INVOIC02 IDoc - data mapping

Does the following attributes exist in the standard INVOIC02 Idoc:
Contract Date
Contract Type
Delivery Date
Shipping Point
Shipping Condintion
Transport Method

Please check for the fields in  IDOC documentation using Transaction WE60.

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  • Invoice IDOC data mapping

    plz help in mapping of these two fields in INVOIC02 IDOC
    BSCHL     Posting Key
    GJAHR     Fiscal year
    thanks ..
    plz send me if you have any info about data mapping and processing a idoc...
    pts ll be given to all helpful answers
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    INVOIC02 is for billing document. If you are looking for accounting document then i think you should be looking at ACC_DOCUMENT02.

  • Inbound Idoc Data mapping sheet

    Hi experts,
    I need a data mapping sheet of Inbound Idoc that will help me for mapping the segments (header, Item) both for creating material, vendor, customer etc.
    That sheet will help for mapping tables and fields that are mandatory for that segments.
    Thanks & Regards.
    Ankur Garg.

    The process code you assigned to the inbound IDoc, has to be assigned to a function module which processes this IDoc, right? Now, if you use a function module of your own (CUSTOM FM!), you can do all the 'printing' you want.
    So there is no option for printing by default (standard), but you will have to do it your self.
    Another option would be to use a User exit. It seems there is a standard User exit (SIDOC001), or even a  BAdI which you can use. I haven't used it myself, so can't help you there.
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  • Reg : IDOC data mapping

    Hi All,
    Which is the function module which Extracts the data from the application document ( Sales order or quotes ) and populates to the SAP message type Idoc segments.
    what are the SAP table involved in doing this mapping.
    Thanks & Regards.

