Integrate 'External non-SAP Purchasing Application' with SAP SD for third party purchasing/ drop shipping?

What is the best way to integrate 'External non-SAP Purchasing Application' with SAP SD for third party purchasing/ drop shipping?
Details about expected process Flow.
Receive PO from customer into SAP > SAP SD creates Sales Order > ?? SAP Integrate with External non-SAP Purchasing Application to trigger purchasing > External non-SAP Purchasing Application creates PO, Ships Material to Customer Ship to address (drop ship), Sends Shipping confirmation (FCR) & Invoices to SAP> ??Receive FCR and Invoice in SAP > ?? Initiate SAP Accounts Payable (Vendor Payments) and Accounts Receivable (Customer Invoice) > ?? Update SAP SD Sales Order with shipping status>
Questions we need to answer;
  - How to achieve '??' steps from above process.
  - What type of Master Data we will need to configure (Say Materials Item Category, Type etc.)
  - Any standards options to configure SAP SD (Type of Sales Order)
  - We certainly don’t want to trigger SAP MM Purchasing (i.e. PR, PO etc.). How can we bypass it.
  - How to make statistical receipts against sales order line items so that SO status will be updated.
  - How to receive Invoice and FCR from External non-SAP app to trigger AP and AR transactions.
  - Are there any SAP standard configurations/ BAPIs/ BADIs available to achieve this integration.
Any inputs on above questions are appreciable.

This question is resolved. We ended up activating purchasing module and used purchasing documents PR/ PO to integrate with third party purchasing system.

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    Hi, experts,
    for standard PO my Schema works well. now I want to get a different condition type for third-party purchase order. I try to extend field catalog (Pricing Purchasing). The Field PSTYP exists already. However, it is not provided in the field catalog.
    How could i do?

    Hi Rene,
      If you are seeing fields in the field catalog but are not seeing this field when creating the condition table then the field  probably does not exist in the KOMG structure for allowed fields for condition structures. KOMG  represents the total of KOMK and KOMP which are the pricing communication structures. If your field is not there then you need to append it to item data in INCLUDE KOMPAZ in KOMP since this is an item level field. If it were a header level field you would append it to include KOMKAZ in KOMK.  The inclusion of new fields in KOMK or KOMP automatically means that they are also included in KOMG.
    After doing this you will see the field when creating a table. There is further documentation on this process in the IMG under SPRO-> Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Conditions-> Define Price determination Process -> System Enhancements  - View the documentation associated to this node in the IMG
    Hope this helps,

  • Multiple POs for Third Party Purchase Requisitions

    I Created a Sale Order for Third Party Item Category (Two line items). It generated one Purchase Requisition and two line items. Now I want to convert these two line items in a PR into two Purchase Orders (ME59N). For One line item PO created successfully. For the Second PO I am getting the following error message.
    User XXX (My ID) already processing Purchase Requisition XXXXX 00010.
    What could be the root cause for this error?

    Hi Hari,
    I think you are missing Note 1558299 on your system.  Also Note 903884 might solve the problem although the description does not match.
    1558299  ME21 does not set a lock on purchase requisition
    903884   ME59N: Lock problems with subcontracting reqs from PP

  • Sales Order and Purchase Order linkage in tables  for third party orders

    Hi all ,
    For third party process order s
    In which table can I find the Sales order and Purchase Order linkage .

    Hi Sridhar ,
    Refer Table EKKN for PO and SO Linkage.
    Table EBKN for PR and SO Linkage.
    Ramesh Ch

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    Basically I want to make sure, once it is configured, trafic will go through encrypted way outside of our network.  Thanks in advance for all your valuable  reply !

    Hi mgrant,
    The information at the bottem of the article in in Keith_Beddoe's personal website may help. Link: Using your own router for Infinity
    The MTU Size needs to be set as 1492
    jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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  • Allocation of cost to COPA for 'Third Party' purchase orders

    Our purchase department would like to use the purchase order item category 'S' (third party), where the goods are send directly from the vendor to the customer.
    My problem is that no matter which 'Account Assign Cat' I use in the purchase order to assign a customer in 'Profit segment' (COPA), the vendor invoice will not appear in our COPA reports.
    Can somebody tell me what I maybe do wrong?
    Thanks in advance :o)
    Best regards
    Søren Kirch

    Hi Hari,
    I think you are missing Note 1558299 on your system.  Also Note 903884 might solve the problem although the description does not match.
    1558299  ME21 does not set a lock on purchase requisition
    903884   ME59N: Lock problems with subcontracting reqs from PP

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    Hi Alantun0I have just received my Telsytra Bill and there is a third party charge from Openmarket Pty Ltd for 16 Messages at a cost of $75.25. From the conversation with Telstra I beleive they are aware of this Company and the Scam it is operating but this was not directly admitted. However given the information I have found on the web they are aware of this scam. Tesltra's line of reply was that it must all be my fault. However I did not ask for these messages to be sent to me and I did not subscribe to them as was indirectly suggested. Telstra said they were only passing on the charge they had received from Openmarket Pty Ltd. I pointed out that if that was the case and it was nothing to do with Telstra and they were only passing on the charge there was no reason why they they could not remove the charge from may bill and ask Openmarket Pty Ltd to bill me direct. As you expected this logic received no reply from Telstra. Telstra are to call me tomorrow after aparently talking to Openmarket Pty Ltd. This is clearly a Scam that Telstra will have been aware of for some time and it would seem that they could have done something about by now. If no joy then I expect the next stage will be formal complains to Telstra, Openmarket Pty Ltd and the Ombudsman. If still not joy then we can only vote with our feet. Regards Chrispip.

