Interface mapping Object _Doesn't exist in RuntimeCache_Error_SXMB_MONI

Hi  EXperts ,
Issue in XI --Dev System
I have an simple IDOC  (DESADV.DELVRY03) ->Flat File Scenario . Mapping is done as per the Line of Business requirements .
I have tested mapping and  I get the response as expected.
We released the IDOC (Outbound Processing ) in SAP R/3 , but I get the mapping error in SXMB_MONI.
  <SAP:P1>Object ID 61CFAE955F1A345ABEA3081C92818052 Software Component C31B3EB0F7B811DFC3F3ECDD0AE005A3</SAP:P1>
  <SAP:P2 />
  <SAP:P3 />
  <SAP:P4 />
  <SAP:AdditionalText />
  <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
  <SAP:Stack>Interface mapping Object ID 61CFAE955F1A345ABEA3081C92818052 Software Component C31B3EB0F7B811DFC3F3ECDD0AE005A3 does not exist in runtime cache</SAP:Stack>
Activtaed the Interfcae mapping and refeshed the  configurtaion Object :  Interface , Receiver Determination.Noticed  that we have error in Cache Notifictaion --Design Part . The Configuration --Cache update is fine.
I have raised the Ticket to resolve this error.
But as this was high proirity task to be delivered,how can i try fixing this issue myself . I have tried couple of times, creating new interface mapping , activating , referring new interface mapping in : Interface , Reciever Determination but nothing fix this issue.
Please provide me inputs.

Thanks to all of your for your support .
Yes as Udo said , I  did reassign the Interface mapping in : Interface Determintaion / Reciever Determination and activated .
Buta s this isuse was in Development System , and I reliased that there was mismatch of Password entered for : PIAPPLUSER --pipeline user  and Cache Error  with SLD  in Design . Configurtaion / SLD .
Raised ticket for Cache Error which got solved . Resetting password of PI service user also worked .
Release new IDOC in WE19(--outbound DESADV.DELVRY03) and it was successfully processed  to File(xml).
Best Regards,

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  • Interface mapping Object does not exist in runtime cache

    I am getting the following error after importing IR into our test system (PI7.0 SP10).
    Interface mapping Object ID 19C3AC9D13B03787AEEB85169D0B6900 Software Component 8C51B2209F3C11DB94CEEB180DDF0074 does not exist in runtime cache Exception of class CX_XMS_SYSERR_MAPPING
    You want to execute interface mapping Object ID 19C3AC9D13B03787AEEB85169D0B6900 Software Component 8C51B2209F3C11DB94CEEB180DDF0074 .     However,the data of this interface mapping is missing in the runtime cache. Activate the interface mapping in the Integration Repository.
    I cannot change the mapping and reactivate - as this cannot be changed.
    I have run SXI_Cache, Cleared SLD caches on IR and ID and run cacherefresh=full, but no luck!
    The mapping is there and I can test it in the IR.
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    I had this problem today, maybe this helps someone when searching about this (at least this is the first hit at a very big search engine when searching for interface mapping does not exist...)
    I have a RFC => PI => File scenario. I was aware that this would need to be asynchronous so I set up the message interface (service interface for PI > 7.0) as asynchronous inbound. This is the file receiver part of the interface.
    Hints on the error: Audit Log in message details of RWB showed a line like this: RFC adapter received sRFC for ZMY_FM from <sender SID>/<sender client>. Attempting to send message synchronously. This of course could not work as file is asynchronous by default.
    Bottom line however was, to make the call of the sender RFC asynchronous by using "in background task" like so:
         t_file = lt_file.
    Don't forget the commit work here.
    Hope this helps.

  • Interface mapping Object doesn't exist in runtime cache

    Hi SDN,
    Now I am trying to finish a senario that Getting an IDOC of R/3 into a file by XI. I can get the xml message by tcode IDX5, but always get the following error infromation by IDX5:
    Interface mapping Object ID E4815D26AD5B35D2B89A5557DBE045E7 Software Component 2F1990F0E66D11DB9DC2C239C0A8007A does not exist in runtime cache
    What happens?
    Thanks for your time ahead!

