Information Broadcasting: Monthly Reporting with variable dates

Dear all,
we have created a lot of reports with RD and have pubished the reports in the portal. Our reports have a lot of selection screens. Now we would like to use information broadcasting. We have already created information broadcasting settings. We have maintained fix variants for our reporting
For example:
Variant x1
Organization: C110
Scenario:       Actual
Date:             is filled by the user Exit
Now we tried to shedule the report. We are using Variant x1 to find the correct selection. The problem is, that we have already saved a fix date in the variant (for example 01.01.2008), because the field is obligatory.
The User-Exit for the variables works with step 1, but the problem ist, that the variant x1 is overwriting our User-Exit value.
How can I avoid, that the Variant is not overwriting the User-Exit. Of course for reporting without variant, the manual entry has priority before the user exit.
Thanks for a soon feedback.

in order to update months, firstly create variants for the reports. Then implement the below program modifying the users inputs. For current month or last month you have to hard something like sy-datum(6), an you have to hard code the field name for the month variable that you use in query.
Below program is for BI 7.0, you can also check the document. It also contains a method for bw 3.5 variants.
You can schedule this program in a process chain or make variations of this as needed.
[How To… Troubleshoot Information Broadcasting (BEx Workbooks)|]
*& Program to mass update BEx Variants within SAP NetWeaver 2004s *
parameter variable like RSRVARIANT-VARI.
parameter vname like RSRVARIANT-VNAM.
parameter sign_01 like RSRVARIANT-SIGN.
parameter opt_01 like RSRVARIANT-OPT.
parameter low_01 like RSRVARIANT-LOW.
parameter high_01 like RSRVARIANT-HIGH.
select * from RSRVARIANT.
if rsrvariant-VARI = variable AND rsrvariant-vnam = vname.
rsrvariant-SIGN = sign_01.
rsrvariant-OPT = opt_01.
rsrvariant-LOW = low_01.
rsrvariant-HIGH = high_01.
elseif rsrvariant-vnam = vname.
rsrvariant-SIGN = sign_01.
rsrvariant-OPT = opt_01.
rsrvariant-LOW = low_01.
rsrvariant-HIGH = high_01.
update rsrvariant.
if sy-subrc 0. insert rsrvariant. endif.
RSRVARIANT-VNAM must be your month variable.
RSRVARIANT-LOW and HIGH must be your automatic month like sy-datum(6)

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    U can use Infoset Query for report in HR. T-Codes are SQ03, SQ02 AND SQ01. By SQ03 create user group. then SQ02 -infoset and by SQ01 create reports.
    try this. it works.

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    FROM gl_je_headers gljeh,
    gl_je_lines gljel,
    gl_code_combinations gcc
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    AND :p_to_date
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    AND gljel.period_name = gljeh.period_name
    AND gljel.set_of_books_id = :p_set_of_books_id
    AND gljeh.status = 'P'
    AND gljel.status = 'P'
    AND gljeh.actual_flag = 'A'
    --AND gljel.code_combination_id =
    -- bal.code_combination_id
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    WHERE gljeh.default_effective_date BETWEEN :p_from_date
    AND :p_to_date
    AND gljeh.je_header_id = gljel.je_header_id
    AND gljel.period_name = gljeh.period_name
    AND gljel.code_combination_id = gcc.code_combination_id
    AND gljel.set_of_books_id = :p_set_of_books_id
    AND gljeh.status = 'P'
    AND gljel.status = 'P'
    AND gljeh.actual_flag = 'A'
    AND gcc.segment4 = cc.segment4
    GROUP BY gcc.segment4) c_cr
    FROM gl_period_statuses per,
    gl_code_combinations cc,
    gl_balances bal,
    gl_je_headers gljeh,
    gl_je_lines gljel,
    fnd_flex_values_vl ffv,
    fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs
    WHERE cc.chart_of_accounts_id = :p_chart_of_accts_id
    AND bal.currency_code = :p_currency
    AND bal.actual_flag = 'A'
    AND bal.period_name = per.period_name
    AND cc.template_id IS NULL
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    AND per.set_of_books_id = :p_set_of_books_id
    AND per.application_id = 101
    AND :p_from_date BETWEEN per.start_date AND per.end_date
    AND gljeh.period_name = per.period_name
    AND gljeh.default_effective_date <= :p_from_date
    AND gljeh.je_header_id = gljel.je_header_id
    AND gljel.period_name = gljeh.period_name
    AND gljel.set_of_books_id = :p_set_of_books_id
    AND ffv.flex_value_set_id = ffvs.flex_value_set_id
    AND ffvs.flex_value_set_name = 'JSWEL_ACCOUNT'
    AND gljeh.status = 'P'
    AND gljel.status = 'P'
    AND cc.summary_flag = ffv.summary_flag
    AND cc.segment4 = ffv.flex_value
    AND gljeh.actual_flag = 'A'
    AND gljel.code_combination_id = bal.code_combination_id
    GROUP BY bal.begin_balance_dr,
    Kindly suggest if I am missing anything. I am sure that the great guns here can help me out.

    suggest to create customize TB report.

