IP Packager not updating revision on changes?

I've been using Vivado 14.3 for a few weeks now, under Ubuntu 14.04.  It's been working pretty well.  Starting today there has been a change in the design flow, I don't know why it's changed but it's got me stalled at the moment.  
I am creating a number of IP blocks and then connecting them together into a large block hierarchical diagram that then has a testbench around it for verification.  When I find I need to make a change to one of my IP blocks I open an editing project I saved for that specific block, make my changes, go through all the packaging steps until all the checkmarks are green, then press the "RePackage IP" button.  It claims the design has been re-packaged.
Then back to my large project I first refresh all the IP repositories, run the IP status report, it picks up the new revisions, and I upgrade the changed modules.  This seems like a lot of work especially if I only changed one like of Verilog, but it has been working for me for a few weeks.
Starting yesterday when I press "RePackage IP" it reports success, but my downstream project does not see any change to the library module.  If I open the component.xml file for the module the revision number (<xilinx:coreRevision>) has not changed, in fact it doesn't look like the xml file has been changed at all.
Hmmm, if I touch e.g. a parameter default and re-package again, the new default is saved to component.xml~, not component.xml where I was looking for it.  But still the revision has not changed, so even if I save that to component.xml and go back to my testbench now I get "incompatible IP" because the source is different but the revision is the same.
I have to think I've bumped some setting somewhere that caused this change in behavior, but I don't know what or where to look.
Any help appreciated!

The problem of not updating the IP revision number correctly when re-packaging an IP seen to happen since Vivado 2015.1 (and still in 2015.2). In Vivado 2014.4 it was however working.
Comparing the Tcl commands output on the Tcl console between version 2014.4 and 2015.2 reveals that the ipx::* commands which are called when the "Re-package IP" button is hit have been changed. 
        ipx::update_ip_instances -delete_project true
        ipx::create_xgui_files [ipx::current_core]
        ipx::update_checksums [ipx::current_core]
        ipx::save_core [ipx::current_core]
        close_project -delete
While the ipx::update_ip_instances command does increment the IP revision number, the others used in 2015.2 do not.
An SR for this issue has been filed (#10315423).
Possible workaround: Run "ipx::update_ip_instances" in the Tcl console instead of hitting the "Re-package IP" button. 
(I'm not sure if you need to run any of the 2015.2 ipx::* commands before, but I don't think so.)
Hope this helps. 

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    Edit 1:
    And I'd have done that when I first saw the post, if the OP had posted an SSCCE. ;-)
    Edited by: AndrewThompson64 on Nov 24, 2009 10:22 PM

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    Edited by: SenthilPandi ChandraSekaran on Feb 4, 2010 5:36 PM

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    Hello Matthew
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    Do NOT fill in the form; "Select Get a Link" on the left side.
    Click the button "Create a Link"
    Click in the box where the link is created and it will highlight.
    Copy the link and paste into your reply on this forum.
    Regards, OssieMac

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    But this loses all photos before the month. Happens to you? Is this normal? suggestions?

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    Well... after scratching my head and getting a few ideas from discussions I realized there problem probably began due to some loss of transmission between my PC, Apple TV, and my Router.
    Some information I found online suggested that one possible solution was to reset/configure the internet firewall.
    in my case I found the fact that somehow my primary internet browser, chrome, was corrupt and could no longer get to the internet.  This originally happenned a week ago and I though nothinig of it to use my safari browser instead.  Then is clicked.  Itunes was probably trying to use chrome to get to the internet as well.
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    I've found two ways to fix it.
    (1) Relaunch Finder.
    (2) Open the Desktop View Options (Command-J) and adjust the grid spacing.
    Once I do either of these things, all of the icons rearrange appropriately and network volumes I've connected to since switching networks appear. However, on Monday, when I go in to work, I'll have to do one of those two things again.
    Maybe it's just a nuisance, but I worry that behavior like this is a symptom of a larger problem. I can't think of any new software I've installed that might be causing this trouble. I've repaired permissions and deleted caches and all that stuff. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Since changing the grid spacing fixes things, I don't think this is a switching network issue. It sounds to me like its a switching screen resolutions issue. I'm guessing that you have your machine plugged into a monitor at one location and not the other, or you have monitors of different sizes/resolutions at both locations. You can test this theory by simply changing your screens resolution once you get your machine into this state. If it fixes the problem, then I was right.
    As far as a permanent fix, I don't think there is one. Only workarounds like you have already discovered.

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    Yeah seem to be having the same problem with Finder updating as well.
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    1. class MainWindow - Contains the main method and invokes MainFrame
    2. class MainFrame - Creates the basic GUI and all the components and their event-handlers
    3.class MainPanel - Contains the actions to be taken in response to an event in MainFrame
    4. Dialog Boxes : Their are several classes implementing several dialog boxes which I load as needed.
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    lines of code. Then you add two buttons one to switch
    to the Windows LAF the other to the Metal LAF.
    Another 10 lines of code. Now you have your demo
    program.No no, you din't get me. I know the basics regarding L&F. All the components are working fine, but that JProgressBar is not showing the XP view. Forget the JMenuItems, I am not sure the view is Windows L&F or Metal L&F, but I am sure the JProgressBar is not Windows L&F (while the rest of the components in the dialog box are perfect). Could this be due to something that I missed out while implementing the JProgressBar. But the Windows L&F is loaded before the dialog box containing the progress bar comes in. Your answer to my last Swing post helped me a lot. Hope you (or anyone else) can help me with this too

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