Install os x without iTunes account

Hi all,
I'm hoping one of you might be able to help me and I haven't just ruined the iMac I've only just got.
I've just bought a second hand 2010 27in iMac, and the guy I bought it off left all of his music and accounts etc on it. I've just wiped the hard drive thinking I could just reinstall os x from the disk that he gave me. But now that I've wiped it I can't seem to get the disk to do anything (it is a bit scratched, but not too badly). The mac wants to install os x from the app store but (i think) because I haven't authorised the computer on my account it won't let me log on and just says 'not available at the moment' and because the computer doesn't have an operating system, I can't now authorise it to my account.
Is there anything I can do?
Cheers for any help,

FYI - you have OS 9.2.2 installed on this Mac which
will provide for using what is called the "Classic"
environment under OS X.
If you don't install Tiger via an Erase & Install,
you won't or shouldn't lose anything.
Thanks for the info.
I've managed to get Tiger OS X running alongside my original Classic.

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    To delete an app from your iphone, press and hold any icon until they all start wiggling. Apps that you can delete will have a circled x in the top left corner of the icon. Tap that circled x to delete. Tap home button to stop the wiggling.

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    Thank you again.  I am actually just using a single computer at thsi time but will be setting up a Mac Mini in a day or so.
    I actually believe I authorized my Mac Book for both my wife and my iTunes account.  Yesterday when I hooked her iPhone up it told me that my computer was not authorized to download an app, i had to authorize this macbook. 
    So if the Apps from both iTunes account  is on my Mac Book and I hook up my iPhone it will allow my to transfer the apps from my computer to my iphone?  So lets say I am logged into iTunes account #1 and I try to use an app from iTunes account #2 will I have to do anything special?
    Again thanks

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        Hi madisonsb,
    Just so you know, once the code has been put in incorrectly many times, to prevent unauthorized access, the phone will lock itself up and can only be restored by erasing the information and setting the phone back up. If there is a back up on iTunes it will restore everything back to the phone, but keep in mind this will also restore the old lock code used as well. So it's either erase everything and set it up as new, or erase everything and restore with the old lock code.
    Being an account manager gives you access to the Verizon Wireless account to make plan changes or upgrade phones, not gain access into information on a device. The information on a device is always considered private and we wouldn't even have access to it in any way, shape, or form.
    Please follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

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    Please advice. !

    If you can't delete the apps without entering a password, that means restrictions is turned on. And you will need the password to turn restrictions off also. So pretty much the only way to get rid of them, is a recovery mode restore to factory settings. But that will delete everything from the phone.
    Or if you know who's ID was used to download the apps, ask them for the password, or keep the apps it's up to you.

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    SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-30131] The initial setup that is required to run the installation program validation was not successful.
    CAUSE: Access to the temp directory was not successful.
    ACTION: Ensure that the current user has the necessary permissions to access the temp directory.
    So I can ask my helpdesk to allow me to create/enable the admin share, but I'm concerned that this will get me only as far as the next error message.
    In general, our company policy is to enforce separation of duties and deny explicit admin permissions, so I would like to identify the explicit requirements for installation to work
    (that said, I need to get the software installed, so if it's not documented anywhere, I'll probably just ask for admin privs).

    Have you tried skipping the 'Install public JRE' step, it's should only
    be this step that requires admin privileges.
    We will verify the behaviour and fix it if it's not the case.
    If skipping the jre step doesn't help, you can do the following:
    *Unzip '' and
    '' from the installer exe
    ('jrockit-25.2.0-jdk1.5.0_03-win-ia32.exe'), put them for instance in
    *Unzip '' into c:\jrockit (or some
    other directory of your choice).
    *Unzip '' into c:\jrockit\jre
    Klara Ward
    JRockit QA

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    Copy the cover art from anywhere on the web: amazon, allmusic, etc. Right-click the song, Get Info, go to the Artwork tab, and paste it in.

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    My father wants to buy me an iTunes gift certificate on-line, but he neither has nor wants an iTunes account of his own and/or iTunes on his computer. He does have a credit card, but as far as I can tell, there's no way to do buy an on-line certificate for someone else without your own iTunes account. Does anyone know if this is possible? Can't believe Apple would be stupid enough to leave money on the table just to try to make sure iTunes is on every computer on the planet, but I've been wrong about them before, too.

    -> iTunes Gift Cards
    Or he can go to just any store (7-11, Circle K, Walmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, King Soopers, Safeway, etc.) and get one.