    Unfortunately the mapping is not in any table but in the source code as extracted here:
    e1cuins-class_type        cuins-class_type
    e1cuins-inst_id           cuins-inst_id
    e1cuins-obj_key           cuins-obj_key
    e1cuins-obj_txt           cuins-obj_txt
    e1cuins-obj_type          cuins-obj_type
    e1cuins-quantity          cuins-quantity
    e1cuprt-class_type        cuprt-class_type
    e1cuprt-inst_id           cuprt-inst_id
    e1cuprt-obj_key           cuprt-obj_key
    e1cuprt-obj_type          cuprt-obj_type
    e1cuprt-parent_id         cuprt-parent_id
    e1cuprt-part_of_no        cuprt-part_of_no
    e1cuval-author            cuval-author
    e1cuval-charc             cuval-charc
    e1cuval-charc_txt         cuval-charc_txt
    e1cuval-inst_id           cuval-inst_id
    e1cuval-value             cuval-value
    e1cuval-value_txt         cuval-value_txt
    e1edk01-autlf             xvbak-autlf
    e1edk01-belnr             ekko-ebeln
    e1edk01-bsart             ekko-bsart
    e1edk01-curcy             iso_waers
    e1edk01-kzabs             pekko-kzabs
    e1edk01-kzazu             xvbkd-kzazu
    e1edk01-lifsk             xvbak-lifsk
    e1edk01-recipnt_no        ekko-lifnr
    e1edk01-vsart             xvbak-vsbed
    e1edk01-zterm             ekko-zterm
    e1edk02-belnr             ekko-angnr
    e1edk02-belnr             ekko-ebeln
    e1edk02-belnr             ekko-konnr
    e1edk02-belnr             ekko-submi
    e1edk02-belnr             pekko-labnr
    e1edk02-datum             ekko-bedat
    e1edk02-uzeit             sy-uzeit
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-angdt
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-bedat
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-bnddt
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-bwbdt
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-ihran
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-kdatb
    e1edk03-datum             ekko-kdate
    e1edk03-datum             pekko-eindt
    e1edk03-datum             sy-datlo
    e1edk14-orgid             ekko-bsart
    e1edk14-orgid             ekko-bukrs
    e1edk14-orgid             ekko-ekgrp
    e1edk14-orgid             ekko-ekorg
    e1edk17-lkond             ekko-inco1
    e1edk17-lkond             xvbkd-inco1
    e1edk17-lktext            ekko-inco2
    e1edk17-lktext            xvbkd-inco2
    e1edk18-prznt             ekko-zbd1p
    e1edk18-prznt             ekko-zbd2p
    e1edk18-tage              ekko-zbd1t
    e1edk18-tage              ekko-zbd2t
    e1edk18-tage              ekko-zbd3t
    e1edka1-bname             ekko-verkf
    e1edka1-bname             t024-eknam
    e1edka1-ihrez             ekko-ihrez
    e1edka1-ihrez             ekko-unsez
    e1edka1-ilnnr             h_iln_vendor
    e1edka1-lifnr             h_pekko_werks
    e1edka1-lifnr             pekko-werks
    e1edka1-orgtx             t024e-ekotx
    e1edka1-pagru             ekko-ekgrp
    e1edka1-paorg             ekko-ekorg
    e1edka1-partn             ekko-lifnr
    e1edka1-partn             ekko-logsy
    e1edka1-partn             lfa1-lifnr
    e1edka1-partn             lfb1-eikto
    e1edka1-partn             pekko-kunnr
    e1edka1-partn             t000-logsys
    e1edka1-partn             xvbpa_we-kunnr
    e1edka1-parvw             'EZ'
    e1edka1-parvw             h_parvw
    e1edka1-parvw             'LF'
    e1edka1-parvw             'WE'
    e1edka1-spras             ekko-spras
    e1edka1-telf1             ekko-telf1
    e1edka1-telf1             t024-ektel
    e1edka1-telfx             t024-telfx
    e1edkd1-ekgrp             ekko-ekgrp
    e1edkd1-ekorg             ekko-ekorg
    e1edkp1-defpa             xekpa-defpa
    e1edkp1-ekorg             xekpa-ekorg
    e1edkp1-lifn2             xekpa-lifn2
    e1edkp1-ltsnr             xekpa-ltsnr
    e1edkp1-parvw             xekpa-parvw
    e1edkp1-werks             xekpa-werks
    e1edkt1-tdid              xt166a_del-tdid
    e1edkt1-tdid              xt166k_del-tdid
    e1edkt1-tsspras           ekko-spras
    e1edp01-abftz             ekpo-abftz
    e1edp01-antlf             xvbap-antlf
    e1edp01-bmng2             ekpo-ktmng
    e1edp01-bmng2             ekpo-menge
    e1edp01-bpumn             ekpo-bpumn
    e1edp01-bpumz             ekpo-bpumz
    e1edp01-brgew             e1edp01-menge*ekpo-brgew
    e1edp01-evers             ekpo-evers
    e1edp01-gewei             ekpo-gewei
    e1edp01-kzabs             ekpo-kzabs
    e1edp01-lgort             ekpo-lgort
    e1edp01-matkl             ekpo-matkl
    e1edp01-matnr             ekpo-matnr
    e1edp01-menee             ekpo-meins
    e1edp01-menge             ekpo-ktmng
    e1edp01-menge             ekpo-menge
    e1edp01-netwr             ekpo-netwr*cur_factor
    e1edp01-ntgew             e1edp01-menge*ekpo-ntgew
    e1edp01-peinh             ekpo-peinh
    e1edp01-pmene             ekpo-bprme
    e1edp01-posex             ekpo-ebelp
    e1edp01-posguid           xvbap-posguid
    e1edp01-pstyp             ekpo-pstyp
    e1edp01-uepos             ekpo-uebpo
    e1edp01-vprei             ekpo-netpr*cur_factor
    e1edp01-werks             ekpo-werks
    e1edp02-belnr             ekpo-aktnr
    e1edp02-belnr             ekpo-konnr
    e1edp02-belnr             ekpo-labnr
    e1edp02-belnr             h_xvbkd-bstkd_e
    e1edp02-belnr             xvbap-werks_ext
    e1edp02-belnr             xvbkd-bstkd_e
    e1edp02-bsark             h_xvbkd-bsark_e
    e1edp02-bsark             xvbkd-bsark_e
    e1edp02-ihrez             h_xvbkd-ihrez_e
    e1edp02-ihrez             xvbkd-ihrez_e
    e1edp02-zeile             ekpo-ktpnr
    e1edp02-zeile             h_xvbkd-posex_e
    e1edp02-zeile             xvbkd-posex_e
    e1edp03-datum             ekpo-abdat
    e1edp03-datum             ekpo-agdat
    e1edp17-lkond             ekpo-inco1
    e1edp17-lkond             xvbkd-inco1
    e1edp17-lktext            ekpo-inco2
    e1edp17-lktext            xvbkd-inco2
    e1edp19-idtnr             ekpo-ematn
    e1edp19-idtnr             ekpo-idnlf
    e1edp19-idtnr             ekpo-matnr
    e1edp19-ktext             ekpo-txz01
    e1edp20-ameng             xeket-ameng
    e1edp20-ameng             xeket-wemng
    e1edp20-edatu             xeket-eindt
    e1edp20-ezeit             xeket-uzeit
    e1edp20-wmeng             xeket-menge
    e1edpa1-partn             ekpo-kunnr
    e1edpa1-partn             xvbpa_we-kunnr
    e1edpd1-bednr             xekpo-bednr
    e1edpd1-bstae             xekpo-bstae
    e1edpd1-insmk             xekpo-insmk
    e1edpd1-knttp             xekpo-knttp
    e1edpd1-kzabs             xekpo-kzabs
    e1edpd1-labnr             xekpo-labnr
    e1edpd1-lgort             xekpo-lgort
    e1edpd1-mahn1             xekpo-mahn1
    e1edpd1-mahn2             xekpo-mahn2
    e1edpd1-mahn3             xekpo-mahn3
    e1edpd1-mwskz             xekpo-mwskz
    e1edpd1-prsdr             xekpo-prsdr
    e1edpd1-schpr             xekpo-schpr
    e1edpd1-spinf             xekpo-spinf
    e1edpd1-uebtk             xekpo-uebtk
    e1edpd1-uebto             xekpo-uebto
    e1edpd1-untto             xekpo-untto
    e1edpd1-webre             xekpo-webre
    e1edpd1-werks             xekpo-werks
    e1edpt1-tdid              xt166p_del-tdid
    e1edpt1-tsspras           ekko-spras
    e1eds01-summe             ekko-ktwrt*cur_factor
    e1eds01-summe             pekko-netwr*cur_factor
    e1eds01-sunit             iso_waers
    Whenever you have qualifiers, the segments appear multiple with diefferent fields.

