Insert multiple rows in a table

Hello Apex expert,
I need help on insert multiple rows. it may look easy but I don't know how to do it.
I have a table (with name found_table) which has these fields: found_ item_id, item_name, current_location, cost_center, tag_number. Also, I have a table (with the name transition) which has these fields: transition_id, found_item_id (FK to found_table), from_location, to_location, From_cost_center, to_cost_center, tag_number.
I have an interactive report on found_table which I would like to add checkbox to all rows of the report. When the user checks any rows and press submit, I would like to send all these selected rows to another page which I have a form on transition table. The user will select a to_location and to_cost_center from this page (by the way from_location and from_cost_center and tag_number is the same as current_location and cost_center, tag_nuber from found_table, which I figured it out how to show those as a default in the new form). Now I want when a user selects the new location and cost center and press submit, all those selected rows be inserted in transition table with new locations.
I read several threads on forum, but I could not find a solution for my problem. I will appreciate your help.

Hello again,
I created a report with check box. I also added two selected list at the top of the region to select the location and cost center. Also, there is a transfer button(as submit) to insert the new data to table. Now I need the insert process. I tried different insert process but none of them is working for me:(((
I created an example of what I need to do in the apex that you can take a look and give me some advise. The link is:
What I need to do is:
When a user selects several rows by using checkbox and selects To_LOCATION, and TO_COST_CENTER from selected list, and clicks on transfer, all the data should be insert in to another table with the name transition as follows:
from found table to transition table
found_item_id(pk) found_item_id (fk)
current_location from_location
cost_center from_cost_center
tag_number tag_number
selected list (to_location) to_location
selected list (to_cost_center) to_cost_center
Please help me on that. I appreciated.
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    Correct me if i am wrong.
    This does not mean that the transaction is not guaranted. Either all the rows will be inserted or rolled back.

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    The first thing I notice is that your variable, "num," isn't initialized in the FOR loop like I'm used to seeing.. The next thing I would try would be declaring my variables outside of the loop. Something like this maybe.
    String query = null;
    Statement stmt = null;
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         query = "INSERT into apartment (apartmentID,blockID) VALUES ('"+num+"','"+aid+"')";
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         rowsUpdated += stmt.executeUpdate(query);
    }Let me know how it goes.
    -Aaron A free Wiki for error codes and computer problems.

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    I tried this :
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    var result = (Oracle.DataAccess.Types.OracleDecimal[])p.Value;
    But I have an error ORA-00933 that indicates that the query is wrong at "RETURNING MY_PK".
    Edited by: CITnDev on 1 août 2012 13:00
    Edited by: CITnDev on 1 août 2012 15:10

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    Hi All,
    I have a requirement like to insert mulitple rows into the table from that table data only(I need to replicate the data).
    In this table primary key is composite primary key with all foreign keys.primary key also including the Date foreign key.I need to change that date at the of insertion.
    INTO myschema.Fact_page_performance
    time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    Available ,
    (SELECT time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    WHERE date_sk=20090509,20090510
    But it is giving the error like missing Expression.
    Could anyone please help to me.
    Thanks and Regards

    You can have either VALUES or SELECT not both
    INTO myschema.Fact_page_performance
    time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    Available ,
    SELECT time_sk ,
    batch_id ,
    delta_msec ,
    error_code_sk ,
    content_errs ,
    element_count ,
    page_bytes ,
    WHERE date_sk=20090509,20090510;

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    hi ,
    How can I insert more than one row in the same database table on single submit button.
    (i am using the ADF , EJB and Toplink for this example.)
    EMPLOYEEand DEPARTMENT tables will hold a common coloum deptno
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    I have created the UI that holds EMPLOYEE(DETAIL) details and a DEPARTMENT(MASTER) table and I have created two separate bean classes which hold the getters and setters for the corresponding tables.
    I have created a method in Department bean which will be called when we add the employee details
    public String addEmpdetails() {
    return null;
    where employeedetailslist is a Arraylist and I want to pass the reference of employeebean in the array list.
    But this method will fail as I need to create the new employee bean object every time when ever I need to pass.
    How can I store values of multiple rows in bean.
    In the EJB session bean how can I commit multiple EMPLOYEE rows and DEPARTMENT values at once.

