Insert asterisk(*) for amount field (Very Urgent)

Hi all,
I want to insert asterisk() for amount field REGUD-SWNET(15C) in SAP script. ie suppose amount is 1000.00 rest of the length should be filled by asterisk() infrount of amount. ie ********1000.00 it has display like this.
Your help ll be rewarded.

     We can replace leading spaces in a value with a FILL CHARACTER.
SYNTAX:    <b> &symbol(Ff)&</b>    here f is fill character.
example:    &REGUD-SWNET&  value is 700.00
                 &REGUD-SWNET(F*)& value printed as ******700.00.

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  • How to show asterisk for required fields in a table row?

    Hi Folks,
    For showing the asterisk (*) for required fields in a form, I used to give required="true" for the component and surround the component with a af:panelLabelAndMessage for which I set showRequired="true". How to do this for a component in a table row. For a component in a table, there is no label per se. The required=true flag in the component shows proper error message saying that it is required but there is no (*) for that component.

    Table does not have any required attribute.But column has showRequired property .You can used this.If column has input text then also you put required true on this component.And set your required messages there .
    It will resolve your problem

  • Validation for Amount fields..very urgent

    hI ALL.
    I want Validation like     Right justify amount decimal point and 2 decimal places.
    this is Work area
              COL01(60) TYPE C,
              COL02(60) TYPE C,
              COL03(60) TYPE C,
                end of T_datatab.
    data: g_t_dbt like table of dbt initial size 10,
          wa_dbt type dbt.
    Now i want  move value from VAL to wa_DBT-CURRENCY as follows,
            move wa_datatab-col07 to wa_DBT-CURRENCY.
            MOVE VAL TO wa_DBT-CURRENCY.
    so if i give input  100, i need display like 100.00
    Help me
    helpful answers will be get is very urgent
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    Hi bhanu,
    1. simple
    2. just use
      WRITE numberfield to charfield.
    (it will put the field
    eg. YYYYMMDD  will put as
        256 will put as 256.00
    amit m.

  • Not inserting date field-very urgent

    thanks in advance any help appreciated
    im getting all the datas in csv as an array and inserting using the insert method, the date(not datetime) field is not inserting (, and not showing any error
    im getting the datas as array string wat iv to do while inserting ive used all the conversion techniques but still not inserting

    You must indicate the "specified" attribute in order to inset or update any field that is not string type.
    For example, I guess that your program do something like: expression%%
    but you must do also:
    That is for any field like number, date, boolean, etc...that is not a string.
    Hope it helps.

  • How to Activate a Condition Type in the Tax OCde for A/P  -- Very Urgent

    Hi  Peers
    I'm creating a new Tax Code in T.Code FTXP, while creating, One Condition Type is Deactivated, say JM01, How to activate that condition Type. I know how to activate the Condition Type in A/R side but I want to know it in A/P side.  Plz help. Its very urgent. 

    Hi Rajaram,
    U pls Check ur configuration. First u check the calculation procedure (F.A- Tax on sales & purchase-Basic setting-Check calculation procedure _ Define procedure) In the procedure field u  check JM01 is activated or deactivated otherwise u created in condition Type.
    I think its usefull otherwise u let me know

  • Insert in oracle database issue (very urgent)

    I am new to this forum and also new to oracle .... I am woking in a C# 3.5 desktop application
    I am Leasing data from socket (1 message per 10 millisecond) and save in queue<T> and then i have a background thread which dequeu the data and perform some calculation and create “insert sql query “ on run time NO STORE PROCEDURE just simple insert query
    For example
    insert into Product values(0,computer , 125.35);
    I pass that insert query to my datalayer which create oracle connection and insert in to a data base. see the code below
    using System.Data.OracleClient
    class db
    OracleConnection conns = null
    public static void conn(string dbalias, string userid, string password){
    string connString = @"server =" + dbalias + ";uid =" + userid + ";password =" + password + ";";
    conns = new OracleConnection(connString);
    catch (OracleException e){
    Console.WriteLine("Error: " + e);}}
    public static void ExecuteCommand(string sqlquery)
    OracleCommand cmd = new OracleCommand(sqlquery,conns);
    NOW the problem is that inseration in oracle database is very slow please tell me how to solve this issue

    using System.Data.OracleClient ????
    This is the ODP.NET forum.
    using Oracle.DataAccess.Client;
    and reference something like: C:\Oracle\product\11.1.0\client_1\ODP.NET\bin\2.x\Oracle.DataAccess.dll
    Assuming your "insert thread" is simply waiting on the next queue entry, why don't you just turn pooling off, open the connection and keep that one connection open?
    I am fairly certain the speed issue has nothing to do w/the insert statement vs. stored procedure.

