"Insert silence" won't work when editing audio

Greetings. Forgive me if this topic has been addressed
before. If anybody has experienced this issue and has a suggestion,
I'd be very grateful.
I'm relatively new to Captivate 2.0, as are my colleagues.
When editing audio in a .cp file, I often cannot insert silence at
the beginning or end of a clip. The flat silence appears on the
waveform, I click OK, I exit the editor as usual -- and the clip
plays back at its original length, with no silence. If I attempt to
insert silence in the middle of a clip -- no problem!
I hope I'm simply missing something obvious. Thanks in
advance for any help!

Well Jeannine8, you are close, but the reason your "fix"
works is because your recorded "silence" is probably white-noise,
not total silence. Allow me to explain please ...
Captivate does want to truncate (clip off) real (complete and
total) silence from the beginning or end of any waveform. So the
trick to adding silence to the beginning or end is to make sure the
silence actually contains *some* blip in the waveform (however
tiny). How to do that? Glad you asked!
1) In the Captivate WAV editor, insert your silence.
2) Now grab
any tiny, tiny piece of the audible waveform and copy it.
3) Then paste it to the very beginning of the waveform.
4) Last, use the "Volume" editor to reduce the volume below
human hearing level.
Note, if the "clip" you copied was extremely loud, you may
have to reduce the volume, close the volume control, then reopen it
and reduce it a 2nd time. This is because Captivate only allows you
to reduce volume to a minimum of 10% of the original.
All that said, I want to emphasize that "Jeannine8"'s fix
will normally work, and shows a lot of moxie ... so thanks,
"Jeannine8". And if opening the microphone and hitting the "Record"
button for a second or two in a semi-quiet room seems easier to
you, go for it. But if you know the reason
why it works, I think you will be happier in the long term.
Have a great day folks!

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    However, if the headphones are plugged in before starting the videos, the sound comes through the headphones, but unplugging the headphones, then reinserting them, stimulates problem again. Not only that, but then in YouTube the video will stall and can't be restarted until the page is reloaded.
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    Oh I thought of one solution that doesnt require restarting firefox, disable the current audio device and the sound will automatically switch to the next available device. Or possibly when a new device is introduced?? I havent done much testing on the matter though. This is just my best guess based on my personal experience with firefox.

  • HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION not working when editing HR master data

    Hi all,
    I search for similar problem but couldn't find any.
    I am using HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to insert record to an infotype. I proceed with standard way (ENQUEUE employee, call above fm, DEQUEUE employee). It works fine when running as executable program.
    Now I want this functionality when editing EE's master data (i.e. modifiying one infotype record). For this I put the same code to some user exit. Now when executed I can proceed with creating new entry, it saves I can see how data are updated in pa30 for this EE. But when I reenter his master data are without this new record anymore.
    Does anyone faced similar issue? I guess it is not allowed to use that fm when editing master data, but can't find a answer if this is the issue.
    I did also a test creating this new entry for some different EE, but it neither worked.
    Any info appreciated.
    Thank you

    Hi Marcin,
    Please check whether the following links are useful,
    HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION mod not working
    HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION is not working in user exit ZXPADU02
    Best Regards.

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    I try to never work with Mp3s and always request wav but it doesn't seem to matter in the long run.
    Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one and I am having a serous issue with this problem once again!
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    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up           
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.
    If still problem that indicates a hadware problem, likely a bad battery. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • Hyperlinks won't work when copied from h to v layout

    hi there, just created a dps folio with lots of hyperlinks (InDesign CS6 everything updated to the latest version).
    First in the h version I put a rectangle above the piece of content I wish to be clickable, choose 'hyperlinks' and put the link in it then inside the folio overlays I make sure 'open in folio' is selected. Second I copied the rectangle to the v version of the layout, resize it so it's covering the right content. Inside the hyperlinks panel I'll find the links, sometimes when the rectangle is selected the link shows up darkened, but most of the time when I select the copied rectangle nothing changes inside the hyperlinks-links panel. In that case I selected the rectangle and clicked again on the hyperlink so I think it's 'bind' again.
    Testing the folio on the iPad everything works fine in the horizontal version, but when i try the vertical pages not 1 link is working.
    When re-ensure the hyperlinks are present in the v version, I noticed that clicking on the rectangles some of them do not highlight any hyperlink but others do and none of both work on the iPad. Strange is also when I click a rectangle who does not highlight any hyperlink and I then select (apply??) the hyperlink inside the hyperlinks panel to 'bind' both together the document would not let me save the document as if there's nothing changed on it..
    Is this a bug or what am I doing wrong?
    any hints and tips welcome ;-)
    I've just deleted the hyperlinks overlays and tried with buttons overlay and 'go to url'. That seems to works on both direction.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I do not manage the group policy and I'll have it checked. One question though, if it is the policy then would it not affect Excel 2003 as well. When I use Excel 2003, I see buttons in toolbar, using which I convert excel file to pdf and first thing it does is scans for various things ( Hyperlinks is one of them ).
    When I tried with excel 2007,  I can convert excel file to PDF by selecting print option and selecting Adobe there. It converts the file but the hyper links won't work.
    One thing I noticed that using the pdf conversion buttons in toolbar in excel will convert hyperlinks too.
    My problem here is that I do not see Adobe Acrobat converstion buttons in Excel 2007.

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    Hi, all!  Currently running Sharepoint 2013 under Server 2008 R2.  My client is Win7 Pro/64-bit running lastest Firefox, Chrome & IE11.  I am currently a Domain Admin for our corp domain.
    Long story short, I've created a test List app.  When I attempt to add a column to the layout of the custom list app, nothing happens when I click the OK button to save the app.  No access spinning, no errors on-screen (also none visible when I view
    the source of the SP page or header), no nothing.  The highlight of the button changes as expected, but nothing else.  The Cancel button will Cancel as expected, but OK does nothing whatsoever.
    My current permissions include member of Domain Admins, Site Owners (Full Control), and Visitors (Read).  A Check Permissions on myself yield the following:
    Full Control   | Given through the "~site~ Owners" group.  
    Read   | Given through the "~site~ Visitors" group.  
    Edit   | Given through the "~site~ Members" group.  
    (Note: "~site~" is replacing the actual SP2013 site name above)
    I'm thinking it has something to do with effective permissions.  I just added myself to the Owners group this morning with no effect.  I've also tried both Compatibility mode on and off in IE, and Firefox and Chrome don't work, either.  Suggestions
    are most welcome as I'm at the point where I'm not sure if IE11 is causing a problem or if it's actually an effective permissions problem that's preventing me from saving any column changes to the List app above.
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    Hi Steve,
    From your description, my understanding is that OK button does not work when you create a new column.
    Please check if you get any JS error after you click OK button by pressing F12 to OP developer tool.
    Besides, please try to create a new column with steps below:
    Click LIST tab in the Ribbon.
    Click Create Column in Mange Views section.
    Create your column in the dialog.
    Click OK button.
    In addition, please confirm these points below:
    Test your issue in another list.
    Test your issue with another computer.
    Test your issue with another account.
    Best Regards,
    Vincent Han
    TechNet Community Support
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    [email protected]

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