IOS7 "+" typing problem

After updating to iOS7 I have problem with keypad in "Phone".
For typing some telephone number in international format I need type "+" and then some digit.
Early I need press and hold "0" and "+" appeared but now iPhone typing "0+".
How to fix it?

Still works the same. Tapping and holding '0' puts a '+'

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  • 4gen ipod touch typing problem.

    Hey guys new user thanks for having me onboard. Just recently having a new problem that i never ever had before dont know if its a ios 6.1.2 update or what but then again just had this problem today and i updated when it came out and never had a problem until today the problem is on my 4 gen ipod touch is that when i try to type in the searching for a song in music or goog on safari or in a app when i start typing the first letter in like the letter t it would type in like 2 or more letters more than my first letter punch and when i try to use backspace it doesn't work whatsoever and i'm 100 % positive that i didn't do anything to the screen so i typed iso 6.1.2 typing problems on another computer and couldn't find anything and was wondering if anyone else has this same problem and no how to fix or what not any help would be greatly appreciated thanks again.
                                      BTW already restored it andsame thing happens.

    Yes, I type in the phone number, I also tried their apple ID or email address and I put in a message. The Send button would not highlight. I'm trying to send a message to 1 particular person who has an Iphone 6. However, I sent one to my Iphone 6 and it worked so I don't think there is a difference in the software. I know this is an older gen ipod but it says it's up to date.

  • Ios7 main problem too much power

    ios7 main problem too much power
    iOS7.0.4 latest BUG
    Turn the camera on lock screen mode - opening the album - Pull the control center - opening the calculator or clock - phone appears white apple
    Mainly want Apple to pay attention too much power

    Sorry, I just did what you said step by step and had no issues, no white screen..
    no too much power...

  • Monitor sensor stopped responding alerts and typing problems with external keyboard.

    The past few days I have been getting these alerts. Also, I use my MacBook as a desktop about 60% of the time and like to hook up a full size keyboard. It's worked fine for two years but now I can only type a few words before there is a stall and I can't type anything for 30 seconds. It has happened on both a Kensington keyboard and on a 10-year-old iMac keyboard. They have both worked perfect in the past. Also, both work just fine on an old iBook and on an old iMac slot loader.

    Rudegar wrote:...
    held down the button on the back the on/off button and closed and started it again and all was well again
    try it
    Thanks, Rudegar, for the suggestion. 
    But as I said above, "Mr H, with the magic touch, went to the iMac - opened a new text edit doc and started typing - no problem, opened Google - typed into search field - no problem..." which is to say the problem has solved itself by just regrouping itself after all peripherals were detatched and HDs no longer involved?  We'll see if it reproduces itself next time I do this HD-HD copy.
    I don't know why it's fixed, but since all is well, the permissions are repaired, and I've put it to sleep and awakened it, and it's still running fine (indeed I'm typing on the iMac now), I am loathe to do anything to solve a problem that seems to no longer exist.
    If things go awry I will first try a restart or perhaps just shut down from the Apple menu.  As I said I was worried about doing this fearing I'd have to log in and not be able to do it - but the auto login setting works to my advantage here.
    Anyone else have any ideas on what went wrong???
    Thanks again,
    Mrs H

  • Language typing problem

    There was a bangla phonetic typing font named Bangla - onkur in OS 10.8. This is not available in 10.9. How can I get it back. I badly need it. Please help.

    PS  I would be curious to know whether the keyboard provided by Apple called Bangla QWERTY has problems which make you want to install a different one:

  • Musical typing problem ... help?

    I just installed Leopard. I was previously running 10.3 and I had garageband and everything worked fine. I put garageband on the 10.5 and I no longer have musical typing. When i select software instrument it is asking me if i want to save the instrument or discard it. I have tried both options and neither of them allow the typing to work. Does anyone know why this is? Am I looking at a compatibility issue? Garageband is version 3.0.5 i think ... it may be 3.0.4 but i thought the update just went through.
    Thanks in advance for any help

    Thanks friend I tried with a new project but I still have the same problem. I'm actually working on a complete proyect I quit playing around yesterday
    I selected Musical Typing and still I can play but I can't see it. I'm really despered man I was getting so into this program!!
    I even restarted my computer but nothing happens. Is there a way to reinstall the program??

  • Musical Typing problem

    Hello there,
    I just started to use mainstage without a midi controller keyboard. I'm using the musical typing feature to listen to the bank of sounds.
    When i type something like a F#7 chord ("t", "u", "o", ";") i cannot hear the four notes together (when i'm playing them all at once)... it seems there's a problem when i'm trying to mix certain notes with the musical typing keyboard. (Some complicated chords just don't work).
    I have the same problem with Logic 8 . (press caps lock to see the musical typing window).
    I can't see why i can't get that F#7 chord.
    I'm using mac os 10.5.1 with a macbook pro 2,4 ghz.

