Interesting note I found at Audible.

Found this interesting side note at It's something I haven't seen anywhere on Creative Lab.....
<FONT size=+0>Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB<IMG alt="Jukebox Zen Xtra 30GB" src="" width=85><FONT size=+0>* The selected model has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for sale.
This sucks since this is the player I just bought..... They have not discontinued the 40 or 60GB models. Seems weird that they would discontinue it but keep the other players..... It's merely just a hard dri've swap at that point......

this seems pretty stange to me. i searched on google for the words "zen, xtra, discontinued" and a few pages came up saying it was discontinued, but no major sites said that. another thing i have noticed is that if you look on the products section of creative .com and then look at mp3 players, the Zen NX Jukebox is no longer there, but the Xtra is. hmmmm strange...
maybe just got it mixed up?

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  • AE CS6 won't export MP4. "Some of the required components could not be found."

    After Effects CS6 (from Production Premium) running on 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.
    Processor: Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz
    AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series video card
    64 Gb Corsair Ram (DDR3)
    Quicktime 7.7.4 Installed
    Currently attempting to export a short (2 second) video based on the predefined "H.264" preset with the only alterations being that I want the VBR 1 Pass to target 3.5Mbs (though I've changed this with no difference in outcome) and I want the video to multiplex as MP4. I immediatley get the error prompt: "Some of the required components could not be found."
    *Just tried using the 3GPP multiplexer and received the same error message. If I try to use the MPEG4 format I get an "unknown exception" error.*
    I've exported literally hundreds of items as H.264 with a MP4 multiplexer on this machine with current hardware and software. And dice. After Effects boots correctly (or at least it seems that way) though I think it takes a little longer than it used to (not sure if the system cache just needs to be rebuilt).
    After Effects CS6 has all available Adobe updates. Quicktime 7.7.4 is also up-to-date. Video Card driver is up-to-date.
    What could be going on? I'd prefer to skip re-installing this program. I've had to do this numerous times already with this suite throughout the past 12 months; really getting sick of the down-time during reinstall. Worth noting that I have closed the program, closed all programs, restarted computer multiple times.
    I am currently going through my Adobe program files for After Effects. I am specifically looking through the 'Support Files' directory. A couple interesting things: 1. My 'MediaIO->Codecs' directory was last updated on 11/8/2013 (perhaps an AE update??) but each of the files within said directory have a last modified date of late September. Did something get wrongfully deleted in the hypothetical update? 2. In 'Media Core plugins->Common' I again have a last modified date of 11/8/2013, but again each of my files within the common directory were last modified late September. I have many expected .prm files but NO ImporterMPEG4.prm; should I have a MPEG4 specific importer file, or does the MPEG importer file do all of the work. Also, I have no ExporterMP4 (or anything of the MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4 flavor). Should I have one of these?
    Don't know if this last paragraph helps at all but my fingers are crossed.

    Thanks Katrina for all your help.
    I talked to an Apple tech support person. Actually, my call had to be elevated to the next support level. Joy. You are correct, there are multiple listings of the files in the error report even though there is only one copy.
    The support person had me do a few things. Here is what eventually seems to fix things:
    1) For the mp3's that DID copy but were listed as not found... Some files were duplicated so deleting the duplicate with the "!" was an easy fix. I found one file that I could search by song name in iTunes but could not find it by song name search on the iPod. Looking at the iPod playlist I found the file listed by the filename (not song name) and the file played fine. Then in iTunes I double clicked on the song name ("!" showing) and selected locate. I then pointed to the location on the NAS. Resync and now the name of the song on the iPod changed from filename to song name. The file was no longer listed in the error report.
    2) For the m4a files that didn't sync... the problem songs appeared three times in a search in iTunes. Two of the listings showed the "!" next to the name. I deleted these two for each song that didn't sync and all transferred fine afterward.
    Perhaps there is an issue with ID3 tags since I use filenames more than tags in organization. Still, I would think that iTunes would not get so confused or be a little more friendly with its errors, especially considering how long its been around.
    Thanks again for your help. Looks like I have a manual way to correct this issue.

