Installing iOS 7.0.4 crashed iTunes. Wait for a fix?

my iPhone 4 is now in recovery mode, as the latest software update crashed iTunes and wiped out the iPhone.  Best to wait for 7.0.5.

Update your iTunes to 11.1.3 if you haven't already.
Plug in phone - tap Trust Computer on your iPhone when prompted.
You should be good to go.

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    Hi, i tried updating my iPhone IOS with latest sw update. I download latest update and then tried to install it. This immediately shut down my iPhone & the icon on screen showed iTune logo & data cable. I havent connected to iTunes yet as i want to know how to backup my data on phone before i complete the update process on iTunes. waiting for suggestions. Thanks

    If you are now seeing a screen with the USB cable and an iTunes logo, you'll need to connect your iPhone to a computer with iTunes installed, provided the data on your iPhone hasn't already been lost it should back-up once it's connected in iTunes.

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    Maverick does not recognize my Phonic Firefly 302 Firewire. One year waiting for a fix.

    in September 2012, following the release of Mountain Lion, Phonic advised Firefly owners that their products’ support ended with Lion — with the possible exception of the Firefly 302 USB. Since they didn’t support the Firefly 302 FireWire under Mountain Lion, they’re not going to support it under Mavericks either. (Note that Mavericks was first released eight months ago, not one year ago.)

  • When I try to install IOS 5.1.1 using ITunes on my computer, It says it will take 9-10 hours, and then I get an message that it could not install.

    When I try to install  ISO 5.1.1 using ITunes on my computer, it says it will take 9-10 hours, and then I get a message it did not install.

    When I try to install  ISO 5.1.1 using ITunes on my computer, it says it will take 9-10 hours, and then I get a message it did not install.

  • HT4623 how to install iOS update after downloading using iTunes

    I downloaded ios 7.0 update from itunes but i disconnected the device and clicked "download only" using iTunes. After download was finished how could i update to my device? My device show my os is up to date. But It had shown by itunes to update for my device when I sync with itunes. How could I find downloaded iOS 7.0 update file in my Mac?

    Make sure that your iTunes is 11.1.
    On Windows XP :
    Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
    On Windows Vista/Windows 7:
    Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
    On Mac:
    ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates

  • Iphone 4s not syncing to iTunes *waiting for changes to be applied*

    I have a brand new iphone 4s that wouldnt sync with my pc desktop and i recently got a new mbp and the same thing is happening an error keeps popping up in Itunes after the 2nd step of syncing and it says waiting for changes to be applied. Its really frustrating i restored my phone and it did nothing for the syncing just deleted all my apps...and ive researched these problem before and its obvioius a big occurance with other users and apple has done nothing?!?! wth !! and i have no voice memos on my phone so there is nothing to delete for those that have solved their issue that way....So if someone has a solution to help me sync my iphone 4s to my mbp i would greatly appreciate since obviously apple does not care to fix this issue!!!! terrible..

    also tried to wifi sync and nothing ...

  • Installing SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition or wait for SP2?

    Hi everyone,
      I just received my copy of SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition I ordered.  As usual, before installing, I searched the web for any hint or other stuff on the subject.
      I first found that SP1 was already available.  Honestly I prefer installing using the last version available instead of upgrading.  I found the SP1 install package using the following web address:
      Is this the right install package to use? 
      Now, still reading everything I could find on that SP1, I found stories about major issues with SP1. 
    Two examples I remember:
    Two others (not specifically related to SP1):
      My question.  Should I wait for SP2?  If so, any target date when it should be available?
      If not, what would you recommend as the logic install sequence?  Should I look for any cumulative update(s)?  Any other "manual settings" I should consider?
      Finally, can someone guide me regarding what options I should choose while installing.  My main goal is to program/build C++, C# applications using VS2010 that will interface with SQL Server for data storage purposes (add/update/delete,
    batch update/delete) and reports.
    Hope to hear from someone.
    BTW:  My current setup is the following:
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU  [email protected]
    3.00 Go
    Vista Ultimate SP2 32bits
    Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition (which will be upgraded to last SP once installed)

