Ios8 Photo - Apple come on....

Wow - a nice IOS8 for lots of stuff - but what happened when you reworked the Photo App??
Bring back the function of Camera Roll and Photostream!
(would also be nice to have my pictures back which I lost from Camera Roll after the upgrade!!)
Nice idea of sharing all my pictures with all my devices BUT I would prefer to do my own sharing or at least be able to choose between all or as I want..:)
What happened with Albums Synced from my Mac? - there is no sorting on names anymore - so all my albums are one big mess...
Apple - come on, let us have your input and even better comments of when you rework this so its useful again..:)

I know that Apple not official respond from here! - but they anyway "spy" on the forum..
I have send feedback to Apple - and if they act as always - its takes a few weeks and some of the issues will be solved..:) maybe the programmer even find that he "missed" the sorting of album names

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  • IPad 2 is getting very slow after installing iOS8. Is Apple comming with a fix for it?

    iOS8 is making ipad2 extremely slow. I can't work with it anymore. When is Apple comming with a fix?

    Now, you can downgrade your iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 7, BUT do it quickly. A few days later, the way is not available any longer:
    1. Download iOS 7.1.2 firmware for your iPad 2. (just google it)
    2. Make sure you have install the latest version of iTunes.
    2. Connect your iPad to computer via a USB cable.
    3. After detected, your iPad will be shown in the left column. Click your iPad to show the control panel.
    Note: Make sure you have backups of your iPad. if not, backup it now.
    4. Under Summary tab, hold on Shift key in Windows(Option key in Mac ) click Restore iPhone....
    5. In the pop-up window, find the firmware on your computer and click Open.
    6. Then, iTunes will downgrade your iPad to iOS 7.1.2.

  • IOS8 Photo app now inferior to iPhoto App w/o Photo Journal feature?

    iPhoto app on iPad and iPhone now obsolete under IOS8 and replaced by Photo app.
    BUT apple, where is the iPhoto Journal feature anywhere in Photo app?
    so, now IOS no longer has Photo Journal, I consider that as one of the best feature why using apple, as I can easily create very nice phot journal and share w friends.
    now, that entire feature is GONE!!!!!?????   Apple, how can u downgrade user features from IOS7!!!!
    could someone from Apple eexplain this?

    jas123456 wrote:
    now, that entire feature is GONE!!!!!?????   Apple, how can u downgrade user features from IOS7!!!!
    could someone from Apple eexplain this?
    Downgrading is not supported. This is a user-to-user technical support site. Apple does not respond here. Submit your feedback directly to Apple using the appropriate link on the Feedback page:

  • IOS8 Photos

    I have no idea what they've done to the photos app in iOS8. Obviously, the camera roll and photostream have changed, but can someone explain how it works. I'm deathly afraid to experiment because I recently lost ALL of my photos from a dream trip to the Western US (not related to the new iOS).
    I used photostream to get the photos to my iPad, then deleted the photos from my iPhone to make room for new pictures. When the photos synced onto my iPad under the new iOS8, it was completely different. First, in the recently added album, the photos synced in a jumbled order, meaning not in the same order that they were taken on the phone. This makes it very difficult to make sure that all of the photos made it. Second, in the moments section, the photos are in perfect order, but not all of the photos synced in. Many are missing.
    I thought about shutting off the photostream, and then turning is back on. This would delete all of the photos, but will they sync back up once photostream is turned back on.
    To make things more confusing, I've read posts saying that the photos will only be saved for so many days. Is this true? I thought that they were stored on the internal drive.
    Shoudl I upload the photos to the iDrive?
    Before iOS8 all of this was fairly easy to use and understand. Now it just seems to be more confusiing. I started using Apple products for their simplicity, but I'm starting to rethink my decision.

    Tell Apple what you want, not us who are just users like yourself. 
    Send your feature requests to Apple via  and

  • IOS8 Photos not showing photos in chronological order

    Photos App not showing photos in chronological order!!
    what gives apple?!  I take a picture, go to Photos and since theres no more camera roll, I'm forced to go into Photos Tab, and when I select "Collections", I see the tiny thumbs of all my pictures sorted which look fine in chronological order, But when select to go down to the next level of viewing (Moments), the dates are all over the place!  When I scroll all the way down, I should technically be at the most recent of my pictures taken. Its not, it shows Aug26. Then one above that Aug 21 Then next few are in Aug; mind you we are in September. Then theres Jun 25. THEN finally some recent photos of Sept 26 and 15!!! THEN the next one is MAY 31.
    So trying to find my most recent photos taken is painstakingly tough.

