not proccessed in this section and IB SM37 job will never end. I manually cancelled the job from SM50.
    Don't why the workbook is taking long time and will never end even though I cancelled the SM37 IB job.
    3) Queue Overview of Proccessed Error-Free Precalculations
    All the error free workbooks which means all pre-cal server completed workbook calculation and sent to SOST.
    I manually ran the workbook for all the 20 employees I can't find any pop-up message (earlier we have pop-up windows appearing because of VB code and when report returns no data and we fixed the pop-up issues)
    Can you please help me further to trace the error.
    Thank you

  • Information Broadcasting - scheduling BI reports

    I have a requirement for information broadcasting for few reports generated on different infoproviders. The reports should be scheduled only on weekdays i.e., Monday to Friday and no users should have the authority either to view or modify the broadcasting setting except administrator.
    I'm completety new to Information Broadcasting.Please suggest me on how to achieve this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Also check the below article for flexible scheduling:

  • Company code restriction for dashboard and webi reports in BOBJ

    Hi Friends,
    We have a requirment where we need to restrict user on company code level in bobj.
    we have some dashborads and webi reports which need to be restricted at company code level, hence i have created a  role in BI and restricted the queries (bex queries) on company code level and same role and user i have imported in BOBJ.
    Now i can see the role and user in BOBJ and also i can login to BILAUNCH PAD with authentication as SAP  But unable to run the webi reports and dashboard hence i have added those reports to this user in bobj and now i can run the reports, but restriction is not working.
    In BI I am able to restrict user  but in bobj its  not restricting. kindly let me know if i am missing anything?
    We are having BO 4.0 SP6.

    Hi Saurabh,
    In BI its wokring perfectly fine.
    I can run the query for specific company code and data is being populated as the respective compay code.
    I have also configure SSO between BI & BO using below link
    but when i am trying to create a olap connection in IDT with SSO connection test is getting failed with belwo error.
    com.businessobjects.mds.olap.OlapException: [Internal] SSO token or User password is empty.
    I checked STS is already there in APS .

  • Document integration for Bex reports and web reports

    I would like to attach few documentaion (like business usage of the report) for all existing reports in BW system. We are delivering all reports through Bex reports and Web reports.
    Report user should be able to see attached documentation through "Document" property in Web report.
    I have followed this way but not able to get on-line documentation for queries.
    1. RSA1--> Documents >Meta Data> selected Object type ELEM> Import document> attached word document.
    2. I enabled Documents property in Query designer.
    3. When I executed this query in Bex, I could see document symbol for all characteristics & Key figures in all cell (in default view)
    4. The same result with Web report (all cells are having document symbol).
    But I dont want to display documents in defaul view, if any user wanted to have doucment info, then should click on "document" tab and should be able to down load / read on line.
    Let me know why I am getting document symbol for all key / char, even though i selected "ELEM". I know we could direclty import documents in query designer, what is the difference..

    Anybody could provide step to step procedure for doucument integration for Bex reports.
    Best regards,

  • Migration of work books, queries and web report

    kindly give me the steps to migrate workbooks, queries and web reports from BW 3.5 TO BI 7.0

    Kindly check the below link:
    Migration of Queries and Work Books from BW 3.x to BI 7
    Hope it helps,

  • Migrating Crystal and Webi Reports with Universe from 1 folder to different folders

    Hi There
    Does anybody know of a way to do the following
    this is for BOE XI 3.1 SP 6 FP 6.2 on Windows 2008 R2
    We have multiple Crystal and Webi reports developed from 1 universe and we need to copy these Crystal and Webi  reports to different folders in the same CMS  for example
    Universe Dev > Universe Folder Dev -  Crystal and Webi Reports set in Dev Folder
    Create a copy of the Dev Universe to Universe Folder Test – Copy the Dev Crystal and Webi Reports to Folder Test we need to Map it to the universe in the Test Universe folder(Copy of the Dev Universe)
    Create a copy of the Dev Universe to Universe Folder UAT– Copy the Dev Crystal and Webi Reports to Folder UAT we need to Map it to the universe in the UAT Universe folder(Copy of the Dev Universe)
    Create a copy of the Dev Universe to Universe Folder PROD – Copy the Dev Crystal and Webi Reports to Folder PROD we need to Map it to the universe in the PROD Universe folder(Copy of the Dev Universe)
    The reason for this is each of these universe are connected to a different database i.e Test, UAT, Prod and we have over 200 reports and at the moment we have to manually map each report to the new universe individual which take up hours.
    I have tried Lifecycle manager but came to the conclusion it cannot achive this
    You cannot change the universe attached to the Crystal and Webi reports
    you cannot promote Reports and Universes in the Same CMS to different folders
    you cannot change the folder even if you promote jobs between servers
    Does anybody know of a way to do this

    The way you should do this is to have 4 different BO systems, Dev, Test, UAT and Prod.
    Having this will allow you to use the same universe across all systems, but the connection to the database will be different on each system.
    Not only will this allow you to smoothly report off different data sources, but you will also be able to upgrade and make configuration changes without impacting your production system.

