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If I do group and sum in interactive report why download (pdf,xls...) don't have this group and sum which I make in interactive report?

Hi Nagaraju,
After we click on the next in the 20th Secondary list, it goes to short dump.
We will not go backwards or to the first list.
Hope this resolves your query.
Reward all the helpful answers.

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  • Calling an application express interactive report

    Hi all. I'm on devsuite 10g. Is there a way to call an interactive report of application express from my form???
    Thanks in advance for collaboration,

    Hi Francois. First thanks for your answer.
    Application Express is an Oracle tool that can be used to develop rapid application.
    It is web based; interactive report is a report that permits you to make some operations on report, you can highlight some records that have certain values, you can dowload data on your machine in pdf, xls,csv format.

  • Download Interactive Report data does not match on-screen data

    I have a page which has a process which runs a query and returns a random % of rows from a table, and saves this into a collection.
    Then, based on the random rows, I want to select data from another table, where the rows match certain columns in the collection.
    I have created a query to select the data I want, and have it displayed in an Interactive Report region.
    The data on the screen is fine, but when I go to 'Dowload' the data to csv or excel from the Interactive report, the data is different.
    I have also created a normal report region with the same query, and when I download it from here, it works fine, so I know it has nothing to do with the query.
    Any ideas?
    The process details are:
    Process Point: On Load - Before Regions
    Run Process: Once per page visit
    Then in the Interactive report query is something like:
    Select ..
    c001 User_Id,
    c002 Account_No,
    c003 Transaction_Date
    from htmldb_collections where collection_name='PX_COLLECTION'
    *) d*
    c.user_id = d.user_id AND
    c.account_no = d.account_no AND
    c.transaction_date = d.transaction_date

    This is because of web caching. You should invalidate the page caching in the access tab of page properties or you just change the page url with a dummy paramater like this
    Here &1=1 is a dummy parameter
    This will invalidate the cache and the page will be refreshed.

  • Open document from interactive report

    Application Express version
    In apex I am trying to accomplish the following:
    1. create a link to a pdf or Word document stored on local network using the file browse button.
    2. store the link to that file in my table but not store the actual document in the oracle table.
    3. open the document from link in interactive report.
    My dba does not want to store anymore documents into oracle because of performance issues we are experiencing with current applications that do this. Does anyone know the where to find sample code that will accomplish this task or will load the linked document into the oracle table but delete the document from the blob when the document is closed.

    You're probably looking to use the BFILE functionality - a pointer to a LOB on the filesystem.
    Try looking at some of the following sources for guidance

  • Questions on Interactive Report Icons

    When I created an Interactive Report, rectangular icons have been automatically created on the left side of the report on every line.
    When clicked one of the icons, it displays the details of the line in vertical order.
    Here are my questions:
    1. When I've hidden some columns in the interactive report and clicked the icon, it does not display hidden column details. But I want to hide those columns only in the report but displays all details when the icon is clicked. How can I do this?
    2. How can I hide the icons?
    3. How can I use the icons not to display line details but to direct to an editable page to edit the same details?

    1. When I've hidden some columns in the interactive report and clicked the icon, it does not display hidden column details. But I want to hide those columns only in the report but displays all details when the icon is clicked. How can I do this?You can create another region, or page that will show your row description by identifier or rowid. You can do this by changing Link Column type to "Link to Custom Target"
    2. How can I hide the icons?Go to Interactive Report -> Link Column -> Link Column change to (Exclude Link Column)
    3. How can I use the icons not to display line details but to direct to an editable page to edit the same details?The same as answer 1.
    Best Regards, Kostya Proskudin!

  • Interactive Report view is empty

    I'm on CRM 7.0 EHP3. I'm encountering empty report criteria and display when open the Campaign effectiveness and all other interactive report page. Please see the screen shot below. There is no error message on the screen, as well as ST22.
    I've configured the interactive report and ran the configuration wizard /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD successfully and no error found.
    Also the roles SAP_CRM_OR_ADMIN, SAP_CRM_OR_CONFIG and SAP_CRM_OR_USER and SAP_ALL are given to the user in both clients.
    Please let me know what could be the causes.
    Thanks in advance.