  • The TV show could not be used because the original file could not be found

    "The TV show “Blah-blah ep.23” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?"
    I know this problem is listed (and unanswered) from quite a few users in the forums for song files, but I haven’t found any that mention TV shows. To add to the heap, and help emphasize to iTunes that this is a major bug in need of fixing, here is my version of this problem.
    I have a variety of season passes to TV shows that normally download on almost a daily basis (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, for example). About once every four or five downloads iTunes decides to silently delete a file. No warning given, no chance to stop it, just gone. ITunes downloads the file (clearly seen in the process in the Downloads part of the Store menu) and then lists the file under its correct menu in the TV Shows Library section (with the correct amount of MB listed for the file). I usually watch the episode right after I download it (with no problems), but of course I have left episodes unwatched when I shut iTunes down.
    On the next startup of iTunes, I go in to watch an old episode again or click on an unwatched episode, but it isn’t there anymore and the old “would you like to locate it?” message pops up. After being through this at least a dozen times in the last year, I know there is no point in looking for the file because it’s gone. The only choice is to go into iTunes support and ask them to reset the download, which they’ve always done without question, and then I have to download the file all over again. This is a huge hassle and all the more frustrating because it happens so irregularly.
    I’ve tried to find answers in these discussion forums, but have been unable to see any reasonable solution and wish to add to the voices of annoyed paying customers in the hope something will be done. If anyone is interested, the bizarre and time consuming workaround I’ve had to employ is:
    1. As soon as any of my TV shows are downloaded, I stop whatever I’m doing to go grab the file out of iTunes’ folder and move it to a location where iTunes can’t get its grubby little silent deleting hands on it.
    2. On the next shutdown-startup cycle, I can then go back and move the file back into its correct location in the iTunes TV Shows subfolders and I’ll never have a problem again with THAT particular file being deleted.
    Of course, the problem with this solution is that it’s painfully annoying to have to do it every time. I get lazy, iTunes seems to get its evil deleting ways under control and downloads all seem to work again. That is, until they don’t and the issue mysteriously returns with files being picked off anew and I have to return to these forums in the hope of finally finding out why this is happening. After more than a year and two or three iTunes version updates, it’s the problem that just won’t die.

    Yes, only TV shows. I've never had a random silent delete of a song file. I also considered that Windows might be blocking the file to save space, but with no limitations set in the control panel that isn't the problem either. In fact, I've only had this problem with season pass downloads. It's never happened with a single download of a video or TV episode.
    Tonight, when I downloaded my Daily Show episode, I really kept tabs on what the heck iTunes is up to during the process. As many know, iTunes creates a folder called Downloads during the download process. Inside that folder, a video file gets downloaded as “download.m4v” along with another Qtime info file. When the download is complete, iTunes is supposed to use the info file to identify and tag the download.m4v file and then move it over into its correct artist subfolder with the correct file name.
    The problem, I discovered tonight in watching this process, is that iTunes (for mysterious reasons) does not do the relabel/move step with some of the downloads and leaves the files in situ as download.m4v in the download file. Additionally, in the iTunes software you can click on the file (correctly labeled and appearing, as I said in the first post, under the correct TV show banner) and watch it one time. However, after shutting down and restarting (and this is where the evil happens) iTunes will delete all files in the Download subfolder as part of a cleanup process. I suppose because it assumes that those files were correctly relabeled and copied into the corresponding TV show folders. So, there is the reason for the loss of downloaded video files (in my case).
    There appears to be no way of knowing, from within iTunes, when the file has been correctly copied over to its corresponding folder and when it hasn’t and remains in the Bermuda Download Folder of Death. Again, I have to go into that folder each time (before shutting iTunes down) to make sure the move took place. If it didn’t, then I have to make a copy of the download file and place it outside that folder.
    Finally, since this only happens occasionally, I’m wondering if it doesn’t have something to do with the way the info file is being tagged and labeled prior to being made available to download. However, if that were the case then the problem would be happening to lots of users and I would have expected a lot more complaints in the forums.
    By the way, I’m not big on fidgeting with any of iTunes folders or settings. It hasn’t been the case where the downloads were fine, I made some goofy change to the folder structure and then it doesn’t work. I haven’t fiddled with the settings for months, but all of the sudden this issue starts to appear and can just as easily disappear in the following week’s downloads.
    Still seeking answers or advice.