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  • Interface Mapping Object - No class definition found

    I have created a simple Interface Mapping in the Integration Repo. When i try to TEST the interface mapping i get class not found errors.See the stacktrace below.
    LinkageError at JavaMapping.load(): Could not load class: com/sap/xi/tf/_PO_MAPPING_
      - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Illegal name: com/sap/xi/tf/_PO_MAPPING_
    Looks like some standard sap packages are missing from the CLASSPATH. Anyidea where it has to be specified ?
    PO_MAPPING is the message mapping object i have created and the test is successful for this object.However when i reference it in Interface Mapping , i get the above errors.
    I suppose XI generates Java Code when i create these objects and the mappings.Any idea where the JVM seems to reference these packages and How to rectify it ?

    Please check whether you have applied note 755302.
    - Sreekanth

  • How to get the latest Version of Interface Mapping

    I made some changes in IR, and when I am sending the per is not picking up the latest Interface Mapping Object. I am checking it from Trace in Monitor and then cross checking it with Object Version ID in Repository for Interface Mapping.
    I cleaned all the cache as well (from Design, Config and also from Admin), but still I am seeing old version id.
    Any suggestion....?

    Right now I do not have access to XI system but I remember these are the places you can check.
    Did you go to http://host:5<sysnr>00/rep/start
    There click on the Administration, and log on using XISUPER. Click on Cache and there is a drop down for mapping programs list. Check that out.

  • No interface mapping in interface determination.

    Hi ALL,
    I am doing a simple File to File scenario. i have created all repository elements and activated them.
    Now while configuring them in Directory at interface determination level I can enter
    inbound Interface but in interface mapping i can´t see my Interface mapping object so i am getting error while testing scenario in Directory. 
    Can anybody tell me where exactly can be problem_
    Please note that i have created interface mapping object in repository.

    Hi Atul,
    After creating your business system or business service, click on your BS and include  the sender and receiver interfaces.
    Ramesh P

  • XI Configuration Design questions with multi-mapping message mapping object

    I'm having trouble designing a particular scenario for multi-mapping.  Currently i'm working with a Vendor create and change.  BPM is not being used.
    This is what i need:
    I need a CREMDM04 to turn into one or multiple ADRMAS/CREMAS IDocs and potentially a CLFMAS IDoc based on the values in the inbound CREMDM04 IDoc.
    This is what i currently have:
    A CREMDM04 inbound idoc is multi-mapped to a CREMDM03 (1...9999), another CREMDM03 (0...9999), and a CLFMAS01 (0...9999).  At a minimum only the first CREMDM03 IDoc will be created and at a maximum all three will be created.  The parameters on creating the second CREMDM03 IDoc and the CLFMAS01 IDoc are based on the values in the inbound CREMDM04 IDoc, whereas the first CREMDM03 IDoc will always be created and the values will just be converted/mapped from the inbound CREMDM04 IDoc.  This multi-mapping is currently set-up via a graphical message map and works successfully in the test-tab of the mapping object.  It has a main message and has sub-messages which are the IDocs.  I’m mapping the CREMDM04 to a CREMDM03 to then map it through an ABAP-Class and then to an XSL where the CREMDM03 inbound structure is expected to split into ADRMAS and CREMAS Outbound IDocs for Vendor Create/Change in the remote R/3 systems.
    After the graphical map we have a necessary ABAP Class call that calls a BAPI to the remote system.  This ABAP Class must come after the graphical map since the parameter for the BAPI is based on a converted value from the graphical multi-map.
    After the ABAP Class call there is finally an XSL message split the CREMDM IDoc into an ADRMAS and CREMAS IDoc.  There need to be two interface mappings (one per ADRMAS and CREMAS) since the ABAP classes and XSLs are specific to the ADRMAS and CREMAS.
    The CLFMAS IDoc can go directly to the remote system, but since it’s within this one multi-map, I’m not sure if is possible?  I’m not sure if it will fail once it tries entering the XSL mapping (this is the standard CREMDM message split offered from SAP).
    There are three interface mapping scenarios I can think of, but cannot get to work:
    CREMDM04 to ADRMAS02
    CREMDM04 to CREMAS03
    CREMDM04 to CLFMAS01
    Currently I have the Interface Mapping structured as follows:  (I cannot get this to activate as it appears it does not work)
    Multi-Mapping ==> ABAP Class Call ==> Standard XSL Message Split
    How should i design the interface mapping objects and the configuration objects for this scenario?
    Any help is appreciated and I definitely will reward points (no need to include it in your response).