    Okay, problem seems solved. I don't know if it is a bug or a feature... (: Anyway, this view selects data from threads that had been created from a portal application. And if you create threads from WC_Collaboration server admin console, there's no data will be selected with FORUMCRAWLER_VW view. Sorry, have no time to check SQL query for those DB view, may be this behaviour is reasonable.
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  • Interactive report column filters to display differently than column values

    We use images a lot in our interactive reports to provide a visual representation to a status, or something locked for update, or what-have-you. By default, when a user clicks the column heading of a column which contains images, the drop-down list that shows up displays the actual images, which is nice for the user to identify exactly which thing they want to filter on. The problem is when the user selects on of the options in the filtering drop-down, the resulting condition that is displayed under the interactive report search bar is the HTML code of the image. I'd like something else to display there because showing the user the HTML code is atrocious.
    I didn't think what I want is possible, but then I came across the Page Locks page within ApEx (page 4000:291 in ApEx 4.0.1) which displays a list of all the pages of an application and whether they are locked or not. It also allows you to bulk lock or bulk unlock a bunch of pages. That page uses an interactive report with a column called "Status" which contains images that represent whether the page is locked or not. When you click the "Status" column heading to filter, instead of seeing the images of an open and closed lock, you see the words "Page Locked" and "Page Unlocked." And even better... when you select on of them, the condition that is displayed to the user is very user-friendly.
    Can someone tell me how this is done so I can replicate it in my own apps?

    Why not create the IR using the text you require e.g. 'Lock', 'Unlock' and then use JQuery to replace the text in the report with the image you want. All the filters should then show the plain text and the report will display the image. e.g.
    Here's what I did:
    Firstly make sure the IR has a region template.
    Then create a Dynamic Action with the following attributes:
    1. Advanced
    2. Event: After Refresh
    3. Selection Type: Region
    4. Region: [select the IR Region]
    5. Action: Execute JS Code
    6. Fire on page load: [checked]
    7. Code:
    $('td [headers="TEST"]').each(function(index) {
      if ($(this).text() == 'Lock') {
        $(this).empty().html('<img src="/i/htmldb/icons/locked_small.gif" alt="Lock" />');
      else {
        $(this).empty().html('<img src="/i/htmldb/icons/unlocked_small.gif" alt="Unlock" />');
    });Where TEST is the column name.
    That's it, this may also be of interest:
    I hope it helps

  • Error while scheduling a Hyperion Interactive Report

    I'm trying to run a scheduled Hyperion Interactive Report (version 9.3.1). The report is scheduled to run for 1st of every month. After the report is scheduled. When a user tries to run the report on demand.
    The error log states as follows:
    $ view server_messages_IRJobService.log
    "server_messages_IRJobService.log" [Read only] 38 lines, 2688 characters
    <event logger="" method="ThrID(7) Logger(ZDbgPrint)" timestamp="1247269603142" level="ERROR" thread="[ORB=_it_orb_id_1,Pool=1]::id-6" sequence_no="74">^M
    <time>10 Jul 2009 16:46:43,142</time>^M
    <context subject="TIPAdmin" session_id="zRMz99t6-00000122670ef701-0000-8197-0a3f0708" originator_type="IRJobService" originator_name="InteractiveReportingService" host="tsbrit02">^M
    <info type="RESOURCE">IBQServiceImpl::runJob Job Identifier: TIPPFSMRPT Service Name: JF1_tsbrit02 Cycle Name: Cycle_0</info>^M
    <info type="RESOURCE_ID">000001225ef102a5-0000-8197-0a3f0708</info>^M
    <message><![CDATA[TCApp::ExecuteJavaScript failed: ]]></message>^M
    But when the report is uploaded and when the user tries running it. It runs without any problem.
    The report has 3 filters(drop downs) on runtime.
    Could anyone please help me in this regard.

    check your discoverer user role using:
    select granted_role from dba_role_privs where grantee=upper('<username>');
    from your database. the database to which the desktop is connecting.
    check for connect, resouce, multiorg roles.

