Invoice Correction Request with reference to Billing plan

Dear SDN frnds,
I'm having one query in Invoice Correction Request (ZBOC) creation,
While creating with reference to billing document of billing plan type (ZCI), the net value in Invoice Correction Request is '0' and the net value is not modifiable during any correction done in quantity (L2N) debit, the net value still remains '0' and it is greyed.
It should get modified!!!
My configuration in copy control from Billing document (ZCI) to Sales document (ZBOC)
Header level :
DataT: 052 - Billing doc. header                           Copy requirements: 021 - Billing header
                                                                         Copy item no. activated
DataT: 103 - Billing business header data
DataT: 003 - Billing header partner
Item level :
DataT: 153 - Item from billing document                Copy requirements: 303 - Billing header
                                                                         Copy item no. activated
DataT: 104 - Billing business item data                 Pricing type - E
                                                                         2nd Pricing type - F
DataT: 004 - Billing item partner                           X - Update document flow
Billing plan - 402 - Billing plan
Kindly resolve my issue............
Best Regards,
Giridharan (Mumbai)

Dear Sagar,
I have selected 'E' in Pricing type in Item category, I didn't make any changes here (Credit memo item in order, Copy control Bill to sales order) and 'M' in 2nd pricing type in Item category, (Debit memo item in order,  Copy control Bill to sales order). Still it didn't worked out.
Kindly reply me your views and suggestions.
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards,
M. Giridharan
Edited by: Giridharan Manokaran on May 18, 2009 11:36 AM

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  • Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc

    Hello Experts,
    It seems SAP doesn't support Credit/Debit Memo Request with reference to Billing document via IDoc. Via IDoc, we can create sales document only with reference to contract or quotation but not with reference to billing/invoice document.
    Wanted to check if anybody came across such requirement and what would be the best way to acheive (Other than custom program using BAPI).
    Additional Information: Its ECC 6.0 Environment with AFS 6.03
    Appreciate your help.

    Please Help... it is Urgent...  Thank you

  • Credit Memo request with reference to Billing Document number via IDoc

    I want to create credit memo request with reference to billing document number via IDocs.
    I have tried through ORDERS05, but when I process I saw that it is only processing with reference to contract  number or quotation.
    So is any other way of creating credit memo request creation with reference to Billing document number via IDocs?
    Thank you in advance.

    Please Help... it is Urgent...  Thank you

  • Credit Memo request with reference to billing document

    Dear all,
    I am having a requirement to create credit memo request with reference to Billing document. But the issue is, I have separate pricing procedure for normal sales to billing, and different pricing procedure for CMR to Credit memo.
    When I am creating CMR with reference to Billing document it copies the pricing procedure, Please suggest how to block pricing procedure to get copied. (please note that B: redetermine pricing, is not working in this case)
    Suitable points for valuable answers guerenteed.

    In VTAF maintain the folowing parameters,
    053,103 and 03 in the Data T in this order from top to bottom,maintain 021 in the billing header box and check the copy item number box.
    153,104,004 in the Data T in this order from top to bottom,maintain 303 in the copying requirements box and pricing type E.
    This should resolve your issue.

  • Invoice Correction Request- Both the lines with G2N

    I  am facing a problem while using a standard invoice correction request with reference to billing document.
    In the standard SAP, there should be 2 line items created one with item category G2N and one with item category L2N which we can change the quantity and price.
    In my system I got both line with the same item category G2N and hence I can not perform any changes to the line item.
    In the Copy Control Setting, I see  source item Category TAN AND TARGET G2N AND L2N which is how it should be for Invoice correction requrest.
    I see the Item category determination for RK - - G2N and RK--G2N G2N  (some of the SAP documents say it is standard and no need of L2N in the determination).  Still, I tried with changing L2N as well in the default with header item being G2N but no luck.
    Is this a bug in standard SAP? Do we need to apply some notes? Or Is there any specific config/routine to be applied?
    Request your help in this.

    As you are creating a Invoice Correction request with reference to an Invoice Document.Standard SAP explains as
    In most cases, an invoice correction request is created with the aim that a credit memo is generated. In the standard system, the invoice correction request is therefore characterized as a credit memo request, which means that the system creates a credit memo based on the invoice correction request.
    In Customizing, you can change this, so that the invoice correction request is characterized as a debit memo request. In this case, the system creates a debit memo, based on the invoice correction request. You can change these settings in Customizing under Sales  S ales Documents  Sales document header  Define sales document types in the Sales document categ. field.
    Regardless of whether the invoice correction request is a credit or debit memo, the first item is always a credit item and the second is a debit item.
    The system creates two items in the invoice correction request for each item in the Invoice:
    1)Credit Item- Credits
    2)Debit Item-Debit
    Kindly Cross check your Copy Control for your Source Billing Document type and Target Invoice Correction request.
    Confirm for the ITEM Category TAN and TARGET G2N AND L2N.
    Create the Invoice Correction request by referring an Invoice and notice the 2 items for each Billing Item.

