Information Broadcasting for specific reports on1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of month

I have a multiprover which contains 10 reports .
Out of 10 reports, four reports have the broadcast settings .
But i want to broadcast only two specific reports on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month by using the process chain automatically .
So how can i broadcast those two reports automatically by using the process chain  on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th of each month .
Please let me know

You can use RSRD_BROADCAST_FOR_TIMEPOINT or RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER program for scheduling the broadcast settings.
You can create variants for the broadcast settings using program RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER and use ABAP type in process chain for progran and variant.
create a event using SM64 tcode and use this event to schedule the process chain. You can create a small program to trigger this event as per your date requirement. You can use function module BP_EVENT_RAISE in the program for triggering the event.

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    I have a requirement for information broadcasting for few reports generated on different infoproviders. The reports should be scheduled only on weekdays i.e., Monday to Friday and no users should have the authority either to view or modify the broadcasting setting except administrator.
    I'm completety new to Information Broadcasting.Please suggest me on how to achieve this.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Also check the below article for flexible scheduling:

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    How do I activate AUTOMATIC superscripting for numbers / dates; e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc .... It used to do this in all PRE-5.0 versions of Pages; now, it is GONE from Pages 5.0, and I cannot find out where / how to activate it !!

    Whilst I appreciate your responding - I do not think this helps with what I was enquiring (at least not without further explanations anyways).
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  • Information Broadcasting and Web reporting

    Hi gurus
    1.I am trying to use Information Broadcasting in my system but when i open the query
    and try to select the publish Information boradcasting, its not taking me to the information broadcasting page on IE.
    what could be the reason, is my system not configured to use IB, if yes then can somebody give me the steps to config the information broadcasting on my system.
    2. How to check whether my system is configured for Web reporting or not and what all the config settings do i need to check and where do i need to check them.
    [email protected]
    Thanks and regards

    Hi Sreedhar,
    For IB check this link:
    For web reporting check if http service is running, SMICM->go to->services, there should HTTP and SMTP normally, and take a look
    hope this helps.

  • How can I set default copies for specific report?

    I'm trying to set a default of one copy on a specific concurrent request. In this particular case, the NACHA request that produces the NACHA magnetic file. I have a dummy custom printer driver, style, etc. setup and attached to the NACHA concurrent program so that when it executes (as long as the user remembers to put 1 in the Copies field on the concurrent request screen) it will execute the Unix shell script (it grabs the file and FTP's it somewhere).
    The problem is, if the user forgets to put 1 in Copies, the Unix shell script won't execute. I'd like to make it so this one request comes up with a default of 1 in Copies. The only way I know of to set copies is in the site profile, application profile (like HR, AP, etc.) or user profile. I really don't want any of these because then the default will be set for all reports within those respective profiles. I was hoping there was a way to set the number of copies in the printer control file, but thus far I can't find any current documentation that shows the syntax of the available commands for the printer control file. Found something on the Internet, but it looked like it was for Oracle 7, perhaps. We're on 11i. On that page, I saw nothing about setting copies, so I don't know if it was just missed, isn't possible or is possible in the new version.

    Looks like I may have found my answer.
    Create a report set
    Add the concurrent program to the report set
    set copies in the options zone of the report set to 1
    Run the report set instead of the concurrent program itself and the copies will always be defaulted to 1.

  • XY-Graph / Plot legend: How to detect changes in 2nd/3rd/4th ... legend position

    I have an XY-Graph with 4 plots. How can I detect, for example, the color change of the second plot in the legend. The active plot, using a property node, is always plot 0. So I am not able to detect changes in the 2nd/3rd ... plot.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards,
    Go to Solution.

    You can do it with an event sturcture.
    Plot ‏25 KB

  • Authorization for specific report

    Hello friends ,
    I want to give authorization to user specific to only one report , can anybody tell me the specific object and values fro it ?
    Nilesh Vakil

          You can add this purticular Query in the Role which is assigned to that user. First you assign that role to your User ID and then you can add this object in the Role by opening the Query in BEx--> Click on publish in Role.
    Now that report will be accessable for all the users where that role is Allocated.

  • Report Painter: Create variant for specific report created

    My knowledge in very weak in report painter.
    In the initial screen of a report created to analyse the budget by internal order whe have the year and the period of analysis.
    By default, for every user the year is 2010 and the period of analysis is from month 1 to month 1.
    My question, and I am sorry to ask such a simple question, is how can we change this initial screen?
    The aim is to have for every user, when connecting the report, by default the year 2011 and the period of analysis from month 1 to month 16?
    Thank you.
    Best Regards.

    1. Go to GRR3 and identify the variable used in your report
    2. Go to GS12 / GS13 and check the variable definition
    May be some default value is specified there / or it is formula variable... Double click on the formula variable and you can check how it is defined...
    For the variable related to PERIOD - You need to specify a different variable for the From & To and specify the default value as 1 and 16
    Br, Ajay M

  • Information Broadcasting & Archiving: Query reports need to be Archived

    Hi All,
    The requirement is that , we need to broadcast query reports in Bex 7.0 to be archived as a pdf.
    Please note that this is not Data archiving. We need to archive only query reports.
    We need to make sure that pdf gets generated in Background and report selections variant can be used in Background.How can we achieve this?
    Alternatively ,Please suggest useful articles, that will be of help in this.
    Thanks in Advance ,

    archiving data is plausible -
    Not sure why you want to archive the reports in PDF, also at what point?? is it on the application sever ???
    Hope it Helps

  • Information broadcasting for tables/graphs

    Hi Friends,
                       I would be pleased to know if tables/graphs can be sent by mail, just the way tabular data is sent through infromation broadcasting. If yes please let me know the procedure.
    Points assured.
    Requirement is pretty urgent.

