Invoice: reading VAT amout per item

Hi there,
can anyone tell me how to read the VAT amount for each item while processing an invoice in a form (smartforms)?
The print program provides the following structure: LBBIL_INVOICE. This structure includes obviously all information about an invoice. But when I want to read LLBIL_INVOICE-IT_KOND-KBETR there is no value. In VF03 there is a value (e.g. 16%). I thought to use table KONV but I don't find a link between the invoice item and the condition record (KONF-KUMH) number in KONV-KNUMV. Perhaps this way is wrong anyway.
Any idea?
Values for VAT are available on header level but I need them on item level because there may be different values (7%, 16%, etc.) for each item.
Thanks for your help!

My previous post was for the tax VALUE.  If you want the tax RATE, and it is not coming through into IT_KOND, then its probably not flagged to be printed at the item level in the pricing procedure. 
In the pricing procedure you can set for each condition the following print options:
     It was not printed
X     Printing at item level (previous procedure)
S     Printing at totals level (previous procedure)
A     Total: General
B     Total: if value <> zero
C     Total: if value <> previous value
D     Total: if value <> zero and value <> previous value
a     at item: General
b     at item: if value <> zero
c     at item: if value <> previous value
d     at item: if value <> zero and value <> previous value
It probably needs to be set to <b>a</b>.

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  • Posting invoices in F-43 where items have different VAT codes

    I am not sure whether I am in the correct forum so just boot me into the correct one if I guessed incorrectly.
    I have to start by saying I have almost no FI knowledge and it seems no-one in the business has enough FI applications knowledge. I am thus flying blind.
    So while the company I am used to working in has MM integration which makes things a lot easier, they set up a sister company where they only want FI.
    The sister company is located in UK and I set up tax codes for them
    0%, 17.5% and the other 0%.
    Our finance team advised them to use f-43 to enter the invoices, attach the vat code and away they go.
    The problem comes when some items on the actual invoice has 17.5% and some have 0%. This means the vat % on the total varies.
    They are requesting the ability to override the % or the vat value, but still have the invoice recorded with a VAT code so that they can run VAT reports.
    I am sure that there must be SAP standard ways to solve this, but I don't know yet where to look and I don't have enough time to really start from scratch.
    Any help will be useful.

    Hi Charl,
    What ever you  are asking is against the procedure.... System has to calculate the VAT amount based on the stated percentage....
    So you can not chagne the VAT % or VAT value while posting the transaction.... But what you can do is to change the Tax base amount....
    When you are posting the invoice, system automatically takes the invoice value as bais for tax calculation, but one can change the Tax base value. So if user changed that value, system calculates the VAT amout on the modified base....
    In this way you can change the VAT amount....
    Thanks  & Regards
    Ravi C

  • Need help in copying Invoice date to lower level item in Sales order report

    Hello Experts,
    I am debugging into one Sales order report.I need little bit help.The report is displaying Invoice Date for
    Sales order Billing documents for Higher item in Bill of Material Structures.But as per user requirement,
    I am supposed to show the Invoice date for lower level items also.The field for Higher level item is 'UEPOS'.
    I want to copy the Invoice date for Higher level item to lower level item. Can you please guide me in the logic?
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Best Regards,

    Hi BreakPoint,
    Thanks for the information.
    I have applied the same way but it is showing only lower line items now.
    Invoice dates for Higher level items are not there.
    I am pasting the code here which I have applied.
    Then you can give me more guidence.
    This is to be done only for 'ZREP' sales orders.
    if w_vbak-auart EQ 'ZREP' and w_vbak-uepos is not INITIAL.
                          read table t_final into w_final_ZREP with key vbeln = w_vbak-vbeln
                                                                        posnr = w_vbak-uepos.
                             w_final-erdat_i = w_final_ZREP-erdat_i.
                    if w_vbak-auart EQ 'ZREP' and w_vbak-uepos is INITIAL.
                      w_final-erdat_i = w_invdate.
    Can you please sugest me changes here?
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: joshihaa on Jul 13, 2010 6:22 PM

  • Invoice - can VAT be reclaimed or not in my accou...

    When I read that Skypw would start charging VAT in EU according to each country's VAT, I wondered if I can use my Skype invoices in my accountancy. As per my condition, only invoices with VAT are interesting to present, so that I can get a VAT credit whenever I payed VAT for something. But this VAT can only be credited to me if the VAT is being payed IN MY COUNTRY.
    But I don't find anywhere a word on this matter.
    Many thanks for help!

    This is correct.  If you purchased the phone in the UK, then there is NO international warranty on the iPhone and the warranty is for the country of original purchase, so as well as the UK, it is EU wide.
    The only way to get your phone repaired is to take it back to the UK to an Apple store there or to any other EU country where the warranty is valid.
    Nothing else you can do.

