is there any standard way to link between internal order (spent) and sales generated against budgeted spent.
My requirement is to track the sales against the spent made under an internal order (by purchase order or FB60).
1. Can I assign the sales related material codes to, Internal orders assigned in POs or
2. Can I assign Internal order in Line items of Sales order or
3. Is there any standard module or functionality for above requirement.
Please suggest

Thanks Eli,
Can you explain how and what assumption and precautions to be considerd.
And if there are two internal order for the same billing, then how to assign.
And also reply the table related to controlling, where i can get the order and sales order details.
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  • Purchase order and sales order table name

    hi al,
    i want to know purchase order and sales order table name in abap.
    Moderator message: please do some own research, this should not take too long.
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    Hi Sunrag......
    If your PO is linked with SO. Then you can fetch customer name easily by FMS in PO.
    From there you ca gte the Customer Name into your PLD and it wont hang also.....

  • Purchase orders and Sale Orders in DEV and PRD

    Hi SAP Experts,
    We have a facing some different problem. Unfortunately our clint do some transactions in Development Server. Like Purchase orders and Sales Orders.
    After one month we delivery to clinet exact Production server. But he is asking , What ever the purchase orders and Sales Orders Created in Development with same numbers and Same dates, that data will be present in Production server also. Is it possible to do that. IF possible how to do that...
    Thanks and Regards
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    I think it is possible,as per my knowlwdge our perious client regularly( means every 3-4 months) copied the data from Production server to quality server. by the help of basic person...
    So in your case you want to copied the data from devlopment server to production server....please touch with your basic guy, i think he will help out reagrding this...

  • Purchase orders and sales documents

    hi what r the transaction codes for purchase orders and sales documents.

    Hi Mohan,
    ME2C  Purchase Orders by Material Group
    ME2J  Purchase Orders for Project
    ME2L  Purchase Orders by Vendor
    ME2M  Purchase Orders by Material
    ME2N  Purchase Orders by PO Number
    ME2W  Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant
    VA03  Ccreate Sales Order
    VA03  Change Sales Order
    VA03  Display Sales Order

  • How to get internal order and activity type other than from BSEG

    We want the Internal order and activity type fields. From BSEG, it is taking a long time, and it hangs.
    Is there any other table we can get these values from?
    Our query is this:
    select bukrs "Company code
    gjahr "Fiscal year
    belnr "Document no.
    buzei "Document Item no.
    aufnr "Internal order
    lstar "Activity type
    from bseg
    into table gt_add_info
    for all entries in gt_gl_detail
    where bukrs = gt_gl_detail-rbukrs"Comcode from G/L acct detail
    and buzei = gt_gl_detail-buzei "Doc item no. from G/L acct detail
    and belnr = gt_gl_detail-belnr "Doc no. G/L acct detail
    and gjahr = gt_gl_detail-gjahr."Fiscal yea
    Can advise please how to make it faster. My internal table (GT_GL_DETAIL) has over 100000 records. ? thanks.

    I did a SQL trace, and saw that tables CSLA, CSSL, COKL and COKA are being hit with the values I entered inthe Activity type in transaction FB50.
    Still not clear but where it gets stored. If in any of these tables, how do I get the object key?

  • Internal order and Cost center

    hi guys
    can anyone please explain me why do we have cost centers and internal orders?
    If we can track cost to cost center then why do we need internal orders?
    please give some detailed explanation.

    when you are posting a document and if the g/l is created as a cost element then
    you have to either assign a cost center, profit center, internal order etc
    so when you are posting an expense and if its for that project you assign the
    internal order and when the project is finished you can settle it to a cost center.
    If we can assign both internal order and cost center i dont think so but not very
    sure. Best way to learn these things i would recommend is try it in test system
    that way you will understand better about the whole flow and it will stick in your


    Hi all gurus,
    I would like to use in a custom report a BAPI/Function Module that help me to simulate KPF6 in order to post planning costs for internal order and cost element (layout 1-401).
    So the input should be:
    1) Version
    2) period from
    3) periodo to
    4) year
    5) internal order n.
    6) cost element n.
    7) value
    I found a lot of BAPI but don't know the correct one and how to use it (example how to fill the input value).
    Can anyone help me on that?
    Kind Regards

    In additio  to the previous I found the BAPI_COSTACTPLN_POSTPRIMCOST but don't know if it's the correct one and how to use it (some example fitting the my case will be very appreciated).
    If the quoted BAPI is correct.
    I tested it filling all fields as following:
    VALUE_INDEX=000004 (hope this point at Interna Order)
    FIX_VALUE= 200,0000
    The Return table is set to 0. Nothing happens.....I suspect something related to indexstructure or index is wrong..
    Could anyone help me on that?
    Kind Regards