  • Invoice Correction Request - RK

    I created an invoice correction request with reference to an invoice. Changed the quantity on it from 3 to 1. So the customer will need to pay less than what they were supposed to pay.
    No amount has yet been received from the customer.
    Now where do I see if a credit memo or a debit memo has been created or not ?
    When I go to VA01 to create a Credit memo request (CR), with reference to the invoice, it tells me that a credit memo request already exists for that invoice.
    When I do get in the order, the no. of items is the same - 3.
    Solution anyone?

    Hi there,
    Basing on your issue, you create a invoice correction request RK or a credit memo request CR. Not both.
    If you create an invoice correction request, then it will have a credit memo by default. RK will have a billing block sothat authorized person can validate the RK order type. Once the billing block is removed manually, we can create credit memo G2 invoice in VF01.
    In practise, credit memo request is created for returns. If you happen to know that you have billed the customer with a wrong price or quantity we create a invoice correction request.
    Hope this helps.

  • What is invoice correction request

    Hi gurus
    can any one explain me in which scenario we use invoice correction request.
    2) can any one explain me about free of charge deliveries.  How we do in sap sd module.  what are steps involved into in that.
    Thanks in advance

    1.Invoice correction request is one type of sales document.This doc enables us to correct the quantity and/or the price for one or more items in the invoice.Each invoice request that is made in reference to an invoice.We can not create an invoice correction request in reference to a sales order or delivery doc .
                   If there is any thing wrong in price or qty information in the billing doc then we can go for invoice correction instead of invoice cancellation.The doc type used for invoice correction request is RK. With ref to any billing doc only we can create a invoice correction request.After creating invoice correction request ,with ref to that we can create either credit memo or debit memo respectively basing on the difference between the old and new invoices.
    2.Free of charge delilveries :In this process business can deliver the goods to the customer for free of cost.In this process the items which are in the order are not relevant for pricing and billing .
    The doc type used to create Free of charge del is FD
    Item category is KLN.
    Hence this process is not relevant for billing there is no billing.
    If business launched a new product and he is going to give as a sample to his customer then business will go for this.

  • Invoice correction request

    I have created an invoice correction request with ref to a billing doc.
    From document I understand that system creates a credit memo for the +ve total value & a debit memo for a -ve total value.
    Since my RK has default category set to K it always allows me to create only credit memo.
    Anyway I will explain my problem below. 
    My Sales Order has 2 items & the origianl price for the 1st item was entered as $6,000 per piece. But found the new price to be only $8,000. I changed the debit amount in RK to $8,000.
    For the 2nd item if the original price maintained is $500 & in invoice correction req I changed the debit amount to $300.
    After I save the invoice correction req it allows me to create only Credit memo for both the items.
    My credit memo shows the below,
    item 1 credit amount $6,000
    item 1 debit amount  $8,000-
    item 2 credit amount $500
    item 2 debit amount  $300-
    I don't quite understand how it works & how by right it should be if my price change being lower & higher due to price discrepency.
    Pls share,

    Hi Santosh,
    Take it easy. I have seen people posting job openings at SDN forums. Let us 'honestly" welcome new members.
    This was a general open-ended question and I quoted (better way to say copied) SAP to give an answer. I can not explain better then SAP.
    Comming back to the topic, Invoice Correction Request is "unique" to SAP and is quite useful but I have not seen it in use. Normally I have seen people using a combination of Credit memo request, Debit Memo request, Sales Return and New Sales order to achieve what can be done by this single document. So if some body shows interest in it, it interests me.
    In a sequence to General Question - General Answer often there are specific questions and answer. 
    Morale of the story : "Take it Easy".

  • Invoice correction request / pricing

    Hi all ;
    I create a invoice correction request with referance an invoice while i get all condition types in sales order like belowed.
    ZFIY : Price , ZI01 : Discount , ZKDV : Tax
    I want to change it this pricing with ;
    Clear discounts and modify ZFIY with net price as same as ZFIY : 4,65 TRY.
    To get it , i work on user-exit -->
    USEREXIT_PRICING_COPY (module pool SAPLV61A, program RV61AFZA)
    But , i can not achieve it. Is there any ways to solve problem ?
    M.Ozgur Unal

    Hi Eduardo Hinojosa ;
    I checked note 24832 but i can not get VBAK structure in the user-exit.
    I do not have any idea to solve this problem.
    Sample code :
            LS_VBAK LIKE VBAK.
      IF VBTYP_NEW EQ 'K'.
        IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0 AND
           LS_VBAK-AUART EQ 'ZRK'.
          IF KONV-KSCHL = 'ZFIY'.
            CLEAR: LS_KONV,
    KSCHL EQ 'ZI01'.
            IF SY-SUBRC EQ 0.
    LV_ISKONTO = 10000 + LV_ISKONTO .
    KONV-KMPRS = 'X'.
    KONV-KHERK = 'C'.
    KONV-KSTEU = 'C'.
          IF KONV-KSCHL EQ 'ZI01'.
            U15_SUBRC = 4 .
    M.Ozgur Unal               