  • Selective Broadcasting OF web reports

    We have a report that displays Sales Amout by Region.
    We need ability to send the Alert/Web report to the Regional Sales Manager when the Sales fall below perticular threshold.
    We have a condition in our query that works just fine for that purpose.  And the Information Broadcasting works fine as well.
    Issue is we have over 150 Regional Sales Manager and I do not wish to create 150 Information Broadcasting settings to be run nightly.
    Is there any other options to achieve this functionality.

    If you want the Regional Sales Managers to see data or get an email when the Sales of their particular region has gone below
    the threshold value, first you need to make the Region Authorization relevant to control access to the Region Specific Data and do the necessary configuration for the Roles.
    Secondly, in the distribution in Broadcasting, you can specify the Users in Role, which will take care of this.
    Hope this helps.

  • Different display on client report builder and web reports

    Hi all, I have build a report in report 6i version Report Builder I set the page to 8.5*11 ,and it runs well in the client ,but when I put it on the UNIX SERVER,and run it from web URL,It displayed different from the client report builder.The web report is "smaller" than the client report ,but the font size is as same as the client .
    My HPUX is 11x,and display the Chinese report .
    Any body know why ?give me some advice ,thank u very much.

    If you had built the report definition on Windows and then moved this to Unix server, you may find different fonts in use. This is becuase your Unix setup does not have the same fonts install. At design time, You need to use fonts which are available on Unix also. The same fonts shaould also be installed for printer in Unix i.e. the AFM/PFM font files should be kept under $ORACLE_HOME/guicommonX/tkXX/admin/AFM or PFM directory. This would give you the same output and would lessen the porting affect.

  • Output mismatch between BEx query output and WebI Report output

    Hi All,
    I have a BEx query in which there are only characteristics placed in rows.
    There are combinations of the values of the characteristics giving different records in the query output.
    Date is one of the characterisctics in the query output.
    There is an output mismatch between the query output and the WebI report output in the following case:
    When there are 'Not Assigned' or '#' or blank values, there are additional entries(rows) in the WebI report, giving repeating or wrong entries in the Date field. This is incorrect data.
    Is this because of the  'Not Assigned' or '#' or blank values of the Characteristics or is there any other reason?
    How do I fix this?
    Please helo me with this.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Srilakshmi B

    Hi Rajesh,
    I need to verify the WebI report output for records with # and 'Not assigned' values for the cHracteristics in the report.
    So I cannot check the WebI report by hiding the # or Not assigned values.
    The problem is that in the Query output the records are like these shown below:
    Char1                    CHar2                          CHar3                       Date field
    A                             B                                 C                                Date1
    #(Not assgined)      #(Not assgined)      #(Not assgined)             No value
    Where as the WebI report output is as below:
    Char1                    CHar2                          CHar3                       Date field
    A                             B                                 C                                Date1
    #(Not assgined)      #(Not assgined)      #(Not assgined)            Date1
    As shown here, there are wrong/repeating entries for the Date field in the WebI report output.
    Please check this and let me know what could be the issue and how do I fix it.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Srilakshmi B

  • Multiple Column Header in Report (BEx and Web Reporting)

    Hi All,
            I've a requirement where my reports is having multiple column header.
       To be precise the column header is further divided into many sub-columns (upto 4 levels).
    Structure cannot help in this case since we have more than 2 such columns and we are using web reporting as well.
    Here is how it looks
    Header-B1   |   Header-B2   |   Header-B3    |  Header-Bn
    Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2 |Hdr-D1 |Hdr-D2 |Hdr-E1 |Hdr-E2 |Hdr-Fn..
    The above is a sample header structure.
    This report will be a Web Based report and I need to know whether its possible to do it in BEx also.
    We are not using Crystal Reports.
    If there is any document related to this, please mail to
    [email protected]
    Thanks & Regards,
    Chandran Ganesan

    Hi Chandran,
    I hope i am getting your problem right.
    If your
    Header-B1 | Header-B2 | Header-B3 | Header-Bn
    Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2 |Hdr-D1 |Hdr-D2 |Hdr-E1 |Hdr-E2 |Hdr-Fn..
    are a set of key figures, then there is an option.
    For example:
    You drag Header-B1,Hdr-C1 |Hdr-C2
    into column section.Right click on Hdr-C1, Hdr-C2 and select down under. So your Hdr-C1, Hdr-C2 will be under
    Like wise drag Header-B2,Hdr-D1,Hdr-D2
    Right click on Hdr-D1,Hdr-D2 and say Down under and these two will fit below Header-B2.
    You can repeat the above steps for Header-B3... Header-Bn
    The output will be same as the one you have specified above.
    Hope it helps,

  • Deploying BO universes and webi reports in quality and production

    We are on BO XIR2 SP5 and reporting on SAP BI Infocubes and Queries.
    We have 3 environments setup,each for development,quality and production.
    During universe development,while creating a new connection we provide the IP address of application server,username ,password,system id,client number etc details.
    The above details would defer for 3 different environments.In our case we have built around 50 universes.
    So what would be the smart way of deploying these universes in each of the other 2 environments?Because changing universe connection details would mean re creating the universe classes and objects which would be a huge effort.Would the webi reports continue to work upon re creating the universe with new connection details?
    Please suggest a best and smart practice for the above scenario.