  • Combined Purchase Order and Sales Order Query. (Including Stand Alone Docs)

    I need some help please!
    I am looking for a query that will show all the Purchase Orders with all their base document Sales Orders. However I also need to show those stand alone Purchase orders and Sales Orders.
    What I have is two queries, one for the PO fields en one for The SO fields. I would like a way to combine these two so I have one query with the relevant PO and SO info next to each other.
    The final query will have a top heading structure like this:
    Status,Purchase No.,Supplier No.,Supplier Name,Week,Month,Del Method,Country,Method,Rep.|Status,Rep.,Sales No.,Customer No.,Customer Name,Customer Order no.,Cust. Del date,Doc total,Del Method
    +(The first part is for the purchase order section, the second part starting at the second 'Status' is the sales order section)
    +Purchase Order Query:
      T0.DocStatus 'Status',
      T0.DocNum'Purchase Order No.',
      T0.CardCode 'Supplier No.',
      T0.CardName'Supplier Name',
      DATEPART(mm,T0.DocDuedate) 'Month',
      T1.TrnspName 'Delivery Method',
      T2.Country 'Country',
      T0.JrnlMemo 'Method',
      T3.SlpName 'Rep.'
    INNER JOIN OSHP T1 ON T0.TrnspCode = T1.TrnspCode
    INNER JOIN OCRD T2 ON T0.CardCode = T2.CardCode
    INNER JOIN OSLP T3 ON T0.SlpCode = T3.SlpCode
    Sales Order Query:
      T0.DocStatus 'Status',
      T2.SlpName 'Rep.',
      T0.DocNum 'Sales Order No.',
      T0.CardCode 'Customer No.',
      T0.CardName 'Customer Name',
      T0.NumAtCard 'Customer Order no.',
      T0.DocDueDate 'Cust. Delivery date',
      T0.DocTotal ' Doc total',
      T1.TrnspName ' Delivery Method'
    INNER JOIN OSHP T1 ON T0.TrnspCode = T1.TrnspCode
    INNER JOIN OSLP T2 ON T0.SlpCode = T2.SlpCode
    The problem I am having is that if I combine these queries it excludes all those records with blank/empty data fields.
    I do not mind having to go to crystal reports to get what I want.
    Any suggestions?

    Hi thanks GordonDu,
    I have tried a union before, and yours works great. However my problem is to display the  PO en SO columns next to each other and not underneath each other.
    Something like this:
    Po No          Supplier          SO No           Customer
    1234           Sup 1             9876              Cust 1
    1235           Sup 2             no SO             Cust 2
    1236           Sup 3             9877              Cust 3
    1237           Sup 4             9878              Cust 4
    1238           Sup 5             no SO             Cust 4
    I have this query, but with this it drops all those Purchase Orders made Stand Alone and without a SO number.
      T2.DocNum AS 'Purchase Order No.',
      T0.DocNum AS 'Sales Order No.',
      T2.CardCode AS 'Supplier No.',
      T2.CardName AS 'Supplier Name'
       INNER JOIN RDR1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry
       INNER JOIN OPOR T2 ON T2.DocEntry = T1.PoTrgEntry
    Though using your Union gives me all the information I want and the ability to expand on that, my problem is the "Display" part. I am sure I am doing something stupid somwhere 
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  • No Purchase order and sales order from trading contact

    Hi Gurus,
    I am new to this module and i am trying to create a Trading contract. As I understand that the trading contract should create Purchase order and Sales order automatically. But in my case, this didn't happen.
    In this regard, I want to know,
    i. Are info records mandatory or mentioning the required purchasing and sales data during contract creation is sufficient.
    ii. What are the configurations required to do for GTM functionality and which are the points should I check for this.
    help me out.

    there are some status that is required to be set while you save a  trading contract.
    your trading contract must be approved or released..only then follow-on docs will be created.

  • Sales Order and Sales Item not copy over to table AFPO-KDAUF and AFPO-KDPOS

    Hi Expert,
    May I know why I run MRP and convert planned order to production order based on Sales Order, why the sales order and sales item is not copied and save in table AFPO-KDAUF and AFPO-KDPOS?
    I can see the sales order and sales item is appearing in MD04, but how is the linkage between production order and sales order/item?