    Check this thread out. I have mobileme, but this solution worked, perhaps you could try something similar for your Gmail account...

  • Orientation of Photos-Apple TV

    Concerning correctly displaying photos on ATV, I have recently noticed that even though my pictures have been rotated correctly on my Windows PC using photo software, they do not display in the corrected orientation on ATV. All of my older pictures are fine, but I recently purchased a new digital SLR and the trouble began. I have tried re-saving and re-syncing to no avail.
    Very perplexing and of course, renders the ATV useless for slide shows or picture viewing. BTW-It appears all my older photos and photos not shot using the Canon or Iphone are oriented correctly. Any ideas?
    DETAILS: I have a new Canon D40 and have observed this problem. I used my photo software to make sure the photos were correctly oriented and then re-saved them. I re-sync'd the ATV. I did this numerous time. I also have the same problem with the Iphone pictures I have loaded. All pictures look fine on the computer. But appear sideways on the ATV.

    This is a known issue, and Apple has a fix posted here
    HOWEVER, that fix is Mac/iPhoto specific. It is useless for me. I have the same issues, however I use Picasa on WinXP for my photo management. I agree with the previous poster, Apple probably just needs to improve the AppleTV's EXIF parsing because there are a lot of variations out there based on app.
    The weird thing is that some photos are displayed correctly, and some are not. I haven't researched enough into whether it's based on Camera model, or which application rotated it (Picasa, Photoshop, WinXP Browser, etc..)

  • How to get img number in ios8 Photos

    I migrated from iPhoto to ios8 Photos on my iPad and I don't see how to display the img number that I used to be able to display in iPhoto. I import photos from my Canon DSLR and getting the img number of the imported photos is very important. Please help.

    Sorry, you cannot display any information with your photos in the new iOS
    You may want to send feedback to Apple, that the ability to display meta data with the photos is essential.
    Here is a feedback form: Apple - iPhoto - Feedback

  • Hope Photos will come out soon for Yosemite

    Interested to see others opinion on whether it will become anything useful to professionals or watered down for the purpose of editing on the iPhone or iPad.
    The cone of silence leaves me wondering.

    We know nearly nothing about the successor to Aperture and iPhoto.
    There have been glimpses of Photos during the last special events:
    Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2014
    Apple - Apple Events - Special Event June 2014
    And the reports based on the press releases, for example
    Aperture is Dead. Long Live Photos! | ApertureExpert
    or this article with a screenshot of "Photos":
    Apple to replace Aperture and iPhoto with Photos for OS X early next year | 9to5Mac
    Photos is still under development. Be sure to let the developer team know, what you expect from the new
    If you send feedback and feature requests using the feedback form, it will be read, even if you may not receive an answer:
      Apple - Aperture - Feedback
    the single screenshot of Photos for Mac we have seen, looks frighteningly like Photos on iOS, which is a very poor substitute for for the magnificent iPhoto iOS, that has been discontinued. or-os-x-early-next-year/

  • When will Apple come up with passcodes on certain apps?

    It really gets on my nerves that you cannot lock certain features like Messeges and Photos without jailbreaking. I could do this on my Motarola like 2007.
    When someone grabs my phone I want to be comfortible with that knowing he cannot access anything personal.
    What do you guys think about this, am I being a little girl here?

    No one here knows anything about what Apple might do in future versions of iOS. As of right now, except for those apps that can be turned off in the Restrictions, apps cannot be passcoded other than third-party apps whose developer has included such a feature, as is possible with some photo apps, for instance. The only other option is, as killhippie said, the screenlock passcode. You can comment to Apple on the matter, if you wish:
    It may be a wise policy to just not keep potentially embarassing content on your iPhone or any other highly mobile device.

  • Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 version 9 and have updated it, but when stacking photos, it comes up with PSD, whereas I want Jpeg, and I change the format to Jpeg and the box then comes up with cannot save as there is a program error. Be very grateful for help

    Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 version 9 and have updated it, but when stacking photos, it comes up with PSD, whereas I want Jpeg, and I change the format to Jpeg and the box then comes up with cannot save as there is a program error. Be very grateful for help with this, please.

    jpg does not support Layers.
    Just to make sure, what exactly do you mean by "stacking photos" and what do you want to achieve thereby?

  • Has Apple come up with a solution to remove the iPad sidebar in Mail while in landscape mode?