    Using Import Wizard tool in BO you can  migrate Universe and Reports from dev env to test.
    Using the Import Wizard tool you can migrate the reports.
    Steps are as follows:
    Open Import window:
    In Source environment , enter the details of dev environment.
    Destination wizard you have to enter Test env credentials.
    Then you have to select all the universe and the wid files from this wizard (The files you want to transfer ).
    Finally finish this wizard by pressing finish button.........
    Hope this will help you

  • How to backup whole Univers and CR reports and WEBI reports through BOE

    Hi All,
    For now, my BOE is BO XI Release2. Could you please help me to tell me how to backup Univers and Reports (CR and Web) through BOE?
    Liu Ming

    Hi Liu,
    You could take a backup of all your reports and universes in a BIAR file through Import Wizard tool. In Source, select your BOE XI R2 system and destination as BIAR file >> select the componenets that you want to take a backup of and import it.

  • Information Broadcasting for specific reports on1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of month

    I have a multiprover which contains 10 reports .
    Out of 10 reports, four reports have the broadcast settings .
    But i want to broadcast only two specific reports on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month by using the process chain automatically .
    So how can i broadcast those two reports automatically by using the process chain  on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month .
    Please let me know

    You can use RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT or RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER program for scheduling the broadcast settings.
    You can create variants for the broadcast settings using program RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER and use ABAP type in process chain for progran and variant.
    create a event using SM64 tcode and use this event to schedule the process chain. You can create a small program to trigger this event as per your date requirement. You can use function module BP_EVENT_RAISE in the program for triggering the event.

  • Server Side Trust and Webi Report Scheduling via Portal

    I have opened a similar  thread about Server Side Trust and webintelligence reporting through the portal a few months ago.
    At the time, we had some complaints about users that were getting SSO errors after 8 hours when scheduling WeBi Report through the SAP Portal.
    Basically, the users connect to the Portal and then FROM the Portal, to a BOI view pointing to the Infoview.
    Then, after investigatinon, it was my understanding that the WebI Reports should be scheduled through an Infoview token and not a portal token. In concrete terms Server Side Trust had to be implemented between the SAP BW Backend and the BOE 3.1 Server.
    And after that the users who wanted to schedule WebI reports should connect to the Infoview directly (using their SAP BW credentials) to generate an Infoview Token.
    Scheduling Webi reports from the Portal will not be solved by implementing Server Side Trust, since it is only a matter of time before the  the Portal token expires ( 8 hour by default).
    Now, I have configured the server side Trust between our BOE 3.1 SP2 and our BW 701 system, SNC configuration, PSE generation, exchange of certificats , etc ...
    I did some scheduling tests connecting directly to the BO Infoview and it works.
    But of course, now I am being told by the users that this solution is not acceptable.
    The Portal being the entry point of our Infrastructure, they don't want to connect to the Infoview to schedule their reports.
    So I opened a SAP customer call to try to have an official and clear statement from SAP but I never obtained it.
    I had a look at my SAP BO courses but I am still confused
    For example according to SAP BO100 , server side trust should be implemented when ;
    "BOE client session authenticated using Single sign on using SAP token
    (Enterprise Portal) and SAP reports are being scheduled at a future point in
    time (after token expiry date)."
    Anyone can help me to clear my mind ?
    Thank you
    Best Regards

    first of all lets separate the UI portion from the technical portion.
    on the technical side:
    yes for scheduling the Web Intelligence document you will need Server side trust
    on the UI side:
    - scheduling is part of InfoView
    - scheduling is part of the KM integration with the portal
    if that is not accepted from a UI point of view from the user you can create your own application to schedule documents using the SDK.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi All, I have a scenario where the client wants a report which will have Pov: Period,Year,... Page: Entity(HR Org) Row: Account Column:Employee Name,Job Codes,Position,Grants,and They need the HR Org as a column. for example HR Org: -----HA10(level

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  • RIPPLE EFFECT when using mouse to click on scroll bar and scroll

    Has anyone else had this problem? I have tried 4 new 24" iMac's and ALL FOUR do this! When you click on the scroll bar and scroll down or up, there is a definite "ripple" in the window of what you are looking at. It's as if you put a steel rod under