Integration steps for Transfering Marketing plan CRM - ECC

Hi Experts ,
Could any one give step by step integration process to transfer  Marketing plan from CRM to R3 once its status is changed to released
Thanks & Regards,

you need to follow teh steps mentioned to transfer camapign from CRM to R/3
1. In Spro>Customer Relationship Management>Marketing>Marketing Planning and Campaign Management>System Landscape
Define RFC Connections
Define Target Systems (ERP, BI, SEM, CPRO)
Define ERP Integration Type-if it is online,carry out step a,if it is middleware carry out step b
a.Assign ERP Project Profile to RFC Destination
b.Assign ERP Project Scenario to RFC Destination
Define Formatting Mask for Marketing Projects(this should be same as in ECC only then successful transfer is possible)
after this is done,to transfer the plan
1. If you use Online ERP integration type,after you release your plan,
select transfer to ERP from the menu(you will be taken to a new screen,)put the ERP destination there,select the row and press the button transfer to ERP,you plan will get transferred to ECC
2.  If you use Middleware integration type,the moment you can the status of marketing plan to Released,the plan gets transferred to  ECC
You can check it in ECC by using tcode  CJ20n

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    HI CRM Experts,
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    Hello Ashutosh,
    Hope your issue has already solved.
    If not just a suggestion, write a small program fetching the projects from CGPL_PROJECT and loop it into table CRM_MKTPL_ATTR and update the field AUTH_GROUP with your auth group values.
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    I am closing this thread since there is no update from past 6 months and hoping you issue was resolved.
    Thanks & Regards
    Raja Pamireddy
    CRM Marketing forum Moderator

  • Steps for transferring website to client

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    Hope this helps.

  • Step for Ibase creation in CRM 7.0 using equipments from ECC 6.0

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    Refer the following to get the understanding the Equipment download to CRM.
    You define the default settings for replicating equipment in the IMG activity: Customer Relationship
    Management -> Master Data -> Installed Base -> Replication of Equipment from SAP R/3 Customer
    Service -> Define Default Settings for the Equipment Replication.
    For more information about the integration of different systems, see the SAP Library under mySAP
    Customer Relationship Management -> Architecture and Technology -> Business Integration -> CRM
    The Business Add-In : Business Add-In: Equipment Upload (CRM_EQUI_LOAD) can be used to
    flexibly enhance the data transfer and validation in SAP CRM. The Add-In offers comprehensive options
    for influencing the mapping between equipment and individual objects
    Also refer to the following notes:
    1. Note 627279 - Serial number & configuration download
    2. Note 637173 - Equipment download/delta synchronization
    Hope it helps.

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    Hello Manish Kumar,
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  • Steps for transferring data to extra tab fields

          I have to populate target days from range of coverage to extra tab field. What are the steps I need to follow?
    First I need to use the FM EXIT_SAPLCMAT_001 to get the value on R/3 side and send to APO
    I think I need to create a file and give a name for that in APO product master Extra tab.
                   I know how to do the first part then I don't have any idea on how to proceed after that.
    I would appreciate any help.

    I found the procedure myself.
    Here it is:
    1. Create a project in CMOD for the user exit FM “EXIT_SAPLCMAT_001”
    2. Enter your coding to populate the field one of the fields AT01 to 05 in the table CT_CIF_MATLOC-AT10X ( X being on of 1 to 5)
    3. In APO, maintain the field names in SPRO>APO>Master data>Maintain Freely definable attributes for the field AT10X as “Your required text here”. 
    When the material is CIFed from R/3 to APO, it is filled in the field “Your required text here”.

  • Simple steps for creating a planning application

    Hi all,
         I am trying to create a simple planning application. I need to show the actuals by hierarchies on characteristics and allow the users to plan on various levels of the hierarchy. Then, I have to generate a report comparing the previous year actuals and present plans. Please let me know the simple steps to achieve this.

    hi Uma,
      Create planning applications ,Go THru This LInkS . asked questions - planning with sap netweaver bi.faq#q-6 bw business planning and simulation - how to guides list.htm
    Hope this links help you to create simple planning applications.
    Varun CN

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    Can anyone give me the steps to inegration Oracle entitlement server & R12 EBS

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    Hi All,
    I am new to CRM and was going through some of the prescribed document for CRM marketing
    when i encounter with the authorization concept in marketing plan,for example how
    can i restrict a user with a campaign manager role from changing marketing plan.please
    provide the step by step procedure.

    Hi Sanju
    User with a campaign manager role can be restricted for changing marketing plan using authorization group.
    We define authorization groups for use in the Marketing Planner. Authorization groups can be maintained at both marketing plan level and campaign or trade promotion level. Authorization groups enable us to control which users are authorized to change which of these two types of marketing project. We could, for example, define one authorization group to be assigned to a marketing plan, then define further authorization groups to be assigned to the different campaigns within the marketing plan. In the Marketing Planne.
    Follow below steps
    1. Define authorization group using following IMG Path
    Customer Relationship Management / Marketing / General Settings / Define Authorization Group.
    2. In authorization object CRM_CPGAGR of the role Campaign manager maiantian activity 01, 02, 03 ,06 (this will allow user to create, change, display and delete)
    3. IMG defined authorization group ex: ABC can be seen under the tabstrip Basic Data of marketing plan.
    4. Now user have to choose the Authorization group ABC from the drop down in Basic tab to create a marketing plan. User will get the change access for all the marketing plan which have the authorization object ABC.
    Hope this will help...

  • Where do we maintain budget in marketing plan

    where do we maintain budget in marketing plan
    any information is  rewarded .
    thanks in advance

    hi ,
    planning, budgeting, and performance monitoring is carried out using SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI). Posting of budget data takes place in SAP ERP Core Component (SAP ECC).
      1.      Create and maintain marketing plan (CRM Server)
    You create a marketing plan in the CRM Marketing Planner, maintain details, define the hierarchical structure of your plan, and assign marketing plan elements. When you save this marketing plan, it is transferred to the BI system for reporting purposes.
           2.      Plan marketing key figures (CRM Server)
    Once you created a marketing plan, you plan key figures for that marketing plan directly in the CRM Marketing Planner. The planned key figures are transferred to the BI system where they can be used to plan the budget.
           3.      Release marketing plan (CRM Server)
    When you completed your planning, you release the marketing plan. The data is transferred to SAP ECC Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).
           4.      Commit and release budget data to ERP (BI)
    In the BI system, you commit budget data and release it. It is transferred to CO-PA, where it can be used to evaluate the costs of the project.
           5.      Compare plan/actual revenue and cost (BI)
    In the BI system, you can monitor response and success rates, monitor open orders, and compare plan/actual revenues and costs.
    i get this from sap library...
    hope this help
    best regards
    Indah Puspita

  • Transferring external requiremnts from ECC to SRM sourcing cockpit.

    We are implementing plan driven procumrent. We require some help from you.
    I would like to know what are all the jobs we need to run for transferring external requiremnts from ECC to SRM sourcing cockpit.
    Thanks in advance.

    all the configuration details are available in the configuration document -->
    you can find the following customizing setting --> on the R/3 side for External Procurement.
    Transaction --> spro --> Integration with Other components -->  Supplier Relationship management --> Plan driven procurement
    maintain the customization details for
    1) Maintain Profiles for External Procurement
    2)Control External Procurment.

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