    Hi, Everyone.
    When I review open Mail, I need to review it in landscape mode, so I can use the ipad cover's keyboard to type my replies. I would like to be able to hide (or even shrink) the sidebar. Unlike the "relative" privacy of viewing your email at your desk, the ipad is meant to be a mobile device: I use it on the train, I take it to meetings, etc.  It's annoying to have people looking over my shoulder or sitting next to me in a conference table able to glance over and, in effect, see the names of the last 11 people or entities that have emailed me  - with the subjects. (I work in HR, handling a lot of staff and faculty compensation, discipline, ando other politically charged issues - so privacy is kind of a big deal)  Yes, I could flip it to portrait mode and hide the sidebar, but that forces me to tilt my cover's bluetooth keyboard 90 degrees to the side and I am not yet proficient in typing sideways.
    I've seen mutiple posts over the past year about this.  I'm using IOS 8.1.3.  Has Apple resolved this or offered a suitable accommodation?
    Thank you for any replies.

    TThe answer is simple. No Apple has not implemented a way to hide the preview pane of the mail app when you use the device in landscape mode. I use my iPad in landscape mode 95% of the time as well, so that I can use the larger keys on the virtual keyboard. You can hide the preview of what the emails say I Settings>Mail, contacts, calendars>Preview>None. If you do that, at least you will be hiding the beginning of the message so that nobody can read it. I realize that's not your solution, but it might help.
    I also suggest that you leave feedback for Apple.

  • IPad 1 Safari Crashes Constantly and getting worse day by day.  Has Apple come up with a solution?  Now I am hearing its alos happening on the newer models.  My company is about to buy a lot of tablets and I will not recommend Apple anything til they fix.

    iPad 1 Safari Crashes Constantly and getting worse day by day.  Has Apple come up with a solution?  Now I am hearing its also happening on the newer models.  My company is about to buy a lot of tablets and I will not recommend Apple anything until they fix the problem.  Granted 30 or 40 iPads is not a huge impact but i promise once the outside world hears about this BS things will change.  There are plenty of other tablets out there that do not have this problem.  At the very least we should have the option of rolling back to a stable IOS...

    I have already tried all the things mentioned above as well as other things such as other browsers etc.  Its is obviously a problem with the hardware.  I also borrowed a brand new 4th gen iPad and it does the same thing.  Even after upgrading it to 6.01.  An occasional crash is one thing and can easily be waved off but this is clearly systemic and the problem appears to be related to graphical images and videos.  Both iPads are the 64gb versions, the only difference other than model is the iPad 1 has ATT cellular.  The new version is clean i.e no other APPs loaded other than what came with it.  I have 7 more coming but im seriously considering sending them back in favor of an Android tablet or the MS Surface.

  • Do i need a new hard drive? (screen with apple comes up & nothing else)

    what has happened to my laptop?
    Do i need a new hard drive, because it wont even load, the screen with the apple comes up and nothing else happens. Very frustrating!
    any help is great
    thanks j

    Hey Jim,
    Yes it says verified next to S.M.A.R.T - does that mean that i need a new hard drive
    No that would mean your drive is good. However S.M.A.R.T is not infalliable.
    my mac is 3 years old i bought it in jan 2006
    thought a hard drive had a longer life than that though???
    Well normally we think 4-5 years but laptop drives are more prone to failures - smaller and get bumped more.
    It seems more like you've got a corrupted OS.
    I clicked on disk utility and went on my hardrive and verified disk.
    So at that point you were booted on the installer disk?
    You should backup all files immediately and try an archive and install.

  • I have an iPod classic 80gb, I have fully charged it. The apple comes up on the screen, and it repeatedly makes a clicking noise, switching on and off. I really would like to know what's wrong with it and would like it fixed.

    Need help, want my iPod classic to work!! Question above!!

    Hi Kjcruci,
    If you are having issues with you iPod Classic, you may want to go through the following Troubleshooting Assistant to help narrow down the issue. If you are unable to identify or resolve the issue, there should be a Service link at the end of the Assistant that will have additional options.
    Apple Support: iPod classic Troubleshooting Assistant
    - Brenden

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    I am trying to upload photos onto e.bay from i photo. When I click choose file the I photo icon comes up but when i select it, instead of taking me in to the photo library it just downloads the iPhoto icon ! Help

    Export copies of the photo(s) from iphoto onto your desktop and use that to upload to ebay

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