Information Broadcasting & Archiving: Query reports need to be Archived

Hi All,
The requirement is that , we need to broadcast query reports in Bex 7.0 to be archived as a pdf.
Please note that this is not Data archiving. We need to archive only query reports.
We need to make sure that pdf gets generated in Background and report selections variant can be used in Background.How can we achieve this?
Alternatively ,Please suggest useful articles, that will be of help in this.
Thanks in Advance ,

archiving data is plausible -
Not sure why you want to archive the reports in PDF, also at what point?? is it on the application sever ???
Hope it Helps

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  • Information Broadcasting - scheduling BI reports

    I have a requirement for information broadcasting for few reports generated on different infoproviders. The reports should be scheduled only on weekdays i.e., Monday to Friday and no users should have the authority either to view or modify the broadcasting setting except administrator.
    I'm completety new to Information Broadcasting.Please suggest me on how to achieve this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Also check the below article for flexible scheduling:

  • Information Broadcasting and Web reporting

    Hi gurus
    1.I am trying to use Information Broadcasting in my system but when i open the query
    and try to select the publish Information boradcasting, its not taking me to the information broadcasting page on IE.
    what could be the reason, is my system not configured to use IB, if yes then can somebody give me the steps to config the information broadcasting on my system.
    2. How to check whether my system is configured for Web reporting or not and what all the config settings do i need to check and where do i need to check them.
    [email protected]
    Thanks and regards

    Hi Sreedhar,
    For IB check this link:
    For web reporting check if http service is running, SMICM->go to->services, there should HTTP and SMTP normally, and take a look
    hope this helps.

  • Information  Broadcasting ( sending query in ( HTML format) )

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to broadcast one query through Bex Broadcaster in Query Designer.
    While doing so it asked for e**l address and for testing purpose i gave my e*il address only.
    But I haven't got any mail yet.
    I checked in SU01 my m**l id is updated there.
    I checked all authorisations its there in PFCG.
    While scheduling it was showing CET time format ( 3.5 hrs before us).
    So I gave time according to that format only.
    Please guide me If I am missing anything.
    Quick reply is much appreciable.

    Hi Murali,
    I checked in the error log it is giving following error :-
    An error occurred in program CL_SMTP_RESPONSE
    Error text: ESMTP error code is not known.
    Additional information:
    554 Mail from ************ rejected for
    If you have any solution please reply to me.
    Is there anything to be done in function module SO_OBJECT_SEND..

  • Information Broadcasting for specific reports on1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of month

    I have a multiprover which contains 10 reports .
    Out of 10 reports, four reports have the broadcast settings .
    But i want to broadcast only two specific reports on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month by using the process chain automatically .
    So how can i broadcast those two reports automatically by using the process chain  on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month .
    Please let me know

    You can use RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT or RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER program for scheduling the broadcast settings.
    You can create variants for the broadcast settings using program RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER and use ABAP type in process chain for progran and variant.
    create a event using SM64 tcode and use this event to schedule the process chain. You can create a small program to trigger this event as per your date requirement. You can use function module BP_EVENT_RAISE in the program for triggering the event.

  • Information Broadcasting - change to query does not show

    I'm on BW 3.5 and have created a scheduled Information Broadcasting setting for a query, that is emailed. This has been working fine for some weeks.
    I have now changed the query, removing two key figures and replacing them with two formulas.
    The output from Information Broadcasting does not show the new key figures, nor does it show the old key figures (!). I have maintained the IB setting, edited text in the message and saved it. The text has changed, but not the query content.
    So, how does one make Information Broadcasting recognise query changes? Obviously, I could delete the setting and set up a new one, but this is a poor solution - there must be a better way. Or not?

    Hi Dave
    Can you please post the result for this issue or mail me the solution at [email protected]
    i am facing the same issue and need to solve this problem asap.........

  • Information Broadcasting - how to organize

    We have a requirement for information broadcasting for several reports from several countries. In this context we have to make the decision if we:
    a) schedule the reports/precalculation centrally by the BW Team or
    b) allow each end-user to schedule the precalculation
    As a) has the disadvantage, that for the BW team the scheduling of several reports could result in a lot of maintenance effort, we are thinking about to decentralize this activity and allow the end users to schedule the precalculation. But here we see the risk, that b) is somehow uncontrolled and could lead to performance issues if users from the whole world schedule the precalculation at the same time. A second point is the knowledge exchange.
    Can you tell us how you organized / customized information broadcasting in your company. How does the best practice look like. Thank you for your feedback!

    In our company, a general BW account is created with relevant roles for each business, so key users from each business unit can create IBs using these general accounts.
    However, only we,  business analysts from group IT can schedule the IB which can maintain the control of IB.

