IPad mini retina battery life for games vs. standby?

I bought a new iPad mini retina with wifi a few days ago and the battery seems to be draining very fast. While playing a word game, the battery drained about 20% in 60 minutes (from 80% to 61%) .  Is this normal for light gaming?
On my sister's original iPad mini, the same game doesn't seem to have the same affect.
Also, last night, after doing a full charge, I unplugged the unit and powered down at about 99% to 97%. This morning it was at 92%.  Is this normal also?

Mine lost Almost ALL of its power overnight! So I turned off Bluetooth, and location services and it is Loosing less power overnight but still loosing 10 -30% overnight.

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  • Not able to activate ipad mini retina(wifi+cellular) for the first time

    i just bought a new ipad mini with retina display (wifi+cellular) and when trying to activate it,its showing this error that cannot connect to servers please try again....i'm not able to use my ipad..:(....and help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Try this:
    1. Turn router off for 30 seconds and on again
    2. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings

  • Does anyone have battery problems with iPad mini retina?

    I am noticing that there may be an issue with my iPad Mini Retina battery.
    I will put to charge at night and in the morning it will say it is at 23% when I actually unplug it
    it changes to 100 or 93%.
    Is this happening to anyone else.
    Could it be I use it too much???
    It is only 1 year old.

    AlanLpdx wrote:
    The same thing happened to me. I think what happens is that the OS update starts ALL of your apps running in the background and burns through th battery....
    I don't see that as causing the issue though.  Plain fact is that only a very few apps can truly RUN in the background (i.e. execute some task, like playing music).  Most apps in the recent tasks bar are suspended (similar to a UNIX halt state), not running, since the iOS only supports a very limited sort of multitasking and most apps do not have any code that can, in fact, run in the background.
    So, for those experiencing the reduced battery life, I think something else must be happening, although I don't know what since my battery life has been excellent with all the upgrades.  Just saying that I'd suspect some other cause for those with the problem.

  • IPad Mini Retina Won't Sleep or Wake with Cover

    My new iPad Mini Retina worked fine for the first week or so, but now when I open or close the Apple magnetic cover, it doesn't automatically sleep or wake up.
    I shut the iPad down and started it up again -- no change.
    Is there a setting that got changed? Is something broken?
    Thanks for any help.

    Never mind, I found the setting. But really, it shouldn't be called "Lock/Unlock" but rather "Wake/Sleep." I don't want it to lock, just sleep!

  • Very very short battery life - will not hold charge on new ipad mini retina, HELP

    My iPad mini retina OS7 will not hold it's battery charge. I have turned off Location services, do not have apps running in multitude task mode and do not have Bluetooth on.  I close  all aps and the smart case and come back in an hour and find charge will still have gone down  10 to 30%

    Some ideas.
    Otherwise if they don't help take it to an Apple store if possible, they should be able to confirm if the battery is worn oout or some other fault.

  • How can I transfer saved games data (smurf, bakery story, etc) from iPhone 3GS to iPad mini retina?

    How can I transfer saved games data (smurf, bakery story, etc) from iPhone 3GS to iPad mini retina? I have a reached in a very high levels at all these games I choose iPad for continuing  played all my saved games in the bigger screen of iPad. Please send step by step the way I can transfer them at the levels I have reached.

    I have installed all the games from my iPhone 3GS at my iPad mini retina throw iCloud. I did what iTunes suggest but when I open the game start from the beginning. For example all the games of team lava company like farm story 2 bakery home design etc I have register and I took storm ID and I have reached in a big level that some times cost money to change level or to buy gems to continue the games.
    I am very angry because before I bought this iPad they told me that I could played my games in a big screen of iPad and this as I can see is nit possible. Apple send me details that didn't help me and everything suggest me is not working.
    I fell stupid because I spend my money in an apple product that isn't what I want and the information I have throw apple are fake

  • Do i need screeguard for ipad mini retina?

    i got new ipad mini retina and to protect its screen from dust do i need a screen guard or it doesn't need ?
    if yes please suggest which brand should i buy in Indian market. i am confused.

    It's a personal preference thing. I've always had one. I figure that it's an expensive device and I like to protect it. Others swear to never use one and never have.
    I would suggest, if you do get one, don't get a cheap no-name off amazon. I have a Zagg protector on mine (not sure if they're available in India but they do have a website). They are expensive - my iPad 2 one cost me $30, however they're guaranteed for life.

  • Will the Tech21 Impact Mesh for iPad mini fit on the ipad mini retina

    I am wondering because I am thinking of buying a new ipad mini retina but the case I like the most is only the original ipad mini. So will the small thickness increase make it not useable.
    I know about the microphone issue on the retina ( there is also one one the back where as there was not one on the back of the ipad mini original.

    For sure? No. Seeing as how no one has seen a new mini in person. However checking the specs there is a .3 millimeter size difference, there shouldn't be a huge issue.

