Intercompany EDI processing

Dear all in my inter company I assigned out put type RD04 and partner profile is maintain for both outbound and inbound processing when I save then it process properly and give IDOC number
But when try to check status with WE02 it shows error as
A company code cannot be determined for LI 0000050100
Message no. FD006
The system cannot determine the relevant company code since the allocation of the data transferred in the invoice is missing in Financial Accounting customizing.
The company code can be determined outside of the system and be put into the intermediate document (for example, from the EDI subsystem). Then the company code must be put into the E1EDK14 segment and ORGID field and the value "011" used as the qualifier.
Determine the company code for LI 0000050100  in Financial Accounting customizing.
Also I had maintained copany code data where i asigned partner type LI >> VENDOR CODE >> comapny name >> CoCode
But still facing error
Where as when read help on this it state that if you determining data from outside system from E1EDK14 & value 011 and also if you maintained in SD intercompany billing >> Automatic Posting To Vendor Account (SAP-EDI)
When I removed from SD then out put is not excepting in invoice give error maintain partner profile for EDI
What is missing out ???

Here I found that support package for SAP_APPL should be SAPKH60016
Where as in my system it is
SAP_APPL     - 600   -     0007     - SAPKH60007     - Logistics and Accounting
If my basis apply correction note will it become up to 16 ?????????????

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  • Recognize COGS in intercompany billing process

    Dear expert,
    I read the intercompany billing process and have some confuse.
    The process like that: CC1(company code 1) sells to end customer, CC2 (conpany code 2) (internal relationship) issues good.
    1, CC1 sells to end customer. CC1 create the SO
    2, CC2 creates the DO and PGI, that recognize the COGS at CC2 for the internal sales.
    3. CC1 creates the billing to end customer --> record the revenue of CC1
    4. CC2 creates the internal billing to CC1 --> record the internal revenue of CC2
    My question is, follow this process, I don't see the COGS of CC1, there is only a outbound delivery create by CC2 and COGS of CC2.
    I read the document about cross transaction, but it guide me only for steps above.
    Are there any mistake here?
    Please give me a help.
    Thank you in advance!

    Dear expert,
    I have some question about the document flow of the intercompany billing process.
    Company code 1 (CC1) sell to customer
    CC2 issue goods to customer of CC1, then internal billing to CC1.
    the step as below:
    1. CC1 create SO (sell to customer)
    2. CC2 create outbound delivery to Customer of CC1, recognize COGS of CC2
    3. CC1 bill to customer, recognize revenue of CC1
    4. CC2 create internal invoice to CC1, recognize revenue of CC2
    in internal invoice of CC2, update the output RD04. Does it recognize COGS and goods receipt to CC1? Because as above document flow, I see that, the CC1 don't have COGS, not receipt goods to plant of CC1 and Account Payable for CC2. There my thinking as logic of flow, but I'm not sure what the EDI and RD04 can do. Can you tell me about that.
    Thank you very much, this is very helpful for me.
    Best regard,

  • Credit Memo Request for intercompany sales process

    Hi Experts
    I try to find SAP notes regardsing the credit memo request for intercompany related issue but I can
    not find any nates. The customer return the goods with 2 different
    scenario :-
    -Return with credit
    -Return with replacement.
    Can anybody explain how this 2 scenario perform in the SAP
    intercompany sales process. Appreciate for your help. Thanks in advance.
    Jennie Tan

    Already answered
    Enter IG (internal credit memo) as the billing type for intercompany
    billing for order type RE.
    Cust-Sales/distrib-Transactions-Billing-Intercompany billing-Order types
    Intercompany billing always refers to a delivery
    Processing flow will be:
    1. Create returns request invoice receipt (with or w/out reference)
    2. Create returns delivery and goods receipt
    3. Create credit memo invoice receipt for customer for 1.
    4. Create internal credit memo for 2.
    Therefore you must make the following entries in the document flow
    for billing documents:
      Target BillType        DlvType              ItemCat
    a)    IG                  LR
    b)    IG                  LR                    REN
    Parameters for entries:
    For a) Copying requirement:  14  Dlv.-rel.header IV
          Copy item no.: x  (Check and decide yourself)
    For b)Copying requirement: 15 Dlv.rel. item IV
          Data VBRK/VBRP      : 1  Inv.split (sample)
          Billing quantity    : B
          Qty/itm val.pos/neg : +
          Pricing type        : G
    Also, refer following SAP Notes
    13160 - Returns with intercompany billing
    24756 - Credit memo requests with inter-company billing
    652007 - Reporting internal credit memos on arrival side
    11980 - Intercompany billing with order-related billing document
    164074 - Problems for internal invoices on returns
    Thanks & Regards

  • Data Conversion rules for EDI processing (same client IDOC processing)

