Init yellow with 0 records

Dear All,
After restoring source sytem , when  i m trying to run init for masterdata my request is yellow with zero  0 0 records..
Please advise

In monotoring screen select 0 From 0 and in the main menu Enivironment--> Job overview --> In the source system then It will go to ECC side there check ur job status in R/3. If the job is continuing then check SM58 in R/3 is there any IDOC's strucked.
Sharma. IVN

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  • Error while saving dynamic row values of datagrid with record.

    hi friends,
    i am trying to add dynamic row in datagrid and save that value with record.i succeeded in first part while i am saving the record the error show like this.
    errro:Property fromAmount not found on and there is no default value.
    how i resolve this error.
    any suggession welcom
    thanks in advance.
        public class Task
            public function Task(frmAmount:String,toAmount:String,commissionPercentage:String)
            public var frmAmount:String;
            public var toAmount:String;
            public var commissionPercentage:String;
    main mxml:
                private var tasks:ArrayCollection;
                private static const ADD_TASK:String= "";
                private function init():void
                    tasks = new ArrayCollection();
                    tasks.addItem(new Task("0","1000","0"));
                private function checkEdit(e:DataGridEvent):void
                    // Do not allow editing of Add Task row except for
                    // "Click to Add" column
                    if(e.rowIndex == tasks.length - 1 && e.columnIndex != 0)
                private function editEnd(e:DataGridEvent):void
                    // Adding a new task
                    if(e.rowIndex == tasks.length - 1)
                        var txtIn:TextInput =TextInput(e.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance);
                        var txtIn1:TextInput =TextInput(e.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance);
                        var txtIn2:TextInput =TextInput(e.currentTarget.itemEditorInstance);
                        var dt:Object =;
                        // Add new task
                        if((txtIn.text) != ADD_TASK)
                            var x:String=String(txtIn.text);
                            tasks.addItemAt(new Task("", "", ""), e.rowIndex);
                        // Destroy item editor
                        // Stop default behavior

    You are trying compare String and int..! which is not possible try to case the txtIn.text to int using parseInt(txtIn.text).
    if(txtIn.text != ADD_TASK).---->error : Comparison between a value with static type String and a possibly unrelated type int
                        tasks.addItemAt(new Task(txtIn.text, 0, ""), e.rowIndex);----> error:Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type int.
    if(parseInt(txtIn.text) != ADD_TASK).---->error : Comparison between a value with static type String and a possibly unrelated type int
                        tasks.addItemAt(new Task(parseInt(txtIn.text), 0, ""), e.rowIndex);----> error:Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type int.

  • In the MMC, the dispatcher stays yellow, with the status

    Hi all,
    In My Solution Manager system, In the MMC, the dispatcher stays yellow, with the status 'Dialog Queue Info unavailable'.
    However, the system continues to run. Can you please help on this.

    for this problem, check SAP note 396309 and 72248.

  • Fill in form with records from a database

    hi using adobe live cycle desginer could some one guide me or tell me what to look for so i can:
    populate my pdf form with records from a ms access database
    my site is in asp

    This [url]thread should get you started.

  • Help with recording measurement

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to take voltage/current/resistance measurements from a Keithely sourcemeter and plot them on charts. There's also the option to record the measurements upon pressing the "record" button, which then would prompt the user for a path name. After the 'record' button is pressed again, the file is saved and closed. During the entire process of openning file, recording, and closing the file, the measurements should be plotted onto the charts uninterrupted.
    I've used a state machine pattern, with the value of the 'record' button as input to decide the state transitions, used in a "select" gate. However, when I run the VI, the state transitions never happens, pausing the execution and probing the value of the button yields that its output stays the same regardless of the state of the button.
    I've set the operation of the button to "switch when pressed". 
    I know this is a common task, but I'm pretty stumped about how to fix this. The VI file is attached, any pointer is appreciated.
    Go to Solution.
    Attachments: ‏36 KB

    The typedef enum will solve the problem of the names.  Once all sources (controls or constants) connected to the state wire in every case and outside the loop are all copies of the same typedef, the names will return.
    What happened was that you changed one of the enums or created a new one.  It had a different data type.  Yes, it was still an enum and still produced a U16 integer, but because the items in it were different, it was considered a different data type.  When two different data types are connected to the wire going to the selector terminal, the case structure attempts to find the common "denominator", in this case a U16 integer, but not the enum.
    I converted the enum constant you had with "record" and other values to a type def and copied it several times.  When I replaced all the other state enums with that type def enum, the names came back.

