Hello All:
I hope I can help me,
the version we have is SAP ECC 6.0 release 603.
For the needs of the enterprise we call a legacy that interfaces with SAP, for this we are using TIBCO as a link between legacy and SAP.
The RFC is the creation of orders from the transaction VA01 BOS could not be created through the generation of Bapi because it does not cover all the requirements of notice, the RFC where the command to run either by half of the legacy-TIBCO-mark sap the following error:
It is worth mentioning that there are no problems when run by the SE37 and I created the correct order number and the corresponding positions.
Mandar run when the transaction values ctuparam are:
dismode = N
updmode = A and S have also changed to
obinpt = 'X'
defsize = 'X'

One more point,
The same job was successfully completed in Quality system and very rarely in production system  job ran successfully .

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  • How-To Application Acknowledgment SAP - XI -Legacy

    Hi there,
    I need to implement in XI an interface which receive goods receipt records (in a batch file) from legacy, these records are then mapped into (ToBeDecided interface - Choices are Idoc or ABAP proxy) and sent to SAP.
    So far very straight forward scenario, the only issue we have at this moment is that the sender app. expects a confirmation (application ack) from SAP for every single record.
    One of my questions is what kind of interface(ABAP proxy or IDoc) can support this functionality? I understand that IDoc ack. can only be used by SAP systems, does that also applies when interacting via XI i.e. Legacy - XI - SAP?
    On the other hand, I know that using the Send/receive process step in ccBPM you can also send an application ack. back to the sender app. in this case the legacy system. Could this last one be a better/elegant solution than the one above?
    Another option I have considered is perform a pre-check (call RFC function from XI) during runtime and validate the data (order nr, matnr, etc..)before it is actually posted as IDoc to SAP. If the data is not valid then XI will send a reponse to the sender app.
    I appreciate any feedback regarding application ack. from SAP to Legacy, thanks a lot!
    Cheers, R

    Hello Jan,
    Below my answers..
    > Hi Roberto,
    > Do I understand well that the sending application
    > builds a batch file, containing a number of records.
    Yes the sender app. send us the different records (each record represents a goods receipt) contained in a batch file.
    > Part of the processing will be converting the
    > batchfile into either iDocs, or have it processed by
    > the proxy.
    This depends on which type of interface we will use, we are considering the use of IDoc's or an ABAP proxy.
    > What part of your application requires the
    > confirmation : the batch building part, or the batch
    > processing part?
    The sender application, which builds the batch and send it to SAP via XI.
    NB: Hey die Jan, alleen via SDN kan ik wat van jou horen

  • Data transfer b/w SAP to Java using IDOC and Interface SAP Jco

    Dear Experts,
    The challenging requirement we are having is, we need to create the interface for data transfer between SAP system and the Java system. The data will be transferred from SAP to java and similarly once some processing done in Java again the details needs to be transferred from Java to SAP.
    For this data transferred we are planning to use IDOC process and for interface "SAP Java connector (Version 3.0.5)" we are planning to use. As per our understanding, from Java side one program needs to be written to connect with SAP as "Registered program". This registered program will appear in SAP GATEWAY automatically and using tRFC, TCP/IP connection both SAP and Java system will be connected.
    In this case we are having some doubts.
    1. The data from SAP is going to be transfered from one Custom transaction (Z tcode). Once "Outbound IDOC" will get triggered and will carry the details. Now the doubt is, whether the data / details will get transfered to JAVA system automatically or we need to perform any other steps from SAP ABAP coding...(like converting in to flat file, XML file and etc) ??
    2. We are planning to install "SAP Jco" in Java server. Is this correct...??
    3. Other than SAP Jco any other softwares needs to be installed or not..??
    4. Since we are going to trigger the "outbound IDOC" from custom transaction, we are planning to develope one program in SE37. Other than this any other program we need to develop or not..??
    5. Any sample Java program for the SAP Jco version 3.0.5 to create the "Registered program" with SAP..? (e.g. SAP Listener program).?
    If anybody has detailed steps or explanation please share it with us.
    Thanks in advance
    Warm Regards,

    Hi All,
      For the above mentioned issue, we implemented JCo software in JAVA system and created the JAVA program including SAP logon credential details like Client, User name, password and Language details.
    When this JAVA program was compiled successfully then, that non SAP system will appear in SAP gateway Tcode.
    Once non SAP system started appearing in SAP gateway that means, both SAP & Non SAP are connected automatically.
    Velmurugan P

