Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model

We are getting following error on the endeca server in production environment and we are not able to reproduce it in the lower environment, can some body expains what this error means and how this occurs
WARN 03/17/13 20:59:39.418 UTC (1363553979418) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 797486: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
WARN 03/17/13 21:00:27.575 UTC (1363554027575) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 798401: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
WARN 03/17/13 21:01:31.394 UTC (1363554091394) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 800340: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
WARN 03/17/13 21:01:43.216 UTC (1363554103216) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 800577: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (18,"Product Aisle") in query nav state.
WARN 03/17/13 21:02:39.912 UTC (1363554159912) DGRAPH {dgraph} Error processing HTTP exchange 801775: Invalid input : Invalid navigation state. Multiple dimension values from model (4,"Form") in query nav state.

Hello Tijomon,
Looking at the warning it seems the query being build is not good. Some possibilities are:
~ you have multi select enabled in the front end on a single select dimension
~ the index was moved from one environment to other and some of the dimension values do not match (due to the state being different)

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    We are using the "Manage Links" feature in Discoverer Plus ( to send dimension value names in a URL. As part of the "Manage Links" feature, the user is given the opportunity to choose which dimension values for the selected cells they want to include in the URL.
    We are attempting to create URL's to drill from Discoverer Plus to more detailed Oracle Reports, which will use the dimension values in sql statements . One problem we noticed is for each dimension we can not select multiple values to send in the URL.
    For example;
    I have a URL I want to append selected dimension values from Discoverer Plus.
    We have 2 dimensions each containing 5 dimension values. We use Discoverer Plus to filter down to 2 dimension values for each dimension to be included in our url.
    Time: Nov2007, Dec2007
    Division: USCCSLT, USCCLSY
    Measure: Flux
    When the link executed, the EXIT URL only contains the first dimension value for each dimension. I have included the exit URL below:
    It should contain Nov2007, Dec2007, USCCSLT, USCCLSY.
    I've tried a variety to things in the Manage Links, but it always sends out just one dimension value.
    According to the choices given in "Manage Links", it is not supposed to work this way.
    I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong, because I don't see many posts here related to creating Discoverer Plus URL's.
    If anyone encountered this and came up with a solution, I'd be interested to read your comments.

    What version of Discoverer are you running? I'm assuming 10.1.2 but I would look at the 2 URL parameters
    pluspopup and framedisplaystyle
    From the Oracle Documentation:
    When using popup in conjunction with framedisplaystyle=, the possible combinations are:
    pluspopup=true and framedisplaystyle=embedded launches Discoverer Plus in a new pop-up browser window that contains the Plus applet embedded in it.
    pluspopup=true and framedisplaystyle=separate opens a new pop-up browser window and launches Discoverer Plus in a new applet window.
    This combination launches three windows: the original browser window (i.e. Discoverer Connections page), the new browser window containing the Discoverer image, and the JFrame window containing the Discoverer Plus applet.
    pluspopup=false and framedisplaystyle=embedded launches Discoverer Plus in the current browser window.
    See if those help you out, if not let me know and we can dig into this further
    Matt Topper
    TUSC, The Oracle Experts
    [email protected]
    pluspopup=false and framedisplaystyle=separate launches Plus in a JFrame window. The current browser window contains the Discoverer image.

  • Passing multiple character values from parameter form to PL/SQL

    I am passing multiple character values from parametr form into
    the report query and a PL/SQL procedure. It works fine with the
    query, when I use &variable. But, it doesn't compile in PL/SQL,
    so I just used the :variable, but not getting any records in the
    PL/SQL procedure. Any suggestions?

    gj / Fedro,
    Only using the &referecne, you can pas a string / multiple character values and this would work for query only.
    The bind parameter in PL/SQL wouls support only single value
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • Passing multiple single values from R/3 BAPI to BW Query in VC

    Hi Experts
    I have a VC model where I am calling an R/3 BAPI which is returning a table of customer accounts.  I'm trying to go directly from that BAPI to a BW Query and pass the table of accounts into the BW Query.
    The BW Query has been set up with a variable to accept multiple single values for accounts, and I have mapped the correct output field from the BAPI to the correct input field on the Query.
    The BAPI does not seem to be passing the table of accounts into the Query.   If I hard code a single account in the mapping of the BAPI to Query call, the Query successfully returns the data I expect.
    Can I pass a table of accounts to a BW Query in this way?
    Many Thanks

    Have you tried with 'Group & Combine' operator. Just add this operator & join your BAPI & BI Query to this. Then in ths configure of this oparator select the 'Accoount' field & gourp the data accordingly. Also specify the aggregation if required. & in the table/chart after the operator select the fields which you want to show.
    I hope this is what you are looking for.