  • Issue with recorder

    hi all,
    i am encountering a strange issue.
    i m trying to post transaction FBRA (Reset cleared items). when i run the transaction normally, supplying the doc. no. , comp code and fiscal year...i click on save and a popup message comes up which asks to either only reset the documents or to reverse them as issues so far...
    the issue however comes when i try and record this transaction....there is no pop up at all...?? why so??
    although i went in the code and found out the screen no. and okcode value to code my bdc but i would like to know why such sort of a thing would per my knowledge...this cannot be a limitation with recorder...or is it?
    any knowledge sharing will be appreciated...

    Is this popup to get some kind of Profile?
    I'm thinking that this is your problem,  I did a search in that program for SY-BINPT , this is a system value which is set to "X" when in Batch Input or BDC mode.  I think that this is why you are not getting your popup.
      IF NOT ls_message IS INITIAL
        <b>AND SY-BINPT = SPACE</b>.
                  e_s_display_profile = ls_display_profile.
        ls_display_profile-use_grid   = 'X'.
            i_s_display_profile          = ls_display_profile
            profile_inconsistent         = 1
            internal_error               = 2
            no_data_available            = 3
            no_authority                 = 4
            OTHERS                       = 5
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                  WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
              i_log_handle = ls_handle.
    Rich Heilman

  • Record for spouse overlaps with record for domestic partner

    Hi Experts
    When we are creating Spouse record we are getting following error in portal.
    "Record for spouse overlaps with record for domestic partner"
    I have deleted the Plans for Domestic Partner and I have deleted the Domestic Partner from Portal and after that I am trying to create the spouse. I could able to create spouse in BACK END system (HCM) after I deleted  the Domestic Partner from portal. But I can't able to create Domestic Partner from the Portal.
    If I delete DP instead of Delimit from the backend I could able to create the Spouse from portal. But If I Delimit I can't create the record from Portal.
    Could you please suggest us.

    You cant overlap these records you need to use differnt subtype

  • SQLJ calling PL/SQL with records and tables as parameters

    Has anyone used sqlj to to call procedures with records and
    tables as IN, OUT, or INOUT as parameters? If so how do you
    assign values to the IN parameter in the record/tables, and get
    values out of the record/table when it is passed back? Might
    anyone have any syntax?

    One thing I forgot to mention: If you're an 8i client, then in
    8.1.6 you'll be able to use JPublisher to solve this problem,
    since it'll generate these wrappers for you.
    Oracle Product Development Team wrote:
    : Hi,
    : The key issue is that no part of Oracle code except PL/SQL is
    : aware of the PL/SQL Record types and PL/SQL "index-by" table
    : types.
    : So the only way to call a PL/SQL procedure with args of a
    : or "index-by" table types is from another PL/SQL routine.
    : In most cases, it's possible to work-around this by wrappering
    : your PL/SQL method with another which doesn't have this issue.
    : For example, if you're trying to call procedure proc01 in:
    : package pack01 is
    : type rec01 is record(n1 number, d1 date);
    : procedure proc01 (r rec01);
    : end;
    : you can create a wrapper method:
    : package pack01_wrapper is
    : procedure proc01_wrapper (n1 number, d1 date);
    : end;
    : package body pack01_wrapper is
    : procedure proc01_wrapper (n1 number, d1 date) is
    : r pack01.rec01;
    : begin
    : r.n1 := n1;
    : r.d1 := d1;
    : pack01.proc01;
    : end;
    : end;
    : If you're a 7.3 client, that's about all you can do. The Fix
    : introduced in 8.0, where new structured types (ADT's) and new
    : table types (VARRAY's and Nested tables) were introduced. So
    : you're an 8.0 client, your 'wrapper' package could use an ADT
    : which has the same attributes as the record, rather than
    : 'exploding' the record into its individual components as I
    : above.
    : Hope this helps!
    : Pierre
    : Thomas Richardson (guest) wrote:
    : : Has anyone used sqlj to to call procedures with records and
    : : tables as IN, OUT, or INOUT as parameters? If so how do you
    : : assign values to the IN parameter in the record/tables, and
    : : values out of the record/table when it is passed back? Might
    : : anyone have any syntax?
    : Oracle Technology Network
    Oracle Technology Network

  • I have a table tab1 with record(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). i want to create a proc

    i have a table tab1 with record(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9). i want to create a procedure, when we pass the parameter in procedure then that record come on top rest record below of that.