  • Information Broadcasting in MS Excel Format to the users

    Hi All,
    I am trying to use information broadcasting and send reports in an MS Excel Format to the users.
    But could not find any options in SAP 3.5 to send Output in MSExcel  to the users..
    I read in the SAP Docs that we can send the Excel output in XML format and also we require any additional third party Softwares or uograde patches to achieve this?
    Please share your experiences on the Above in SAP 3.5.

    In Bex under the Business Explorer / Tools, you should have a Distribute option to distribute workbooks.  This should open the web browser based Information Broadcasting inerface which allows you to send a wkbk immediately, or you can schedule the execution and distribution.
    I believe with 3.5 SP15 there is an option to distribute as a csv file.  I believe the Note has you add an entry to a table that adds csv as an output option, but I think the technical functionality actually exists before SP15.

  • Deman Planning - Query/report

    I have been asked to provide a query/report showing stock in restricted &/0r unrestricted state BUT with no demand on the item.
    The query/report needs to show material/item number, stock figures in each state, std cost and price unit.
    The demand is shown on txn MD04 but how can I create a query/report as above?
    I would like to create a query using SQVI if possible?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    There are several approaches to consider and it would be good to hear from some direct users.  Assuming you have a BW/BI landscape, there are numerous metrics in info cubes to easily get the data.  I used to look at inventory metrics and would start with the DOH (days on hand) - I don't remember how it was calculated, but normally it would take the current stock level and divide by the demand.  Of course, when the demand goes away, you are dividing by zero (or nearly zero), and your projected DOH goes way up.  So, by looking at the DOH, you quickly find out what products have stock with little or no demand.  You would then need to add the costing metrics, likely from another info cube.
    There are numerous inventory metrics in the BW info cube - I'll try to find an updated list, but if you ask your BW architect on site they should be able to provide it.
    Is there a reason why you are looking at it from a transactional query perspective instead of BW? 
    Ray Adams - 610-661-4647

  • Error when executing a Query through information Broadcasting

    Dear SDN,
    We have configured information Broadcasting in the Web Reports---
    Scheduled and then when executing the following error is coming
    500 internal server error - Microsoft internet explorer
    Error when processing your request
    What has happened?
    The URL was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system BWD : Please enter a valid value for characteristic 0CALMONTH.
    The error occurred on the application server asalbwd_BWD_00 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    What can I do?
    If the termination type was RABAX_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination in the system BWD in transaction ST22.
    If the termination type was ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can find more information on the cause of the termination on the application server asalbwd_BWD_00 in transaction SM21.
    If the termination type was ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE, then you can search for more information in the trace file for the work process 0 in transaction ST11 on the application server asalbwd_BWD_00 . In some situations, you may also need to analyze the trace files of other work processes.
    If you do not yet have a user ID, contact your system administrator.
    Error code: ICF-IE-http-c:900-u:VENKAT -l:E-s:BWD-i:asalbwd_BWD_00 -w:0-d:20080708-t:133744-v: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE-e:Please enter a valid value for characteristic 0CALMONTH.
    HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error
    Your SAP Internet Communication Framework Team
    Please suggest us to resolve this error..
    Help will be greatly appreciated with points..
    Thanks in advance

    I have given only Fiscal Year/Period Variable
    Other than Fiscal Year/Period Variable....No Variables in that Query..
    In FI Queries, I did not use 0CALMONTH Variable...
    I do not know why it is giving that error..
    Please suggest us to resolve this error..
    Thanks in advance

  • Information Broadcasting: Monthly Reporting with variable dates

    Dear all,
    we have created a lot of reports with RD and have pubished the reports in the portal. Our reports have a lot of selection screens. Now we would like to use information broadcasting. We have already created information broadcasting settings. We have maintained fix variants for our reporting
    For example:
    Variant x1
    Organization: C110
    Scenario:       Actual
    Date:             is filled by the user Exit
    Now we tried to shedule the report. We are using Variant x1 to find the correct selection. The problem is, that we have already saved a fix date in the variant (for example 01.01.2008), because the field is obligatory.
    The User-Exit for the variables works with step 1, but the problem ist, that the variant x1 is overwriting our User-Exit value.
    How can I avoid, that the Variant is not overwriting the User-Exit. Of course for reporting without variant, the manual entry has priority before the user exit.
    Thanks for a soon feedback.