  • Creating a debit memo request with reference to an invoice

    An invoice shows wrong MWST value because of incorrect customer tax classification as Tax exempt. I corrected the cust tax classification to "Liable for Tax". Then I tried to create a debit memo request with reference to the incorrect invoice. Thats a requirement by the customer. Invoices with incorrect VAT are not to be cancelled. A specially created VAT only sales order (Debit memo request) is used to create a sales order with 0 net value and correct MWST . But while trying to create the debit memo request, the system picks up the same old condition record for the MWST. How to overcome this situation ?
    The copy control for the item category from billing doc to debit memo request is set to "B" that is  new pricing. I even tried to update pricing. But it does not work. Changing the Service rendered date or the pricing date to current date also does not help.
    Please help.

    This is working fine. What I did was
    1: create a new pricing procedure
    2: made the PR00 condition statistical
    3: using a routine calculate the MWST based on the PR00. But PR00 itself does not contribute to the net value. This part is working fine. I could create debit memos successfully.
    The problem is if we change either the customer or the material tax classification after creating the invoice, and then create a debit request with reference to the incorrect invoice, the system still considers the old tax classfication and therefore the old MWST rate. If I create a debit request without reference, the new rate is applicable.
    I hope I have made clear.

  • Message V1478 - Credit memo request with reference to an invoice

    Dear all,
    Creating a credit memo request with reference to an invoice, I get the following message "Material in item 000060 does not exist in plant/storage location".
    Of course, this material exists in the plant and the storage location, as we could create the invoice without any problem.
    Any idea?
    Best regards,

    Generally, these errors may appear due to:
    - The plant is marked for deletion.
    - The plant should be copied from the referenced item.
    So, I would suggest you to
    - Check copying control for Invoice to Credit memo request, particularly, item.
    - Try and create Credit Memo Request with reference to sales order.
    - Or if you want rectify a invoice, then use invoice coreection request.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Invoice verification with reference to billing document in cross company

    Hi Gurus,
    We need to do "Invoice verification with reference to billing document in cross company code scenarios".
    At present I am processing through MIRO by calling the PO.
    What is the alternative for this and how to do it?

    It is not possible to do the invoice with reference to billing document.
    You can create the Invoice referncing the PO used for STO or the delivery note (as mentioned in the Material document) or directly on the vendor.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Credit memo request with reference to many invoices

    Hello All
    I am having a business case where  the user trying to create a credit memo request with reference to the invoice which is already issues to the customer
    there he realized there are around 60 line item from different invoice has to be created for the same payer
    Is there is any way where we could create one credit memo request with reference to many invoices for only one payer?

    I doubt whether this can be possible to create a credit memo request from many invoice's line items together.....
    But it is (the answer given above) worth trying in your test/ QA system before recommending it to the user.

  • Invoice correction request -- Debit Memo

    I am able to create the Debit memo with respective RK(invoice correction request).
    But the value in debit memo billing document is negative.  So, accounting entry is going with negative value.
    Can any body suggeest me whether it is correct process or i need to any settings.

    In invoice correction request doc type is RK and
    there will be two line items in Sales order
    and 1st line item is the invoiced item and
    2nd line item is what you need to enter with material and the quantity
    now, the difference between the both will be paid to the customer in Credit memo
    and in debit memo customer will pay to the company.
    rule 1:  you should make sure that the "reference mandatory" field should be
                set to Invoice.
    hope this will clarify you,

  • Invoice Correction request/ Invoice Cancellation

    When does business use Invoice cancellation? If customer has any discrepancies related to price or quantity SAP has an option to edit using Invoice correction request document with reference to invoice document.
    However what is the use of canceling invoice which normal does in VF11. When should invoice cancellation to be used and when should invoice cancellation request to be used.
    Thanks in advance.

    Invoice cancellation
    In most of the cases, the seller would have generated billing document with either wrong quantity or wrong price.  In this case, instead of making subsequent adjustments, immediately, they will cancel the document and recreate a new one.
    In some cases, the end customer will ask the seller to hold the shipment by the time, the seller would have generated the billing document.  So here there is no option to cancel all the documents.
    In fact, invoice cancellation is only possible if the material is not moved out from the delivering plant.
    Invoice Correction Request
    Here the scenario would be goods would have been delivered to customer with either the quantity or price wrong.  Here you cannot cancel the document but you have to compensate the buyer by way of making adjustments via Invoice correction request.
    Hope you got the difference between these two.  In nutshell, invoice cancellation can happen when goods are not despatched and invoice correction request can happen when goods are reached the end customer.
    G. Lakshmipathi

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