  • Youtube without iTunes account

    I just bought my iPod Touch 16gb today. Its wonderful.
    I need help with something. Im from Brazil and I'd like to know if its possible to use YouTube without a iTunes account. I have already tried but iPod Touch does not support Adobe Flash.
    iTunes is not available in Brazil.
    I also tried to create an iTunes account but I dont have the Brazil options in the register.
    I hope that Apple fix that.
    Thanks in advance.

    octafish, thanks for replying.
    I now I cant access iTunes WiFi Store. This service is not available in Brazil.
    I just want to know if its possible to use YouTube withou a iTunes WiFi Sotre Account.
    Im able to see Top 10, Featured, Whats hot, etc...
    But when I go in the YouTube icon, in the root menu, I get this message:
    "You must first connect to iTunes with a Internet connection to enable YouTube".
    My WiFi connection its working. I can use Safari without any problem.

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    Can 2 itunes accounts be set up on the same computer, and how would I do this?
    Yes, they can,. Just make sure you log out between sessions. Each of you would just create a separate account. Or you can have one account. Its up to you.
    Probably best though to have two separate accounts.

  • Setting up iPad without iTunes account

    I want to buy an ipad2 for my father who's lives outside the US. I would like to set  up his email accounts and anything else I can do myself for hip before I ship it over.
    I have  an ITunes account but he does not. I believe I need to connect to iTunes to setup the iPad however I'm concerned that his iPad will be connected to my iTunes account. I intend to get him some help in setting up his own iTunes account later (when he receives this) so he can sync etc on his own. Is there any way for me to set up the machine for him here and then let him run with it going forward?

    I think you can make him an iTunes account on your computer, use it to set up the iPad, then help him get itunes and that account on his own computer so he can sync.
    I'm not sure about the paying and credit card part of it. When I se up my itunes account i could use an iTunes gift card and not a credit card. I wonder if you can do the same? Or, if it insists upon a credit card, use yours long enough to set it up, get a $10 iTunes card and take your CC off and put that gift card on in its place. ( I've never had to do that so I'm not quite sure about how it'd work)
    The other bug in this, either you make him a new e-mail (like a yahoo or gmail or something) account so he doesn't get e-mails about a gift he doesn't know he's getting, or you spill the beans early. You can always make him a disposable account for the setup and then make changing that info be part of the whole 'in person' set up.

  • How can I view my full billing history for the app and music stores without iTunes installed?

    I just received an email receipt from Paypal showing a $12.99 purchase from iTunes. I almost NEVER purchase anything over around five dollars in the app or music store. Since PayPal does not show what this purchase was for, I have not received the receipt from Apple yet, and I cannot find anyway to look up online what this purchase was for....I need help to find out ASAP what this purchase was. If my account has been compromised or if I have been incorrectly charged for something, I would like to get the issue handled immediately. I do not want to install iTunes on my PC (nor should I have to for Pete's sake), but I cannot see anything recent at all in my app or music history on my iPad (not that I would ever purchase anything for $12.99 anyway...I just don't). Thanks in advance for any tips!

    How can I view my full billing history for the app and music stores without iTunes installed?
    If my account has been compromised
    If you even think this may have happened, immediately change your password.
    See this -> Apple ID: Changing your password

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    Read here >  Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card
    An alternative is to purchase iTunes gift cards >   Choose your iTunes Gift Card - Apple Store
    iTunes Store: How to redeem a code

  • Can't do App Store without "other iTunes account"

    Since using MA to move to my new MBP Retina with 10.8.2, the App Store is showing me upgrades for iPhoto, iMove and Pages -- yet won't let me download them without "logging in with other iTunes account' Except I do not have and have never had "another iTunes account".
    App Store upgrades work fine for the OS and other Apps, but not for these three.
    What do I do?
    Thank you.

    FYI -- solved, but nothing on support was relevant. Three, Apple programs came pre-installed and the factory messed them up. Worked until upgrade. iLife group gave me codes to download new versions (basically, replaced the software) but Pages group had to refund my credit card charge and tell me to repurchase.
    People on phone were very nice and helpful, but too app. 14 emails over a week (email support people are, ah, less skillful), dealing with countless different departments,  culminating in a 53-minute phone call.

  • Create new iTunes account without losing previously purchased content?

    My husband and I both have iPhone's but currently share one iTunes account from which all music, apps, etc. have been purchased from.  As time goes on, it is getting harder to manage; therefore we want to create a separate account.  Is there a way to create a new Apple ID for his phone without losing the existing content that has already been purchased?

    There is nothing that prevents having iTunes content that was downloaded with more than one Apple ID or iTunes account on one device.
    She needs to register her computer with the new Apple ID with iTunes.
    All apps, all paid and free apps include DRM protection which is tied to the Apple ID or iTunes account that was used to download the apps. This means in order to install an app update for an app that was downloaded with the existing Apple ID, she will need to use that Apple ID and password or she will be prompted for it when doing so.
    iTunes on your computer allows for transferring iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes Store from an iPod or iOS device.

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