    Sales order No. and sales line item will only be transfer to production order in MTO ( Make to Order) scenario.
    If your scenario is MTO and the sales order reference is not getting  transfer, then check your requirement type and  requirement class setting in T.Code OVZH and OVZG.
    In standard SAP 'KE' requirement type  40 requirement class is used  for MTO scenario.

  • Automatic account postings (for Intercompany Purchase order and Sales order

    Hi all,
    I need some help related to the automatic account postings (for Intercompany Purchase order and Sales order)which i can set for the follwoing scenarios. I have looked on the forms and searched alot but not able to a single solution to solve both the pupose. if one scenario works the other doesnt. Please advise.
    I have created the master data
    Customer receiving--G001
    Sales Org.--GXIN
    Distr. Channel- 01
    Division - 00 
    Company code receiving - G1
    customer supplying- V001
    company code for supplying- V1
    2 different scenarios
    1- Intercompany Purchase order in which a Customer receiving- G001, gets stock replenishment NB purchase order from supplying company V1- GI  and GR of stock is done. Biling document for customer receiving G001 is created. But now I need a way to do the opposite side posting at the supplying customer -V001-- this I do using an Idoc which creates a Invoice receipt for creditor(supplying customer) V001.
    2. Sales order-- A customer X001 of company code G1 buys stock from the company code V1. the customer G001 of company code G1 bills the customer X001, but the intercompany billing doc/ invoice is created for the customer G001 by company code V1.  then now i want an automatic account posting to be created at the supplying customer V001 via idoc.
    Can this be achivable via Idoc with automatic account postings.   
    Please let me know if it doesnt make sense. thanks to all in advance

    Hi all,
    For the Sales order and automatic posting we have created an output type ZR4N- this is creating a batch input session which can be triggered to be processed autmatically.
    For the intercompany Purchase order -from Invoice we are creating a different output RD04 (sap standard) which creates invoice receipt at the vendor side.
    Rest of the settings are defined using SAP standard functionality within transaction OBCA, OBCB, OBCC, OBCD,OBCE
    thanks for viwing the post

  • Invoice get twice to internal order and to accounting

    Hi All,
    The order is invoiced once in CRM but in ECC  internal order and in accounting the same invoice is getting twice.
    Any idea how this is happening and how to resolve such cases.
    Best Regards,

    is the internal order a real order or a statictical one?

  • Default Internal order and cost center

    Hi Experts,
    i am uploading one file into sap and here i am giving GL accounts cost centers and WBS elements.
    once i have done with upload.when i am checking in BSEG its showing one internal order and one default cost center with internal order.
    i can not understand how its finding internal order and default cost cente(which diffetrent from those cost centers i have mentioned in excel).
    please help me to find.

    Thanks for your reply.
    i have checked OKB9 and KA03 but there is no default assignment.
    checked also OBBH and OKC9 but no subtitution and i can't post manually now.
    is there any option.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • Make to order and sales from stock

    What are the important differences between make to order and sales from stock?

    Dear Yves,
    A type of production in which a product is manufactured for a particular customer.
    Includes both sales order production and engineer-to-order.
    An inventory of goods that were not manufactured for specific sales orders or projects.
    I hope it will clear for you,

  • Should an abaper have  knowledge of creating purachse order and sales order

    should an abaper have  knowledge of creating purachse order and sales order
    if so how to create pls help me
    thanks in advance