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    Hi, I currently have with me SAP Netweaver ABAP trial and Mini SAP BASIS 4.6 D. What i want to do is to see how can i integrate my non-SAP application with SAP.
    I am confused as to if using SAP Netweaver ABAP trial, will i be able to establish that. Can anyone guide me in this regard.I want to connect using JCO basically, want to write a java client that will be talking with the SAP application. Provide me a starting point.
    Will i require a Deployed SAP application as well to do this, or will Netweaver ABAP Trial do the job, will i also have to expose the business objects using BAPI.
    Please help.
    Please point out the right forum to post the question if this is not the right one.

    Please post this question in ABAP forum
    ABAP Development

  • Integrate Window Application with SAP B1

    Can we use EAI Technology to integrate our window application with SAP B1.
    if yes then from where i get the material regarding this

    Hi Rupinder,
    You can integrate your windows application with B1 at the data level via COM based DI API. Some of the SDK samples are built as Windows Form applications that use DI API to integrate with data in B1.

  • Component included in SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party

    Hi Experts,
    Now, our team discussing on how we can use integrate based on ABAP Technology to integrate Enterprise Systems.
    Then, we discovered the License, that SAP delivered, "SAP NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party".
    I heard this license allows client to develop custom applications on standalone NetWeaver Application Server(ABAP/Java).
    I think that the ABAP instance contains SAP_BASIS and SAP_ABA, and I have information that it allows to use also BRFplus,
    but it is a little vague what function can be used.
    Does anyone knows what component is included that license?
    Especially, we want to know whather we can use NetWeaver Gateway with  standalone NetWeaver Application Server or not.
    Best Regards,
    //Naoya Tsugo

    Well, the box is checked for that, so I have to assume that it is included.
    What is the confusion?
    Rich Heilman

  • Driver to connect from SAP PO 7.4 on Sybase to third party SQL anywhere 12

    Hi All, We have PO 7.4 on Sybase 16.01 and wants to connect third party SQL anywhere 12(Sybase). We have already the Driver: jconn4.jar in the location --> /usr/sap/SID/J00/exe/sybjdbc in the PO system. Do we need to have any other driver for connection from SAP PO 7.4 on Sybase to third party SQL anywhere 12(Sybase). Please suggest. Regards, Karthik.

    Hi Karthik,
    I guess PO comes from Process Orchestration with Netweaver ?
    Anyway to be able to connect to a remote database, from Netweaver you need a DBSL. It comes with Netweaver kernel: the lib_dbsl required to connect to ASE and IQ (and IQ uses SQLAnywhere ODBC), but there is not specifically to SQLAnywhere (even if the ODBC used for IQ is the ODBC of SQLAnywhere). I guess that *maybe* you can try using your current Sybase lib_dbsl. I don't know how you configure remote connections from PO (with Netweaver it would be done with DBCO t-code) and to be honest I won't be sure it is a supported remote connection.

  • Standard SAP process for third party repair or subcontracting repair

    Hi All,
    Please let me know if there is any standard SAP process for third party repair or subcontracting repair.
    Given below is the process in brief.
    1. Receive the repairable product in the warehouse from customer
    2. Do the inspection in warehouse
    3. Send the repairable product to the subcontractor to do the repair
    4. Receive the repaired product from the subcontractor
    5. Send the repaired part to the customer.
    6. Bill the customer
    Please share your inputs if you have any.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi there is no SAP standard process for this. I can give you work around for that.
    1.. Receive the repairable product in the warehouse from customer - Normal customer returns or customise a movement type to receive it with our without value as per requirement
    2. Do the inspection in warehouse - Normal inspection
    3. Create a service PO with the vendor.
    4. Send the repairable product to the subcontractor to do the repair - Send using 541 movement type to vendor or use the copy of 541 movement type to send to vendor.(you can refer PO also system does not validate)
    5. Receive the repaired product from the subcontractor - Reversal of 541
    6. Send the repaired part to the customer.
    7. Bill the customer

  • Maintain license key for third party product in sap PI

    I have install third party product in SAP PI SLD for an application,
    How can i specify the key or license agreement for the third party product.
    Where i have to maintain the key for Third party product in SAP PI.

    Hi Harish,
    Deployed third party product in SAP PI Server which is Web UI(Application)
    for initiating the integration process,But when i run the application
    Its showing an error. "Error loading license agreement"

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    I am planning to purchase IPad with 3G, which version should i purchase, so that it can be used back in India.

    Get the AT&T version. The verizon is CDMA, which doesn't work in other countries while the AT&T version uses SIM cards, so you can use it with other networks.

  • Integration with PF Accounting module Third party system

    Dear All,
    I want to integrate SAP with PF Accounting module third party system. Since i dont have any idea about it kindly do the needful. It woud b appreciable if anyone let me know the information .
    Removed_ Moderator

    Please use "Interface Toolbox". It is native SAP tool to integrate SAP HCM with third party systems.
    Here you learn more about it and how to use it:

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