    I suggest you may use multiple steps interface mapping. It's composited with 3 message mappings as step by step.
    Mapping 1: One to one mapping. For the output schema, use a composition schema which includes those 3 IDOCs you want.
    Mappign 2: ABAP Mapping. I am not sure the ABAP class you mentioned is an ABAP mapping or not. If it does, That's ok. If not,
    call that ABAP class in your ABAP mapping and do corresponding change for your message. Return back the same structure as output.
    Mapping 3: One to multiple mapping to split the message.
    So basically as interface mapping, it's one to multiple mapping. And internally, you have 3 steps to realize the mapping.
    And as my experience, for both one to multiple message mapping & multiple steps interface mapping, it works well in my project. And
    in ID, you have to configure it via "advance" function in receiver determination or interface determination.
    Let me know if any confusion.

  • Webserivces interface mapping error

      I am doing the Webservices to file scenario. In Test configuration it is showing error in interface mapping.
    The below is the error it is showing.
    Interface Mapping
    Please kindly help in this matter..

      Previously i am also facing the same problem.
      while testing configuration, it shows the follwoing error.
    Interface mapping Object ID xxxx Software Component xxxx does not exits in runtime cache
      at that time by changing the business servcies, i resolve the problem.
      any how, please execute the following URL to refresh cache.

  • Interface map not exist in cache

    hi iam configuring proxy to bapi and getting following error
    Interface mapping urn:xiworkshop:group00:webapp
    PO_out__ZBAPI_PO_CREATE does not exist in runtime cache
    i refreshed the cache and done reactivation of the objects
    still same story. plz help me
    thanks and regards

    can you please explain how you refreshed the cache ?

  • Unale to get XSLT object in interface mapping

    i had imported the zip file contaning xslt file for mapping in Import Archives .But during interface mapping, integration builder is not able to show me the created import archive object.
    Please Help me out.

    Hai Mitesh,
    After u r importing a <b>Zip</b> file ( which the zip file contains (<b>.xsl</b> extension...)),  make sure in the interface mapping to select xsl type and clik F4 to Select the zip file in the mapping program... and if u doesnt see ...
    try by clicking Environment --> Cache notifications and click refresh for some secs... then proceed with above steps u will <b>definitely</b> get...
    sridhar reddy . k

  • Interface Mapping Doesnot Exist in Runtime Cache

    I am doing Http - Webservice scenario.I have created all the mappings but when I am testing I am getting the following error
    <SAP:Error><SAP:Category>XIServer</SAP:Category><SAP:Code>MAPPING.NO_MAPPINGPROGRAM_FOUND</SAP:Code><SAP:P1> OrderProcess_To_Webservice_IM</SAP:P1><SAP:Stack>Interface mapping OrderProcess_To_Webservice_IM does not exist in runtime cache</SAP:Stack></SAP:Error>
    I have done Cache refresh in SXI_CACHE and in RWB also I have done all kind of cache refresh. But still I am getting the same error. If I am testing in Intergration Directory I am getting success..
    Please help me in resolving this

    Same error is solved here in the below thread by Restarting the server solved the problem
    look at this thread also
    ABAP Proxy to SOAP Error..