  • BAPI's for remote Cube very urgent

       I want to activate the cube 0FIGL_R10 and 0TRCM_RC1. Can anyone guide me what needs to be done. I jave activated the cube from Business Content. When I try to execute the query it is not running .
    please help as it is very urgent for me ..
    Baljit Singh

    Hve a look at this:
    Need step by step process for creating remote cube

  • FIELDS -----very urgent

    Hi all,
    i am searching for some fields of tables after PGI.i am developing a report to show all the data after includes SO & PO data as well.
    so i need some fields.those are
    1)payment terms
    2)payment terms text
    3)address1 of customer (i think it is --adrnr)
    4) address2 of customer (urgent)
    5)transportation method or type
    7)date of manufacture of finished goods
    8)vendor's customer PO number(customer of our vendor)
    9)vendor sales order number(different from our sales order number)
    initially our vendor is selling raw materials to our company.then my company converts raw material to finish goods.then my company will sell finish goods to  same vendor or customer of that vendor.this is the process.plz tell me the above database table fields.i need the table fields which should be filled after PGI.
    it is urgent.
    any help is highly appreaciated.

    <b>SE84</b> will be useful for you, this will search in SAP about the Fileds, Tables and programs ...
    goto SE84 -> ABAP Dictionary Entry -> Fields -> Table fields. here give the Short Description and press Enter, you will get the field name alog with table name

  • Changing SIgn for Amount field

    We have a requirement where we need to change +/- sign on amount field in Infocube during the data loading. How this can be done?

    Hi Sunil,
    In the update rules, in the key figure you want, instead of assigning a source key figure from communication structure (first option), select the formula  and press create. Name your formula, and then, in the formula editor, double click your key figure so it appears in the upper part. Then press the * button. and finally press constant button and enter -1 in the text box it appears. This should do it.
    Hope it helps.
    Diego Lombardini

  • Adding field - very urgent very help full

    I am creating condition table and I couldn't see customer heirachy field -CustomerHierarchy 03 not find in field catalog.
    how to get that field in to the field catalog.

    Basics of modification in pricing                                                                               
    o  The following communication structures are relevant in pricing:       
        -  KOMK (pricing communication header)                                
        -  KOMP (pricing communication item)                                  
        -  KOMG (allowed fields for condition structures)                     
           For technical reasons, communication structure KOMG is used. It    
           combines the fields from KOMK and KOMP that are relevant for       
           pricing in the standard system and are offered in the field catalog
           of condition tables. If you want to use a new field in the field   
           catalog, you must add the field to KOMP or KOMK in the following   
    -  header data in INCLUDE KOMKAZ in KOMK                              
        -  item data in INCLUDE KOMPAZ in KOMP                                                                               
    When you use INCLUDES, the field is automatically added to KOMG and the  
    field catalog.                                                                               
    o  The routines for assigning values to the new fields in order          
        processing are found in member MV45AFZZ. Use the following user exits:
        -  USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK (header fields)                     
        -  USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP (item fields)                                                                               
    o  The routines for assigning values to the new fields in billing are    
        found in member RV60AFZZ. Use the following user exits:               
        -  USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK (header fields)                     
        -  USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMP (item fields)            
    Reward points if useful

  • Negative sign mapping handling for amount field

    hi Experts,
    From SAP ecc to PI we are receiving - negative sign after the amount value 1000 - . can you please suggest the suitable graphical mapping or UDF whenever amount value in -ve should give the ouput result as -1000. .

    Hi Krushi - I don't see any complexity in it..
    Use graphical function "endswith" to check if the amount has "-"
    If yes then use replace function to replace "-" and then again conact it with "-"
    amount                              then amount->replacevlaue "-"-> concat + "-",amount
              endswith          if
    -                                        else amount
    For graphical function look at the below blog-
    Standard Functions in PI 7.0 - Process Integration - SCN Wiki

  • Remote desktop ....Waiting for the help(very urgent)

    Please :
    1)this is not related to SAP( business critical issue for me)
    2)I know I should not place this in this forum.But no other go for me.
    When Ever I have logged in to a remote desktop(through Citrix metaframe) ,there If
    I press any key then the system itself treating it as "windows"+"Key that I have given".(for ex. If I have given key(this may be in a notepad or may be in a password field) like " l ".then I am simply logging out).
    Because of this I am unable to enter into any system.(I need to login to SAP through that system only But I am unable).
    Note:1)this problem is not with in our network
    2)only when I have connected to my client network
    3)I have tried with 2-3 desktops but no result(I mean problem is not with the system hardware)
    4)I have tried with options like on the remote computer and full screen mode only(every thing I have checked but no use)
    5)Last I have asked every known but no use.
    I will be more tankful if any one of you can help me out.