    Is the block based on a table ?

  • Unable to set node credentials for /LDAPv3/ with record name n`.

    When starting Server Preferences, I receive a window with the following text:Unable to set node credentials for /LDAPv3/ with record name n`. There may be an error with the Open Directory Service.
    This started to occur after I used the command changeip to change the ip of the service.
    I've tried (Re)starting Open Directory Service, but that doesn't resolve it.
    Does anyone know how I can resolve this error? I'd like to be able to user Server Preferences again!

    One of our servers (10.6.8)  that had been running for months suddenly started generating that error message when trying to access Server Preferences.  Workgroup Manager, which seems to use the same login information, accessed just fine. We tried deleting access information in Keychain, to no avail. What finally worked for US was:
    - Via Server Admin, (in Open Directory > Settings > General) change the Role: Open Directory from Master to Standalone
    - This (for us) then restored access to Server Prefs
    - Use Server Admin to change the Role back to Master
    Warnings - 1)  backup first  2) you will have to reinstall the master password, and  3) ALL accounts were lost and had to be recreated.

  • BDC Program with recording

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create a bdc program for asset creation with recording. Any have this, please send the step-by-step procedure.
    I am very thankful to you in advance.

    HI Nagarjuna,
    Step by Step approach to ceate simple BDC session program using reusable template.
    Batch Data Communication is one of the vital data upload / transaction automation option in many SAP components . I am suggesting here a way out to simplify the programming for a BDC application . It utilizes a template program and gives steps to use it to create your own BDC program on the fly.
    This step by step approach can be used to create a Simple BDC program i.e for a transaction which does not have any table control / looping at screen table. The same can also be enhanced to develop a program for transactions involving table controls .
    1. Create a new program as executable program using SE38 transaction code.
    2. Copy the following template code into your program .
    ---- Start of Template -
    LINE-SIZE 200
    LINE-COUNT 300.
    DATA : BEGIN OF t_upload,
    END OF t_upload.
    *--- Tables
    DATA : BEGIN OF i_bdcdata OCCURS 0."to hold the transaction record
    DATA: END OF i_bdcdata.
    DATA: i_upload LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF t_upload," to hold file data.
    i_upload1 LIKE STANDARD TABLE OF t_upload." to hold file data.
    *--- Work Areas
    DATA: wa_upload2 LIKE t_upload,
    wa_upload LIKE t_upload,
    wa_upload1 LIKE t_upload.
    *--- Variables
    DATA: v_count1(4) TYPE n,
    v_error TYPE c,
    v_field(21) TYPE c,
    v_message(60) type 'C'.
    DATA: c_open TYPE c VALUE '(',
    c_close TYPE c VALUE ')',
    c_x TYPE c VALUE 'X'.
    refresh : i_upload , i_upload1 ,i_bdcdata.
    -------Selection Screen Design -
    *Selection screen for input of upload file address
    PARAMETERS : p_file LIKE rlgrap-filename OBLIGATORY.
    *--For popup to select file.
    PERFORM give_help.
    *--Data upload using WS_Upload.
    PERFORM get_data.
    PERFORM open_group.
    *--Insert transactions using BDCDATA table in the session.
    PERFORM do_transaction .
    *-- Close the session.
    PERFORM close_group.
    *& Form f_get_data
    For data upload from external file.
    FORM get_data.
    filename = p_file
    filetype = 'DAT'
    data_tab = i_upload
    conversion_error = 1
    file_open_error = 2
    file_read_error = 3
    invalid_type = 4
    no_batch = 5
    unknown_error = 6
    invalid_table_width = 7
    gui_refuse_filetransfer = 8
    customer_error = 9
    OTHERS = 10.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    ENDFORM. " f_get_data
    *& Form F_open_group
    To open session in session management.
    FORM open_group.
    v_session = 'TCODE'.
    client = sy-mandt
    group = v_session
    user = sy-uname
    keep = 'X'.
    ENDFORM. " F_open_group
    *& Form f_do_transaction
    Insert transactions in session after passing values to BDCDATA
    FORM do_transaction.