  • Legacy data(mapping to be done by xi (in xml format)) to sap using idoc .

    hi all,
    I need to work in an object in which requirement is like , the source data is directly extracted from legacy and input file is made. now i need to create an interface program which will be used to create purchase req. in weekly basis.  now according to functional specification xi team will  map the source data in xml format and then  through idoc data is to be pushed into sap. i am confused about the step by step senario from source data to final pr creation . please clarify if somebody had worked on this kind of situation.

    Hi i encounter like this but in SD side,
    from legacy ->XI -> SAP (create SO)
    then from created SO via IDOC my requirement is to post delivery then billing.
    I think in your case the PR is already created and to be process to PO.. better check and fully understand the flow with your team.

  • Mapping of inbound INVOIC02 iDoc Segment to MIRO/MIR7 Header Text? Help!

    Hi Experts,
    I need to map a field from the inbound INVOIC02 idoc to the header text field. This field is TABLE:INVFO;(Struct)Field:SGTXT as shown in MIR7. I thought that segments E1EDPT1 & E1EDPT2 would map to this field but it is not showing up in the processed invoice. Is there a segment/field in INVOIC02 that maps to this field?

    Try like this
    Ledger                        Ledger     
           EqualS------------OR            EqualS------------OR  EqualS------------OR   EqualS------------OR----Not---
    Constant(460050)       Constant(471000)          Constant(420600)       Constant(472150)
    and   Brand-------
                    EqualS--CreateIF-----Target Brand

  • Mapping of INVOIC02 IDoc

         I am doing IDoc to File scenario.
    IDoc is INVOIC02
    Mapping rule is as follows for an idoc field.
    map E1EDP01-MENEE  for item line and map E1EDP05-MEAUN  for cond line.
    target field is unit of measure.
    How do i map MENEE to unit of measure for item line and MEAUN to unit of measure for conditin line?
    Can someone please explain the procedure for this mapping?

