Insert Bar in hotmail is greyed out and am unable to attach files; have silverlight plug in enabled; what's the problem?

the Insert bar in hotmail reply is greyed out and the icons such "Attachments" are not clickable. I am using Firefox 3.6.13 and have Silverlight 4.0.51204.0 enabled. What can be the problem? Also, in some instances cookies that store my address and other information that I need to populate when filling in online purchase forms on - say - eBay, are not working and I have to fill them in every time.

in mozilla firefox go to Tools/addons/plug-ins and '''disable silverlight'''

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  • My iphone 4s will not connect to networks.  the button is greyed out and cannot turn o.  I have reset the network settings and it still does not work - any ideas?

    My iphone 4s will not connect to networks.  the button is greyed out and cannot turn on.  I have reset the network settings and it still does not work - any ideas?

    Thank you I tried the reset again did not fix- I think I am down to calling Apple and paying for a tech - phone company says it is a software problem.  I just updated to 8.1.3  - I thought the update might fix it.

  • HT204266 My $25 gift card has been used once. I have tried to use it and get a message it has been redeemed. It shows I have $23.71 left. "What is the problem?

    My $25 gift card has been used once. I hav tried to use it and get a message it has been redeemed. It shows I have $23.71 left. "What is the problem"?

    What is the problem? You only redeem it once.
    If it shows $23.71, then you still have credit.  Just buy something.
    Not sure what your issue is.

  • I have a mid 2011 macbook air and a new Apple TV but I can't mirror. What's the problem? I have checked display settings and I don't have the "allow mirroring" option there.

    What is the problem?

    About AirPlay and Airplay Mirroring
    AirPlay Mirroring requires a second-generation Apple TV or later, and is supported on the following Mac models: iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer). For non-qualifying Macs you can try using Air Parrot.
    Several Apple Articles Regarding AirPlay
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen)- How to use AirPlay Mirroring
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    Thanks to the $15 Beamer, AirPlay streaming is still possible on Macs  that do not support Airplay and mirroring.
    Other solutions are the Air Parrot, StreamToMe, and AirServer.

  • I have a iphone 4S with IOS7 and am continually getting an unread message notification when I have no unread messages.  What is the problem?

    I have a iphone 4S with ios 7and am continually getting noftications that I have unread messages when I don't?  What is the problem?

    Tonyyphan wrote:
    Your right but it's way better with emojis!
    Personally, I stop texting people who send them to me until they start typing actual words.
    They cause problems because not all phones/carriers seem to interpret them the same way. If your friend has an iPhone 3G, they don't have iOS 5.1.1 and don't have, if I recall correctly, the builit in keyboard. They're probably using some third party emoji app. If you install the exact same app, you might stop having problems. But if not, you have choice: be cute or have your SMS readable.

  • The Insert Bar in hotmail is not working. Can't use Attachment etc. Have Silverlight enabled. Please advise.

    The hotmail insert bar not working has started ever since hotmail was upgraded. I can attache files to my gmail account but as I use hotmail regularly, it is inconvenient. Sometimes this problem disappears on its own. And it happens with Firefox as well as IE 6.0. Can some one help out please?

    I had the same problem and after much internet searching. It helped when I realized they called that an "insert bar" I was looking for why my attachment option was gone. I found a solution that works. Turn off your Silverlight addon. Tools/Addons/Plugins then Disable. The insert bar is not coming up properly because of this addon. I disabled it and cleared my cache and have had no trouble since.

  • After upgrading to IOS 5.1.1 the Wi-Fi selection in settings greyed out and now says No Wi-Fi.  Have tried restting and restoring both from te phone and from Itunes but this does not solve the problem.

    I recently upgraded my Iphone 4s to 5.1.1 and founf the Wi-Fi button in settings greyed out saying No Wi-Fi.  I have tried Reset network Settings, Rest All Settings and restore in Itunes but to no avail.  I understand this is a comon occurence but I cant find a solution to it.  Can anybody help?

    See this tip -->
    If this doesn't resolve it you most likely have a hardware failure. Fortunately, your phone is in warranty, so if you take it to an Apple store they will replace it.

  • I dl'd Firefox 4, was working great but, Firefox 4 is unable to work w/ Netflix. I hit the Netflix restart in 32-bit mode and now Firefox 4 will not open on my MacPro. I have to "Force Quit". What's the problem?

    I dl'd Firefox 4 on wide release Tuesday. It was working just fine on all news sites I use. Then, I tried to use my Netflix streaming. Netflix alerted me FF4 needed to run in 32-bit mode due to its movie player plug-in. I hit the Netflix restart in 32-bit button, FF4 crashed. I've since re-dl'd FF4 and loaded it into the Apps folder on my MacPro(Mac OS 1.6.7/2.66 Quad-core/2 GB RAM/256MB GPU). It still won't open and I have to "Force Quit". Several "Reports" have been sent to Apple but, I don't think Apple is the problem. As it now stands, I can only run last version of FF on my MacPro.
    I also have a MacBook(Mac OS 10.6.7/2.16 C2D/1 GB RAM/64 MB GPU) and I am able to have 2 versions of FF on that Mac. I even have the newest version labeled as Firefox4, so as to distinguish between the 2 for the purpose of using FF4 for everything but Netflix. So, what happened? What's the difference? Why won't FF4 run on my MacPro anymore?