    in order to update months, firstly create variants for the reports. Then implement the below program modifying the users inputs. For current month or last month you have to hard something like sy-datum(6), an you have to hard code the field name for the month variable that you use in query.
    Below program is for BI 7.0, you can also check the document. It also contains a method for bw 3.5 variants.
    You can schedule this program in a process chain or make variations of this as needed.
    [How To… Troubleshoot Information Broadcasting (BEx Workbooks)|]
    *& Program to mass update BEx Variants within SAP NetWeaver 2004s *
    parameter variable like RSRVARIANT-VARI.
    parameter vname like RSRVARIANT-VNAM.
    parameter sign_01 like RSRVARIANT-SIGN.
    parameter opt_01 like RSRVARIANT-OPT.
    parameter low_01 like RSRVARIANT-LOW.
    parameter high_01 like RSRVARIANT-HIGH.
    tables: RSRVARIANT.
    select * from RSRVARIANT.
    if rsrvariant-VARI = variable AND rsrvariant-vnam = vname.
    rsrvariant-SIGN = sign_01.
    rsrvariant-OPT = opt_01.
    rsrvariant-LOW = low_01.
    rsrvariant-HIGH = high_01.
    elseif rsrvariant-vnam = vname.
    rsrvariant-SIGN = sign_01.
    rsrvariant-OPT = opt_01.
    rsrvariant-LOW = low_01.
    rsrvariant-HIGH = high_01.
    update rsrvariant.
    if sy-subrc 0. insert rsrvariant. endif.
    RSRVARIANT-VNAM must be your month variable.
    RSRVARIANT-LOW and HIGH must be your automatic month like sy-datum(6)

  • Information Broadcasting - need for additional Licensing?

    One of the key features that is prompting us to upgrade to BW 3.5 later this year is the Information Broadcasting functionality. 
    This will allow us to easily push reports directly to our user base rather than the traditional method of manually emailing workbooks. However will this generate a need for additional licences?  From the testing we have performed so far in order to broadcast a report the receiving user needs to have an account in BW together with the email in the address book. 
    We will have a considerable number of users whose only interaction with BW will be to receive a report that has been broadcasted.  Does anyone have any experience of this same issue?
    any help/advice appreciated.

    Hello Michael,
    One possibility is to create an email alias that is a distribution list of the users that you want to broadcast to. Create a broadcast setting, in step 2 of the broadcaster wizard specify the distribution list. You shouldn't need to create SAP logon IDs for these users.
    I hope that this helps.

  • Information Broadcasting Authorization at Query Level

    I would like to know, is there any way to authorized a user at query level in information broadcasting?
    For example, there are three plant P1,P2 and P3 showing in Query, now i want to broadcast this query to E-mail to two user U1 and U2 in following manner.
    1.) User U1 get only Plant P1 Data.
    2.) User U2 get only Plant P2 Data.

    Yes, you can do that. For that;
    Plant should be authorization relevant info object
    (ii) you must have roles to give access to users at Plant level
    (iii) Users U1 and U2 must be SAP user IDs and should have required role for Plant access
    (iv) Query to be broadcasted must have auhtorization variable for Plant
    Once the basic setup is ready, you can test it by executing the report for individual users U1 and U2 and they should see data only for respective Plants.
    Now in the broadcasting setting, specify the users U1 and U2 in User box seperated by semi-colon and tick the checkbox "User Specific" - this will make sure that data is executed as per the data aurthoziation and also format will be selected as per the user profile (date format etc).
    If U1 and U2 are not the SAP users, you will have give their email addresses and will have to create two different broadcast settings to send data for selection plants.
    I hope it helps.

  • Information broadcasting report output

    We are receiving some reports via Information broadcaster. But in those reports when we are opening we can not see navigational block and pre selection criteria.
    Is there any way we can achieve this?
    Any urgent help will be appreciated.
    Thanks and regards

    If you try the option Online link to current data then you can get the display similar to the query output where you can see the Pre selection criteria and the navigational block

  • Details needed for installing Information Broadcasting

    Our customer is interested in installing the Information Broadcasting feature in their BW system.  The BW version they have is SAP BW 3.5, data is fetched from different Legacy systems into the BW systems.  No R3 is involved.
    We are in the process of preparing the Requirement documents for installing the Information Broadcasting.  What are all the information do we need to get from the customer?  What are all the questions do we need to ask them?

    Hi Murali,
    I need your help to set up Bex Broadcasting. We have a new implementation of BI 7 version year ago, I'm a BI developer and we don't have a team on BI, where as we have a team on ECC. If I want anything in BI, I need to give all specifications to my administartor who doesn't have much knowledge on BI.
    My problem is I can able to broadcast reports from BI backend, but not from Bex Analyser. When I open Workbook in Bex Analyser, I can able to see enabled Bex broadcasting option in Context Menu from tools icon. But when I click on it nothing is happening. We don't have portal, I need to broadcast reports from Bex Analyzer.
    Would you please assist me to know all required components needed to get Bex Broadcaster via Bex analyser. I need to assist my system admin to get this.
    We are on BI Netweaver 2004s.
    SAP GUI  for Windows:
    Release - 710 Final release
    Patch level - 5
    Recently upgraded Bex Analyser:
    BI Add on 7.X(based on 7.10)
    Support Package 10
    Thanks in advance.

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