    *- BAPI related declarations
    DATA : g_pohdr TYPE bapimepoheader,
    g_pohdrx TYPE bapimepoheaderx,
    gt_poitem TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoitem,
    gt_poitemx TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoitemx,
    gt_posched TYPE TABLE OF bapimeposchedule,
    gt_poschedx TYPE TABLE OF bapimeposchedulx,
    gt_poacct TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoaccount,
    gt_poacctx TYPE TABLE OF bapimepoaccountx,
    gt_poservice TYPE TABLE OF bapiesllc,
    gt_posrvacc TYPE TABLE OF bapiesklc,
    gt_return TYPE TABLE OF bapiret2.
    perform prepare_header.
    PERFORM prepare_items.
    PERFORM prepare_schedule.
    perform create_po.
    *& Form prepare_header
    Set up header structure
    FORM prepare_header.
    g_pohdr-comp_code = '2000'.
    g_pohdrx-comp_code = 'X'.
    set up doc type
    g_pohdr-doc_type = 'NB'.
    g_pohdrx-doc_type = 'X'.
    g_pohdr-vendor = '0008000330'.
    g_pohdrx-vendor = 'X'.
    g_pohdr-langu = sy-langu.
    g_pohdrx-langu = 'X'.
    g_pohdr-purch_org = 'BA01'.
    g_pohdrx-purch_org = 'X'.
    g_pohdr-pur_group = '800'.
    g_pohdrx-pur_group = 'X'.
    g_pohdr-currency = 'USD'.
    g_pohdrx-currency = 'X'.
    ENDFORM. " prepare_header
    *& Form prepare_items
    Set up item values
    FORM prepare_items.
    DATA : ls_poitem TYPE bapimepoitem,
    ls_poitemx TYPE bapimepoitemx.
    ls_poitem-po_item = '00010'.
    ls_poitemx-po_item = '00010'.
    ls_poitemx-po_itemx = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-short_text = 'ABSORBER,SHOCK:PALLETIZER'.
    ls_poitemx-short_text = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-material = '000000000001070062'.
    ls_poitemx-material = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-vend_mat = 'xyz'.
    ls_poitemx-vend_mat = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-quantity = '100'.
    ls_poitemx-quantity = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-po_unit = 'EA'.
    ls_poitemx-po_unit = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-po_unit_iso = 'EA'.
    ls_poitemx-po_unit_iso = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-net_price = '6.32'.
    ls_poitemx-net_price = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-price_unit = '1'.
    ls_poitemx-price_unit = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-item_cat = 'D'.
    ls_poitemx-item_cat = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-plant = '1575'.
    ls_poitemx-plant = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-ACCTASSCAT = 'K'.
    ls_poitemx-ACCTASSCAT = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-acctasscat = <fs_req>-knttp.
    ls_poitemx-acctasscat = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-distrib = <fs_req>-vrtkz.
    ls_poitemx-distrib = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-part_inv = <fs_req>-twrkz.
    ls_poitemx-part_inv = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-gr_ind = <fs_req>-wepos.
    ls_poitemx-gr_ind = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-gr_non_val = <fs_req>-weunb.
    ls_poitemx-gr_non_val = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-ir_ind = <fs_req>-repos.
    ls_poitemx-ir_ind = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-agreement = <fs_req>-konnr.
    ls_poitemx-agreement = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-agmt_item = <fs_req>-ktpnr.
    ls_poitemx-agmt_item = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-preq_no = <fs_req>-banfn.
    ls_poitemx-preq_no = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-preq_item = <fs_req>-bnfpo.
    ls_poitemx-preq_item = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-preq_name = <fs_req>-afnam.
    ls_poitemx-preq_name = 'X'.
    ls_poitem-pckg_no = <fs_req>-packno.
    ls_poitemx-pckg_no = 'X'.
    APPEND : ls_poitem TO gt_poitem,
    ls_poitemx TO gt_poitemx.
    ENDFORM. " prepare_items
    *& Form prepare_schedule
    Schedule data
    FORM prepare_schedule.
    DATA : ls_posched TYPE bapimeposchedule,
    ls_poschedx TYPE bapimeposchedulx.
    ls_poschedx-po_item = '00010'.
    ls_posched-po_item = '00010'.
    ls_poschedx-po_itemx = 'X'.
    ls_posched-delivery_date = '10/31/2005'.
    ls_poschedx-delivery_date = 'X'.
    ls_posched-quantity = '100'.
    ls_poschedx-quantity = 'X'.
    ls_posched-preq_no = <fs_req>-banfn.
    ls_poschedx-preq_no = 'X'.
    ls_posched-preq_item = <fs_req>-bnfpo.
    ls_poschedx-preq_item = 'X'.
    APPEND : ls_posched TO gt_posched,
    ls_poschedx TO gt_poschedx.
    ENDFORM. " prepare_schedule
    *& Form create_po
    Create PO with ref to the req
    FORM create_po.
    DATA : lt_return TYPE TABLE OF bapiret2,
    l_ponum TYPE banfn.
    poheader = g_pohdr
    poheaderx = g_pohdrx
    testrun = 'X'
    exppurchaseorder = l_ponum
    return = lt_return
    poitem = gt_poitem
    poitemx = gt_poitemx
    poschedule = gt_posched
    poschedulex = gt_poschedx
    poaccount = gt_poacct
    poaccountx = gt_poacctx
    poservices = gt_poservice
    posrvaccessvalues = gt_posrvacc.
    APPEND LINES OF lt_return TO gt_return.
    IF NOT l_ponum IS INITIAL.
    MESSAGE s398(00) WITH 'Purchase document ' l_ponum
    ' successfully created'.
    ENDFORM. " create_po
    <b>Reward points</b>

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