    If this were just a Netflix problem, why can I access Netflix through Internet Explorer and not through Firefox? I've been using Firefox to access Netflix for at least the past year and starting yesterday (12/6/11) Firefox doesn't seem to recognize that Netflix exists. I've tried the suggested Firefox "help" which was of no help whatsoever and may even have made life more difficult in accessing other accounts. Anyone know how to contact Netflix or Firefox by phone?

  • My 3G stopped working and doesn't allow me to go on Instagram/Facebook/ect. what's the problem?   How do I fix it?

    My 3G stopped working a while ago and it is starting to annoy me.  My iPhone won't let me go on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.  Is there any way to fix this?  Do I have to call the company?  Or what?

    Hi Bunnyfoofoow,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    I recommend trying these troubleshooting steps if the cellular data connection on your iPhone is not working:
    Follow the instructions below for assistance with troubleshooting cellular data issues on your iPhone. After performing each step, please test to see if the issue is resolved.
    Toggle airplane mode: Tap Settings, turn airplane mode on, wait three seconds, and then turn off again.
    Restart your iPhone.
    Ensure that your software is up to date:
    Check for a Carrier Settings Update. Tap Settings > General > About.
    Check for an iOS Software Update. Tap Settings > General > Software Update.
    Note: Some updates may require a Wi-Fi connection.
    Remove the SIM Card and reinsert it. Allow the iPhone to acquire the network again.
    If your SIM card has SIM PIN enabled, try toggling it off: Tap Settings > Phone > SIM PIN.
    Try another location. If a different location works, but the original location still does not, contact your carrierto report the issue.
    Reset network settings: Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
    Restore the iPhone as new.
    Contact your carrier to:
    Verify that the iPhone is properly set up on the account with the appropriate, current data plan.
    Verify that there are no account-related blocks.
    Find out if there are specific error messages in the carrier logs that could help determine why the issue is occurring.
    If none of the above steps resolves the issue, contact your carrier, make an appointment at an Apple Retail Store, or contact AppleCare to troubleshoot further.
    You can find the steps above in this article:
    iPhone: Troubleshooting a cellular data connection

  • Ipod nano (6th gen), appears under devices in itunes and all songs play properly. Upon ejecting from PC, ipod says 0 songs but still 14gb/14.88 have been used up. What is the problem here?

    Pretty much what I asked in the question. Plugged the ipod back into the PC and it still works fine under Devices in itunes and all the songs re-appear here again. Havent been syncing with any different computers

    I requested that your post by moved to the iPod Nano forum. This is the iPod touch forum.

  • I had iTunes 10 and when i updated to iTunes 11 it wont open? what is the problem?

    when i run the troubleshoot runner it says there is a problem. that it is an imcompatiable application. i dont know how to fix this. i would appreciate anyones help please

    The music sync is one way - computer to ipod.  The only exception is itunes purchases.
    The ipod is not a storage/backup device.  It simply mirrors the selected content of your computer.
    As the music came from your computer in the first place, it should still be there and in your backup copy of your computer.

  • My iPhone 3G auto switch off and I could nt turn on. Hw should I knw what is the problem

    My iPhone 3G auto switch off and I could not turn on it no matter hw I try. Can anyone advise me thank q

    did you try resetting in i tunes?
    connect the iphone with itunes and try to reset it to work seting,s afterwards you can sync your datas...

  • HT1349 My face time won't work and hasn't since I baught my phone 5 weeks ago what is the problem with it?

    How do I get my FaceTime working, my line is suspended at the moment but it hasn't worked from when I first baught it 5 weeks ago

    Do you mean your cellular service is disconnected?
    What, exactly, isn't working? What error message(s) are you getting?

  • I was just playing flappy bird which always crash. After that, the home button became unresponsive. I tried recalibration Technique but failed. Sfter, the earphone dock and music sounded garbled but later of, stopped producing sounds. What is the problem?

    what to do? Please help.

    If a reset doesn't work, try reset all settings
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings
    Note: Data will not be affected but settings for Wi-Fi, FaceTime, Message, Home Sharing will be reset

  • HT201401 After changing the sincard I cannot dile any number and I get a message " call failed " I don't know what is the problem

    The simcard  have been changed twice by the carrier VODAFONE but still the problem exist

    hello flabs, this is likely caused by an outdated extension. in case you have the social fixer addon installed, please update it to the latest version that is available at

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