  • Returning sql statement instead of values from database

    hi am reading value from database but my problem is am get sql statement values instead of values in database
    my code is

    There is no doubt: you get what you want:
        return s_getValue;

  • Struts: getting multiple selected values from a select element

    Hi Friends,
    I am a total newbie with struts,I have manage to run a simple login script,
    Now I was wonderingif there is a select box and user has the ability to select multiple values from it how do I get those values in the *Form class
    my select tag looks like this
    <html:select property="listboxValue" mulitple="mulitple">
    in the ****Form extends ActionForm{....I have setter and getters for getting the value  from select box as below
    public void setListboxValue(String value){
    this.listboxValue = value;
    and the getter is
    public String getListboxValue(){
    return this.listboxValue ;
    please never mind the missing brackets and such.
    What I was hoping to get to work was something like this
    public void setListboxValue(String[] value){
    this.listboxValue = value;
    but that does not work...If I have the an array being passed,it seems like this method is no even envoked
    Please guide me

    I'm having trouble to get in the ActionForm all the selected values in my multiple select. I select all the values by setting to true the selected attribute of all the options in a javascript function. In the ActionForm the variable is String[]. I'm not getting any ClassCastException, but I only receive the first value selected (String array with just one element).
    Select definition:
    <html:select name="detalleConsultaForm" property="destinatarios" multiple="true" size="8" >
    Javascript function:
    function validalistarelacion(campo)
    {   if (campo.length < 1)
    alert("Campo sin valores");;
    return false;
    for (var i = 0; i < campo.length; i++)
    campo.options.selected = true;
    return true;
    String[] destinatarios;
    public String[] getDestinatarios() {
    return destinatarios;
    public void setDestinatarios(String[] destinatarios) {
    this.destinatarios = destinatarios;
    What I get:
    2006-03-30 12:54:19,899 [ExecuteThread: '10' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default'] DEBUG BeanUtils - setProperty(es.tme.apl.mante
    [email protected], destinatarios, [2320])
    2006-03-30 12:54:19,899 [ExecuteThread: '10' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default'] DEBUG ConvertUtils - Convert String[1] to class

  • Passing Multiple Single Values from Sender Query to Receiver Query in RRI

    Dear All.
    We have 2 - Bex Reports ZBEX_1 & ZBEX_2
    1. In ZBEX_1 having the fileds data like the below.
    Account Doc. Number - Clearing Document --- Amount
    12345                  -  65432                --- 100
    12346                  -  54321               ---  50
    2. In ZBEX_2 having the following data.
    Account Doc.Number -- Amount
    45342                     - 10
    66666                        -  100
    65432                       -   10
    54321                      - 5
    3. I am Traying to create RRI Between ZBEX_1 & ZBEX_2 , with Sender query as ZBEX_1 and Receiver query as ZBEX_2
    If I drilldown from ZBEX_1 need to show the following output in the ZBEX_2
    Account Doc. Number  -  Amount
    65432                       -     10
    54321                      -     5
    i.e If Clearing Documnet in the ZBEX_1 is same as Account Doc. Number in ZBEX_2 those Account Doc. Numbers I have to show in the output of ZBEX_2 RRI Report.
    Both the records I have to show at a time.
    So please suggest me
    1. How to pass Multiple Single Values to Next Query using RRI
    2. How to Map Clearing Document to Account Doc. Number in RRI.
    NOTE: Account Doc. Num length is same as Clearing Document
    Please suggest me.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kiran Manyam

    Your scenario of passing values from multiple records in Source does not suit well for RRI Jumps.
    In ZBEX_2 query, create a Replacement path variable on Clearing Document. In that Replacement path variable, use the Replacement with query option and choose the ZBEX_1 as the underlying query source.
    When you execute ZBEX_2, what ever clearing document values that ZBEX_1 has will be passed through the replacement path variable as a filter to the ZBEX_2
    Hope it helps!
    Uday Pothireddy

  • Copy values from model node to another model node with different structure

    I am getting detils from RFC1 and update some of the data into another RFC2.
    the first RFC1 having the strucutre
    the second RFC2 having the different strucutre
          | nodel2
               | arrtibutes2
               | arrtibutes3
          | nodel5
               | arrtibutes4
               | arrtibutes5
    I need to copy the values from first one to second one.
    Both are different structures.
    Can any one tel me how to do it.