    Hi again,
      I proceeded with download of CU7.  On Microsoft's webpage, there are several files we can download:
      Which one I should choose?
      Also, some people reported having problems installing this update.
      Can you comment?
    Thanks again for helping,

  • Cannot restore iPod Touch 5g: iTunes "Waiting for iPod"

    SIDE NOTE: For a TL:DR, I've made all the important stuff bold.
    I've been having this issue with my iPod Touch 5G where I cannot restore it no matter what I do.
    This article, This article, This article, nor This article helped me.
    When my iPod is not connected to the computer, it literally does nothing at all, no matter what you do. When you plug it into the computer, the computer recognizes it as an iPod, but it says "Serial Number: n/a", and will not display any info. I can tell my iPod detects button presses because I can connect it and disconnect it just by holding in the Power and Home buttons. After plugging it in, the bar at the top of iTunes says "Extracting software", then after that bar fills up it goes to "Waiting for iPod". It then says "Preparing iPod for restore", and then fluctuates between the last two, once or twice. After that, iTunes gets stuck on "Waiting for iPod", and stays there. The iPod, however, displays an apple logo with an empty progress bar beneath it. I took it to an Apple Store not too long ago, and they couldn't fix it. The employee there couldn't do anything more than what I've done. He said that my only option is to get a new one. I still haven't lost hope, though, because there has been two other cases where I've fixed devices where something like this has happened. It's just not working now.
    Anyways, please help!
    Sincerely, Alex.

    - Try another cable
    - Try another USB port
    - Try another charging source
    - Inspect the dock connector on the iPod for bent or missing contacts, foreign material, corroded contacts, broken, missing or cracked plastic.
    - Try on another computer
    - Not clear you tried DFU mode and then restore               
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode « Karthik's scribblings
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • My FTP works but is very slow, hangs on 'waiting for server', fix???

    Hi guys
    My FTP connects but its constantly hanging and saying 'waiting for server', eventually it connects.
    My other ftp clients connect instantly, its just DW, sometimes my filezilla may halt but not as bad as DW does.
    I can use port 22 and its instant but reading this will tell you why I can't use port 22.
    Not sure what to do here, ive tried changing loads of settings and I get the same thing, I dont want to have to use an external FTP client as that would slow my workfllow considerably.
    Also I think its a mac issue, if i try this in another building on windows 7 it connects instantly.
    If i set my timeout to something really high like 90 seconds it eventually connects.
    Anyone got any ideas??

    So using a separate FTP client is out of the question? I ask because my workflow uses a separate FTP app - it makes it much easier to troubleshoot FTP, server, and file permission issues. And it doesn't crash Dreamweaver. So again, are you sure you can't adjust your workflow to use a separate FTP application? (I use Transmit on the Mac and it has some wonderful features including a built-in Sync capability)
    How do you have Dreamweaver's FTP functionality set-up?
    Are you using Passive FTP?
    Are you using a reverse proxy server in your network?
    Have you tried the Mac Network Utility to ping your FTP server?
    What kind of ping times are you getting?
    Do you experience network latency issues frequently?
    Do you have Mac OS X's Firewall enabled and have you tried disabling it before an FTP session - does this effect anything?
    Have you tried unchecking Dreamweaver's Use FTP performance optimization? (Site Definition->Advanced->Remote Info->Server Compatibility)?
    Do you have any network engineers in your IT department? Can they look at their information and maybe see what might be happening on the network?