  • What does this mean: ERROR! Shared library ioser12 could not be found.

    Hi all,
    I am trying to establisch a JDBC connection to a MaxDB database (former SapDB).
    I have a win2k system with jdk 1.4.2_01 installed.
    I have the JDBC connection working in the sense that i am able to execute SQL scripts by ant tasks,
    so far i think that everything is properly configured.
    Nevertheless, when i try to use the connection in my own class (a JUnit testcase), i get this message:
    "ERROR! Shared library ioser12 could not be found."
    The program then continues, and i get sql error messages that the user is still connected. I think these are followups from the first one - one testcase may be broken by this error, but the connection is not closed.
    I searched the web to find what i could do against it. I found some forum discussions about this problem and hence i tried to set my path and classpath to locations where the isoser12.dll is located (runtime environment/bin), and finally copied it to the windows/system32 dir.
    Nothing made this error disappear. I am still stuck with this one since two days.
    Btw, the same testcases work well with other databases like oracle or db2.
    Hence, i am calling to you for some ideas about this error.
    Thank you in advance for help,
    Andreas Schroeder

    Hi Andreas,
    I am also interested in making maxdb(sapdb) work with S1 application server. I would appreciate if you could let me know if you are able to make it work with S1 V8 server.
    Gorton Zhao
    Hi all,
    I am trying to establisch a JDBC connection to a MaxDB
    database (former SapDB).
    I have a win2k system with jdk 1.4.2_01 installed.
    I have the JDBC connection working in the sense that i
    am able to execute SQL scripts by ant tasks,
    so far i think that everything is properly configured.
    Nevertheless, when i try to use the connection in my
    own class (a JUnit testcase), i get this message:
    "ERROR! Shared library ioser12 could not be found."
    The program then continues, and i get sql error
    messages that the user is still connected. I think
    these are followups from the first one - one testcase
    may be broken by this error, but the connection is not
    I searched the web to find what i could do against it.
    I found some forum discussions about this problem and
    hence i tried to set my path and classpath to
    locations where the isoser12.dll is located (runtime
    environment/bin), and finally copied it to the
    windows/system32 dir.
    Nothing made this error disappear. I am still stuck
    with this one since two days.
    Btw, the same testcases work well with other databases
    like oracle or db2.
    Hence, i am calling to you for some ideas about this
    Thank you in advance for help,
    Andreas Schroeder

  • Error - A valid installer could not be found, using AAMEE and CS6

    I receive the error - A valid installer could not be found, when using AAMEE 3.0 to create a CS6 Trial Package in Windows 7.  I'm following the procedure documented here - Imaging CS6-Attack of the Clones.  I've tried both pointing at the DVD and pointing to a local folder, after copying the DVD to a local folder and copying the \payloads folder from the second DVD.  I know the DVD is valid because I did a manual installation.  I'm pointing at the folder that contains the Set-up.exe file, plus I've tried pointing at every other folder as well, with no success.  I have a 40 user license for CS6 Master Collection for a classroom on our campus.  I need to create a image for this classroom, and was thrilled that a solution was being provided to accomodate this, but AAMEE does not work!  I'm working in a Windows 7 environment.
    On top of this frustration, my Adobe ID is not working, I've used "chat" support and phone support and I can still not log in.  They claim it has been escalated.  When I explained the AAMEE error to the phone support rep, he informed me that there was no technical support and my only option was to post the question on the forum...but you have to log in with your Adobe ID to post a question!  Round and round it goes.  So I had to create another ID under a different email, just to post my question.  I'm getting the mystery "an error has occurred, please try again", when I try to log in with my work Adobe ID.
    Help! Anyone?