  • ** Interface Mapping - No Objects Found - IDoc is receiver

    Hi Friends,
    In our scenario, sender is File & receiver is IDoc. For each record in file, we need to created one IDoc.  IDoc is CREMAS.CREMAS05.  For this as usual we exported XSD and changed the occurrence of IDOC node as minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"  (as explained in Michael Blog - 2762) and did the message mapping successfully.
    While create Interface Mapping, (Message interface (OB) for File, no message interface for IDoc, we directly use CREMAS.CREMAS05 in the target interface) and 'Read Interfaces' and select the Message Mapping option' it shows 'No Objects Found'.  What could be the problem ?
    Note that earlier it was working fine (Some times ago), now it is showing this error 'No Objects Found".  I am very confused why this error is coming.
    Kindly help me friends, to solve this.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

    Thanks for all your reply. When we click Read messages button automaticlly our source message (type) and target message (type) will be selected. Then, we select Mapping Program which is suitable for the Source & Target Message. When we do like this, it is showing the error 'No Objects Found'.
    I want to check with you Is this due to what reason ? (Because, earlier it was working fine)
    Eventhough we select 'Any' to 'Any' and select the mapping, save. After that If we do consistency check , it will show an warning message about the namespace issue.

  • Non BPM process - no mapping object found in interface determination

    I'm working on a non BPM synchronous process of kind HTTP=>XI=>RFC
    I completed my design and onto config now. I created receiver determination for HTTP (no sender agreement) and receiver determination for RFC. In my interface determination I cannot find mapping objects.
    I included in HTTP service, the request, sync and response message and RFC shows up naturally with RFC objects.
    Any ideas. I've been struggling with this for over a day now.

    Hi Parimala -
    Just to clarify, for this scenario, here's what you need:
    1. One Message Interface (outbound/synchronous) corresponding to your HTTP request/response.  You don't need a Message Interface nor Message Type for your inbound/synchronous RFC.
    2. Request Mapping corresponding to request
    - HTTP request Message Type to imported RFC (request)
    3. Response Mapping corresponding to response
    - RFC.response to some Message Type for the response
    4. Interface Mapping
    - interfaces: your outbound/sync Message Interface corresponding to HTTP request to imported RFC
    - at bottom request tab, select your Request mapping (#2 above)
    - at bottom response tab, select your Response mapping (#3 above)
    When you say the following:
    >>><i>I completed my design and onto config now. I created receiver determination for HTTP (no sender agreement) and receiver determination for RFC.</i>
    Don't know if that's a typo, but there should only be one receiver determination based on your sending system/service, sending interface (HTTP one), and interface namespace.
    Confirm the above steps and see if that helps.

  • "No Objects found" in Interface Mapping

    I am working on a simple BPM synchronous scenario as follows
    File>XI>RFC (request)
    RFC (Response)>XI>File
    I have done almost everything fine, but while configuring the Receiver determination, I am able to choose the Inbound interfcae, but when I try to select the "Interface Mapping" for the same inbound interface,
    it says "No Objects found".
    Can anybody help me out in this regard?
    I would very much appreciate your help in this regard.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shravan,
    I have resolved the issue. In fact there is no mistake done in Repository. In Configuration, I haven't selected the appropriate service, because of this, I wasn't able to see the objects.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Interface Mapping does not exist in runtime cache

    I have a scenario of RFC to SOAP, when I do the test I get the error message "Interface mapping InterfaceMapping_Name does not exist in runtime cache"

    Try to re-create the Interface mapping.
    And also test your Configuration with test tool where you can find the error on which step.
    if the error found in interface mapping.. do re-create the interface determination step and receiver agreement.
    Provide the payload which is taken from sxmb_moni --> Inbound msg --> Payload
    u can follow this blog for how to test configuration part:
    Test Your XI Configuration With The New Test Tool

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