  • Waiting for Pre+ fixes before buying

    I finally got the approval from my company to get the Pre+ on Verizon (switching from ATT). My company employs 66,000 people so the approval process on new devices takes some time especially if you want to use EAS.
    Now that the time is here, I find myself waiting for a few critical issues to get addressed before retiring my trusty 680.
    1. Double keys being entered - one big reason for not getting the iPhone is lack of a keyboard. Have an unreliable keyboard seems even worse. I hope 1.4.1 addresses this problem
    2. GPS not locking or not accurate - I use Telenav multiple times per week. I believe that I can port the Sprint image to the Pre+, but all the problems reported about GPS locking make me worried.
    Lastly, the AT&T pitch about being able to talk and surf the web at the same time has some appeal. I am on ATT now. A Pre+ on ATT would be an easier migration since I just swap the SIM. The GPS application problem would be addressed too since ATT supports Telenav. Now if I just knew how long "in the coming months" was!
    The thought of StyleTap on the iPhone with HotSync coming soon makes my head hurt since I could then use Datebk6.
    Any advice?

    travellerva wrote:
    When you say "disk problems", do you mean hardware problems, firmware problems or software problems?
    On directly-attached disks, we see this when the disk spins down, but won't spin back up fast enough or properly; or with a USB disk that gets its power from the Mac, but not quite enough sometimes; or port or cable problems; or one that's beginning to fail. It's very hard to tell, of course, which.
    I'm not very familiar with TCs, but a disk is a disk!

  • Trying to Upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 4.3.2 Crashes iTunes 10.2.1 on Mac OS X

    I have an iPhone 4 and when I plugged it in, iTunes notified me that iOS 4.3.2 was available. I clicked on the "Download and Upgrade" button and then from the iPhone Software Update dialog clicked on the "Next" button and then the "Agree" button. At this point, iTunes crashes.
    My MBP is up to date as far as software updates.
    My iPad upgraded to 4.3.2 fine. Any ideas/help would be appreciated.

    Same thing happens to me.
    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS)
    Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x0000000000000207
    Crashed Thread:  16

  • Installed ios update now just showing itunes connection, why?

    after installing an ios update phone not working just showing itunes logo and connection.  I have connected to itunes but it is not recognizing my phone

    iOS: Unable to update or restore

  • How to install ios 5.0.1 in iTunes

    hello, I have iPhone 3gs (ios4.3.3) with iTunes 10.5 (windows).
    I like to update my iPhone to ios5.0.1 and I don't like to download this version because I already have it.
    in iTunes, I would select ios5.0.1 from my computer not from download by iTunes
    please help

    If you already have the correct iOS 5.0.1 for your iPhone downloaded, then press and hold the shift key when clicking the Check For Updates button, which should let you navigate to the downloaded file.

  • How do I re-install 10.1.1 or 10.1.2?  Because 10.1.3 is constantly crashing and I can't wait for the fix.

    I upgraded to 10.1.3 last week and have had nothing but problems.  The program crashes continually for a variety of reasons, and while I can eventually get it up and running again, I can't isolate the causes of the crashes.  I would like to "revert" to 10.1.2 or 10.1.1.  How do I do this?  ( I don't have the old program saved).
    I have been using FCPX since it came out and FCP (the original) since it was introduced. Thanks, John Feldman, Hummingbird Films

    This doc should be very helpful – going forward.
    Also: If your practice had been to perform routine system backups, you could restore from one of them.

  • Itunes waiting for apple tv before playing song

    Since updating to iTunes 12, whenever I first open iTunes and want to play a song, it says 'Connecting to Apple TV', then in takes several seconds before it starts playing. I find this behaviour annoying. Anyone else having this problem or know of a possible solution?

    I've had that happen too since updating to 12. It makes no sense since my music library has nothing to do with Apple TV.  It happens randomly.  I have checked that Airplay is off, so that isn't it.  I don't have any idea why this is happening or what to do about it.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • HT1863 i have set my phone to reset 5hour ago,but it is not done yet,how much more time it will take??

    how much time requied to phone rese?? im waiting from 5 hr still its not done pls help me

  • Audible bookmarks are not saved after sync

    I believe this started after the most recent update of itunes but can't say for sure. Once I listen to a portion of an audible ( program but then connect my ipod to itunes for any reason; charge, add content, etc., it loses the bookmarks.