    I am trying to post IDOCS in same client.Its a PO->SO process.
    ie. there will be 1 outbound and inbound idoc in same client using EDI processing.
    I am using Data Conversion using Rulesfor converting sender fields.
    The LIFNR and PAORG od segment E1EDKA1 has to be converted.
    For ALE processing, the Data conversion is been done correctly.
    But no conversion is done for EDI.
    Can anybody help me with this problem ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Issue solved

  • Intercompany reconciliation process in ECC 6.0

    Can anyone guide me on how to understand intercompany reconciliation process in ECC 6.0? I have tried but could not understand.
    Thanks in Advance

    If you have been using F.2E you should probably review note 1180060 ( ) as an introduction.
    It is necessary to set up some ICR specific details with the new solution. But if you use customizing generation as described in note 1172591 ( ) migrating to the new solution should not be too hard...
    Best regards,

  • Intercompany STO Process

    Hi Experts
    I am in to Intercompany STO process with one step Goods issue procedure.
    When i tried to post PGI for the NLCC type D.O obtained the below error.
    Error Message
    Fld selectn for mvmt type 645 / acct 6005100 differs for Business Area (033)
    Please advise how to fix.
    Edited by: R G on Jan 10, 2011 4:40 AM

    Field status group is maintined as: G003 Material Consumption accounts
    Post Automatically is ticked.
    I understand the Business Area field is not maintained (suppress) in the account group of G003.
    But, it is in movement type is maintaied as Optional.
    However no requirement to use the Business Area in overall.
    So, where should i turn off it in relevant to movement. Thus wouldn't cause the discrepancy against the GL.
    Edited by: R G on Jan 10, 2011 6:49 AM
    Edited by: R G on Jan 10, 2011 7:07 AM

  • EDI Processing

    Hi All,
    I have some questions about EDI processing in XI.
    If we use seeburger adapter, do we need to write custom mapping program (eg: 850 to ORDERS) or adapter itself generate the mapping?
    How do we split the message is it Interchange level or Transaction level? How seeburger is going to handle this?
    Can anyone please forward me the related documents if you have about seeburger adapter?
    Please explain me one complete scenario EDI 2 IDOC using Seeburger adapter.
    What are the other alternatives to seeburger adapter?

    Please see the below links , so that you can get clear idea about EDI/seeburger
    Details on XI EDI adapter from seeburger
    Check this for Conversions-
    SAP Adapters
    EDI with XI
    Please let me know your prob is clear or not..

  • Accounting entries for intercompany billing process

    can any body explain what it intercompany billing process and intra company billing process and STO processess.
    and their individual accounting entries of these three business with excise impact.

    > Total Questions:  494 (232 unresolved) 
    Perhaps you should reconsider the quality of your questions? In this one you seem to have put in absolutely no effort of your own, but I will put some effort into tracking down your next question for you...
    Please read the forum rules before continuing further.

  • Intercompany sales process

    Dear ALL SD Guru,
    I am doing the intercompany sales process . For the same task i have created the sales order , delivery and finally create the invoice for the customer . After that when i am trying to create the intercompany invoice , system is showing me error " Sales organization is not defined" How ever i have done all the following  required setting related to create the intercompany invoice in the system.
    1- Assign the supplying company code sales area to deliverying plant.
    2 Create one internal customer with supplying comany code and same sales area .
    3 Assign internal customer to ordering sales organization
    4 Assgn default intercompany billing  document type (IV) to order type (OR)
    5 I have extended the articles by supplying company code sales area
    6 maintain the copy control in bet Or & IV
    Is there any other setting required to execute this process , Please tell me
    Waiting your response

    see below link

  • Has anyone used MASS_RSEOUT00 for EDI processing?

    My Client is experiencing an increasing volume of EDI processing. I'm thinking about switching from running RSEOUT00 to running MASS_RSEOUT00.
    Has anyone been using MASS_RSEOUT00? Can you please share your experience? Thoughts?
    Greatly appreciate...

    In short yes this will replace the step of entering/recording the vendor invoice into the A/P area, this BAPI is designed accomodate the loading of A/P invoices, more information is available in the Interfaces to Accounting documentation in the R/3 Library (under Cross Application Functions -> Interfaces to External Systems).
    The bapi is envoked in the same manor as others...
        DOCUMENTHEADER       =
    "   CUSTOMERCPD          =
    "   OBJ_TYPE             =
    "   OBJ_KEY              =
    "   OBJ_SYS              =
        ACCOUNTPAYABLE       =
        ACCOUNTGL            =
        ACCOUNTTAX           =
        CURRENCYAMOUNT       =
    "   PURCHASEORDER        =
    "   PURCHASEAMOUNT       =
        RETURN               =
    "   CRITERIA             =
    "   VALUEFIELD           =
    "   EXTENSION1           =

  • Mapping fields for REMADV EDI process

    Does anybody know the fields we would need to map in our idoc that would allow us to have reference key 1, reference key 2, and the text field populated with data in the payment advice after running our bd87 for our REMADV edi process? Currently we have the other fields necessary filled in to get most data to our payment advice, but our users are asking that these 3 fields are updated as well from our idoc.