    Hi Vijay,
    What u are telling is true & graphs are delivered as tabular data that way(not in graphical form).
    I want graphs to be sent in graphical form only, not in tabular form.

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    The clue is in the name. iPad 2 = 2nd generation.

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    Basically, I have a List of files to import to my C# program from a directory.
    The C# program opens the files in Acrobat X, runs a plugin on them, and once the plug in has completed, it saves the files to another location.
    AcroAppClass mApp = new AcroAppClass();
    AcroAVDocClass avDoc = new AcroAVDocClass();
    AcroPDDoc pdDoc = new AcroPDDoc();
    if (avDoc.Open(fileToOpen, ""))
        pdDoc = (AcroPDDoc)avDoc.GetPDDoc();
        mApp.MenuItemExeute("My plugin name");
        bool saved = false;
            pdDoc.Save((short)(PDSaveFlags.PDSaveFull | PDSaveFlags.PDSaveCopy | PDSaveFlags.PDSaveLinearized | PDSaveFlags.PDSaveCollectGarbage), saveFileName);
               saved = true;
               Console.WriteLine("Save failed");
    The while(!saved) loop runs anywhere from 1 to x times. x has been has high as 10 times, or as low as 2, but never 1.
    Why may this be?
    I have full Administrative access to the drive, the files and the folders. The INTERESTING point is that eventually, after executing the PDDoc.Save command multiple times,
    the file does end up saving, but this can't be correct operation, right?

    BarlaeDC, the plugin edits the annotations in the document to update the links to URI annotations instead of standard Launch annotations.
    Is there a way to get a report back from my plugin to my calling application so that it knows when the plugin is completed doing its job?
    Bernd, application requirements by the client do not permit saving through the plugin. They want the C# code called through even another program, and need the C# to report back to it about the save.

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    I just acquired a 1.42 G4 Mac Mini off CL. The seller said the hard drive was kaput, so I got it cheap. I've tried installing an OS with the original install disc and the 10.4 CPU drop-in upgrade DVD. When I run Disk Utility, it says everything is fine. Apple Hardware Test says everything is good too. I was able to install 10.3 from the original discs once, but the 10.4 upgrade couldn't find the 10.3 install and wouldn't run the upgrade. I reformatted and zeroed out all the data, and still no errors found. I got to about 1 tick away from completing a 10.3 install and it hung. It starts up and everything works fine from the boot CDs, so it seems the unit as a whole is functioning normally, just having issues with the hard drive. Maybe it's time to get out the putty knives...

    I never had time to set the clock or anything that the PRAM keeps track of. When I got home, I opened the case and there was a LOT of dust and crap built up in it. I cleaned it all out, thinking maybe it was overheating. That didn't help. I put in a different hard drive (that was a project), and everything is working well. Not a bad little machine. Nice and quiet.

  • Information Broadcasting - how to organize

    We have a requirement for information broadcasting for several reports from several countries. In this context we have to make the decision if we:
    a) schedule the reports/precalculation centrally by the BW Team or
    b) allow each end-user to schedule the precalculation
    As a) has the disadvantage, that for the BW team the scheduling of several reports could result in a lot of maintenance effort, we are thinking about to decentralize this activity and allow the end users to schedule the precalculation. But here we see the risk, that b) is somehow uncontrolled and could lead to performance issues if users from the whole world schedule the precalculation at the same time. A second point is the knowledge exchange.
    Can you tell us how you organized / customized information broadcasting in your company. How does the best practice look like. Thank you for your feedback!

    In our company, a general BW account is created with relevant roles for each business, so key users from each business unit can create IBs using these general accounts.
    However, only we,  business analysts from group IT can schedule the IB which can maintain the control of IB.

  • Information broadcasting  - precalculation error for BEx workbooks

    i have problem with Information broadcasting for BEx workbooks 7.0. At the log display of transaction RSRD_ADMIN i get a red status message with " Cannot precalculate workbook XYZ" -> connection transfer did not succeeded.
    At the transaction RSPRECADMIN -> show queue (program: RS_PREC_SHOW_QUEUE) , i see that the request is listed as "successful precalculations" (?!)
    Some hints:
    -Further tests (2 days ago) were successful for workbooks and query email-bursting
    -Precalculation server is switching between green and yellow status every refresh
    Do you have any ideas or hints?
    Thx in advance

    I would like to suggest you something:
    Go to Windows -> Services   (Start -> RUN -> Services.msc)
    Stop the SAP Precalc. Server
    Start the SAP Precal. Server Multi-instance.
    ON THE PRECALCULATION SERVER, access your system via SAPGUI and go to RSPRECADMIN.
    Then, there is the tip, register 10 times the Precalculation Server with different names.
    Then, test again.

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