    LOOP AT i_upload INTO wa_upload .
    *---- insert your generated codes from recording at SHDB here
    *----- insertion ends
    perform bdc_transaction using 'TCODE'.
    ENDFORM. " f_do_transaction
    *& Form bdc_dynpro
    For appending screen details to BDCDATA
    FORM bdc_dynpro USING program dynpro.
    CLEAR i_bdcdata.
    i_bdcdata-program = program.
    i_bdcdata-dynpro = dynpro.
    i_bdcdata-dynbegin = 'X'.
    APPEND i_bdcdata.
    CLEAR i_bdcdata.
    ENDFORM. "bdc_dynpro
    *& Form bdc_field
    For appending field details to bdcdata table
    FORM bdc_field USING fnam fval.
    CLEAR i_bdcdata.
    i_bdcdata-fnam = fnam.
    i_bdcdata-fval = fval.
    APPEND i_bdcdata.
    CLEAR i_bdcdata.
    ENDFORM. " bdc_field
    *& Form bdc_transaction
    For inserting Transaction in the session
    FORM bdc_transaction USING tcode.
    tcode = tcode
    dynprotab = i_bdcdata.
    ENDFORM. " bdc_transaction
    *& Form F_close_group
    For closing the session created in Session manager SM35
    FORM close_group.
    concatenate 'Session ' v_session 'successfully created' into v_field.
    MESSAGE v_field type 'I'..
    ENDFORM. "f_close_group
    *& Form f_give_help
    For user help to select file
    FORM give_help.
    mask = ',.,..'
    mode = 'O'
    filename = p_file
    inv_winsys = 1
    no_batch = 2
    selection_cancel = 3
    selection_error = 4
    OTHERS = 5.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0 AND NOT sy-msgty IS INITIAL.
    MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
    WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    ENDFORM. " f_give_help
    ---- End of Template -
    3.Go to the transaction SHDB in another session ( you can also give TCODE - OSHDB in transaction code window and hit enter ).
    4.Create you transaction recording in SHDB . Ensure your transaction recording takes care of input values to all the
    fields to which you intend to pass values in the BDC.
    5.Once your recording is done correctly create the program from recording in the SHDB transction . You will find the button to create program in SHDB . Choose the option of creating from file when you proceed through the subsequent steps.
    6. Define data type t_upload and structure wa_upload in the template program with fields of structure 'RECORD' from the program generated using SHDB recording ( replace the field1, field2 and so on as per your requirement). For your understanding you can remove the suffixes to the
    field name but keep the field size unchanged.
    7.Copy the coding existing between 'do' and 'enddo' statement from the generated program . Insert the copied code between the loop and endloop code of form 'Do_transaction '. Replace fields of structure 'RECORD' with respective fields of structure wa_upload.Insert constant values wherever possible in transaction recording.You can also handle customised data conversions here.
    8.Replace 'TCODE' in the template program with the transaction code you intend to process in this BDC.
    9.Please carry out further syntax check and resolve the related issues.
    This program will provide for input help to select upload file from local machine. The file needs to be in Tab delimited format and is assumed to have first row as column headers .
    On successful creation of session you will be prompted with a Information popup giving the name of session ,and will take you to the SM35 transaction to process your session.

  • SetID not found for name='BUSINESS_UNIT', value='' with record 'BI_DISC_SUR

    While entering identifier in Discount/Sub charge page it giving following error:
    SetID not found for name='BUSINESS_UNIT', value='' with record 'BI_DISC_SUR', tree ''. (2,214) FUNCLIB_CA.RENEWAL.FieldFormula Name:SelectDiscountSurcharge PCPC:12887 Statement:186
    Called from:CA_RNW_CYCLE_PNG.GBL.CA_RNW_LN_REDUC.DISC_SUR_ID.FieldChange Statement:9
    The PeopleCode built-in function GetSetID has been called with parameters that were
    not found in the table set definitions.
    Review the table set control tables and the PeopleCode and correct whichever is wrong.
    Please help me to solve this issue.

    did you check if your business unit (setcontrolvalue) is setup with record group BI_04, and it has a default setid associated.

  • Help with records.