    Hi manikandan,
                        Could you please tell the requirement some wat clearly. Wherher itemline and condline are fields or input values???

  • Employee Data Mapping - Partner Idoc

    <b>Hallo all,
    I need to map the employee data of the legacy system to an Idoc(For migrating data with XI). I functionally mapped the fields in the legacy system to the fields in CRM BP master data(Most of them). I have selected the BP complex Idoc(CRM_XIF_PARTNER_SAVE) and mapped most of the fields(name, address, Phone Numbers, Position etc ). 
    the following fields are yet to be mapped
    Employee No
    User Name
    Contact Role
    Executive role
    Corporate tile
    Affiliate subsidary
    Is there any other standard Idoc to map the employee details (or) am I supposed to enhance the complex Idoc.
    Please let me know ur suggestions 

    Hi Max,
    yes you are using the right Idoc for creating business partners (employees) as this follows the middleware data distribution.  There is a badi available for this as well for if needed CRMXIF_PARTNER*.

  • INVOIC02 IDOC E1EDKA1 PARVW value meaning

    I checked WE60 documentation and cannot determine what the meaning of
    I am tasked with setting up a new mapping rule and am trying to correlate the IDOC E1EDKA1 vendor numbers to the PO and Invoice values. WE60 has all other PARVW values documented but this one. Is there another way to determine what Invoice field is used to populate this value so I can correlate the data value?

    Hi Bryan,
               As far i know the PARVW will not be having value "EN" , the abbrevation of EN is "English" which will be sent in the field /INVOIC02/IDOC/E1EDKA1/SPRAS [Language Key].
               The Values generated in PARVW will be LF or RS , so this seems to be a wrong data entry and you can avoid this.
               For PARVW you also refer this page

  • How to find the appropriate user exit for invoic02 idoc in idoc_output_invo

    Hi all,
    I am new to this community p
    i have issue regarding  the How to find the appropriate user exit for invoic02 idoc in idoc_output_invoic function module.........

    Hi ,
    welcome to SDN.
    You can select the appropriate Customer exit accrding to the available parameters .
    The list of exits available are 
    For Example , if you want  to modify the Idoc data(EDIDD) you have to use the EXIT_SAPLVEDF_002. accodingly you can select the user exit according to the avaialable parametres.Use Table MODSAP fto get the Enhancement name.
    Hope this Helps
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  • Idoc data in flat file structure

    Dear Experts,
             We have  idoc data in flat file structure. We need to fetch it using ftp and map it to an idoc.
    please tell me how to proceed .

    For flat file you need to use the File content conversion parameters.
    Refer the blog,
    SAP Network Blog: How to process flat files with multiple documents like POs, SOs etc. in a File to IDoc scenario
    How to process flat files with multiple documents like POs, SOs etc. in a File to IDoc scenario

  • XML IDOC data (hosted on a web server)   &  handling multiple WSDLs

    Hi ALL,
    1)how to design an Interface for picking up an XML IDOC data (hosted on a web server) which will be uploaded to SAP or converted to a file
    this is what the customer has given me ..can any one explain me this and help me how to more forward
    2).This Interface must use UDDI concept because we are going to use multiple BAPIs /RFCs as WSDLs
    what is this mean can any send me some document on this
    3).Use web-service navigator concept as we will be handling multiple WSDLs
    i worked on 1. to define a place holder in WebAS for holding the
    2. publish the wsdls in WebAS UDDI Repostory
    but i have never used web-service navigator concept as we will be handling multiple WSDLs what is the difference ..send me some step by step docs ..
    thanks very much

