Interactive Reporting export being truncated

We have a number of queries posted that automatically download large text files. At random times, we will see the file is missing some of the data at the end of the query. Sometimes the data is stopped in the middle of a record. If I manually export the file, the entire contents are exported. Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, given the fact that Interactive Reporting is not a "strategic product*" for Oracle, it's unlikely to have any enhancements or updates like .xlsx would be ;-)
*IR is no longer the preferred dashboard tool, Oracle last year released the Interactive Reporting Translation Workbench for migrating to OBIEE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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  • Interactive report Export report link

    I understand normally reports export to .CSV files & assume the name of the Report Region.
    I see where in the interactive report - Report attributes - Report Export section you can specify a Fixed name for the report.
    Since my BOM report is based on a variable Part Number, can I have the variable become the name of my export.
    Example I run a query for a 1234 p/n, can my report then download as 1234_BOM.csv

    Set application or page item value to name you like have to your CSV file.
    Then Interactive Report Attributes set Filename to your item name like

  • Interactive reports / export CSV

    Hi everybody,
    We've got a problem with Apex and the interactive reports.
    Ours applications are beyond a proxy server in SSL security, and the problem is when we do an export in *.csv with an interactive report with IE (7, 8 or even 9) there is a bug and we've got this message:
    Internet Explorer can't download f from
    We'haven't this kind of bug or message while we're using Chromium, Firefox, Safari or Opera, only IE.
    Does anyone got this kind of architecture and this sort of message or bug with IE and the export ?
    Best regards

    Will it be possible in Apex 4 with Websheets may be?

  • Interactive Reports and BI Publisher

    Hello all,
    i am facing the problem that i have developed some applications and the only report type i used is 'interactive report'. This feature is fantastic! All end users are very happy with the possibilities the reports provide.
    Now the problem: we have BI Publisher integrated in APEX as print server. But the output ind PDF and Execl is far from being satisfying. It seems to me that only filters and ordering are sent to the BI Publisher. Every single printed report is a flat table and grouping and calculations are removed.
    Is there a way i don't know to create Excel-Downloads (and / or PDF-Downloads) where the structure of the report is the same as in the browser? If not, is it planned to integrate a 'real' print / publish functionality in APEX in the near future?
    If you know anything please share your knowledge, because this is the sow-stopper for for my applications. The only work around i found is to use 'normal' reports, but this will leave all the end users very unhappy.
    Thanks in advance,
    --- edit
    i am using apex 3.2 and BIP

    You're correct, Interactive Reports do currently not support all the printing features that are available with Classic Reports and Report Queries. This includes groupings, calculations, etc, and you can also not use your custom RTF templates with these reports yet. For APEX 4.0 we are planing to have Interactive Report exports (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML) that reflect what you see on your web page. And also to add support for custom RTF templates.

  • Clearing Interactive Report, custom authentication problem

    I have written my own custom authentication for my apex app. It calls a custom function in the db that looks in a table for user/password. It works fine. Login works and when I save sort order for standard reports, they are saved between sessions.
    However, for my interactive report the sort orders on my Interactive reports are being reset each time the user gets a new session id.
    I'm not sure why this is happening. Any suggestions or ideas on why this happens when I don't use 'user cookies' (standard apex login)?
    -Ben Goodwin
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    Hi r0ckflite,
    are you sure you press on action (at report) --> save report --> change save "as named report" to "as default report settings" primary should be already marked the press Apply
    this should work iam pretty sure...

  • Error in exporting from Interactive Report to PDF format

    i am using APEX and from an Interactive Report i am trying to export using Download | PDF format. The table and corresponding report has only text fields. Database character set is UTF-8. Up to now i haven't been able to get a PDF file that can be open from Adobe Acrobat Reader. Every file fails opening with message like "Adobe Reader could not open filename.pdf, because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). This happens for every report i have tried up to now. If i export report in CSV format all are ok.
    Is there a known bug with PDF download of APEX?