  • Error when executing report with large data selection in Infoview

    This is regarding Error we are facing in BO system.
    We have installed:
    Business Object Enterprise XI 3.1
    Crystal report 2008
    When we are trying to execute report in BO INFOVIEW on production  system, we are facing following error (After 10 mins of execution).
    Windows Internet Explorer
    Stop running this script?
    As script on this page is causing Internet Explorere to tun slowly.
    If it continues to run, your computer might become
    Please note: We are getting data via Crytal report. Only, execution in infoview is giving error.
    If we are executing same report with less data(E.g a days data) then we are getting output in Infoview.
    However, when we execute report with more data (6 months data) then we are getting attached error after 10 min of execution time.
    Helpfull reply will be awarded.
    Edited by: Nirav Shah on Dec 14, 2010 6:19 AM

    If it is indeed a server timeout issue, the following document might be usefull:
    It's about Troubleshooting Time-outs in BusinessObjects Enterprise XI, but  a lot is still applicable.
    Hope this helps...
    Martijn van Foeken
    Focuzz BI Services

  • Publication for Deski report with multiple data providers

    Has anyone been able to get a publication working that uses a Deski report with multiple data providers as the source? I'm trying to get a publication working that uses dynamic recipients and personalization. When I try to schedule the publication, I get the error "Object not found". 

    That's standard.
    It's useful for emulating outer joins in reports.
    Say you've got a sales report where you want to display all 12 months of the year in a crosstab whatever month you run in.
    We're only in May at the moment though. With one data provider (SALES), you'll get a crosstab with just up to May for your months.
    If you create a separate data provider called MONTHS to return the months in the current year, you will then have a merged dimension of YearMonth in both.
    In your crosstab if you just use YearMonth you'll get just the five months. If you qualify it with its data provider name (in our case MONTHS), you'll see the full twelve months shown.
    I hope that clears it up for your.

  • How to create a report with survey data

    Hi All,
    I need to create a report with survey data in below format. Can anyone help me how to display the summary in this format.

    Hi Swapna,
    According to your description, you want to create a report with survey data and display the summary.
    Reporting Services is used for rendering the report with data retrieved from datasource. In Reporting Services, we can retrieve data from the datasource then design a report, after the report processed, data is fixed on the report. So it’s not supported
    to have the end users selection and do summary. For your requirement, it’s can’t be achieved currently.
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu
    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

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    Is it VF05 is suffiant for your purpose?
    use further selection criteria tab.

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    You're posting in the Portuguese B1 space.
    You might want to post in the English one: SAP Business One Application

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    I've seen that InDesign and Acrobat Professional can be used to create an interactive PDF (such as from  However I don't understand how I can insert data from a database, csv file, excel file etc into the PDF file so that each page, or each set of pages, within the PDF can be customized.
    Can anyone point me to a tool to use for this?
    Bob Kendall

    For that kind of volume and unattended operation, you want InDesign Server – which is the server/high volume edition of INDD.
    From: Adobe Forums <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Reply-To: "[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>" <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 06:58:07 -0700
    To: Leonard Rosenthol <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
    Subject: How do I create an interactive PDF file with variable data
    Re: How do I create an interactive PDF file with variable data
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  • How can I do a multiple record data merge, but specify that a specific text frame with variable data only merges on the first record?

    I'm doing a multiple record data merge, I have 2 frames both with variable data placed inside.
    I would like to specify that one of the text frames only merges once(first record) and the other frame multiple times for each record in the data file.
    Is it possible?
    I thought that perhaps if I place the text frame that must merge once on the master page, it would work.  But you are not allowed to place variable text on the master and on the document page.
    I'm going to try it through scripting next, but thought that perhaps there is an easier way that I'm not aware of.

    If you were trying to post a screen shot, you would need to return to the forum and post it using the "camera" icon at the top of the post editing windows.
    I use a plug-in from Em Software called InData. One of the benefits for what I do is there are no individual frames on a page to deal with post-merge. Individual frames are great for simple merges (address labels, post cards, etc.). But I typically do more other types of merges.
    That said, there is a drawback--one needs to come to an understanding of writing expressions that actually parse the incoming data. So in the spice price list example, that looks like:
    It's reasonably easy once one does it a few times. And it can be far more complicated. The above is from Em Software's samples that has been tweaked. The best thing I can recommend would be to download the trial and see for yourself. They are good at responding to specific questions if you get stumped.
    I imagine this all could be scripted somehow in ID. But I have no idea how and the plug-in just lets me keep working.