    1.I am not clear with the requirement too. THere is no big deal in sending XML to IDOC or File. Based on your requirement you have to import IDOC structure or ify ou are using file, create a structure for the file.
    If u are asking about sendin the XML directly without mapping, even you can do that without MM and even IM.
    Please be more elaborate and if you are not clear with what client said, paraphrase them or ask again. Its not good to start work unless we are very clear with the requirement.
    you can say to my understanding i feel this, now pI will send data like this. Is it correct?
    2. More information on UDDI
    I dont think you need to worry much about this now with many features provided in ESR especially
    3. http://<Host>:<port>/wsnavigator/
    The webservices going out of PI are published here.
    provide host and port are host and port details of ext system.
    Once you enter link in your browser, it shows the available webservices hosted there.
    All you need is to click on the required wsdl and test it.
    It is as good as sending your data from PI to other system.
    It is similar to Altova XML spy but the difference here is you enter the values directly here but in XML spy we send XML .

  • XML to IDOC : Hierarchy mapping help needed

    Hi All,
    I am trying to complete graphical mapping for an XML to IDOC structure. Both structures are EXACTLY same, but data is not populating in IDOC as desired.
    My incoming XML structure and IDOC structure is
    Data_header  (1 -- 999)
      |_Data_item (1 -- 3)
    If I have only 1 header, then IDOC data is populated correctly.
    But when I have multiple headers and theer items, the Headers are getting populated, but items do not get populated correctly.
    *Example  My Input is:*
    My output is (IDOC)
    As seen above Item3 of Data_header2 has gone missing._
    For Data Header, I am using REMOVE_CONTEXT function and for ITEM I am using SPLITBYVALUE. Thought this should have helped, but am struggling.
    Any tips, help, greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

    Have you done one to one mapping, as u mentiong they are exactly same..
    if that's the case, then mapping test should be successful.
    If there is any diffrence in occurences of target structure or any other difference and let me know.
    If possible send me the target structure...

  • Converting INVOIC02 idoc to EDIFACT INVOIC message (Using Adapter Module

    Hi Friends,
    We are sending customer idoc (INVOIC02) from R/3 to external system through PI. We want to generate EDIFACT output file (message type : INVOIC).
    Is it possible to convert IDoc message to EDI file format through java adapter module ? Will adapter module support this  without using Seeburger adapter ?
    kindly clarify, friends.
    Kind regards,
    Jegathees P.

    There is an alternative to Seeburger.
    DataDirect also has complete EDI-XML conversion by way of deploying a module which is called from an adapter. The range of parameters with the conversion is also quite extensive, allowing tolerance for partners who may have included non-standard EDI qualifiers and such.  The XML tags make for easier mapping.  StylusStudio XML Suite includes the EDI<->XML adapter so you can try the conversions each way directly in that package.  If you are happy with it, you need to then purchase the package from DataDirect.  We did this and implemented EDI for X12 and EDIfact, including Orders and Invoices and some other messages.  The communications part was not included.  We wrote the EDI files and used a separate process to actually send and receive the files. The IDoc <-> EDI mapping  was done using the normal graphical mapping of SAP PI. The Stylus Studio package includes the functionality to generate the XSD, which we imported to SAP PI.

  • Summarize prices for INVOIC02 in Message Mapping

    I have to summarize prices in the INVOIC02 IDOC. In the invoice there is
    header items and kit order items. The prices is found in the field BETRG
    in the Y_E1EDP05 segment. It is only the prices with KSCHL = IV01 that
    should be summarized. The link between header and kit items is found in
    the field UEPOS, so the prices should be calculated to the correct header.
    To only show the header items I can use this function:
    UEPOS -> exists -> not -> createIf -> removeContext -> E1EDP01
    So that is ok, but to get the correct prices to the header I guess one would need
    some kind of UDF. I am a bit lost at this mapping, so I hope anyone can help.
    I have provided the corresponding structures:
    Here is the source message:
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
    This is how the target message should look:
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
              <E1EDP01 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
                   <Y_E1EDP05 SEGMENT="1">
    Kind regards,
    Per Rune

    I was review your questions.  let me see if i understand.
    You need to summarize when KSCHL = IV01 and when UEPOS  exist. 
    You should be check the context for the field  BETRG. and use the same logic. on the segment header.

Maybe you are looking for

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