  • Adjustment of inventory between SAP and Legacy system

    Hi Gurus,
    Here is the scenario:
    1) One plant within a company code is in SAP and the other plant in a same company code is still in legacy. Since both of them are Not in SAP, I cannot do an STO.  But, ROH materials need to be moved from the legacy plant to the plant in SAP. I cannot treat the legacy plant as a Vendor, since we are Not paying them. But, still, we should make sure that the inventory needs to be devaulated by the monetary value of the goods taken out and the other inventory (plant in SAP) needs to be enriched by such monetary value.
    2) Similar situation as above, but between 2 Company Codes of same controlling area. Here one Company Code is in SAP, other is in legacy, but, when the other company code will be in SAP, it will be under same controlling area. The two companies are under one business. Some type of intercompany transfer (netting) needs to be done. Here, I have to treat the legacy company as a Vendor.(but modifying bank details)
    I understand, that it may not be possible in standard SAP, but what type of custom developments should I put up ? Any type of custom movement types? How should I set up the Vendor Master (in case of second scenario, the bank details to involve the netting thing).
    Any type of information is very valuable and I would be indeed very grateful.

    For requirement 1, I suggest you keep track of the inventory acct for legacy and SAP system as separate acct to simplify reconciliation. Once this is done, you can use transaction MB1C movement 561 (or a copy of this movement type). This movement allows you to enter transaction amount in local currency as well; if this is not available, you can customize this through configuration for field selection of movement type (OMJJ). So through this posting, you can enter corresponding material, plant, quantity, and transaction amount that's passed from legacy system. In the account determination, you can set the opposite entry for inventory acct as the inventory acct from legacy system.
    You can then setup an interface that periodically extract GI txn on legacy system, and another interface that performs BDC or call transaction on movement 561 (or a copy of this movement) on SAP system

  • Insert document attached located in sap server(=legacy syst)

    I wish to program an interface to insert document attached (in particular : the pictures) in the Crm product in a specified repertory. (transaction : “COMMPR01”, tab : « Document »)
    I found and tested methods CL_CRM_DOCUMENTS-CREATE_WITH_FILE
    To create, the picture (if there is located in my computer = presentation server) is well inserted into the article (parameter business object)in the repertory desired (parameter: parent_folder) but I have a problem.
    => I want to insert pictures which are located in MY SAP SERVER. (in MY LEGACY SYSTEM) (/usr/sap/filein..)
    I have the same problem with the function FM : COM_PROD_MATERIAL_MAINTAIN_API
    By advance, thank you for your assistance.
    Kind regards,
    Servane Coppalle

    Hi Coppalle,
    I am trying to use CL_CRM_DOCUMENTS-CREATE_WITH_FILE to upload the image from presentation server, Can you please suggest me what all parameter and what value i have to pass to execute this method.
    I am trying to get it done but i am not getting the result.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Manoj Tiwari

  • Interfacing SAP R/3 4.7 Order Management with GTS 3.0 or GTS future release

    Scenario I
    During order entry (Tcode VA01) in SAP R/3 4.7 users would like to prevent an order from being saved for a certain product if it is not ok to order / blocked for shipment. The current thought is that GTS (version 3.0) has data loaded that is used to check during delivery creation whether a delivery is ok to ship or not.
    Can such a check using GTS be carried out during order entry. The requirement is to do a real-time call to GTS during VA01 and if the device is not ok to order user should get an error message letting them know the reason why the order cannot be saved. I believe there is no real time interface supported between order entry and GTS and so this type of a check may not be available during order entry.
    Scenario II
    After an order has been saved in SAP R/3 4.7 users would like to know before the delivery gets created for this order if this order will be blocked from shipping due to sanctions in GTS.
    The current concern is that users cannot tell till it the order is ready to ship if the delivery will be blocked for shipment. If there is a way in GTS (via a report / transaction) to let the users know that this order is on not ok to ship then users can take proactive steps to address the issue rather than having to wait till the delivery note is about to be created.
    If anyone can highlight if there is any capabilities in GTS 3.0 or future releases of GTS to support the above scenarios OR any potential workaround to address these scenarios that will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.
    Samir Agarwal

    Dont know about GTS 3.0, but in GTS 7X we have the option to prevent an order from being saved if it is not complying with any of the regulations or is not ok for further customs processing.
    Its not possible to give a real time update in va01. but when you try to save it, it'll  throw an error log. though you will be able to save it but the sales order will be blocked for any further processing.
    It'll will not allow you to do delivery on this order (which shows a status blocked). I guess this suffice the requirement in both scenarios.