  • Using Fields in Reports with stored Data

    i like to use fields in Reports with saved Data in it.
    Is this possible ?
    A Invoicereport with saved Data  in a File. Now i like to get the Field Invoice_ID to use this in
    Any Idea ?
    VS2008 with CR_reports in 8.5

    You wrote:
    A Invoicereport with saved Data in a File. Now i like to get the Field Invoice_ID to use this in
    You can export a report with saved data and then change the filtering without hitting the DB again. If you are asking if using a flat file as the data source there are multiple ways to do this. Define an ODBC data source to the file and specify the sturcture, or using ADO.NET and a record set, or using XML as the data source. Lots of ways in newer versions of CR. 8.5 was limited so the ODBC example is your best option.
    Or if you are asking how to get the data from the report you can use REadRecords. Not sure if 8.5 has this functionality though. It's way past it's end of life so I can't look.
    You wrote:
    VS2008 with CR_reports in 8.5
    Not supported, 8.5 has no .net assemblies and no RDC, only option would be to use RAS to make changes or reading records so you need to upgrade.

  • Performance: How to manage large reports with high data volume

    Hi everybody,
    we actually make some tests on our BO server system, to define limitations and oppertunities. Among other things we constructed a large report with a high data volume (about 250.000 data records).
    When executing the query in SAP Query Designer it takes about 10 minutes to display it. In Crystal Reports we rebult the row and column structure of the query. The data retrieval in Crystal Reports Designer last about 9 minutes - even faster as in the query.
    Unfortunately in BO InfoView the report is not displayed. After 30 minutes of loading time we get a timeout error RCIRAS0244.
    Cannot open report document. ---
    The request timed out because there has been no reply from the server for 600.000 milliseconds.
    Also a refresh of an report with saved data is not possible.
    Now we are asking us some questions:
    1. Where can we set the timeout for InfoView to a value larger than 30 minutes?
    2. Why is InfoView so slow compared to Crystal Designer? Where is the bottleneck?
    3. Whats the impact of SAP single sign-on compared to Enterprise logon on the performance?
    Thanks for any helps and comments!

    Hi Ingo,
    thank you for your reply.
    I will check the servers and maybe change the time limits.
    Unfortunately we have a quite slow server system that probably cause this timeout. In CR Designer we have no problems, its really quick. Is it to expect that CR Designer and InfoView have almost the same performance?
    Another nice point: When we execute the query in SAP BEx Query Designer it takes about 10 minutes to open it, in Crystal Designer it needs just about 5-6 minutes. We integrated exactly the same fields in the report, which exist in die SAP BEx query.
    What may cause the difference?
    - Exceptions and conditions in the query?
    - Free characteristics in the query?
    - anything else?
    Best regards,

  • BI+ Reporting With Multiple Data Sources

    Hi -
    We've been using BI+ Reports with multiple data sources on separate grids. We are wondering if there is a better way to ensure the user has their point of view bar in sync between the the data sources. In our case, both Data Sources are separate HFM applications with all the dimensions identical except the account which is defined on the report. We are not using Metadata Management.
    I'm aware of the "Merge Equivalent Prompts" in the Preferences > Financial Reporting window, but this does not always ensure the users have the same point of view.
    What practice are other companies using to make sure the user runs the reports accurately with both point of view bars pulling the same entity/year/period.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for your answer, however my question - I know it looks quite messy - is not directly related to data templates, my problem is that at the moment I am using a stored procedure following - almost exactly - what another procedure does in oracle EBS to call a BI publisher report.
    1. This procedure populates some temporary table with the xml data where the concurrent request picks it up and uses it to populate the BI publisher template.
    2. However I can't go and specify the XML location in my data template as this is not an option for us (i.e. reading the xml from the temporary table), so I am looking for another way to populate the BI publisher template (Note: I can't as well include the SQL queries in my Data template).
    Thanks ;)

  • Information Broadcast / Sending reports automated

    I have the following task:
    we should send reports to non-bw users.
    For each recipient should be set a personlized variable (like customer no). So he only get the report with his company code.
    There should be possibility to implement this automated?
    In Information Broadcast I have to type in every mail adress and assign the right report.
    We would need a solution where the variable (eg. company code) is filled automatically, saving the report under a title starting with the company code and then send the report via mail to the correct partner.
    As the mail adresses are all in R/3 in the customer datas. It should not be a problem to load them to BW.
    Thank you for your help.

    I think it is hard to implement a scenario of sending automatically to BP's when they dont have a userid in BW.
       Problem is that we can makes settings in broadcaseter either manually  or by creating a Variant of report automatically for each userid.  I think atleast in BW3.5 it is not possible to automate this.
    When we contacted sap regarding the simmilar problem,we were informed that it'S not possible. they suggested us to have atleast background user for each BP. this was about an year i dont know if there is a solution now.
    with regards

  • Broadcasting filtered report to variable receipients.l

    Hello experts,
    we have a requirement to send same report to different users according to filters.
    For Eg:-
    If report has all ship to Data then in Information Broadcasting we need to filter out data for each ship to and populate that ship to with linked email id and send each ship to data specific to that Ship to only.
    Sachin Dehey

    Hi Sachin,
    By using one setting in broadcasting you cannot achieve the requiremnt. However by using different broadcast settings which have different filters and accordingly the email recepients, will achieve the required.
    Hope it helped.

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