  • Partial delivery per items always copy sold to settings

    Hello SAP Consultants,
    Currently in my clients' business process, there are scenarios where customers (sold to) can have different ship-to parties. Thus, they maintained partial delivery per item specific for ship to party under sales area shipping tab of customer master (XD01).
    However, when creating sales orders where sold to party is not equivalent to ship-to party, the partial delivery per item of the material ordered corresponds or is referenced from the sold to party settings and not the ship-to.
    How can we make it possible to reflect the ship-to settings of the partial delivery per item to be defaulted when sales order is created?  Is there configurations needed?
    Please advise.

    Standard SAP copies the Partial Del Per Item field values from Sales order - Sold to Party. If you have to change that and read the ship to instead, then you will have to go for enhancement.
    Please work with your ABAPER to get it done. Try to work on user exits MOVE_FIELD_TO_ABAP in the program MV45AFZZ.

  • Partial Delivery Per Item Setting Not Effective

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    We have a business requirement whereby sales orders may be partially shipped but the sales order lines themselves MUST be shipped complete.
    Therefore we have set the customer master record accordingly ie Partial Delivery Per Item = C ( Only complete delivery allowed)
    This setting is indeed copied into the sales order but the availability check seems to ignore it.  Instead it proposes a delivery schedule ie 100 qty del tomorrow, balance in 2 weeks.
    I would expect that the availability WOULD NOT split the qty like this instead propose the complete qty in 2 weeks.
    I could probably get round this by making the message an error during delivery creation, but I would really like the sales order to behave as expected and make an intelligent 'promise'
    Am I missing something somewhere?
    Please help.

    You can try the following setting;
    In SPRO -> SD -> Basic functions -> availability check and TOR -> Availabity check -> Availability check with ATP logic or against planning -> Define default settings. The t.code is OVZJ.
    Here for your sales area, under Availabitlity check rule column, you can assign value B and try.

  • Inbound Invoices (EDI 810) with multiple items that are the same keys.

    One of our Vendors just started sending us 810's that have multiple items with the same P.O., Delivery, P/N, Price, etc.  The reason is that they (and we) track inbound batches for the purpose of traceability, so the only difference between items on both the invoice and inbound delivery is the batch number.
    SAP will not allow the automatic creation of an SAP Invoice with these conditions.  The error message is M8321 - 'Document contains same order item more than once'.
    SAP Note 103051 says it cannot be done, and you must "Deactivate the billing of the batch sub-items in SD Customizing" in order to have an Invoice created that combines all items into one.
    Does anyone know how to do that?
    Thanks in advance!

    Nevermind. Fixed the problem. Two menu items both began with the letter S. Added an & before the second letter of the second menu item and now the problem is fixed. First items hotkey is S and the second items hotkey is now h (which is the second letter of the 2nd menu item).

  • Clearing VAT GL open items with EBS

    In some countries like France and Mexico. VAT  taxes are not recognized when an invoice is issued, but when a payment is made.
    I want to clear VAT GL Open items using Bank reconciliation EBS. Instead of clearing using Deferred process program RFUMSV50
    I would appreciate if anyone of you that has been dealing with clearing VAT taxes using EBS kindly make some comments or share some experience.
    Thanks in advance for your information.

    when you clear the open item, the system will pick up the exchange rate mentioned in the tables (Tcode OB08) and the difference in the exchange rate entered in the invoice and the exchange from the tables at the time of payment will  be proposed.
    If you enter the payment document with the same exchange rate you had given at the time of invoicing, there will not be any difference.
    Check you settings in OB08.

  • Storing and calculating sales per item

    The case: We have a item, on that item we have a fee. If the item has sold more than 1000 copies, the fee will drop. Therefor i need to have a place that calculates/stores total sales per item. This can then be used to set the fee when i run my stored procedure
    for sales etc. 
    Database explained shortly: 
    The sales database looks like this: 
    ItemID, SalesDate, Quantity, Name.
    1399, 2014-01-01, 2, Fompa.
    1081, 2014-01-01, 13, Asddd. 
    1399, 2014-01-03, 1, Fompa. 
    The item database looks like this: 
    ItemID, Name, Author, etc
    Now my boss asked me if i maybe should add total sales to the item database, but how is that possible? 
    I have also tried to gather all items and show the total sales, but something goes wrong, the itemID are not grouping together..
    here is the query: select ItemID, QUANTITY from BOOK_SALES group by ItemID, QUANTITY order by MAX(quantity) DESC
    If i get this query right, is it possible to store the query within a database table? 

    Hey, thanks for a fast answer. 
    I modified your query a little, 
    itemid, sum(quantity) from book_sales group by
    itemid order by MAX(quantity) DESC
    but still, all of the itemIDs are not being grouped together. 
    Results show something like this: 
    1399, 981
    1081, 344
    1399, 199

  • A/R invoice Report Query selection by Items.

    Dear All,
    I need a A/R invoice  Report Query selection by Items.
    Thanx in advance!!!!!!!!