  • Ipad mini retina cannot share hot spot with Bluetooth for Iphon5

    Ipad mini retina cannot share hot spot with Bluetooth for Iphon5
    But When my Iphon5 share hot spot with Bluetooth for Ipad, I can share.

    Dear Texas,
    iOS: Understanding Personal Hotspot
    Ipad and Iphone can connect bluetooth.
    Yes, if Iphone5 share hot spot Bluetooth for Ipad mini. (Work fine)
    But when Ipad mini (IOS 7.04) share hot spot Bluetooth cannot connect with Iphone5.

  • Why when I use personal hotspot at my iPad mini retina for my iPhone it doesn't stay for long,it disconnect after 5minute

    Why when I use personal hotspot at my iPad mini retina for my iPhone it doesn't stay for long,it disconnect after 5minute

    Assuming you are using OSX, connect iphone ny usb then go to system preferences. Go to network pane and scroll down to "wheel" and from the drop down select service order. If you see the iphone then drag it to the top of the list then select apply.

  • Refused the Student discount coupon for iPad mini retina

    Today i visited the local bestbuy store to grab the iPad mini retina. It was a good deal and all over the internet people are talking about getting the same for $299 + tax after using $50 student edu coupon. To my surprise the local bestbuy refused to honor their own coupon.
    Coupon clearly says its valid instore or online, but still no luck. Requested to talk to a store manager and same answer. Sorry sir, we cannot let you use this.
    One Geek squad person asked me if i can show him the coupon works and i did. To my surprise, after seeing that too, he said, I don't know, but we will not let you use it in store. I showed him again, see the coupon says instore, same answer.
    I did told the manager that i can sit in the store, order one online and pickup here itself, I don't see any difference. She simply said, you can do that, but we will not honor the coupon in store, like she don't know or want to know what a customer is trying to explain.
    Finally i said i want to file a compaint against her and she smiled and said, please go ahead and call 1-800 number and tell them my name is Michel.
    Wow, I just simply said Wow.. never had such an experience. Just sharing my story and wondering what you could have done if you happen to be at my place.
    Note: I know there is no difference and i could have make it easy for every one by ordering iPad online and pickup from store, but that was not the point. The point was the attitude of the BB manager for their customers and even once they did not try to understand and try to resolve the issue or at least have exaplined on what ground the coupon cannot be used in store.

    Hello MKSTOOL-
    Getting an extra $50 off an iPad Mini with Retina display would be a great deal, but only if you get to benefit from it!  I am truly sorry to hear that despite these coupons showing that they are good in the store, you were denied its use.
    Based on the information you’ve provided, I’m not really sure why the store would have denied the use of that coupon.  You are correct in that these coupons can be used either in-store or online and that is called out here on BestBuy.com. 
    I’d like to look into this further and see if we can help get this resolved for you, but I will need some additional information.  If you can send me a Private Message with your full name and the store location that you visited, I would appreciate it.  You can send me a Private Message by logging into the forum and clicking on the button across from my name on this post.
    I believe the current set of coupons expires on 9/6, to the quicker you can send me that message, the quicker I can try to get a resolution.
    Thanks for connecting with us!
    Bill|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

  • I downloaded an AudioBook onto my iPad due to battery life.  Now I want to have it on my iPhone which is one of the appliances that is authorized for my icloud account, but I can't find it anywhere.  What gives?

    I downloaded an AudioBook from iTunes onto my iPad due to battery life.  Now I want to have it on my iPhone which is one of the appliances that is authorized for my iCloud account, but I can't find it anywhere other than the iPad.  How do I get access on my iPhone?

    It will only be where you put it.
    If it is on the ipad then transfer it to your computer, File>Devices>Transfer Purchases, then sync it to your iphone

  • Can i add greek spelling check for Pages for ipad mini retina?

    Hi! Can i add greek spelling check for Pages for  ipad mini retina?

    No.  Toi ask Apple to add this, go to
    But perhaps there is a 3rd party keyboard which has something -- search the app store.

  • What is the best picture size/resolution to use as a wallpaper for iPad mini retina?

    What is the best picture size/resolution to use as a wallpaper for iPad mini retina?

    The iPad Mini with Retina display has a resolution of 2,048 x 1536 so something around that size would show up best

  • I have a problem since i downloaded ios 8 i have an ipad mini retina display and i cant update my apps and i cant open my apps my ipad have sometimes a glitch i want a update for this problem tnx

    i have a problem since i downloaded ios 8 i have an ipad mini retina display i cant open my apps and update my apps and its glitch sometimes by ios 7 its working perfect no problems i want an update for this problem tnx 

    Are you trying to use the phone in Bahrain with a supported carrier there? I suspect not. If you try to use this phone outside of Bahrain, you won't have FaceTime. This is done to prevent folks from simply crossing the border to purchase iPhones in Bahrain...FaceTime is banned in Saudi Arabia & the UAE. Sorry, but you'll only have FaceTime on that phone while using it in Bahrain on a supported carrier's network there.

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