    Hi Tony,
    - The part that is painfully slow is when you need to
    map the fields of the aggregated attribute to the DB
    fields. It takes 30 seconds to open a drop-down box
    for the DB field selection. Sometimes freezes
    altogether (or maybe I was not patient enough)This is definitely not good and I haven't seen this problem before. It would be great if we could fix this before the final 10.1.3 release. Could you send me your project at [email protected] ? I shouldn't need the class files, just all of the workbench xml files. You can just send the project if that is easier.
    One additional thought. When I was recreating my
    project in it complained untill I have
    included all of the jar files into my project
    classpath. 10.1.3 was less demanding in that respect.
    Could it me that those unresolved references were
    slowing the mapping?What exactly do you mean by it complaining? Do you mean that it wouldn't let you generate deployment xml? In 10.1.3 there is no longer a requirement to have class files on the classpath when generating deployment xml. You will only need them to import or refresh classes.
    Karen Moore

  • EDI Process

    I am doing EDI Intergration. Can I get any documents for blue prints Questionnaire documents.
    Right now we are invovled in the design phase. Now we are having talks to decide VAN service providers.
    I want to have documents related to VAN service providers and SAP Integration.
    How do we have intergration without middleware and only VAN service providers.
    Can I get the documents related to EDI process starting from BLUE PRINT phase and Realization phase.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Shravan G

    Dear Toka,
    Please find the link for EDI process relevant to SD module:
    Hope this helps you.
    Do award points if you found them useful.

  • Order Related Intercompany business process for Service material

    I am looking for some info on Intercompany Business Process for service material - Order related.
    I have created Sales order (ZBOR) copied from standard sales order (TA / OR), a billing document (ZIVA) copied from IVA, an item category (ZTAD) copied from TAD standard.
    A material type used is DIEN (Services).
    Note 63459 indicated that I have to use a copy requirement 613 for item category ZTAD. The copy requirement 613 was created by copying requirement 013 according to the attached reference.
    I did the same according to the note. When I tried to create first billing document i.e. to end customer, its fine.
    When I create second billing document i.e. intercompany billing, its going to first pricing procedure and end customer as Payee, which should not happen. Rather it should go to intercompany pricing procedure (ICAA01) and to Internal customer as payee.
    Can someone guide me how to solve this issue?

    when i run intercompany billing (ZIVA), it goes to copy control routines 613 , buts its picking end customer pricing procedure and payee as end customer , not picking intercompany pricing procedure and internal customer as Payee.
    I am not sure what to do with 613 routinees as suggested by OSS note. All is i created this 613 copying from 13.
    Do i need to develop the logic of picking correct intercompany pricing procedure i.e ICAA01 , and need to get the right payee and some header information in this 613 routine . which means automatic pricing procedure determination is not done using customization in Order related Intercompany billing . Am i right to understand?
    Please suggest me how do i solve this issue.
    Please send it to my [email protected] email too.

  • Intercompany Return Process Error

    Hi All,
    I am currently facing a very major issue. Since this process is taking place for the first time, the error is new to us.
    I am doing a intercompany sales process.
    Sales order --> Delivery --> Billing --> Intercompany billing/
    Then i do return process
    Return sales order referring to commericial invoice
    then delivery then return billing
    when i try to create internal credit memo it says sales organization is not defined.
    Can anybody please help

    This error could happen due to various reasons in your delivery document (i.e. LIKP-VKOIV, LIKP-VTWIV, LIKP-SPAIV, LIKP-KUNIV, LIKP-FKDIV) if they are blank, usually due to missing customizing.
    Please check [SAP Note 308989|] against your current settings.
    Hope the above helps.

  • Retail Intercompany Consignment process

    ) What way it should be configured or processes should be followed so that Vendor Consignmnet stock is available in Store under the same Consignment vendor no through which DC procures consignment.
    In our current prototye when the Stocks are being issue against Inter company Consignment PO from DC to Store & received at Store ,consignment stocks are posted under vendor no (DC) . Now how the consignment settlement work in this case as we would like to settle against the external vendor from whom DC procured consignment articles?
    Are we doing correctly ? Or what should be the correct process ( config & relevent data) to support the Intercompany Consignment process ? We have maintained the other setting with reference to stock determination, article master settings  etc.
    Any help on this will be highly rewared as its the critical need of business,.
    Pls share useful guidance to support the Intercompany Consignment process & settlement through sale at store .
    WE also need to make the return process from store > DC > Vendor for customer return of consignment articles.
    Pls share your experience or guidance on this....will be rewarded..
    Thanks in advance for this.


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