    Seems simple now....
           Just open On screen keyboard (By accessories->accessibility)and press windows key and then you will get the same problem(If at all you have closed the on screen keyboard also you can get the problem).to fix this press windows key again(in On-screen keyboard)(If at all this is not working for once then press for 3-4 times) you will not get the problem.
    Thanks for your time.

  • How to delete leading zeros for amount  fields

    Hi all,
    I have problem with the leading zeros, where I am populating nearly 30 amount fileds in my  statement.i want to delete leading zeros.
    I have tried with shift and pack.
    and I cannot call every time the function module *alpha_output or input.
    can anybody suggest me the better solution.

    You could use a syntax like 
           w10b LEFT DELETING LEADING '0',
           w10c LEFT DELETING LEADING '0',
           w10d LEFT DELETING LEADING '0'.
    or using macros like
    DEFINE delzero.
      shift &1 left deleting leading '0'.
    delzero: w10a, w10b, w10c, w10d.

  • Program for conversion please very urgent

    program to convert numberic to string like 356 to thre hundred and fifty six...and 1020 to to one thousand and twenty

    This one works for upto 4 digits
    public class DigitsToWords {
         public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
               BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
               String inDigits ;
               System.out.print("Enter some number: ") ;
               inDigits = in.readLine();
               String inWords = parseToWords(inDigits);
         public static String reverseString(String str) {
              String reverse = "";
              int length = str.length();
              for (int i = length-1; i >= 0; i--) {
                   reverse+= str.charAt(i);
              return reverse;
         public static String parseToWords(String inDigits) {
              String inWords = "";
              String reversed;
              String word = "";
              reversed = reverseString(inDigits);
              for (int i = 0; i < reversed.length(); i++) {
                   char digit = reversed.charAt(i);
                   if(i == 1) {
                        switch(digit) {
                             case '1':
                                  switch (reversed.charAt(i-1)) {
                                       case '0':
                                            word = "ten";
                                       case '1':
                                            word = "eleven";
                                       case '2':
                                            word = "twelve";
                                       case '3':
                                            word = "thirteen";
                                       case '4':
                                            word = "fourteen";
                                       case '5':
                                            word = "fifteen";
                                       case '6':
                                            word = "sixteen";
                                       case '7':
                                            word = "seventeen";
                                       case '8':
                                            word = "eighteen";
                                       case '9':
                                            word = "nineteen";
                             case '2':
                                  word = "twenty";
                             case '3':
                                  word = "thrity";
                             case '4':
                                  word = "fourty";
                             case '5':
                                  word = "fifty";
                             case '6':
                                  word = "sixty";
                             case '7':
                                  word = "seventy";
                             case '8':
                                  word = "eighty";
                             case '9':
                                  word = "ninty";
                   else {
                        switch(digit) {
                             case '1':
                                  word = "one";
                             case '2':
                                  word = "two";
                             case '3':
                                  word = "three";
                             case '4':
                                  word = "four";
                             case '5':
                                  word = "five";
                             case '6':
                                  word = "six";
                             case '7':
                                  word = "seven";
                             case '8':
                                  word = "eight";
                             case '9':
                                  word = "nine";
                   switch (i) {
                   case 2:
                        word += " hundred"     ;
                   case 3:
                        word += " thousand"     ;
                        inWords = word + " " + inWords;
              return inWords;

  • Validation Numeric Field(very urgent please)

    Iam new to java.
    I have one JSP form.
    my question is :
    How do i validate that user has entered all numeric values in a particular column.?
    And if he has not entered the numeric data, do i have to throw NUMBERFORMATEXCEPTION.
    Please help !
    [email protected]

    If you have a JSP form , you can post the form to a servlet and verify the format of the column.
    If you prefer, you can use javascript to validate the clumn on client broser, so he can't post the form if it's not correct

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