    See this link:
    FOP & Cocoon are free (just need to install the software and configure) Bi Publisher I believe works only for Standard Reports and no Interactive reports at this time.. If you have the $$ BI Publisher is worth the investment!!
    Also, it is rumored that APEX 4.0 will have the PDF generation built in as apposed to the current model where you need to bolt something on..
    Thank you,
    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  • Exclude column from interactive report when exporting data

    Is it possible to exclude column from exporting (using bi publisher) in interactive report, but having in report. So in report it is, but in export result it isnt :). I know, that I can just not to select this column in "Action" menu before exporting, but then to select it to view in report. But is it possible not to export this column, but having it in report result?
    I Just have a checkbox in report, and I dont need to see it in export result.
    APEX 4.1.
    Thanks !
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    Set condition type PL/SQL Expression to column and enter to Expression 1
    NVL(:REQUEST,'EMPTY') NOT IN('CSV', 'XLS', 'PDF', 'RTF', 'XML', 'HTMLD')Regards,
    My Blog:

  • Export XML from interactive report

    Hi all,
    is there a way to export the resulting output of an interactive report as XML (inline and/or attachment), like a normal report can do? (with FLOW_XMLP_OUTPUT_R<region_ID>)
    The download option for ir provide only CSV and PDF.

    I explain my request.
    I have a very complex SQL query, which is (much) more than 4000 characters and it works well in the interactive report.
    As the interactive report is quite different from the normal report and the procudure FLOW_XMLP_OUTPUT_R<region_ID> doesn't seem to work, I'm obliged to create a report query in the shared components to get also the XML output, but shared report query accepts query less than 4000 characters long.
    Any idea?

  • Interactive Report - is it possible to stop a column being hidden?

    I have an interactive report region where i have a column that has a link that performs an action, in this case it links to a screen where the user can then add a row. I want to make this column mandatory and not let the user hide it. I can remove other functionality, but cant seem to control the hide/show functionality.
    anybody got any ideas?

    Dear Hemanth,
    To your question:
    "Is it possible to stop a campaign from being cancelled if it has purchase orders attached to it, using standard functionality".
    This might be possible with a BADI implementation. In enhancement spot CRM_MKTPL there exist a BAdI CRM_MTKPL_OL_OBJ where the interface method CHECK_BEFORE_DELETE is offered.

  • How to avoid line break ( br ) while exporting Interactive report in Excel

    I have a Interative report and I am using Apex download format as CSV.
    I have defined some of the column heading in multiple line using break < br >
    when I export this into the excel sheet..the column heading contains break also..
    - Any idea how to avoid line break while exporting in excel.
    - also how to put the columns heading in BOLD when exported in excel.

    Hi Jari,
    I tried this but still getting the
    <br>Interactive Report
    Column Attributes Heading - Employee<br>Detail AddressWhen I download the Report in CSV Format
    I am getting the heading with <br>.
    I am looking for heading as - Employee Detail Address // with no <br> tagThanks,

  • ORA-20876 in csv export from interactive report = Possibly a bug?

    Hi Apex team,
    yesterday i tried to download data to csv from an interactive report. The resulting csv file contained a "ORA-20876: Stop APEX Engine" only and no other data. I played around with other reports in my application and had no problems with exports.
    After some investigation i found out that the buggy report contains a column of display type "Display as text (based on a LOV, escape special characters)". When I changed this column type to "Standard Report Column" for example, the error didn't appear anymore and the csv export contained complete data.
    Maybe this is a bug? The environment is Apex on 11g (UTF-8). Is there a workaround available?
    Edited by: j.gauger on 06.02.2013 14:10
    Additional Information
    The problem seems to occur only if a Shared Components LOV of type "Static" is referenced in the IR column.

    what happens if you take the query from IR report and create a new classic report?
    On this report enable csv export and then try the export.
    Maybe that (format) data are causing export to fail.
    Try to export just one row in your IR report (and classic report), so that you add where rownum < 2.
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  • How to set the column width in the PDF exports of interactive reports ?