  • Interface : SAP R/3 PS to MicroSoft PS

    Hi all,
            I am currently working on an outbound  interface (custom program) that transports data from SAP R/3 Project System to Microsoft Project System . I am having problem in mapping between the fields of both the systems.Does anyone have any idea about how the mapping happens.
    Any immediate help would be greatly appreciated.

    Is that mapping supposed to happen in a middleware which takes the data from SAP, transforms into a target format and sends it.

  • XI interface SAP R/3 - XI SAP R/3

    Im trying to create an interface from R/3 via XI back to the same R/3 system. In this interface i'm converting IDoc with message type SHPORD to message type DESADV.
    The IDoc is leaving the R/3 system with the following partner profile parameters:
    Partner type: KU
    Partner function: WE
    The IDoc should be returned with the following partner profile parameters:
    partner type: LI
    Partner function: LF
    I have completed the design fase (Interface - and Message mapping) and also the R/3 parameters are set.
    The problem for me is that i can't find any example how to set up this kind of interface. I hope some of you have already dealt with this kind of interface.
    Any help is welcome!!
    Kind regards,
    Peter Boertien

    Hi Peter,
    I think that this explanation from the XI documentation is aplicable in your situation:
    Alternative Identifiers for Communication Using the IDoc Adapter
    If the IDoc adapter is used for the communication between a business system and the Integration Server, IDoc partners that are not of type LS (logical system) must be mapped to the communication party.
    This applies, for example, to IDoc partners of type LI (supplier).
    To do this, you must define special alternative identifiers according to the following schema:
    · The name of the service determines the issuing agency, for example, BUS_100.
    · Partner type and (optionally) partner role determine the identification scheme, for example ALE#LI.
    · The partner number of the IDoc determines the name, for example 0000023345.
    For communication using an IDoc partner of type LS (logical system) you do not need to assign an IDoc partner to an XI party. Such IDoc partners are addressed at service level.
    Communication partners, for which alternative identifiers were defined with a business system as agencies, are displayed in the IDoc Partner tab page for the relevant business system (see Business System (Service)).
    For more information about communication between business systems and the Integration Server by means of the IDoc adapter, see SAP Service Marketplace at ® SAP NetWeaver ® Media Library ® How-to Guides ® Exchange Infrastructure ® How To Sample IDoc Scenarios Within XI 3.0.
    Communication Party

  • Interface SAP/ABAP-Host - Non SAP/ABAP Host

    Hi experts,
    I need to define an interface technoloty between an ABAP-host and a Non-ABAP host.
    I know, that non-abap hosts are able to call RFC-Function Modules of the ABAP-host and that I can use this method to exchange data between the systems. This means, the non-abap host starts the action.
    But I don't know, how I can do it on the other way, so that the ABAP-host starts the action.
    So how can I call a function/program on the non-abap host out of SAP?
    Do I need to define this as an external program call in SM59?
    And if so, how does the syntax needs to be look-like, which I need to implement in ABAP.
    Is it an normal RFC-FM which has the destination of the SM59?
    Kind regards and thank you for every tip.

    Hi Christian,
                        SUP i.e Sybase is the interface which is used to connect non SAP to SAP system via RFC-FM. It does not require to do RFC settings through SM59.

  • Reg: Interface - SAP payroll data to payroll system

    I am downloading employee data from SAP to TAB delimited flat files.
    For this , i am using logical databases PNP ,Info type P0002 and tables CATSDB.
    In selection screen, i am getting the file name by using PARAMETRERS.
    1.Then at selection-screen , I am calling a method  <b>CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_OPEN_DIALOG</b> for display a file open dialog .
    then using GET , i am collecting the reocords into an internal table and then downloading using CALL FUNCTION 'GUI_DOWNLOAD'.
    1.this is an interface program,as the interface run, a log file should be to  do this???
    2.I am using CAll Method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_OPEN_DIALOG . is there an alternate function for this???
    3.Give me more information on CAll Method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_OPEN_DIALOG and RP_PROVIDE_FROM_LAST ?????
    4.Payroll data downloaded from SAP must be separated into different files depending on receiving payroll system and business unit.  This is because the data file will be specific to payroll system and business unit.  The file will however have the same format .
    i.e.From : SAP SYSTEM
        To:various systems
    So what conditions i need to put???
    Pl kindly reply imm