  • APEX 4.0: error while opening a XLS file downloaded from interactive report

    I'm getting below error while opening a XLS file downloaded from an interactive report (APEX 4.0).
    "The file you trying to open, 'customer_2.xls', is in a different format than specified by the file extension.
    Verify that the is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening file. Do you want to open file."
    Yes No Help
    May be this one Apex 4.0 issue.
    please help me.

    is the next part of the code correct.
    What i mean is packing of the attachment, finding out the size of pdf file and doc type as PDF.
    You can also try below link..
    Link: []
    Hope this helps.

  • Interactive reports in abap objects

           plz send me the code of  interactive report using ABAP Objects .

    It will be similar to what you do in normal report.
    Here you may create an object instance and then call some method on the object.
    create object obj.
    CALL METHOD obj->method1
      text = im_text.
    write: im_text.

  • Can we merge data from multiple sources in Hyperion Interactive Reporting ?

    Hi Experts,
    Can we merge data from multiple sources in Hyperion Interactive Reporting ?Example can we have a report based on DB2
    Informix and Multidiemnsional Databases like DB2,MSOLAP,ESSBASE?

    Yes, Each have their own Query and have some common dimension for the Results Sections to be joined together in a final query.
    look in help for Creating Local Joins

  • CRM Interactive reports not loading any data on WEB UI

    CRM BI client is setup properly by following CRM IR config guide C41.
    /CRMBW/CONFIG_WIZARD doesn't show any major errors. I am able to create
    the custom interactive reports but when these reports are executed no
    data shows up in the report.For example ,we are building interactive
    reports under opportunities area for a user, who has opportunities in
    the system.
    Our CRM Sytem is on CRM7.0 EHP1 SPS3.

    Hi Thirumala,
    if still relevant (sorry for the late reply): check if the user is assigned to a business partner (employee), which is assignet to a correct position in the CRM Org model, and that this business partner is the employee responsible of the sales documents you want him to see in the reports.
    Alternatively, the user's business partner can be a manager of such an employee.
    Best regards

  • Unique id in interactive report

    how can I add unique id to interactive report? This id has to remain unchanged if I move application to other workspace. I know there is interactive_report_id, but I am not sure if it stays unchanged when I will move application to other workspace.

    In the region definition.
    Attributes - Static ID:
    Enter value to identify this region. You can reference this value using the substitution string #REGION_STATIC_ID#. Referencing this value can be useful when developing custom JavaScript.

  • What is difference between interactive list and interactive reports?

    what is difference between interactive list and interactive reports?

    hi check this..
    interactive report/list means any input(double click or single click or user command ) on the screen will results a new screen with the corresponding fields....this is upto 20 levels only check this..
    report .
    write:/ 'this is the source list'.
    at line-selection .
    if sy-lsind = 1 .
    write:/ ' this is the 1st list'.
    if sy-lsind = 2 .
    write:/ ' this is the 2 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 3 .
    write:/ ' this is the 3 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 4 .
    write:/ ' this is the 4 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 5 .
    write:/ ' this is the 5 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 6 .
    write:/ ' this is the 6 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 7 .
    write:/ ' this is the 7 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 8.
    write:/ ' this is the 8 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 9 .
    write:/ ' this is the 9 list'.
    if sy-lsind = 10 .
    write:/ ' this is the 10 list'.

  • Is there a way to do a "OR" with filters of an Interactive Report?

    I've noticed for a long time now that when you apply filters on an Interactive Report, they are applied on top of each other. But there is no way to apply them in an 'OR' fashion it seems. Unless I am mistaken.
    Now I know that you could apply a Row filter and do something like B = 'Something' OR B = 'Something Else', but the that isn't user friendly enough for my clients.

    You can, it's just not easy.
    Under Actions, select Filter. Change from a column filter (the default) to a row filter. This lets you put in pretty much anything you want for your filter, including things like "A=3 or A=5". This is one area where knowing SQL can be beneficial for users of APEX.
    Ignore that; I hadn't read your message closely enough before posting.
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