    RESOLVED - Thanks in part to the ALBERT-in-Vancouver and Tushar Bammi thread concerning a similar problem.  I dissected the PDApp.log.  I had copied the installation DVDs to a local folder per the Deployment Guide, when installing from the DVD initially failed.  But, PDApp.log stated - EnterpriseNativeApplet Individual media disks on fixed volumes are not supported, please use CD/DVD or mounted ISO/DMG media.  That clued me in to trying to create the MSI using the DVDs again.  My fault - that the original attempts to create the MSI from the DVDs did not work, I didn't realize I needed to run AAMEE with elevated privileges.  Note - the earlier attempts when I was running AAMEE with elevated privileges and pointing to the locally copied installation files, failed.  Interesting.  I'm confused as to why the Deployment Guide directed my to create a product-install folder...
    I haven't tested the MSI file yet, but if I have additional problems I will start a new thread.

  • 'the original files could not be found'

    i bought an external hard drive to store itunes and iphoto. i moved the library folder across (itunes6.0.5) initially i only had an empty library (i did redirect the location in preferences, i also deleted com. apple.itunes.plist) i knew the library still existed it was just a matter of re-linking software to the library.i suceeded by importing a new cd !!. unfortunatly this is where 'the original files could not be found' message kicks in. interestingly when asking for info about a pre-existing song in the library it does not include profile,channels,encoded with, or where, whilst the new cd i imported does? any ideas??
    ps. perhaps the wrong forum but - that 'new posting' box (this discussion software) sometimes i can find it sometimes not?
    g3 imac 450mhz 640mb Mac OS X (10.2.x) 160gb ext h/d
    g3 imac 450mhz 640mb Mac OS X (10.2.x) 160gb ext h/d

    Check out "How to re-create your iTunes Library" instructions at

  • Problem installing windows - 'The installer disc could not be found'

    Hello everyone,
    I'd successfully partitioned my hard drive and am now trying to install windows. When I click on 'start installation' in boot camp assistant, there is a delay of 20 seconds and then a message, saying that 'the installer disc could not be found'. This is despite the windows CD showing up in the finder.
    I've tried re-booting, re-starting boot camp and removing the CD, to no avail. For what it's worth I've also tried a friends windows CD just in case it is my one causing the problem.
    Any tips?
    Thanks in advance.

    I had the same issue with the installer disc not being found by boot camp, I tried multiple times with no luck, tried several windows vista home basic discs and made sure they were bootable, still no luck, finally I got the trial version of parallels, installed windows that way and it worked, the interesting thing is that afterwards, I left the CD I was using in the dvd drive, shut down the computer, next time I started the laptop, it wanted to boot up with the windows installation dvd I left in the drive, I cancelled, started mac os then ran boot camp and it worked fine.
    Sounds to me like software issues from apple... I hope you find the solution, all this was very frustrating...

  • VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.display3D::Context3D could not be found.

    Weird. I have the Player Incubator installed (it shows up as "Incubator build" in the bottom left hand corner) in browser, for Flash Builder and for Flash 5. On all of these when I try to run, for example, this source...
    ....I get error message:
    VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.display3D::Program3D could not be found.
    VerifyError: Error #1014: Class flash.display3D::Context3D could not be found (on Away3D examples)
    It compiles fine, but the player doesn't seem to recognise the MoleHill classes.
    Any ideas?

    I ended up running into this issue as well so I wrote a sort of psuedo standalone debugger player. Works perfect, I posted it in a thread here:
    Theres a video tutorial and tons of more nfo on my blog post about it here:
    And I've also just released the source code for those interested:
    If you follow the instructions in my blog, you won't get this error anymore and will be able to run/test/debug your movies normally. Hope this is helpful! If you find it to be, tell people so my days' work isn't in vain! lol

  • Error -Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area

    When I am trying to pass a down payment entry by debiting vedor and crediting bank with asset it is giving an error as follows.
    Account 'Down-payments clearing account' could not be found for area 01
    Message no. AU133
    Please help me to rectify the same.
    Thanks in advance