    1.this is an interface program,as the interface run, a log file should be to do this???
    Generate a log in a internal table and use the method to download the data into a file. This will be your log file.
    2. I am using CAll Method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_OPEN_DIALOG . is there an alternate function for this???
    This will open a dialog where the user can choose which file needs to be read. This is the latest method that SAP has given, not sure why are you looking for alternatives.
    3. Give me more information on CAll Method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_OPEN_DIALOG and RP_PROVIDE_FROM_LAST ?????
    Sames as above.
    4. The conditions you need to know probably from your functional consultants as to which data needs to go to which system.
    Note : Please reward the posts that help you.

  • Interfacing SAP with Essbase

    Hi all,
    we would like to create interface between SAP(data source contain all views) to Essbase. Currently we are using Oracle Financials for mappping data into Essbase. Kindly let us know your views and suggestions on the same.

    Hi Herath,
    <b>1. Through the SAP GUI i should be able to process the documents which are available in the SAP repository and store them in an external repository system</b>
    It is always possible to all you want in SAP using your SAP GUI, that will never be a problem. Storing the result in external system say your local machine is also possible, you can download them as files etc.
    <b>Is this possible through JCo interface? Or else what other mechanisms can be followed.</b>
    This is also possible through JCo. The main reason we opt for JCo is to achieve the above mentioned functionality from an external system (non SAP) eg: creating materials in SAP from a external application. This is where you mainly need the help of JCo.
    Hope this will solve your problem. Let me know if you need anything more.

  • Interface SAP - External System

    hi expert
    i need make a interface beetween sap and a visual basic program... my idea is use a rfc, but i think i need use a connector, can i do this without a extra connector client don´t want buy a licence

    Hi, you can use RFC's without a connector.

  • 3 sap(integrate legacy with XI - Inbound and outbound proxy

    We are planning to  have 3 sap (SRM,BI  and CRM) systems  to integrate with legacy systems . All the systems have inbound  as well as outbound proxy calls. I have few questions:
    1.What are the different steps to be configured to make this scenario work  with one XI instance .
    Does any one have this kind of scenario.
    I know we can do it without proxy calls .
    Awarded for appropriate solution.

    ECC < -
    SRM     <-->      XI    <--
    >     Legacy
                            --        >
    BI <-
    This is my scenario. The communication with all SAP Systems  using proxy . Where do u specify in the Inbound that it should go to the Respective system. At SXMBP_ADM level or configuration level in (IR&ID) . Can u please send me the exact details ?
    Let me know if you have this kind of scenario?

  • 3 way match of invoice in SAP for legacy PO

    My client is using legacy system for purchasing direct materials.   SAP FI has been implemented.  Customer like to carryout indirect purchasing (consumables - text purchase & MRO items) directly in SAP and hence we are configuring minimum org structure.  When we suggested about 3 way match of invoices to customer for indirect purchases, customer expressed interest to carryout 3 way match for direct purchases as well in SAP.    Please note that direct materials are procured in legacy system.
    Customer query :  Is it possible to carry out 3 way matching of invoices in SAP without material master & inventory management  for direct purchases happening in legacy system.  If so, please explain the solution and its pros and cons. Please share your experiences and lessons learned on similar requirement.. Also suggest alternate solutions..... Thanks for your time and help.

    a three way match is matching quantity and price  from purchase order, goods receipt and invoice receipt .
    If all  documents are done in SAP, then SAP will do this match when you enter the invoice
    But if you procure in a external system and use only SAP-FI to post and pay invoices, then you cannot have a automatic 3way match. In that case the 3way match must be done manually by the accountant.

  • Interface SAP PP and a SQLSERVER database

    I have a database in SQL Server used for EPRS information system that manages the production.
    The problem is that I want to transfer data from SAP PP
    to EPRS database in SQLSERVER.
    So in terms of productivity, it would be useful to retrieve the info already under SAP and place them in good tables.
    my question is whether it is feasible to make this transfer and how I can define the file interface.
    Thank you in advance for those who can help me do a move would be a little

    you can very well transfer the production details. first you need to decide what are the data you need to transfer, based on that we can develop a functionality.
    V. Suresh

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