    I have a huge problem with the PDF export for the Interactive reports. I'm using APEX 3.2.
    I have to produce a PDF report in landscape format that show 21 columns. My problem is that the columns have a ridiculous short width and that the text inside the columns do not wrap in the columns. So I get things like that :
    Date Name
    2011 Leina
    I should see 2011-08-01 and the name Leinad Jan
    I tried several things to format the columns, but none of the them has any effect on the PDF itself.
    1) I used HTML code in the report query. It works well with the interactive report, but display the HTML tags in the PDF.
    2) I used css to set the width of my columns. It works in the interactive report, but not in the PDF, the column width do not change.
    It's like the report do not notice that my page format is Legal 14 x 8.5 (Landscape) and still believe it's 8.5 x 11 (which is "portrait")
    Do you have any idea so set the columkn widths in the reports ?
    Thank you !
    Edited by: leinadjan on Aug 1, 2011 11:15 AM

    To "remember" the column widths, add a mouse listener to the table header. Upon mouseReleased(), get the column widths and save them to your file. When the application starts next time, get the stored widths and set them using:
    By default, your columns are adjustable, but you can use:

  • Export Interactive reporting with javascript

    i have some problem when i try to export in excel my report created with Interactive Reporting.
    I use the javascript code inside the button and at onClick event i succeded only the file conversion in mhtml format.
    The next step is conversion from mhtml in xls format, but i think that the instance JooleObject don't.
    Below the code that i use:
    //**********Create the FileSystemObject
    var objFSO = new JOOLEObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
    var strMhtmlFile = "C:\\pippo.mhtml";
    var strExcelFile = "C:\\pippo.xls";
    //************Create the JOOLE Object for Opening Excel File
    var objExcel = new JOOLEObject("Excel.Application");
    //**********If Files Already Exist - Delete Them
    if (objFSO.FileExists(strMhtmlFile))
    objFSO.DeleteFile (strMhtmlFile);
    if (objFSO.FileExists(strExcelFile))
    objFSO.DeleteFile (strExcelFile);
    //**********Export to MHTML Format
    //**********Make Excel Invisible
    objExcel.Visible = false;
    //**********Open MHTML File in EXCEL
    //**********Save As Copy of MHTML File into .XLS
    //**********Close EXCEL
    Have you any suggestion? There are some libraries that i must import?
    I use Interactive Reporting Studio
    Thank you in advance.

    thank you for response.
    I use IR Studio (Desktop) and public the report in the workspace when the report is complete.
    Your suggestion work
    var strMhtmlFile = "C:\\pippo.xls";
    ActiveDocument.Sections["PDC_FIN"].Export(strMhtmlFile,bqExportFormatOfficeMHTML,true);but the problem is that when export the report directly in xls format, the formatting of the report is lose. For this reason i export befor in mhtml and after Open/SaveAS the report in xls format for mantaining the formatting.
    I think that the istruction
    //**********Open MHTML File in EXCEL
    //**********Save As Copy of MHTML File into .XLS
    on the objExcel variable (instance of JOOLEObject) don't work.
    I speak with my develop team and decide if adopt your solution.
    Thank you so much.

  • APEX Interactive Report - CSV Export Limitations?

    I have an interactive report generated for some users.
    The issue I'm having right now is that the results that the users need is over 100k and the export to csv option caps out at 65,535 rows. Is this a limitation on APEX Interactive Report's side and is there anyway to get around it so we can send 100k records (or more) to the users without them splitting the report many ways?
    Thanks in advance.

    I'm afraid that I can't answer your question. The APEX insiders will have to field that one.
    As one that dislikes voluminous reports, have tried swaying your users that you now have this great interface to drill to the data you need versus downloading gobs of data and filling up their hard drives. Ask if there is something else your application can do that they would do with all that data in Excel.

  • Empty CSV exports of data from interactive reports.

    Currently using version of APEX. My application has interactive reports; when I try to export data to CSV file, it is empty. Tried HTML, that just has the control widget for the report. I could swear this used to work. Thanks for any help.

    Check that the RFC is set as a trusted connection and it uses the current user for the connection.
    Check that you use the same user in RSCUSTV3 as in the source system you have set up in RSA1 for the REP and the BI client.
    Check that the user you use for this is configured as follow
    - On the tab Logon data select System as User Type, SUPER as User group and also enter an initial password; use password welcome.
    - On the tab Roles assign the roles SAP_BC_USR_CUA_CLIENT and SAP_BC_USR_CUA_SETUP_CLIENT (Valid From and Valid to should be left empty). In addition, assign the profiles S_BI-WHM_RFC and S_BI-WX_RFC on the tab Profiles.

Maybe you are looking for