    Create 1 custom controllers for each Model.
    1.Cust COntroller1:
            Node one.
    2.Cust COntroller2
            Node one.
    Through the component controller only u can send the data by mapping.
    In component controller:
      Node one.
    Step1:Map the elements from custControler1.
    Before mapping make sure that u have data in CustController Context=>value node.
    (Note:cust controler node s model node means copy the elements to value node using copyservice)
    step2:Go to cust controller2 goto value node and map it.
    if ur nt getting,Plz let me knw,

  • Passing multiple session values from cold fusion into a flash movie

    Hello all,
    I know that to pass multiple variables into a flash movie
    you could use the embed tag like this(with the & between each
    Now to pass a single session variable from coldfusion in i
    did the following; which worked:
    width="550" height="400" autostart="true">
    Note that i had to use the cfoutput tags to get the value
    stored in the variables. Now; i tried to do the same thing for two
    session variables and the second one does not get read in. Here was
    my code:
    <embed src="ASdb.swf"
    FlashVars="UserName=<cfoutput>#session.userName#</cfoutput>&testTypeID=<cfoutput>#session .testTypeID#</cfoutput>"
    width="550" height="400" autostart="true">
    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you
    very much in advance.

    Hold on there was a little error: My final code that did not
    work was the following:
    <embed src="ASdb.swf"
    width="550" height="400" autostart="true">

  • Passing multiple select value from BI publisher to PL/SQL functions

    Hi - I have designed a report which pass parameters (Multi select) into a function to get the output result. When a single parameter value is passed to the function, report is being displayed. When multi select value is passed to the function it is returning the error `wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'F_PROCESS_WAVE_DATA'. When i checked the parameters passed to the function, i can see each multi select value is treated as different value and is assigned to different parameter in the function.
    Any help on passing the multi select parameter into function will be helpful.

    All - Issue was resolved. I followed the following steps to resolve the issue
    1. Create a PL/SQL table type variable as VARCHAR2 in the database - Say as Larray
    2. Create PL/SQL type record and table for the record in database. Lrec, Ltable
    3. In BI report pass multiple select LOV variable as Larray(variable).
    4. In DB function, Parameter should be defined as LARRAY.
    5. Return PL/SQL table type Ltable from the function.

  • Invalid object name for Next value from sequence  using sqlserver 2012

    Select SequenceName.nextVal into lint from dual ;
    Invalid object name error message is coming when using sqlserver 2012
    Please help

    Create the sequence and a stored procedure which returns the sequence as follows:
    CREATE SEQUENCE mySequence_tinyint AS tinyint
    CREATE PROCEDURE Central_CreateSequence
       SELECT @NextID = NEXT VALUE FOR mySequence_tinyint;
    In PowerBuilder, run this script:
    long ll = -10
    DECLARE proc PROCEDURE FOR Central_CreateSequence @NextID = :ll OUTPUT;      
    EXECUTE proc;
    FETCH proc INTO :ll;
    CLOSE proc;
    IF SQLCA.SQLcode <> 0 THEN
    MessageBox("error", SQLCA.sqlerrtext)
    END IF
    MessageBox("", ll)
    I know there can be other ways to return the next value of the sequence...

  • Can't get value from Model Binding.....

    I create a BO name Document in CAF.
    with is structure:
    name     String
    type       String
    content   BASE64BINARY
    After that
    1.I create a Application Services name DocumentAS.
    2.create a Operation name createDocument with a input paramter name doc which Type is Document i created.Implement  it.
    3.In WD,I create a model for the DocumentAS.
    4.In Component controller 's context,create Model bind.
       structure like this:
    5.init model with code:
    DocumentModel documentModel = new DocumentModel();
    Document document = new Document(documentModel);
    Request_createDocument request_createDocument = new Request_createDocument(documentModel);
    wdContext.currentRequest_createDocumentElement().modelObject().setDocument(document); excute method
    for (int i = 0; i < content.length; i++) {
    I run app with debug mode, In the DocumentAS 's createDocument Operation.
    I found the input paramter of document's property "content" is null.But the other property is not null....
    Is some problem in my init code or excute code?
    Please help me!