    Please pay attention at  the possible causes of message AU133:
    1. Error AU133:
       a) You have not defined a contra account for acquisition value postings in the Asset Accounting Customizing settings (Transaction AO90).However, this is required as of Release 4.6C because, as is the case for all other integration postings in Asset Accounting, invoice receipt postings have to be displayed in Asset Accounting via the new posting kernel to ensure an identical document
       b) You have defined the account in Asset Accounting, however, it is not created in the affected company code.Check whether the account is correct and create it for the company code, if necessary.
    2. You have entered an asset reconciliation account for the "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" (for example, the same account as for   "Acquisition:Acquis. and production costs" account).This is not  permitted.Check whether your account determination is correct               
       (Transaction AO90) in Asset Accounting Customizing. The same applies
       for the 'Contra account: Down payment posting'.
    3. As "Contra account: Acquisition value posting" you entered an asset G/L account. If necessary change the automatic posting indicator in the G/L account master record.
    4.Check if you need  revaluation accounts in depreciation areas involved   (AO90):
      -Revaluation acquis. and production costs
      -Offsetting account: Revaluation APC
    Please run also programm RACKONTO where missing or wrong customizing
    the accoutn determinations per company code is displayed
    Also have a look at note 7595 in this regard.
    Please assign points if it useful.
    Ravinagh Boni

  • Photoshop Image Processor.jsx could not be found. CS5

    I like to use Bridge to export groups of photos and with past versions I've been able to select photos, go to Tools>Photoshop>Image Process and select one of my custom actions.  Now I get this error: Photoshop Image Processor.jsx could not be found.
    Any thoughts?

    By default the image processor script should be placed in the Application
    folder (on root level, not in the user
    account)/AdobePhotoshop/presets/scripts/ image Processor.jsx
    Also by default in Bridge preferences Start up Scripts Adobe Photoshop
    should have a checkmark in front of it.
    If you changed any of these there lies your fault, if it happened to fail
    out of the blue you first should try restart Bridge holding down option key
    and choose refresh preferences.
    First check if it works now and if it does again set preferences to your
    wishes. (obvious not deselecting the PS script... )
    Now I get this error: Photoshop Image Processor.jsx could not be found.

  • Trying to sync voice memos I get "was not copied to the iphone because it could not be found"

    I recorded some "voice memos" on my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.3). I now just want to get them onto my computer. I have followed the instruction from other posts and selected the "Include Voice Memo" checkbox and also the "Voice Memo Genre" checkbox located on the Music tab. I then click on Sync and get the following error ... "Some of the items in the iTunes library, including ----- were not copied to the iPhone because they could not be found". So I understand that the memos were not copied to the phone ... this is good since I already have then on the phone. I want, instead for them to be copied FROM the phone to the computer. So what's the problem I thought that SYNC'ing meant copying new files from the iPhone to the computer as well as vice versa.
    The Voice Memo is toolarge for me to simply email to myself so I need to understand what is causing this so that I can get around it. I have noticed that when I attempt to "Organize Library" and check "Consolidate Files" (suggested by some forum somewhere) when I close the dialog box and sync again, that when I return to the "Consolidate Files" checkbox i see that has actually cleared itself and is no longer checked. I am not sure if this is related or not.
    I have a very business recording that is on my iPhone and MUST get this audio off the phone ASAP. Any help would be appreciated.

    The dialog tells you the path to the song is wrong/not there. Make sure you can play it in iTunes.

  • The backup of my system failed due to databases, which could not be found

    The backup of my system failed because the files named wbengine.exe could not be found.
    How can I repair this ??
    Peter Boerema

    Read the Microsoft KB @
    Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you, and to click “Unmark as Answer” if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ”

  • Some of the songs I have downloaded onto i tunes won't play when I select it to do so.  The error message I get is "The song could not be used because the original file could not be found.  Would you like to locate it?"  How can I get my songs to play?

    Some of the songs I have downloaded into i tunes won't play when I select it to do so.  The error message I get is "The song can not be used because the original file can not be found.  Would you like to locate it?"  When I select yes I'm sent to a screen that has my i tunes library listed.  When I select the song in question I'm asked if I would like to open the song.  When I select this option I get nothing.  The songs I have downloaded must be somewhere because they are listed in my i tunes library and on the screen I've been sent to.  I can't the songs to play however.  This is not true of all of my songs but it is true of quite a few of them.  Actually, one song is too many.    How do I get my music to play that seems to be locked up somewhere in the computer?