    Computer keyboards aren't designed to respond to multiple keys all pressed at once. I think you'll find the most a standard Mac keyboard will deal with is four keys at once, but even then they won't respond with minimal latency, because they aren't designed for this.
    It's a limitation to how computer keyboards are built and processed, not a Logic/Mainstage issue as such. The caps lock keyboard is a convenience thing - it's not intended to be a suitable interface for playing Rachmaninov on...

  • Trackpad + Typing Problem

    Recently my Macbook has begun acting up a little bit. At random times when I'm dragging the cursor across the screen, it will start highlighting text, clicking buttons, opening things from the dock, etc. Without even clicking the trackpad button, it seems to be activated, and held down. It makes it very difficult to browse the internet, use iTunes, etc., because it will randomly just start clicking and moving songs, opening links, messing up Mail, etc.
    Furthermore, there seems to be a somewhat related problem with typing. When this trackpad/clicking problem seems to be occuring, it also becomes very difficult to type. Typing seems to work just fine initially, but then all of a sudden the text I'm typing won't show up on the line. The cursor blinks, and then jumps to a random line of text, highlights a few words, and then pauses. If I continue typing, it either erases the text that was selected, or just keeps typing and adding characters to the middle of a word or sentence I've already typed.
    Something definitely seems to be glitching. Occasionally I'm able to 'reset' the problem by moving the cursor to the desktop and firmly clicking on the trackpad 3-5 times. That will stop things from randomly highlighting and usually get the text to work again. It seems to be a problem mostly when I'm using Adium to talk to people, or just after I've typed for a few paragraphs (it's starting to act up right now, actually).
    Should I call Apple, or does anyone have any suggestions for fixing the problem with Software, etc.? I don't want it to progress any further, but as a college student, I'm going to be doing a lot of typing and need it fixed.

    Have you tried resetting your Power Management Unit?
    Turn your Mac off, and remove the battery. Hold the power button down for about five to ten seconds. Pop the battery back in, and restart your computer.
    I had this issue, and it went away right after I did this.

  • Keyboard/typing problem

    I was trying out the new MacBooks in the Apple Store last night and encountered a weird problem when typing on any MacBook I auditioned. Periodically when I was typing a sentence the cursor would do one of the following:
    --- jump up one line and continue typing the current word in the middle of a previously completed line
    --- delete the last word I typed
    --- delete the last entire line I typed
    I'm a very fast typist so it was hard for me to figure out what exactly was going on, but my suspicion is that some part of my hand, in the normal typing motion, is gently brushing some part of the trackpad (or else my pinky finger is inadvertantly pushing on the up/down/right/left arrow keys just to the right of normal typing position), causing these unwanted commands to be executed in the midst of typing.
    I tried the same test on the MacBook Pro and never had any problems, so unless there is some technical glitch in all MacBooks (highly unlikely) I suspect it is an ergonomic problem with my (fairly traditional) typing style and the design of the MacBook.
    Has anyone else experienced these sorts of issues with their MacBooks? I was thinking of getting one but as its primary purpose would be for writing it's completely out of the question unless I can circumvent this problem... (and the MacBook Pro is a bit pricey for me...)

    You're exactly right. The reason the cursor is jumping and misplacing your text is that your hand is brushing the trackpad, which is itself probably set to allow clicking. You can get rid of this behaviour by checking the 'Ignore accidental trackpad input' button in the system preferences panel.
    Unfortunately, this is a bit of double-edged sword as checking the box also leaves you with an occasional but nevertheless unpleasant trackpad input lag when, for example, creating or closing Safari tabs.
    The MacBook Pros reportedly also had similar issues but some people claim it was remedied with the release of a software update for the keyboard. Who knows. I just know that I never had any such issues with my 12in G4 PB.
    MacBook 1.83 13in 2Gb Ram 60Gb HD   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

  • Slow typing problem

    I am having a problem where the type on the screen in Pages 2 can't keep up with my typing speed. I only type about 40-40 words per minutes. This was not a problem in Pages 1. Help...

    Hello Appraiser,
    there are a lot of posts about this issue in this forum. To maximize the respond of Pages is to:
    1) Hide the thumbnail view with the menu: "View/Show(Hide) Thumbnails".
    2) If there are a lot of images, shapes or tables, use the wrap option "follow contour" and not "rectangle" in the bottom section of the wrap inspector.
    3) If there are a lot of images, shapes or tables with the fix positioned oprion set, Pages has to recalculate a lot the text positiones, because there is heavy text flow in long sections. Try to avoid that.
    Do a search for "slow typing", there are more advices and suggestions.


    Since I have installed Yosemite, I have a cursor problem when typing e-mails (only e-mails). When I type an ' like in the word L'IMAGE, my cursor goes back automatically to the letter just after the ' when I am at the end of the word this means instead of typing " l'image parle" it will type "l'iparlemage"
    Slightly similar problem with 's in English, the cursor goes back to just after the ' as if not willing to insert a blank. It means I wish to type "Daddy's car" , it types: "Daddy'scar".
    This is really boring!
    Who could help?
    Best regards

    I have found a solution: in Mac SYSTEM PREFERENCES, choose the keyboard icon and there go to TEXT and de-activate the spelling.
    This has enabled me to go to MAIL, then EDIT on the top line, chose SUBSTITUTION and exclude SMART QUOTES.