    Well, you can easily check all the entries in your map with
    Object key;
    for (Iterator it = map.keySet().iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
      key =;
      System.out.println(key + " : " + map.get(key));

  • Passing Multiple Values from Multi Select

    My requirement is simple. I have created a simple Multi Select Option in parameter form and i want to send multiple selected values from the multi select option (in parameter form) to reports.
    I want to send multiple countries code as input .........'US', 'CA', 'IND', 'UK'
    Can i do it in Oracle 6i reports, Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Thanks Again,
    For such a nice response. I got the Lexical Where condition properly running but still getting problems in catching the multiple values to be passed from form. just i will give u an insight of wat i have done:
    SELECT ALL FROM EMPLOYEES &cond_1* -- Working FIne
    in my Html Parameter Form i have an Multi Select component (the Problem is here) it is not passing more than i value from the form once i am accessing it from web or running it in paper report. In paper report layout it is not allowing me to select more than one value. but in HTML it is allowing to select multiple values but at the server end (After Parameter Form Trigger) it is giving a single value not multiple values.
    In PL/SQL when i checking the length of country_id i m getting it as one.
    Here is my SQL code
    srw.message(10, LENGTH(:country_id_1));
    :cond_1 := 'where country_id = '''|| :country_id_1 ||'''';
    This is passing the condition properly to SQL but only with single value but i want to pass multiple values
    I am struck in this+_
    WHERE CONTRY_COLUMN IN ('USA','UAE') -- This variable you have to pass from you form...
    Here as you said you gave multiple selection in your parameter form to generate report. So before generation report just prepare variable like this as it is bold above.
    and pass parameter through your runtime form to the report as you pass the normal parameter...liket this i gave you example...
    Sorry for troubling you for a small thing but please help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks Again............

  • Getting multiple values from a list box

    I am not able to get multiple selected values from a list box using the getParameterValues(). I used the following code..
    String[] names=request.getParameterValues("lname");
    can anyone tell me what the error is or is there any other way i can get multiple selected values from a list box.

    Fragment 1
    This is the JSP Code am using for testing
    String[] name =request.getParameterValues("D1");
    String value=name[0];
    Instead of name.lenght==1 try with name!=null
    Fragment 2
    replace the above fragment with
       <%-- print result -->
    Fragment 3
    The list box D1 is a multiple select list box.
    If it still doesn't work, check that the checkboxes have the same name as well as different values
    <input type="checkbox" name="D1" value="1">
    <input type="checkbox" name="D1" value="2">I hope this helps :-)
    Good luck
    ps: i want duke

  • Copy values from one Parent node to other Parent Node

    Hi all,
    I have a 2 Parent node each having 3 child nodes. I want to copy the values of all the attributes of all the child nodes of one Parent Node to corresponding other node.
    Both the Parent Nodes as well as their Child Nodes have different name but their attributes have same name.For ex:
    Parent Node -A
    Child Nodes - a, b,c
    Child Node "a" has attributes "x" and "y"
    Parent Node -B
    Child Nodes - d,e,f
    Child Node "d" has attributes "x" and "y" .
    Now I want to copy the values od attributes "x" and "y" from one Parent Node to other Parent node.
    Please help me out.
    Helpful answers will be rewarded.
    Thanxs in advance...

    Hi Jin,
    To use copy service API, u need to satisfy 2 condition for the attributes of source node and target node:
    1. The name of the attribute should be same (including the case of the name)- Abc is different from ABC
    2. Type of the attribute should also be the same.
    copy elements works for copying values from Model node to context and does not work vice-versa. To enable the copying of context node to model node, use copycorresponding API.
    int contextNodeSize = wdContext().node<contextNodeName>().size();
    for(int i = 0; i < contextNodeSize; i++)
         <modelNodeName> modelObject = new <modelNodeName>();
         <contextNodeName>Element contextObject = wdContext().node<contextNodeName>().get<contextNodeName>ElementAt(i);
         WDCopyService.copyCorresponding(contextObject, modelObject);
    This will copy the values from Context Node to Model Node.
    Hope this helps you.
    Poojith MV

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    hi in transaction PR05 (travel), when my travel expense is in another currency eg. Ugandan Shilling, the 'amount' field displays wrong amount.  for eg:  if I enter my expense as 100, it displays as 10000 and if i enter 325.50, then it displays as 325