    Presuming they're on your computer, right click on them and then follow the prompts to locate hte file on your computer.

  • When I try to sync my ipod, itunes tells me certain songs could not be found

    I have just tried to sync my ipod on itunes, and a screen comes up to tell me that over 100 songs from my library cannot be synced as they could not be found.......
    They all appear in my music library, and in their relevant playlists, only now they all have an exclamation mark just to the left of the title.
    Some I have ripped from cd's and some are ones I have purchased thru the itunes store, and it is these I'm most annoyed about, as I paid to have them and now cannot play them.
    What can I do to get them to be able to play again?
    Neither the ipod or the laptop are new to me, I have been using both successfully for a number of years with no problems.
    I have tried de-authorising and then authorising my laptop, and have also restored factory setting on my ipod, but  nothing seems to work.......
    Any suggestions, please?

    That exclamation point means the song files cannot be found, for some reason.  They are no longer where iTunes expects to find them.  They were either moved or deleted.  Sometime, a data corruption issue on your hard drive can make files inaccessible.  You may want to check that possibility, because other files may be affected.
    Since you can still see the name, artist, and album of the missing songs in iTunes, you may want to try using Windows to do a general search of your hard drive volume, searching on the name of one of the songs (or artist or album name).  If you are using the default settings for iTunes, iTunes uses the name of song, album, and artist to name the file and directory path of the song file's storage location.  If they got moved for some reason, you may find the path to all of the missing songs by finding one song.  You can then move them back to the location where iTunes expects to find them.
    some are ones I have purchased thru the itunes store, and it is these I'm most annoyed about, as I paid to have them and now cannot play them.
    Don't be mad about those songs...   Any previous song purchase from the iTunes Store can be re-downloaded at any time at no cost.  Go to the main iTunes Store screen.  On the right side, find Purchased under QUICK LINKS.  On the Purchased screen, click on Music and find those missing songs.  There is a Not on This Computer filter there that would be useful in this case.  Next to the song name, you should see a button with a cloud symbol.  Click it to download that song.

  • Data source executive could not be found

    Hello there, I have recentley did my first dynamic website
    using coldfusion MX 7. After I uploaded all the files in the server
    of on a window platform which supports cfm, I had
    realised that all the DSN routes were still
    C:cfusion7\wwwroot\database\executive.Users... so I changed all the
    tags to D:\Hosting\executivemalta\database\executive.Users....
    Unfortunatley I keep on receiving the error Data source executive
    could not be found! I have also created an access database from the
    godaddy control panel and located the database to a folder called
    accesscf and changed the DSN route as instructed by godaddy.
    Unfortunatley that didn't even work. Could somebody out there be
    generous enough to help me solve this problem? The following is the
    Error Occurred While Processing Request
    Data source executive could not be found.
    The error occurred in D:\Hosting\executivemalta\index2.cfm:
    line 4
    2 : <cfset MM_redirectLoginSuccess="../homepage.cfm">
    3 : <cfset MM_redirectLoginFailed="../failed.cfm">
    4 : <cfquery name="MM_rsUser"
    5 : SELECT Username,Password FROM
    D:\Hosting\executivemalta\accesscf\executive.Users WHERE
    Username='#FORM.username#' AND Password='#FORM.password#'
    6 : </cfquery>
    DATASOURCE executive
    Please try the following:
    Check the ColdFusion documentation to verify that you are
    using the correct syntax.
    Search the Knowledge Base to find a solution to your problem.
    Browser Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1;
    SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)
    Remote Address
    Date/Time 08-Aug-06 11:17 PM
    Stack Trace (click to expand)
    java.sql.SQLException: Data source "executive" not found.
    at coldfusion.sql.DataSrcImpl.validate(
    at coldfusion.sql.SqlImpl.validate(
    at coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage.invoke(
    at coldfusion.filter.PathFilter.invoke(
    coldfusion.filter.ClientScopePersistenceFilter.invoke( 8)
    at coldfusion.CfmServlet.service(

    I updated Sources\SXS with fresh files and now it looks like it works?????

Maybe you are looking for

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