  • Typing Problem (Maybe a Virus?)

    This problem probably first showed up about a week ago, and I think might have gotten worse.
    Basically, sometimes when I am typing on my iBook, the characters which come up in result of my typing are not regular letters, but rather, symbols (often times similiar to the letter itself, for example, sometimes if I type "Y" a Yen sign will appear.) This occurs in all application windows, and it sporadic. One moment, I could be typing just fine, and then for a few seconds, it goes to weird type, and then back to regular. (However, the weird type has been showing itself more and more.) This problem will occur in all applications including the finder, and in all text fields. (Tested with iChat, System Preferences, iTunes, Safari, and Camino)
    On top of that, it seems like whenever that problem occurs, I can't surf the internet (using either Safari, or Camino), by simply clicking in links, or typing out a URL, but rather, must open every page in a new tab or else the page will simply be downloaded to my desktop.
    I've tried rebooting, looking around in the character pallete and input menus in the System Preferences, pretty much everything I guess, and still no fix. On top of that, I had to disable password request when waking from sleep just to ensure it doesn't lock me out of my own iBook. Scary stuff uh?
    Ironically, I'm posting this from my PeeCee, but any help would be much appreciated so I can get this little bug resolved. Either here on the forums, or by emailing me at [email protected] would work just fine.
    Thank you very much for any aid.

    Hi, Nyukin.
    I know you've posted this a long time ago, and since there's no more info, you probably have already fixed the issue.
    It seemed to be a keyboard malfunction, because those characters are usually activated by holding the ALT key.
    Let me know if you had fixed it.

  • HT1212 IOS7 password problems on iPhone & OS update problems on MacBook -- HELP!

    I've updated IOS7 on my iPhone & I've been asked for my password, which I don't know (I actually don't think I set one).
    I tried to sync iPhone with iTunes on my MacBook Pro, however the phone won't work without itunes 11.1 (which I seem to not have). I need to install OS 10.6 version or later on my MacBook Pro, however when I have tried to do so, I keep on being told I need a previous version. I tried 10.6.1 which doesn't work and can't seem to find 10.6.
    I have no idea what I'm meant to do to get 1) my iPhone working and 2) update iTunes so it can eventually sync.
    Someone help?! I'd be forever grateful!

    Your Passcode problem is a different issue, but until you update your computer, & iTunes you will not be able to fix that.
    An Apple store will restore your phone, or you can use another computer. Follow the directions here:
    Force the phone into recovery mode, as described here, and restore it:
    This will remove the passcode.

  • Premiere Pro Advanced Typing problem

      I have Adobe Indesign & Premiere Pro. Also I have ShreeLipi Mac to type indian languages. The fonts are 2 bytes. so whyle typing in Indesign I need to enable "Preferences->Advanced Type->Input Method Options-> Use Inline Input for Non-Latin Text" option  otherwise it shows text in bottom window, and when I am pressing space or enter key it comes to Text Box.
      Same Problem I am facing with Premiere Pro. In Indesign I can solve this problem by enabling option given in preferences. But in Premiere Pro we dont have such a option in preferences so while creating Title, If I am typing with ShreeLipi Mac with any language it shows bottom window ,after pressing space or enter key text comes to title.
      Can we have this option like in Indesign : Preferences->Advanced Type->Input Method Options-> Use Inline Input for Non-Latin Text.

    >Can we have for feature request

  • [SOLVED] Typing problem (I can't type anything anywhere) on Linux

    I've just installed SQL Developer and I'm running it on Java 1.6.0_07 on a Linux machine. I've downloaded the      Oracle SQL Developer for other platforms, because my Linux ditribution is Debian, and there was no specific installer. I was able to run it without any trouble, added successfuly my connection, connected without issues, but when I wanted just to type a single SELECT statement just to test if all was working, I couldn't type any kind of key on the keyboard. I tried to restart SQL Developer, and test again, but the same happened. Tried then to open a table and to type anything on the 'Where' clause, but the same happened. It just blocked any kind of user typing. Can you tell me what could this be?
    Thank you.
    Jorge Daniel
    Edited by: user1095442 on 14/Out/2008 5:30
    Edited by: user1095442 on 14/Out/2008 5:36

    Well, sorry about the problem and thanks for the answer.
    I solved it out. I had a starter for sqldeveloper that, before calling the proper sqldeveloper starter, it called > export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit to solve past problems on rendering of the program window, and just removing/commenting that line, it started working the right way.
    Again, sorry about this problem, because it is not because of sqldevelper but with platform-specific issues.
    Thank you!
    Jorge Daniel

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