    Im nw to java and I need help with records. Can you please tell me how to make a record called car, store the make and model and display them like the structure chart below( yes its a structure chart).
    ================ main =========
    =============== / === \ ========
    ============= / ======= \ ======
    =========== / ========== \ =====
    ========= get car ======= display =
    ========= record ===============
    ======== / ===== \ ==============
    ======= / ======= \ =============
    ====== / ========= \ ============
    === get car ======= get car ========
    === make ======== model ========

    welcome to world of java...
    here is a skeleton structure of what you want..
    class myCar{
    public static void main(String args[]){
    myCar car = new myCar();
    void displayCar(){
    // display your car image here
    String getCarMake(){
    // returns String containing make of car
    String getCarModel(){
    // returns String containing model of car
    String getCarRecord(){
    return getCarMake() + " " +getCarMake();
    maybe this helps

  • Problem with recording device

    Try to use Echo/Sound test service, as well as a couple friends on the list and get the following message "Problem with recording device".  I have also searched in the community, but found many issues releated, but no solutions that fit the problem.  Headset: Turtle Beach XP SevenSkype Version: System: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1; 64 - bit Tested in sound recorder, and records my voice, and able to playback and hear my horrible singing. I did find a rather odd way to resolve the issue temporarily. I also use hangouts from time to time, and when I start a video call, it will ring, and send out, and I can then call out using skype to a friend/sound test and it will work fine for the rest of the call. Able to talk, and do whatever.  Unfortunatley, with the listed method above I have to repeat the process everytime I want to make a call, or accept someones call. Rather... Annoying. Any solution to this, or what can be causing this issue?  

    I suggest  you download and install the latest generic Realtek audio drivers as they should be compatible with the computer model you listed in a previous post.  I run a similar model to that one and have no issues with it.  Skype is rather resource intensive on that netbook when participating in video calls due to the limitations of the processor and onboard video chipset. The latest generic Realtek audio drivers (Select "High Definition Audio Codecs" - 32 bit Windows 7), i have pretty much given up trying to use Skype on this netbook but i came back to report the known data just in case anyone else might find it useful. to begin with 1) let's get this upfront. i am ignorant, ill-informed, tech-illerate and stupid. i stipulate to this going in. i've NO idea what the hell i'm doing. 2) hardware = ASUS eeePC1005HA, Win7Starter32, 1G DDR2, Intel Atom280, 250GHDD 3) per the above suggestion i went to the RealTek site and looked for the driver, but first 4) i had SlimDriver look around for me and it said there was a newer driver (i think dated 2011) which i had it download & install 5) so that didn't seem to make the slightest difference in Skype performance (i.e. none) so 6)as in (3) above i went to and it offered me 2 choices of sites from which to download Version R2.78 for 32bit Win7 so i picked one at random and it downloaded 2 files, 1 a .exe and the other a PART which i have no idea what the hell that is. i barely know enuf to double clic on the filename in WinExplorer Downloads so that's what i did first on the .exe file cuz that one had a file size greater than zero (unlike the PART file) and got an error message saying Win7 didn't know what to do with this file and could i please suggest a software to use on it. 7) so i deleted it and started over with the same result and then i repeated step 7) only this time i got only the .exe file in my Downloads folder and when i double-clicked it i actually got the Install Wizard to run. 9) so while the Wizard was running i went and looked in my "Windows 7 In Depth" by Cowart & Knittel and found nothing in the index under RealTek so i went and looked at Drivers and based on clues i found there i went to Control Panel ->Hardware & Sound -> Device Manager ->RealTek HD Audio [hidden under expandable Processors - Sound, Video & game conrollers]->(LeftClick to get Update Driver Software), and wait about a year and a half for 'Onliine Search for Software', followed by the message "the best driver software for your device is already installed". 9)so by this time the Install Wizard has finished Uninstalling the previous version of the driver and wants me to RESTART and that's right now in real time so i am now closing this browser and if i ever finish restarting i will continue this response in a new reply window starting with step (10), whatever that turns out to be. the suspense is killing me.

  • Windows 10 Calls dropped problem with recording device

    I now there are others experiencing this issue. Though, however not only when either I call someone or they call me the call drops and "problem with recording device" error message is displayed. It is also stating to those trying to call me or answering my call that I can only accept IMs.Can someone please help as its starting to become a complete waste of my time. I am running Windows 10 and Skype Version:  

    Please, run the DirectX diagnostics tool (32-bit). Run dxdiag.exe (Start - Run or Win key +R) then press enter or click "OK". Once the diagnostics completes, "Save All information..." to a text file. Please, attach this file to your post. Be aware that you will have to zip this file before attaching it here.
    (i.e. compress DxDiag.txt ---> 

Maybe you are looking for