    The use of &variable in a script is actually syntax for a "substitution variable" in the SQL*Plus tool (other tools may also do the same), not an inherent part of SQL or PL/SQL itself.
    Whenever SQL*Plus is given a script it parses through it and if it encounters one of these it prompts for a value. This value is then substituted into the script before the script actually get's sent to the SQL or PL/SQL engine (process) on the database server. Once the script has gone to the database server it executes there and the results are passed back for SQL*Plus to display. However, the SQL and PL/SQL processes on the database server have no way to interface to the client machine, so they themselves cannot prompt for input from the client and you can't expect to prompt inside a loop as you are doing.
    What you need is a user interface on the client that can prompt repeatedly for values and then re-send the script, or call a procedure on the database each time. This can be done using shell scripts or dos batch files (depending on your client being unix/dos based) or using a front end application tool such as Java, .NET, Powerbuilder, PHP, Application Express (APEX) etc.

  • Inserting multiple rows in internal table in debugging

    Hi All,
    I need to insert multiple records from an excel sheet to an intenal table while debugging. I can see there is an option for "append row" in debugging but not for multiple rows. Can anybody help in this regard.

    I am using new debugger for ECC 6.0..but could not find that option..Can you please indicate where exactly this option lies in the debugger.

  • Inserting multiple rows in a table automatically

    Hello everyone,
    A question about SQL/PLSQL.
    I have a homework to create a table in SQL and to insert 10,000 rows in the table regardless of what the values are. The question is: is there a way (like a PLSQL code that has a loop) to inserts values in a table automatically without the need to insert the values 10,000 times manually?
    I really appreciate it and thanks in advance...

    Frank Kulash wrote:
    Is it possible to give me an example of a complete Connect BY/Insert statement would look like in my case?See the SQL Language reference manual
    or your textbook for examples of inserting values with a subquery.
    A subquery using dual will work as well as a subquery using any other table; there's nothing about dual or CONNECT BY that complicates using a subquery in an INSERT statement.
    If you get stuck, post your best attempt here. If your problem involves an error, then post the complete error message, too.Frank,
    Thank you for your help and reply.
    I think I did not explain the situation well because what I am looking for is called <b>populating a table</b> and it seems that the CONNECT BY makes a loop of a single column and that is not the case.
    I have a table which is called customer and it contains 7 coulmns in which the first one (cust_id) is sequenced as shown below:
    create table customers
    cust_id int primary key,
    f_name varchar2(40),
    l_name varchar2(40),
    address varchar2(40),
    postnr varchar2(40),
    city varchar2(40),
    e_mail varchar2 (40)
    create sequence cust_id
    minvalue 0
    maxvalue 99999
    start with 1
    increment by 1
    cache 20;Now the quesiton is: how to populate this table with random data of 10,000 rows?
    Thank you very much in advanced.

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    I have a simple jsp/html page like this:
    <h1>Enter Comments</h1>
       <select name = "g1">
        </select> <input name = "comment1" type = "text" size = "60"><p>
         <select name = "g1">
        </select> <input name = "comment1" type = "text" size = "60"><p>but when i say : String fruit=request.getParameter("g1");
    String fruit=request.getParameter("comment1");
    only one gets written into the table. How would I write them both into seperate rows of the table? e.g.
    g1 comment1
    g1 comment1
    thank you all,

    change the name of the second select and second text element.
    You're only getting one because they're named the same, so the second one is overwriting the values of the first.

  • Inserting multiples rows into a table

    We have a job schedule table and a job date table.
    Job Schedule
    Job_ID Frequency
    1 1234567
    2 12-456-
    Job Date
    Job_ID Date
    1 01-JAN-07
    1 02-JAN-07
    We need to insert all DATES (not number of day in the week) into the Job Date table for a job according to the frequency. For example, for Job_ID 1 daily and for Job_ID 2 only Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of the year.
    How can we achieve this?

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