            Try this......
    Declare @Itemcode nvarchar(50)
    set @Itemcode = (select (T1.iTEMCODE) FROM INV1 T1 WHERE T1.ITEMCODE='[%0]')
    SELECT T0.DocNum, T0.DocStatus, T0.DocDate as 'Posting date',
    T0.TaxDate as 'Document Date', T0.CardCode as 'Customer Code',
    T0.CardName as 'Customer Name', T1.ItemCode, T1.Dscription as 'Item Name',
    T1.Quantity,T1.Price,T1.VatSum AS TAX,T1.LineTotal as Total
    INNER JOIN INV1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry
    where T1.ItemCode [email protected] 

  • Tax code per item - Purchase order

    I define Tax indicator for each material, also define tax conditions for purchasing, but still Tax code per item in PO / Item details / Invoice leaves blank. Any tip where to tide up tax determination for this. I was going through customization regarding, set up all tax indicators, chech all price determination processes under conditions. I cant see where I have to do something to populate tax code in PO per item.

    1. if you maintained Purchase info record ( material and vendor combination), in that, in purchasing details, you maintained the Tax code,
    2. when ever you are creating PO, in the mateiral and vendor combination, In the PO you can see the tax code populated.
    hope this may help you,

  • Urgent : Confirmation and invoice number of a line item of a Shopping cart

    I have developed an end to end report in SRM which gives us an end to end report of a shopping cart .
    I have got the Shopping Cart details using FM : BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL 
    for each item of the shopping cart in the table E_ITEM  , getting the Po number for it from  E_ITEM- BE_OBJECT_ID
    I called FM BBP_BE_PO_GETHISTORY to get the  Confirmation and Invoice number from  E_HEADER_REL of  BBP_BE_PO_GETHISTORY.
    But this function  module  gives me the confirmation and invoice number  of a particular purchase order and
    I am stuck here as I need to find out the confirmation and invoice number of  a line item and I am not finding a link  between them .
    I  tried using  FM BBP_PD_PO_GETDETAIL ,
    BBP_PD_PO_DOC_FLOW  and other function modules also , however they give me the confirmation and invoices o a particular PO but I am not    able further drill down to find  confirmation and invoivce of a particular line item of a shopping cart …..
    Please let me know if there is a way to find this out ????
    Useful answers would be rewarded .

    Hi All ,
    I was able to get a link using the function module  BBP_PD_SC_GETDETAIL . in the tables E_item  has fields BE_OBJ_ITEM  and the BE_OBJ_ITEM which give the po number and po line item number of each line item .
    then i used BBP_BE_PO_GETHISTORY Fm to get the history of the po and read the line item history based on the BE_OBJ_ITEM  no .
    Thanks to all .

  • How to contact Adobe billing support to get correct invoice without VAT

    We have bought Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams but were billed incorrectly. The invoice includes VAT. VAT should not be included as both Ireland and Lithuania (my country) are in EU.
    I've been trying to reach Adobe support for 3 days now without success. All help links just go to local support dealer. Email for that dealer doesn't work at all. Phone support cannot help me as they do not have access to customer invoices on
    Can somebody help me to reach Adobe? I need correct invoice badly.

    It is after hours on friday. there is no chat. I am getting error messages and can not post to my BC site.
    What is the move?
    Can not upload my updated MUSE paid site using MUSE > PUBLISH.
    When attempting to upload my MUSE site i get
    "Unknown Adobe BC error has occurred. Status: 0, 0."
    This is going on for 5 hours now. Need to get back into the site.
    Please advise what to do or how to work around.
    -Farley Allen [email protected]

  • Overwrite Tax Code in Invoice tab of PO line item

    Hi all.
    Is there any user exit through which I can Overwrite Tax Code in Invoice tab of PO line item.
    I dont think a field exit will help since I have decide the tax code value based on the line item details like plant and a/c assignment cat. and header Purchase org.
    Any help will be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    Hi Aditya,
    there are three different possibilities to influence tax codes in PO - user-exit is not one of them.
    If you can assign a company code to your purchase organization, then it's possible to determinate tax code based on purchase view.
    Some say, it's possible to maintain on company codes, too.
    It's possible to assign MM-tax class to sites and account assignments. Then via tax condition a tax code can be determined.
    And you can make a condition determination based on sales tax classes, but then in a pricing user exit corresponding tax class has to be read.
    Most times I use tax code determination via tax conditions - then users don't have to maintain anything in addition.

  • "Account Generator" you can read budget account from item level

    Dear Values Consultant.
    I am reading from oracle purchasing user guide that if you deal with "Account Generator" you can read budget account from item level
    How I can enable this functionality "account generator to gets a budget account from Item Level)
    Or it is already defaulted enable in the application
    If it is default enable, how to use this functionality, what the setup required to reach to this point

    It is Oracle standard functionality. Account generator can be customised as per need.
    Define your Accounting Flexfield structure for each set of books.
    Define flexfield segment values and validation rules.
    Set up Oracle Workflow.
    Choose whether you want to use the default Account Generator
    Then do one of the following for each set of books:
    Choose to use the default Account Generator processes.
    Customize the default Account Generator processes, test your
    customizations, and choose the processes for a flexfield
    structure, if necessary.

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    Hello, I cannot find the location of preferences in CS5 ... I am sure I have it in front of me, but cannot see it Thankyou Jimba The Man